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作者 Lorraine Brown
Fresh, charming and wonderfully escapist' BETH O'LEARY, author of The Flatshare 'A wonderfully engaging tale of love and self-discovery' MIKE GAYLE, author of Half a World Away Could one split second change her life forever? Hannah and Si are in love and on the same track - that is, until their train divides on the way to a wedding. The next morning, Hannah wakes up in Paris and realises that her boyfriend (and her ticket) are 300 miles away in Amsterdam! But then 了解更多
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作者 蘇菲·漢娜
記仇,是一種負面的表現? 還在相信「放下會更好」的說法嗎? 其實,一流領袖、國際巨星、奧斯卡獎得主、金牌選手的成功特質, 都懂得如何「正向記仇」!   ★ 《時代》雜誌2019年百大必讀好書   ★ 《紐約時報》、《華爾街日報》、《時人》雜誌等國際主流媒體讚譽推薦   ★ 隨書附有「記仇類型測驗」、「怨恨分級量表」、「記仇認知測驗」 了解更多
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作者 Panda
Hannah, seorang gadis kampung yang cantik dan baik hati sering masuk hutan untuk bermain bersama kawanya. Suatu hati dia terjumpa seekor burung hantu cedera dalam sebuah gua dan berinya makan.Rupa-rupanya burung hantu tu adalah Langsuyar, permaisuri  puntianak! Langsuyar yang dah lama berlindung dalam gua akhirnya beroleh kekuatan dan mahu menyerang manusia. Apa nasib Hannah dan penduduk kampung sekarang?Telusuri Hikayat Donggeng Penuh Kejutan Bersama Panda! 了解更多
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作者 Hannah Serres
Kau tinggalkanku, di dalam kegelapan mencari jawapan mengapa perlahannya masa berlalu. Menjadi seorang seiyuu (pelakon suara) hanya sekadar mahukan populariti. Realitinya, ia tidak semudah yang disangka. Namun, setiap seorang daripada mereka dianggap membawa imej suci terutamanya golongan wanita. Mereka tidak dibenarkan untuk mempunyai gosip kerana ia bertentangan dengan imej yang sepatutnya mereka bawa. Tidak pernah terlintas dalam fikiran Aisyah apabila dia mengurniakan s 了解更多
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作者 Kristin Hannah
Powerful and compelling' - Delia Owens, number one international bestselling author of Where The Crawdads Sing The Four Winds is a deeply moving, powerful story about the strength and resilience of women and the bond between mother and daughter, by the multi-million copy number one bestselling author of The Nightingale. She will discover the best of herself in the worst of times . . . Texas, 1934. Elsa Martinelli had finally found the life she'd yearned for. A family, a ho 了解更多
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作者 辛蒂·史碧格
生活讓你心裡有傷、既焦慮又沮喪, 看不見光卻說不出口…… 如果你想要改變現狀, 那麼,讓這本書幫你好不好?   總是否定你所思所想的家人,   不願意理解你的豬隊友、   遇事只想擺爛的同事、   充滿負能量的朋友……   總會有那麼些日子,身邊的人讓你心煩、令你受挫。   只不過是小事,只不過是小問題,   你這樣安撫自己,但你 了解更多
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作者 Shahaini Zahar
PANG!!! Satu penampar hinggap di pipi. Anita jatuh terjelepok atas lantai tetapi tangannya tetap kemas memegang telefon pintar. Dia pandang Hannah yang tercegat depannya. Gadis itu ditenteramkan Gigi. Rena pula membantunya bangun. Sanggup kau buat aku macam ni, Anita? Kau datang semata-mata nak musnahkan hidup aku! jerit Hannah hilang kawalan. Belum habis pemergian Rayyan ditangisi, Hannah dikhianati. Angkara Anita, video IG Live mengaibkan dirinya jadi viral hingga menjatuhk 了解更多
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作者 Gayle Forman
Aaron Stein used to think books were miracles. But not anymore. Even though he spends his days working in his family's secondhand bookstore, the only book Aaron can bear to read is one about the demise of the dinosaurs. It's a predicament he understands all too well, now that his brother and mom are gone and his friends have deserted him, leaving Aaron and his shambolic father alone in a moldering bookstore in a crusty mountain town where no one seems to read anymore. So whe 了解更多
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作者 Hannah Moskowitz
All the women in her family are heartbreakers, and she's destined to become one, too, if she's not careful. But when she goes to the hospital for her RA infusion, she meets a gorgeous, foul-mouthed boy who has her rethinking the no-dating rule and ready to risk everything. Aleksander is chronically ill, too, and there's a softer side underneath all his jokes. Isabel finds herself unraveling the secrets of a real person, rather than crowd-sourcing her decisions through her on 了解更多
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作者 Ashley Audrain
Raw, visceral, and often disturbing, this is an intense psychological drama that will be embraced by serious book club fans of Lionel Shriver's We Need To Talk About Kevin' Kristin Hannah, bestselling author of The Nightingale ***** 'I will never forget her eyes in that moment - I couldn't look away from them. But I knew what happened as soon as I heard it. 'I think she pushed him,' I said to you quietly. 'I think she pushed him...' ---- 'I read it in one sitting. Not to 了解更多
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作者 杨巧双
这本书清晰简洁地概述了一位国人楷模的付出和牺牲:作为基督徒的她,凭着坚定的信心、无可指摘的品格和巨大的勇气,为实现大马全民更美好的未来而努力奋斗,一路靠着上帝的力量,也不住地祷告。如果在政坛上有更多杨巧双的出现,马来西亚是大有希望的。 拿督何强赞博士 八打灵百乐镇卫理公会主任牧师 巧双的故事真诚恳切,令人耳目一新,扣人心 了解更多
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作者 Joanne Simmons
This delightful devotional packs a ton of fun, faith, and courage into each page! Girls, ages 8 and up, will be encouraged to live an extraordinary life for God with these 180 devotions and prayers. Each just-right-sized reading will challenge the girls in your life to be courageous in their faith like dozens of Bible heroines including Esther, Hannah, Mary, Ruth, the Woman Who Needed Healing, and more--while they come to know and understand how they can be courageous too! Wi 了解更多
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作者 Hannah Brencher
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. 了解更多
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作者 Nadrinaline Rush
Andai kata suatu hari nanti aku hilang upaya… masih sudikah kau menjadi duniaku? ‘Fight or Flight’ respons memberi kuasa kepada seseorang untuk membuat pilihan, sama ada hendak berlawan atau melarikan diri dalam situasi genting. Perkara yang sama diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan seorang Hannah Dania yang suatu ketika dahulu bahagia sehinggalah… Rasa macam dihempap batu meteor dari langit. Pecah berderai semangatnya. Tanpa sedar, dia memilih untuk melarikan diri daripad 了解更多
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作者 蘇曼·查納尼
創立500年,善惡魔法學院「極機密」X檔案 故事內幕,完全解密! 不管你是自願或被綁架,歡迎來到善惡魔法學院! 這本手冊能幫你挖掘出,更多秘密與內幕 但最重要的是,幫你活命! 系列狂銷250萬冊!雄踞全球110語言地區暢銷排行榜 NETFLIX電影開拍!大導演保羅.菲格(Paul Feig)執導   永恆的原始森林裡,聳立著善惡魔法學院,   雙塔如 了解更多
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作者 Hannah Jenkins
A combination of difficult economic times, a premium on urban space, and the modern trend for living alone means that living in small spaces has become a necessity, as much as a choice. But that needn't mean living in cramped, unimaginative spaces. Living Little shows how the challenges of small floor plans and compact interiors can be transformed with clever and creative design, the innovative use of technology, and ingenious and stylish solutions. Be they small or tiny home 了解更多
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Tengku Hannah Thalia. Sebaris nama yang cukup menggeruni rakyat jelata Kerajaan Akalil. Kerajaan Akalil yang sering menjadi buah mulut di serata tempat kerana ia merupakan satu-satunya kerajaan yang masib mengekalkan adat Perpatih Putih. Sebut saja namanya, pasti penduduk Akalil mula terbayang pandangan mautnya. Bahkan gadis itu diberikan gelaran Puteri Hazel kerana ketangkasannya dalam berlawan pedang, kebijaksanaanya dalam menutur kata, juga kerana keberaniannya seperti see 了解更多
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作者 Rin Ahmad
Kisah cinta tak kesampaian Ehsan bermula di Las Vegas. Hannah telah meninggalkan satu tekad dalam jiwa lelakinya sehingga membentuk kerjaya dan perniagaannya sekarang. “I’m into a man making a gun, not a man shooting a gun.” - Hannah Scott Tujuh tahun lamanya Ehsan terpisah dengan Hannah tanpa sebarang berita. Selama itu juga, dia menjadi penunggu yang cukup setia. Namun, agenda Tan Sri Abdul Hadi ingin memperkenalkan anak gadisnya menimbulkan tanda tanya. Sejak itu, ha 了解更多
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作者 Hannah Ezaty
Lila mempunyai segala-galanya. Cantik. Kaya. Popular. Namun, segala yang dimilikinya masih tetap tidak mampu menandingi rasa kosong dan sunyi di hati. Hidup Lila berubah apabila maruahnya hampir tergadai di tangan Amri pada malam sebuah parti. Tanpa terduga, muncul seorang lelaki asing menjadi hero penyelamatnya. Siapa Jaad Hayder yang sebenarnya? Persoalan itu sering menghantui Lila. Kerana, di setiap musibah yang melanda... lelaki bernama Jaad Hayder itulah orang 了解更多
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作者 Hannah Whitall Smith
Written especially for women, this devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into just-right-sized readings for women on the go. Each day's reading meets women right where they are--and is complemented by a relevant scripture and prayer. 了解更多
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作者 Caroline Kepnes
We all binged on YOU when it became a major hit Netflix series last Christmas. ***Now the major Netflix series is back for SERIES TWO, based on the even more twisted HIDDEN BODIES*** JOE GOLDBERG IS BACK . . . Joe came to Los Angeles to start over, to forget about what happened in New York. But in a darkened room in Soho House everything suddenly changed. She is like no one he's ever met before. She doesn't know about his past and never can. The problem is, hidden bodies 了解更多
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作者 麥金泰爾
假新聞正在干預台灣大選! 我們要如何看清事實,反制假訊息?   _________________________________   「說服群眾的不是事實,甚至也不是捏造的事實,而是公然蔑視。」──漢娜.鄂蘭(Hannah Arendt)   _______________________________   我們已進入後真相時代!訴諸個人情感與價值觀,比陳述客觀事實更能影響民意,我們甚至無法分辨真假。後真相等同於意識形 了解更多
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作者 漢娜·克里奇洛
你的命運,就隱藏在自己的軀殼當中…… 劍橋大學最新研究:大腦影響選擇,決定塑造命運 逆轉先天的缺陷,「科學改運」辦得到! 「決定」讀這本書,就已「決定」你將改變自身命運!   感情交往是否選錯?生涯職業有無前途?財富夢想真能實現?   《星期日泰晤士報》暢銷書!為你揭開命運的神祕面紗──   ◆知名的「棉花糖實驗」,能預測未 了解更多
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作者 Hannah Orenstein
Love at First Like is the perfect rom-com for anyone who's ever looked for love online!'Such a perfect book for this digital age' 5* reader review'The perfect vacation read!' 5* reader review'I inhaled this book' 5* reader reviewIf you love Jo Watson, Zara Stoneley and Sophie Ranald, you'll LOVE Hannah Orenstein!WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO FAKE THE PERFECT LOVE LIFE?Eliza Roth and her sister Sophie co-own a jewelry shop in Brooklyn. One night, after learning of an ex's engagement, 了解更多
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作者 Sif Sigmarsdottir
The captivating, feminist, Nordic YA thriller from Sif Sigmarsdottir. The snow is falling thick and fast now. Snow in Iceland is dangerous. Hannah Eiriksdottir has been banished from her home in London to a place of eternal punishment for the wicked. No, not Hell, but close: Iceland. There, she faces a new life working as a journalist for her father's newspaper - a man she barely knows. Imogen Collins has the perfect life as a social media influencer, showing off her glamo 了解更多
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作者 Sophie Hannah
The world’s most beloved detective, Hercule Poirot – the legendary star of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and most recently The Monogram Murders and Closed Casket―returns in a stylish, diabolically clever mystery set in 1930’s London. Returning home after lunch one day, Hercule Poirot finds an angry woman waiting outside his front door. She demands to know why Poirot has sent her a letter accusing her of the murder of Barnabas Pandy, a man she has n 了解更多
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作者 Alyssa Sheinmel
From the author of FACELESS 'Devastating. This is already one of my favourite books of the year' Irish Times 'The author's cunning deployment of information keeps the reader guessing' Financial Times Only when she's locked away does the truth begin to escape... Seventeen-year-old Hannah Gold has always been treated like a grown up. As the only child of two New York professionals, she's been traveling the world and functioning as a miniature adult since the day sh 了解更多
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作者 Caroline Kepnes
*** NOW A MAJOR NETFLIX SERIES *** 'Thriller of the Year' Daily Mail 'Hypnotic and scary' Stephen King 'Examines the fine line between seduction and stalking . . . Ludicrously readable' Guardian When aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the bookstore where Joe works, he is instantly smitten. But there's more to Joe than Beck realises and much more to Beck than her perfect facade. And the obsessive relationship quickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly consequences.. 了解更多
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作者 香娜·甘迺迪 , 琳黛·密契爾
  我在做什麼?   我能夠做什麼?   我可以改變什麼?   從最簡單的飲食、呼吸、獨處、時間管理等20個和自己的約定做起,   找到「我」的想法、「我」的能力、「我」的品味……   化為美好生活的力量,從內到外,整頓身心,為生活注入屬於你的清明微光。   你可以這樣喜歡生活──   日日安眠,對生活的期待讓你自然醒;   認真 了解更多
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作者 Tiffirah
" Aku sentiasa muncul dalam mimpinya. Dalam mimpi itu, kami sentiasa bersama. Apabila aku melihatnya seperti kanak-kanak yang naif, aku ketawa melihat kerenahnya tanpa sebab. Ikutkan hatiku, ingin sahaja aku menyatakan rasa cintaku kepadanya. Sayangnya apabila pagi muncul, dia takkan ingat apa yang berlaku. Aku khuatir yang dia akan melupakanku juga." - ISLAM "Terkadang, aku memikirkannya pada malam itu. Aku takut dia akan tahu perasaanku, jadi aku tutup pintu hatiku. Apakah 了解更多
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作者 Jay Asher
THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Featuring cover art from the Netflix original series executive produced by Selena Gomez, with exclusive interviews and photos inside! "Eerie, beautiful, and devastating." --Chicago Tribune "A stealthy hit with staying power. . . . thriller-like pacing." --The New York Times "Thirteen Reasons Why will leave you with chills long after you have finished reading." --Amber Gibson, NPR's "All Things Considered" You can't 了解更多
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作者 Jay Asher
**The second season of the Golden Globe nominated Thirteen Reasons Why is now on Netflix.** Read the sensational book that has taken the YA world by storm. This special edition is complete with exclusive behind-the-scenes content including a 16-page full-colour photo insert featuring scenes from the show, and interviews with the cast and crew. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can't stop the future. You ca 了解更多
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作者 漢娜·鄂蘭
過往不曾消失,它甚至還沒過去   本書集結鄂蘭生前最後十年未出版的文章與演講稿,她在其中針對道德哲學提出幾個問題,尤其是關於「惡的本質」與「道德抉擇」。   沒有人比鄂蘭更了解二十世紀的政治危機可以從道德崩潰的角度視之。勢如瓦解,顯而易見。鄂蘭看到那具爭議性、挑戰性以及困難的核心,不是由於人的無知或邪惡,未能辨識道德的 了解更多
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作者 陳子李
  只是想,和老外說說話⋯⋯   只是想,自己到國外走走⋯⋯   只是想,多交幾個外國朋友⋯⋯   只是想,自由自在的用英文聊聊天⋯⋯   我只是想聊聊天,   幹嘛學那麼多文法、背那麼多單字?   這時候你只需要:《想要和你用英文聊聊天》。   一本簡單到不行的英語會話書!   讓你和老外用LINE聊到HIGH、用Skype聊到很Happy!   無 了解更多
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作者 漢娜·弗萊
  ★《華盛頓郵報》、《衛報》、《星期日泰晤士報》、美國公共廣播電台NPR推薦   ★ 超高人氣TED演講熱烈突破300萬觀賞次數   愛情,人類最廣泛討論、複雜又費解的課題,其實充滿了模式。   數學,是非常實用的解題妙方。   找到真愛的機率是多少?英俊、貌美到底重不重要?   網路交友是怎麼運作的?如何選擇傳送訊息的對象?   約 了解更多
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全球首創【互動式親子圖畫本】,著色樂趣加倍! ―開發潛能、提升孩子創造力―      歐洲藝術家精心打造,專為3歲以上孩子設計的快樂著色書。和寶貝一起肩並肩著色,在揮灑創意的同時,建立親密和諧的親子關係,讓幸福的回憶永遠不褪色!      【互動式著色書特色】   ●特殊編版設計:和孩子「並肩坐」或「對坐」都可以,邊畫邊聊有趣 了解更多
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作者 克莉丝汀·汉娜
 她知道,只要说“我需要你”,好朋友就永远会在。   塔莉,美丽聪明,却行为叛逆,总是人们目光的焦点,但没有人知道,她一直活在被母亲抛弃的阴影中,更害怕一直照顾她的外婆撒手人寰,让她彻底孤单。她渴望归属感、渴望有人能无条件爱她。   凯蒂,一个看起来中规中矩的乖乖女,有着幸福温馨的家庭,性格温顺可爱,只是乖巧的外表之下,也充斥着无法消解的 了解更多
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作者 Morgan Winter
Minecraft is hugely popular with children, parents, and teachers, and now boys and girls can experience the game in a whole new way. Go on an adventure right into the game with bestselling author Winter Morgan! Will Noah and Violet find the griefers who escaped to the Overworld? Noah and Violet are busy rebuilding their town when the Ender Dragon flies above the village streets. The following day the Wither attacks them. As the town battles these harsh hostile mobs, Noah and 了解更多
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作者 漢娜.汀婷
在這黑暗又殘酷的世界裡,他最想要的就是一個家。<BR>你會真心希望全世界的人都讀過它。<BR>――《享受吧!一個人的旅行》作者伊莉莎白&#8226;吉兒伯特真希望這本書是我寫的。<BR>――《大魚老爸》作者丹尼&#8226;華勒斯<BR>台北縣立圖書館長 于玟北一女國文老師 田威寧<BR>搶救國文教育聯盟執行秘書/中山女高國文老 了解更多
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作者 Celeste Ng
'There is much here that might impress Pulitzer and Man Booker judges...Ng brilliantly depicts the destruction that parents can inflict on their children and on each other' Mark Lawson, Guardian Lydia is the favourite child of Marilyn and James Lee; a girl who inherited her mother's bright blue eyes and her father's jet-black hair. Her parents are determined that Lydia will fulfill the dreams they were unable to pursue - in Marilyn's case 了解更多
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作者 蘇菲·漢娜 , 阿嘉莎·克莉絲蒂
2014.9.9全球同步‧國際矚目 克莉絲蒂基金會首度授權 犯罪小說暢銷作家蘇菲.漢娜主筆 今年最讓推理迷興奮的大事: 第一神探白羅真的回來了! 【經典推薦】 這本書一方面遵循原典的書寫格式,一方面卻能緊貼著後續的時間軸、融入符合原典創作精神的新元素,還真是前所未見! ──既晴 恐怖、推理小說作家 無論你是熟讀《東方快車謀殺案》、 了解更多
原价 RM 42.80

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作者 Hannah Yeoh
Outlined here is clarity, simplicity, commitment and sacrifice of an exemplary Malaysian, a Christian who seeks to fight with her deep faith, impeccable character and profound courage to secure, by God's strength and with much prayer, a better future for all Malaysians. There is great hope for Malaysia if many more Hannahs could be replicated in politics. Dr. Daniel Ho Senior Pastor, DUMC, Petaling Jaya Hannah's story is not only about politics. It is about a spiritual jo 了解更多
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作者 伊薩克.狄尼森
只要把悲傷寫成故事,就能忍受所有的痛。   漢娜.鄂蘭:「狄尼森的作品在當代文壇獨一無二。」   ◇《遠離非洲》最終章, 全球中文版首度發行   ◇狄尼森逝世50周年紀念,正式授權全譯本   ◇收錄十幅珍貴的影像,一窺狄尼森優雅的貴族風采   ◇附作者年表,縱覽這位丹麥天才女作家的一生   心愛的咖啡莊園被迫拍賣、情人意外墜機 了解更多
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作者 漢娜·鄂蘭
  一本精彩至極,卻絕對令讀者坐立難安的第一手觀察報告!   邪惡…可以平凡無奇地展現在任何人身上!   理解尤太歷史、納粹德國,甚至正義與邪惡問題的經典作品。   第二次世界大戰結束十六年後的1961年4月11日,在以色列耶路撒冷法庭中,展開一場令全球矚目的納粹戰犯審判。審判的主角阿道夫.艾希曼(Otto Adolf Eichmann)是納粹德國在東部佔 了解更多
原价 RM 73.90

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作者 Kristin Hannah
Kristin Hannah's Firefly Lane is a coming of age novel about a generation of women who were both blessed and cursed by their choices. It is 1974 and the summer of love is finally drawing to a close. The flower children are starting to realize that you cannot survive on peace and love alone. Kate Mularkey has accepted her place at the bottom of the secondary school social food chain. Then, to her amazement, the `coolest girl in the world', Tully Hart - the gir 了解更多
原价 RM 49.90

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作者 布諾妮雅‧貝莉
貝莉能寫,天啊!她真能寫!書中到處都是精彩的故事,讓你一刻都無法放下。 ★ 全美書店業者、讀書俱樂部毫不猶豫熱血推薦。 ★ 上市一週即登上紐約時報、亞馬遜網路書店、洛杉磯時報、華盛頓郵報、華爾街日報、今日美國、BookSense、出版者週刊……等全美各地暢銷書排行榜。 ★ 獲選二○○八年八月美國獨立書商選書與年度最佳送禮書單。 ★ 獲選美國 了解更多
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作者 Liane Moriarty
'What would you do if you found a letter in the attic, addressed to you, from your husband - to be opened in the event of his death? Another masterclass from the author of Big Little Lies' GRAZIA _______________Mother of three and wife of John-Paul, Cecilia discovers an old envelope in the attic. Written in her husband's hand, it says: to be opened only in the event of my death. Curious, she opens it - and time stops 了解更多
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