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作者 Robert Skidelsky
In this remarkable work, Robert Skidelsky unites his experience, knowledge and talents in a sweeping account of money and power' James K. Galbraith The dominant view in economics is that money and government should play only a minor role in economic life. Money, it is claimed, is nothing more than a medium of exchange; and economic outcomes are best left to the 'invisible hand' of the market. The view taken in this important new book is that the omnipresence of uncertainty m 了解更多
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作者 Aesya Azahar
Disebabkan tidak percaya dengan plot cerita novel dan drama yang cliché bagi mereka, telah mencetuskan idea gila antara dua sahabat. “Since kau kata tadi kau tak percaya lelaki boleh berubah hanya semata-mata sebab perempuan, aku cadang kita buat something yang boleh cabar hipotesis kau tu!” – Farah Zhafri Adam, seorang lelaki yang kaki perempuan dan pemabuk telah menjadi calon eksperimen itu. Maka bermulalah Ops Goda+Ubah=Success (Tinggalkan). Dengan menggunakan tig 了解更多
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作者 Joseph A Michelli
How do a passion to create an education revolution and the business acumen to fuel rapid and spectacular global expansion co-exist within one organisation?Find out in The MindChamps Way ...In his latest insightful study of strategy and leadership, Joseph Michelli, shares the unique philosophy and the values-driven strategies of a dynamic organization, whose growing presence on the world stage has the potential to fundamentally shape the future of 'individuals, families, commu 了解更多
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作者 Alan Bradley
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - A finger in a wedding cake is only the beginning in this deliciously shocking mystery featuring Flavia de Luce, "the world's greatest adolescent British chemist/busybody/sleuth" (The Seattle Times). Although it is autumn in the small English town of Bishop's Lacey, the chapel is decked with exotic flowers. Yes, Flavia de Luce's sister Ophelia is at last getting hitched, like a mule to a wagon. "A church is a wonderful place for a wedding," muses F 了解更多
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作者 Mathias Schuz
What has ethics got to do with my job? How can I take on ethical responsibility and help to make my company more successful at the same time? Although 'ethical responsibility' has become something of a catchphrase these days, most people only have a vague idea what it means and how it can be demonstrated in actual practice.Disasters like the Volkswagen's emission scandal, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the nuclear meltdown of Fukushima, the global financial crisis, and 了解更多
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作者 Alison Gervais
Moving halfway across the country to Colorado right before senior year isn't Maya's idea of a good time. Leaving behind Pratt School for the Deaf where she's been a student for years only to attend a hearing school is even worse. Maya has dreams of breaking into the medical field and is determined to get the grades and a college degree to match, and she's never considered being Deaf a disability. But her teachers and classmates at Engelmann High don't seem to share her optimi 了解更多
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作者 Egmont
Have you ever wanted to build an entire land dedicated to battling zombies? This guide will show you how it's done! Inside you'll find build ideas for everything from a zombie arena and a spooky, zombie-infested graveyard to an entire undead city and a top secret lab where zombies are created and cured. Just follow the steps for each build, and before you know it you'll have an entire Land of Zombies. Then, it's just a matter of teaming up with friends to take them out! Coll 了解更多
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作者 W. Chan Kim , Renée A. Maubo
Brings together three of the authors' bestselling HBR articles in one package. Includes the article that first introduced the idea of a Blue Ocean Strategy--leading to an international bestselling book. Brings the principles behind blue ocean strategy to leadership--and presents the acts and activities that inspire employees. Provides a process for how companies can discover uncontested markets ripe for growth as well as the mental models that can get in the way. Audience: F 了解更多
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作者 Klutz
With this complete kit, kids can make LEGO animations (or "brick flicks") quickly and successfully. The ten "Mini Movies" walk you through making short, funny clips with step-by-step instructions. Use your phone, tablet or computer to get started. For movie-makers intimidated by the blank page, this book includes endless mix-and-match story starter ideas to kickstart your creativity. Real animator-approved ideas and inspiration cover more advanced skills such as lighti 了解更多
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作者 陳建英 , 文丹楓
  「社群粉絲經濟」時代,得粉絲者得天下!   全球知名企業、政治圈、經濟圈、娛樂圈、知名藝人……都在運用的成功秘訣;   iPhone果粉、小米機米粉......成功地讓企業創下驚人的銷售數字,粉絲變現金,   這些就是社群粉絲的力量。   想要擁有偶像商品,業績翻倍、銷量破表,必讀!   ★提供快速增加大量粉絲的方法+實例,帶你避開陷 了解更多
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作者 Julia Basri
Hidup bergelumang dengan dosa, perkara biasa bagi Umaira. Farok, Zaman dan Razif buat hidup Umaira kian celaru hingga akhirnya dia lari jauh membawa diri. Bahana dosa silam Umaira terpaksa ditanggung Adamia Qaisara. Izwan pula tak putus-putus mengambil kesempatan pada Adamia. Pertemuan tak di duga melakar kisah baru antara Adamia dan Adam Hakimi. Masing-masing ada agenda tersendiri. Adamia tidak rela dirinya dimiliki Izwan. Adam pula muak dengan cinta murahan Karina. “ 了解更多
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作者 Peter Shaw
In this latest addition to the highly successful 100 Great Ideas series, readers will find a comprehensive guide to overcoming one of the most frequently felt emotions at work today: frustration. Frustration comes in many forms and from many sources-bosses, colleagues, staff, clients, and not to forget, oneself. If left to fester, frustration can quickly impair a person's ability to work and to lead, and potentially hijack the performance of the entire team and organisation. 了解更多
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作者 Dk Uk
Demystifying the key ideas of the world's greatest philosophers, and exploring all of the most important branches of thought including philosophy of science, philosophy of religion and feminist philosophy in a uniquely visual way, this book is the perfect introduction to the history of philosophy. A clear and accessible guide to philosophy, How Philosophy Works combines bold infographics and jargon-free text to demystify fundamental concepts. Covering everything from ethics 了解更多
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作者 Missett
Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Proven methods for turning any passion into major profits - from the legendary entrepreneur who turned her idea into a $100 million global powerhouse For the first time ever, the founder and CEO of Jazzercise, Inc., reveals the secrets to her staggering success. In Building a Business with 了解更多
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作者 張慈庭英語教學團隊
  在朋友面前是話題王,外國人面前變句點王?   別再騙自己了,開口說英文不該光靠勇氣,   想要跟外國人聊得深入,你需要的是實力——   擺脫沉默狀態,不再大眼瞪小眼,告別聚會中尷尬的椎心之痛吧!   懂得會話3步驟,和陌生人也能聊出好感情!   ●五大主題╳單字釋義╳補充用法,每個例句都能隨看隨用!   ●頻率口語單字搭配 了解更多
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作者 Phil Renshaw , Jenny Robinso
In just 10 minutes a day, Coaching on the Go gives you the tools to be an effective leader. As a busy leader you know that coaching is an important tool for you to bring out the best in people in a most human and natural way. Coaching on the Go shows you how to coach your team in bite-sized chapters, so you can learn on the go - on a flight, on your commute to work - and put it into action right away. Split into two parts: 1. The Main Flight - learn the core coaching ski 了解更多
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作者 莉茲·佛斯蓮 , 莫莉·威斯特·杜菲
  華爾街日報暢銷書   Next Big Idea Club選書   (由知名作家葛拉威爾、蘇珊坎恩、丹尼爾品克、亞當格蘭特評選)   超推!練就「不放心上」的職場情緒力   讓你切換生活與工作,時時游刃有餘!   獻給在工作中感到孤單、無聊、沮喪、憤怒、不知所措,以及不安的你   ●為什麼每天上班要做得那麼痛苦,又沒效率?   ●被無視、被挖苦 了解更多
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作者 Stephen Ng
Pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo had no idea what he saw that day would change the course of his life. His heart was broken when he saw youths were loitering near the Checkers mini-market without a direction in life. The neighbourhood of Taman Sri Sentonsa, a mixed residential development located at the outskirt of the city of Kuala Lumpur, was a poor to middle-income suburb. Filled with a strong compassion for these school children, he later left his pastoral work to set up Harap 了解更多
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作者 Patrice Lawrence
Being a teenager is hard enough, but it's even harder in a world you've never known ... The hotly anticipated new novel from the award-winning author of ORANGEBOY. Praise for Patrice Lawrence, the award-winning author of ORANGEBOY: 'Knuckle-in-the-mouth stuff... It's impossible not to gulp down this wonderful, intense story in one mouthful.' The Times on ORANGEBOY 'A vibrant, accomplished storyteller' The Observer 'A truly brilliant book' Malorie Blackman on ORANGEBOY Being 了解更多
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作者 Peter W Lednor
A concise guide to early-stage innovation which will be valuable to everyone making the transition from individual scientist or engineer to a role in achieving innovation by an organization.'This transition is often harder than is recognized. The target audience has typically reached the top of an educational ladder, and moves, with a first job, to an organization with different norms, objectives and understanding of innovation. Relevant organizations are wide-ranging, and in 了解更多
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This CGP Study Guide explains everything students need to know for Key Stage Three Maths - all fully up-to-date for the new curriculum from September 2014 onwards. It's ideal for students working at a higher level (it covers what would have been called Levels 5-8 in the pre-2014 curriculum). Every topic is explained with clear, friendly notes and worked examples, and there's a range of practice questions to test the crucial skills. 了解更多
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作者 Fitri Hussin
Sarang ialah sesuatu yang dibuat atau yang dipilih untuk tempat berteduh atau tempat penjahat (penyamun dll) bersembunyi. Rania, novelis cinta yang sedang mengalami zaman kesuraman. Manuskrip cinta terbaharunya ditolak editor. Dek tercabar, dia memutuskan untuk menulis manuskrip novel bergenre seram demi mengangkat namanya semula. Fatah, novelis seram yang sedang berada di puncak. Novel debutnya super bestseller. Hidupnya berubah 180 darjah dari zero ke hero. Dia bersetu 了解更多
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作者 Mimi Kuo-Deemer
Exquisite... for anyone interested in building a sustainable life that is imbued with vibrant healthy, mental and emotional clarity, and the most basic human need of all: happiness' - Donna Farhi, author of Yoga Mind, Body, Spirit 'A treasure chest for the heart and mind, a potent tonic for body and breath, and a vibrant life essence for the spirit' - Simon Low, Principal of the Yoga Academy 'A beautiful and timely gift' - Sifu Matthew Cohen, Sacred Energy Arts Founder ' 了解更多
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作者 Jean-Marie Dru
The business ideas and innovation philosophies of the world's great entrepreneurs--for anyone to implement in any business Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. Larry Page. Sergey Brin. Zhang Ruimin. Marc Benioff. Millions of words have been written about the great entrepreneurs of the world. This book is not about describing their achievements. Nor is it about their charisma, personal trials, or their place in popular culture. We have all heard or read about them already. This book is ab 了解更多
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作者 馮嘉慧
  簡單技巧,做出鬆軟香綿的蛋糕體!   絕美裝飾,讓蛋糕捲更顯尊貴。   各種美味內餡,任意搭配都好吃!   風味蛋糕體,讓蛋糕捲一點都不無聊。   自己設計蛋糕花紋圖形,做出專屬於你的蛋糕捲。   從市面上的超人氣蛋糕捲到創意蛋糕捲盡數囊括。   鬆軟綿細的蛋糕體,包裹著滋味豐富的內餡,讓蛋糕捲呈現出滋味曼妙的各種風情。 了解更多
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作者 Kelly Weinersmith
The instant New York Times bestseller! A Wall Street Journal Best Science Book of the Year! A Popular Science Best Science Book of the Year! From a top scientist and the creator of the hugely popular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a hilariously illustrated investigation into future technologies -- from how to fling a ship into deep space on the cheap to 3D organ printing What will the world of tomorrow be like? How does progress happen? And why do we not have a 了解更多
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作者 Stephen King , Bev Vincent
Fasten your seatbelts for an anthology of turbulent tales curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent. This exciting new collection, perfect for airport or aeroplane reading, includes an original introduction and story notes for each story by Stephen King, and brand new stories from Stephen King and Joe Hill. Stephen King hates to fly. Now he and co-editor Bev Vincent would like to share this fear of flying with you. Welcome to Flight or Fright, an anthology about all the thin 了解更多
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作者 Saodah Lasim
“Asyik-asyik Ana... Asyik-asyik Ana. Idea Ina ni tak ada siapa nak terima. Banyak lagi cerita yang best. Idah tu asyik nak sokong Ana je.” Ana perasan, sejak cerita Ana terpilih untuk persembahan hari guru, Ina mula menjauhkan diri. Pelbagai cara yang Ana lakukan, tapi Ina tetap begitu. Dingin terhadap Ana dan Idah. Kata Idah, Ina cemburukan Ana. Kata Idah lagi, Ina mahu menjadi bintang. Dia mahu popular! Tapi, Ina yang Ana kenal, bukan seperti itu. Apa yang harus Ana la 了解更多
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作者 Zvi Band
A tested step-by-step approach to leveraging the unique power of relationships to your business advantage Our professional relationships are the most important asset we have when it comes to growing and sustaining a successful business. Most people think of this as "networking." But in today's hyperconnected market, the most cost-effective and high-return route to new, repeat, and referral business is through our existing networks, not through adding more Facebook "friends" a 了解更多
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作者 Smith Jim
Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2020. This fantastic and in-depth book includes month-by-month forecasts for every sign and all you need to know to find out what is in store for you in the year ahead. The only one-volume horoscope you'll ever need. Your essential guide to love, life and career success in 2020. This popular, complete one-volume guide contains all you need to know about your personal horoscope for the year 2020. Be prepared for the for 了解更多
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作者 Nureen Mirza
Pertemuan mereka akibat salah faham. Hutang yang dituntut telah mengikat Dalili dengan Haidar. "Kau bayar hutang aku 100 ribu dulu baru aku lepaskan kau." - Haidar "Saya tak berhutang dengan sesiapa. Awak dah salah orang." - Dalili Dalili tak tahu yang kakaknya, Dalila menghilangkan diri sebab tak mampu bayar hutang tersebut. Haidar pula keliru antara si kakak dan si adik. Makanya, adik yang jadi taruhan. "Cara mudah untuk kau selesaikan hutang tu, kahwin dengan aku." - 了解更多
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作者 Emy Roberto
Kesinambungan JANGAN BENCI CINTAKU, kisah Rafeeqa dan Shahrizal yang sudah bertahun hidup sebagai suami isteri. “Apa akan jadi kalau hidup awak tanpa isteri macam saya?” - Rafeeqa “My life would be incomplete.” - Shahrizal Namun, perkahwinan mereka diuji lagi dan kali ini Shahrizal benar-benar menyalahkan Rafeeqa. Bagi Rafeeqa, biarpun dipersalahkan atas kehilangan orang tersayang, dia masih cuba menyelamatkan rumah tangga mereka. Masih cuba mengajak Shahrizal 了解更多
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作者 Sutherland Rory
HOW DOES MAGIC HAPPEN? The Ogilvy advertising legend—“one of the leading minds in the world of branding” (NPR)—explores the art and science of conjuring irresistible products and ideas. "A breakthrough book. Wonderfully applicable to about everything in life." —Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan “Veins of wisdom emerge regularly and brilliantly from these pages. Don't miss this book.” —Robert B. Cialdini, author of Influence Why is Red Bull so 了解更多
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作者 Mejar Muhammad , Qayyum A.Bada
Fear of public speaking is very commomn, with almost 1 in 4 people reporting being anxious when presenting ideas and information in front of an audience. Being a good public speaker is an essential skill that can help you advance your career, grow your business, and form strong relationships. While fear teaches you to protect yourself in risky situations, letting that fear stand between you and your audience could prevent you from sharing inspiring ideas, speaking about impo 了解更多
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作者 Syaikh Jalal Muhammad Syafi'i
Gerakan solat memiliki keistimewaan yang setanding dengan prinsip-prinsip senaman yang betul. Ia berfungsi menjaga struktur tubuh agar kekal dalam bentuk ideal dan melindungi sekali gus mengubati penyakit atau gangguan yang biasa menimpa manusia. Allah SWT adalah pencipta manusia. Dia Maha Mengetahui penyakit atau gangguan apa yang lazim dialami manusia. Dia Maha Mengetahui gerakan-gerakan tubuh yang boleh dilakukan dalam aktiviti seharian manusia, termasuk penyakit-peny 了解更多
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作者 Becca Wright
BTS and Me is the perfect way to record all of your favourite things about your favourite Korean boyband, Bangtan Sonyeondan. Packed full of fun fill-in activities, from quizzes to find out who would be your best friend, planning your ideal concert setlist and designing outfits for the boys to listing the music videos you watch on repeat, writing letters to each member and imagining a perfect day with them. Beautifully illustrated by real fans, this personalized keepsake h 了解更多
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作者 Jack Canfield
In our 24/7 world, where we move at warp speed, sometimes we let life happen to us instead of taking control of our direction. Other times, we suffer from information overload, and we fail to consciously control our positive thoughts, and we allow negativity to take over. For those who want to rise above, to get unstuck, or to catapult to a new level success, Jack Canfield will show you how positive affirmations can transform your life in extraordinary ways. Canfield, with th 了解更多
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作者 理查·克拉克 , R.P.艾迪
  AI、基因編輯、瘟疫、駭客、暖化……全球災難來臨的恐怖時代   災禍,可以預知嗎?意外,是突發事件嗎?預言,是妖言惑眾、危言聳聽嗎?   人類的未來似乎充滿不確定嗎?   白宮資深安全專家提醒我們:善用科學方法,可洞燭機先,防患未然,如何辨明正確的警告,趨吉避凶!   張福昌(中華國土安全研究協會副祕書長、德國科隆大學政治 了解更多
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作者 John Rossman
原价 RM 114.00

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作者 Minh Bui Jones
Over the past three years, the Mekong Review has transformed itself from an obscure magazine born in Cambodia to an acclaimed quarterly of culture and ideas and one of the most recognised titles in Southeast Asia. It provides a space for writers, artists and photographers to explore a wide variety of subjects in an exhilarating way. The Mekong Review publishes long-form reviews, essays, interviews, profiles, poetry and fiction from the region and beyond - whose common feature 了解更多
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作者 Shankaran Nambiar
Transformation without thought runs the risk of being short term or a kneejerk reaction to events. Shaping the future requires forethought, planning and informed decision making. Nambiar has made it his business to encourage us all to think, and provides us with some trenchant thoughts and ideas to help us along the way. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. President, Parti Keadilan Rakyat A must read if you want op-eds about key issues in the economy before and after a momentous ev 了解更多
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作者 Sufea Hareez
Hidup seorang Aina Isabelle tiba-tiba berubah bila Zafran mengambil keputusan untuk menetap di kampung atas alasan menjaga ibunya yang disahkan menghidap kanser. “Awak boleh buat sendiri, kan?” - Aina "Awak nak saya call ibu, beritahu yang awak tak nak tolong saya?" Zafran. Zafran sentiasa gunakan alasan ibu Zaharah untuk membuatkan Aina mengalah. Ibu Zaharah itu, wanita mulia yang sangat Aina hormati. “Zaf nak kahwin dengan Aina sebab ibu. Zaf nak ibu bahagia. 了解更多
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作者 Aidah Bakri
Sembilan tahun berlalu. Dini yang dulunya naif, yang dianggap seperti dandelion yang rapuh oleh Harraz Rifqi, kini sudah bergelar Doktor Nurin Ardini. Kembalinya Dini ke bumi Malaysia bukan untuk merubah sejarah yang terlakar. Tapi pertemuan semula dengan Rifqi, mengingatkan dia pada sejarah lama. Sejarah luka yang amat menyakitkan. “Awak fitnah saya sampai saya terpaksa bernikah dengan awak. Kemudian, awak perkosa saya.” - Dini “Perkosa? Awak sudah menjadi isteri s 了解更多
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作者 Laydee Amarfi
Bagi Leanna, mengahwini Daniyal bukan hanya sekadar memenuhi kehendak daddynya. Tapi dia memang jatuh cinta dengan lelaki itu. Polosnya Leanna kerana menganggap Daniyal juga sama sepertinya, melamar kerana cinta. Dinginnya Daniyal tidak pernah membuat hatinya curiga. Malah dia sentiasa berusaha menjadi isteri terbaik buat lelaki itu. "Malam ni boleh tak you berlakon gentleman sekejap? " - Leanna "I kacak di mata you, tapi masih tak cukup gentleman?" - Daniyal Hidu 了解更多
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作者 Rina Farizq
Cantik tetapi sombong, itulah Bunga. Hot dan sentiasa menjadi topik membawang, itulah Mika a.k.a Tom Hardy gelaran Yaya. Tinggal berjiran tetapi suka bertelagah, itulah mereka. “Macam mana bra kau tu ada pada dia?” - Yaya “Mana dapat ni? Curi ke?” - Bunga “Curi? Benda dah terpakai macam tu? Seriuslah! Nasihat aku, masa sidai benda tu, kau sepitlah elok-elok supaya tak jatuh kat ampaian orang!” - Mika Insiden yang memalukan itu buat Bunga jadi bengang dengan 了解更多
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作者 Cik Amal Amina
Ahmad Han Ahmad Bin Ahmad Ibrahim. Kali pertama bertemu lelaki itu, Hanis sudah pelik. Dengan pakaian serba hitam dan merenung dia lama. “Ni muka saya, bukan peta dunia. Encik tak payah tengok lama-lama pun dah boleh hafal.” – Hanis “Ahmad Han tu nama saya, bakal suami awak. Tolong hafal tu.” – Han. Penuh misteri. Tapi lelaki inilah yang menyelamatkan Hanis dari menjadi mangsa dendam mama sendiri. “Kenapa kau tak mati je dulu?” – Mama. “Saya akan l 了解更多
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作者 Jules Pieri
原价 RM 106.00

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作者 Stewart
Proven techniques to win over any audience and make any sale Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations is your expert guide to delivering memorable and effective speeches and presentations. Whether selling a product, offering a service, or bidding for a contract, your oral presentation skills can often determine success or failure. This invaluable resource delivers real-world advice and proven strategies to elevate your game and close the deal. Comprehensive coverage of prepar 了解更多
原价 RM 92.20

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作者 Liu Cixin
NOW A #1 BLOCKBUSTING FILM. The Sun is dying. Earth will perish too, consumed by the star in its final death throes. But rather than abandon their planet, humanity builds 12,000 mountainous fusion engines to propel the Earth out of orbit and onto a centuries-long voyage to Proxima Centaurai... Cixin Liu is one of the most important voices in world Science Fiction. A bestseller in China, his novel, The Three-Body Problem, was the first translated work of SF ever to win the H 了解更多
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A guide to investing basics by the author of Broke Millennial, for anyone who feels like they aren't ready (or rich enough) to get into the market Millennials want to learn how to start investing. The problem is that most have no idea where to begin. There's a significant lack of information out there catering to the concerns of new millennial investors, such as: * Should I invest while paying down student loans? * How do I invest in a socially responsible way? * W 了解更多
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作者 Dave Birss
The highly practical lessons in HOW TO HAVE GOOD IDEAS are based on neuroscience,psychology, and behavioral economics. Written by the former Creative Director of OgilvyOne,Dave Birss,this book offers a brilliant new system for conceiving original and valuable ideas. It looks at how to frame the problem,how to push your thinking,how to sell the idea and build support for it and how to inspire others to have great ideas. It proves that any organization - and any department with 了解更多
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作者 Jain Ramlee
This sketch book project displays selected works from eight artists from Johor Sketchers with various career backgrounds; namely Taib Aur, Tok Rimau, Penglakar Lara, Jaie Ramlee (who's also the editor), Hafizal Nordin, Abang Bangunan, Buz Walker-Teach and Neil Shah. The project aims to raise the awareness on the importance of sketching in various things in life. It is crucial for those who are involved in arts to practice their skills in drawing and producing artworks. Sketch 了解更多
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作者 Linda Yueh
What can the ideas of history's greatest economists tell us about the most important issues of our time? 'The best place to start to learn about the very greatest economists of all time' Professor Tyler Cowen, author of The Complacent Class and The Great Stagnation Since the days of Adam Smith, economists have grappled with a series of familiar problems - but often their ideas are hard to digest, before we even try to apply them to today's issues. Linda Yueh is renowned for 了解更多
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* Present Facts, Concepts, Ideas and essential notes in the form of Visual MindMaps which arw attractive and colourful. '*Encourages Holistic learning and stimulates the mind by correlating facts and information.a Visual 了解更多
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• Concise and easy-to-understand notes in point form • Step-by-step approach for easy learning and understanding • Worked examples to provide easy reference and comprehensive answering techniques • Key words to highlight main mathematical ideas for easy learning • Links between concepts and ideas to build student’s confidence in topics taught • Examination tips in the side column for effective studying • Model Test for thorough exam preparation • Writ 了解更多
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• Concise and easy-to-understand notes in point form • Step-by-step approach for easy learning and understanding • Worked examples to provide easy reference and comprehensive answering techniques • Key words to highlight main mathematical ideas for easy learning • Links between concepts and ideas to build student’s confidence in topics taught • Examination tips in the side column for effective studying • Model Test for thorough exam preparation • Writ 了解更多
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* Present Facts, Concepts, Ideas and essential notes in the form of Visual MindMaps which arw attractive and colourful. '*Encourages Holistic learning and stimulates the mind by correlating facts and information.a Visual 了解更多
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作者 Andy Griffiths
Andy and Terry live in a 78-story treehouse. (It used to be a 65-story treehouse, but they just keep building more levels!) It has a drive-thru car wash, a courtroom with a robot judge called Edward Gavelhead, a scribbletorium, a combining machine, an ALL-BALL sports stadium, a high-security potato chip storage facility, and an open-air movie theatre with a super-giant screen . . . which is a very useful thing to have now that Terry's going to be a big-shot movie star! Afte 了解更多
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