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The MUET My Way is a comprehensive revision book for students that contains effective notes and practices for self-assessment. This book provides a variety of notes, tips, exercises and intensive practice in MUET-style questions to improve students' performance in examination. 了解更多
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Notes & Practices MUET is specially tailored for MUET candidates. In line with the implementation of the CEFR, changes in the test specifications of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are aligned to meet the purpose and aim of MUET as a relevant and reliable English Language proficiency test. The familiarisation of the new MUET format is a crucial step for students to prepare for the test. In this book, the notes and practices reflect the requirements of the CEFR in 了解更多
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Effective Text MUET is a comprehensive resource book that is useful for both teachers and MUET candidates. The book covers all the four papers, namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, and is aligned with the CEFR requirements. 了解更多
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Based on the latest MUET exam format. 5 sets of MUET test paper. Tapescript for Audio Track & Answer Provide. 了解更多
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MUET Model Tests is specially written to help MUET candidates excel in the examination. This collection of model tests serves as an effective practice to help candidates prepare for the MUET with confidence. The model tests contained in this book have been carefully prepared based on the latest CEFR-aligned examination format to help students familiarise themselves with the actual MUET examination. 了解更多
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