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作者 Elizabeth Gilbert
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. 了解更多
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作者 Elizabeth Gilbert
"New York, 1940. Young, glamorous and inseparable, Vivian and Celia are chasing trouble from one end of the city to the other. But there is risk in all this play - that's what makes it so fun, and so dangerous. Sometimes, the world may feel like it's ending, but for Vivian and Celia, life is just beginning. City of Girls is about daring to break conventions and follow your desires: a celebration of glamour, resilience, growing up, and the joys of female friendship - and ab 了解更多
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作者 Amber Rae
From the powerhouse Mind Body Green calls "the Brene Brown of Wonder" comes a book that will shift the way we relate to ourselves and our emotions, and help us reach our full potential. "Amber Rae is the Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation." -Stacy London, New York Times bestselling author of The Truth about Style WONDER is what we're born with. WORRY is what we learn. NOW IS THE TIME TO RETURN TO WONDER. Why do we hold back from pursuing what matters most? Why do we liste 了解更多
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作者 Matthew J. Gilbert
Will Byers' top-secret binder--based on the Netflix series Stranger Things! Read notes from the Upside Down and uncover secrets from the Hawkins National Laboratory in Will Byers's personal files. Based on Netflix's Stranger Things, this book is designed to look like a vintage school binder from the '80s. Filled with photos, notes, sketches, and diary entries, this book is sure to amaze and entertain fans of all ages. 了解更多
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作者 Marie Forleo
Millions of young women look to Marie Forleo as their inspiration for empowerment and achievement' Oprah Winfrey 'This book delivers a knockout punch to whatever is holding you back' Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild Do you ever have trouble finishing what you start? Do amazing ideas come to you all the time but after the initial excitement wanes you struggle to follow through? If you're creative and ambitious, the answer is likely yes. The problem isn't you. It's not that yo 了解更多
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作者 Al Cimino
Women commit just 4% of homicides in comparison to men. But this disproportion can make their crimes seem all the more shocking. In this chilling casebook, Al Cimino explores 34 female murderers. We meet 'Angel of Death' Kristen Gilbert who induced multiple cardiac arrests among her patients while working as a hospital nurse, Enriqueta Marti, the 'Vampire of Barcelona' who killed children to make cosmetics, and many more. These case studies give riveting insight into the li 了解更多
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作者 Elizabeth Gilbert
"A spellbinding novel about love, freedom, and finding your own happiness." - PopSugar "Intimate and richly sensual, razzle-dazzle with a hint of danger." -USA Today "Pairs well with a cocktail...or two." -TheSkimm "Life is both fleeting and dangerous, and there is no point in denying yourself pleasure, or being anything other than what you are." Beloved author Elizabeth Gilbert returns to fiction with a unique love story set in the New York City theater world during the 了解更多
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作者 Simon Maier
A mindset is a fixed mental attitude that predetermines a person's responses to (and interpretations of) situations. Essentially, our mindset determines our behaviour. Developing the best mindset is the way you can learn something new, adopt new information, alter your beliefs and act accordingly. It's important to adjust our mindsets to survive and thrive in the real world. Experts agree that our mindset is not a result of nature or nurture, genes or environment. There's a c 了解更多
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作者 史考特·安東尼 , 克拉克·吉伯特 , 馬克·強生
  Amazon網路書店4.9顆星好評不斷   入選《富比士》雜誌2017年創新領導書   權威商業書評網「800-CEO-Read」當月重點關注商業書   安泰、福特汽車、新加坡電信等跨國企業聯合推薦   最具實用性的企業轉型指南!   「對於現存公司如何因應破壞的困境,本書給了答案。」   ──創新大師、哈佛商學院教授/克萊頓・克里斯汀生   這是落敗者 了解更多
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作者 傑克·紀伯特 , 羅布·奈特 , 珊卓拉·布萊克斯里
收起你的抗菌小道具, 因為你可能在無形中,阻礙了孩子免疫系統的發展!   「過敏,是過度清潔造成的嗎?」   「可不可以養狗、貓或其他寵物?」   「掉在地上的東西可以撿起來吃嗎」   「細菌會影響孩子的學習力嗎?」   「自閉症與腸道細菌有關係嗎?」   「我可以在哺乳期間服用抗生素嗎?」   「益生菌優格可以治療尿布疹嗎? 了解更多
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作者 Rose Harissa
“Hasil bedah siasat mendapati Tuan Gilbert meninggal kerana kehilangan darah lapan jam selepas ditikam.” “Aku rasa... Bonda kau dah hilang.” Longlai dan terduduk Raid Arjuna saat fakta tentang kedua-dua ibu bapanya dibentangkan di depan matanya. Degil, kerana sikap itu… Hidup Raid Arjuna dihantui rasa bersalah berpanjangan selepas satu insiden terancang telah melibatkan dirinya dan dia menjadi tunjang masalah tersebut. Penculikan. Pembunuhan ayahnya, Tuan Gilbert. K 了解更多
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作者 Daniel Goleman , Richard Davidson
A fascinating and practical guide from two New York Times bestselling authors, backed by state-of-the-art scientific researchDrawing on cutting-edge research, friends and Harvard collaborators Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson expertly reveal what we can learn from a one-of-a-kind data pool that includes world-class meditators. They share for the first time remarkable findings that show how meditation - without drugs or high expense - can cultivate q 了解更多
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作者 傑克·紀伯特
  從葬禮回到公寓   我在地上爬著,大哭   四處搜尋妻子的頭髮   兩個月間從排水管、吸塵器   冰箱底部和衣櫃裡的   衣服上找到幾根   然後幾位日本婦人來訪   我就停了,因為再也分不出   哪些是她的。過了一年   在替美智子種的酪梨換盆時,我發現   一根又長又黑的頭髮糾纏在泥裡   ─〈已婚〉 了解更多
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作者 歐普拉雜誌
美國媒體天后 歐普拉 精選40篇最真情流露的快樂生活提案! 全心全意生活、洞悉生命智慧, 活出自己的夢想,方能領悟快樂真諦。   「實現別人的夢想,不可能快樂。   請活出自己的夢想,   如此方能確實領悟快樂的意義。」   “You can never be happy living someone else’s dream.   Live your own. And you will for sure know   the meaning of happiness.”    了解更多
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作者 Chris Anderson
'This is not just the most insightful book ever written on public speaking-it's also a brilliant, profound look at how to communicate' - Adam Grant, author of ORIGINALSIn Ted Talks Chris Anderson, Head of TED, reveals the inside secrets of how to give a first-class presentation. Where books like Talk Like TED and TED Talks Storytelling whetted the appetite, here is the official TED guide to public speaking from the man who put TE 了解更多
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作者 William Shakespeare
Undoubtedly the greatest love story ever written, Romeo and Juliet has spawned a host of imitators on stage and screen and been adapted countless times. A young man and woman meet by chance and instantly fall in love. But their families are bitter enemies, and in order to be together the two lovers must be prepared to risk everything. Set in a city torn apart by feuds and gang warfare, Romeo and Juliet is a dazzling combination of passion and hatred, bawdy comedy and high tra 了解更多
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作者 William Shakespeare
A young prince meets with his father's ghost, who alleges that his own brother, now married to his widow, murdered him. The prince devises a scheme to test the truth of the ghost's accusation, feigning wild madness while plotting a brutal revenge until his apparent insanity begins to wreak havoc on innocent and guilty alike. Hamlet's combination of violence, introspection, dark humour and rich language is intoxicating. It remains the world's most widely studied and performed 了解更多
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作者 William Shakespeare
Gorgeous, strange and magical, A Midsummer Night's Dream is perhaps the best loved of Shakespeare's plays. A young woman flees Athens with her lover, only to be pursued by her would-be husband and her best friend. Unwittingly, all four find themselves in an enchanted forest where fairies and sprites soon take an interest in human affairs, dispensing love potions and casting mischievous spells. In this dazzling comedy, confusion ends in harmony, as love is transformed, misplac 了解更多
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作者 William Shakespeare
Dark and violent, Macbeth is also the most theatrically spectacular of Shakespeare's tragedies. Promised a golden future as ruler of Scotland by three sinister witches, Macbeth murders the king to ensure his ambitions are realized. But he soon learns the meaning of terror - killing once, he must kill again and again, and the dead return to haunt him. A story of war and witchcraft, Macbeth also explores the relationship between husband and wife, and the risks they are prepared 了解更多
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作者 William Shakespeare
Separated from her twin brother Sebastian after a shipwreck, Viola disguises herself as a boy to serve the Duke of Illyria. Wooing a countess on his behalf, she is stunned to find herself the object of his beloved's affections. With the arrival of Viola's brother, and a trick played upon Malvolio, the countess's steward, confusion reigns in this romantic comedy of mistaken identity. Its gentle melancholy, enlivened by a comic sub-plot of considerable accomplishment, has long 了解更多
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作者 迪娜·吉尔伯特森
  《亲爱的,你为啥要和坏情绪躲猫猫呢》这本书由迪娜·吉尔伯特森所著,书中采用层层递进的方式,以心理咨询实例为开端,向我们讲述了非传统的情绪处理方式——拥抱自己的坏情绪。书中作者以自己的童年故事、青年时求学历程和后期工作感悟为样本,揭示了拥抱自己的坏情绪所能带来的正能量。同时,书中多采用调查问卷、图表、分析等工具厘清拥 了解更多
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作者 Daniel Levitin
Author and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin tackles the problems of twenty-first century information overload in his New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling book The Organized Mind.'Thought-provoking and practical... Good advice based on sound neuroscientific principles' Sunday Times'Impressively wide-ranging and thoughtful. There are fascinating facts and examples throughout' Wall Street Journal 了解更多
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作者 史考特.史塔索
在許多人眼中,我看來相當冷靜。 但是如果你能穿透那平靜的表面, 就會看到我像鴨子似的,腳下不停划、划、划── 這是一個30年來飽受焦慮症所苦的人, 亟欲擺脫折磨、探求解答,努力活下去的軌跡。 在焦慮已成社會常態的今日,在其中奮力求生的你和我, 都能從他的苦難裡,找到生命的意義與救贖。 了解焦慮是每個人都必須經過的冒險歷程。 了解更多
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作者 阿德里安‧吉爾伯特
  一九三九年至四三年,德國對歐洲和北非的戰役開創了戰爭型態的新局面。在具有毀滅性影響的閃擊戰理論指導下,德軍先後征服了波蘭、挪威和低地各國與法國,而且在北非與英國的戰鬥中也大獲全勝。   《閃擊戰》詳細敘述歐洲和北非的幾次重大戰役,以權威性的史實論述德軍如何運用攻無不克的閃擊戰在歐洲和北非戰場上占得先機,以及一九三九 了解更多
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作者 葛瑞格·麥基昂
★《紐約時報》、《華爾街日報》暢銷書!   獻給被工作與生活壓得喘不過氣的你。   你是否曾發現自己忙到分身乏術?你是否曾覺得工作過度又未能充分發揮實力?你是否曾發現自己專做不重要的事?你是否覺得忙碌不堪卻缺乏生產力?就像你總是在移動,卻從未到達任何地方一樣?   作者以「少,但是更好」做為本書的核心概念,闡述為什麼讓生 了解更多
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作者 伊丽莎白·吉尔伯特
《一辈子做女孩》是一本你可以随意当作什么去读的书,励志、心灵鸡汤、灵修、瑜伽笔记、旅行游记,甚至哲学小品文。作者离婚后放下一切出国旅行,在意大利尽情品尝美食,享受欲望为感官带来的满足;在印度修行,每天静坐与冥想,追随着虔诚的信仰,净化了身与心;最后在巴厘岛再次遇到爱情、找回自我,获得身心的平衡。 了解更多
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作者 石家安
 美國《哈佛商業評論》、《富比士》、中國《世界經理人》雜誌專訪   為什麼要偷學?因為……   祕訣,就算別人幫你整理好、開班授課教你,你還是會忘;   但達人不想教,只能自己偷看、偷學的本事,你總是記得最清楚。   偷學,就是不等別人教、自己主動學習,你必須「既模仿又創新」。前哈佛大學教授、以《行銷近視病》奠定大師地 了解更多
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作者 艾佛瑞.吉伯特
一般人總以為狗的嗅覺比人類靈敏、盲人的嗅覺特別強,而香水師的嗅覺能力絕對超越常人,事實上這些都是錯誤認知,他們只不過比一般人更擅長「思考」氣味罷了。 因此,嗅覺專家吉伯特決定帶我們暢遊氣味的異想世界!在這本書中,他運用深入淺出、幽默有趣的筆法,介紹許多近期關於嗅覺的科學發現,以及與氣味有關的當代文化觀察,像是改變商店裡 了解更多
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