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作者 Dan Morain
A revelatory biography of the first Black woman to stand for Vice President, charting how the daughter of two immigrants in segregated California became one of this country's most effective power players. There's very little that's conventional about Kamala Harris, and yet her personal story also represents the best of America. She grew up the eldest daughter of a single mother, a no-nonsense cancer researcher who emigrated from India at the age of nineteen in search of a bet 了解更多
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作者 Selk
From bestselling author and mental toughness expert Jason Selk comes a mind-training regimen for reframing every problem into an opportunity for productive action. The most common cause of failing to reach our professional and personal goals is hardwired in us: Humans instinctively focus on problems. Over millennia, our very survival relied on our ability to be alert to any potential dangers that could threaten our existence. But today this negativity bias significantly limi 了解更多
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As cryptic and compelling as a fever dream... Bae Suah is one of the most unique and adroit literary voices working today' Sharlene Teo Finishing her last shift at Seoul's only audio theatre for the blind, Kim Ayami heads into the night with her former boss, searching for a missing friend. The following day, she looks after a visiting poet, a man who is not as he seems. Unfolding over a night and a day in the sweltering summer heat, their world's order gives way to chaos, th 了解更多
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作者 John Tierney & Roy F Baumeister
The most important book at the borderland of psychology and politics that I have ever read.--Martin E. P. Seligman, Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology at that University of Pennsylvania and author of Learned Optimism Why are we devastated by a word of criticism even when it's mixed with lavish praise? Because our brains are wired to focus on the bad. This negativity effect explains things great and small: why countries blunder into disastrous wars, why couples divorce, 了解更多
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作者 Tom Ziglar
Ziglar Inc. CEO Tom Ziglar shows readers how the choices they can make--beginning today--will help them achieve balanced success, true significance, and an everlasting legacy. The secret to winning at life is one good choice at a time. Are you frustrated with your job, career, or relationships? Are you unsure if what you are doing right now in your life is the right thing? In this revolutionary new book, success and motivation expert Tom Ziglar shares the good news that you 了解更多
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作者 Jennifer L. Armentrout
Jennifer L. Armentrout, the #1 New York Times , USA Today and internationally bestselling author of the Dark Elements novels and the Lux series, returns with book 1 of The Harbinger trilogy, a contemporary fantasy set in the world of her New York Times bestselling Dark Elements series. In this fantastical universe, gargoyle shapeshifters are sworn to guard humanity from the evils of the underworld. One guardian is about to meet a girl with an explosive secret. Should she fall 了解更多
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作者 Tomohida Oda
The journey to a hundred friends begins with a single conversation. Socially anxious high school student Shoko Komi’s greatest dream is to make some friends, but everyone at school mistakes her crippling social anxiety for cool reserve. Luckily she meets Tadano, a timid wallflower who decides to step out of his comfort zone in order to help her achieve her goal of making 100 friends. Exam season has crash-landed on the students of Itan High, and when they’re not gettin 了解更多
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作者 Will Page
A stunning new insight into how the most crucial lesson you can learn in today's challenging business environment is how to change the fundamentals of what you do, rather than carry on fighting a battle that is already lost. The near destruction of the music industry at the hands of online piracy and its subsequent recovery on the backs of digital streaming platforms is more than just the biggest story of disruption and reinvention of the digital age. It is also a trove of 了解更多
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ULTRAMAN Z 泽塔奥特曼 In the past, the Devil Splinters were scattered across space. Today, the splinters are still causing chaos throughout the universe. While the Ultra Heroes fight to restore peace to the galaxy, a mysterious being uses these items in its despicable schemes to destroy planets one by one. And now, that evil being approaches the Land of Light.In its way stands the gallant Ultraman Zero and his disciple, Ultraman Z. At the end of a fierce battle, Z cha 了解更多
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Non Non Biyori 悠悠哉哉少女 Renge, Natsumi, Komari and former big-city-girl Hotaru live a quiet life in the Japanese countryside, but things get a lot more exciting when newcomer Akane Shinoda moves into the house next door to the Koshigaya family! 旭丘分校”的学生,仅有五人.虽然学年性格各不相同,但大家一起做菜,一起捉虫,一起试着练习乐器……春夏秋冬四季变换的乡村生活,一直都那么让人兴奋.虽然一如既往地 了解更多
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作者 Berta Aldrich
The global marketplace has changed, and companies have found themselves struggling to hire and retain high-performing talent. Winning the Talent Shift explains how companies can overcome the three main barriers to their success and unlock the potential in today's new workplace. Winning the Talent Shift: Three Steps to Unleashing the New High Performance Workplace envisions a world where companies are fully equipped to exceed the challenges posed by the new global marketp 了解更多
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作者 Gabrielle Bluestone
From Vice journalist and executive producer of hit Netflix documentary Fyre comes an eye-opening look at the con artists, grifters and snake oil salesmen of the digital age-and why we can't stop falling for them. "Scams are hot right now, and Bluestone covers the hottest here." - Booklist We live in an age where scams are the new normal. A charismatic entrepreneur sells thousands of tickets to a festival that never happened. Respected investors pour millions into a s 了解更多
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作者 朝霧カフカ , 春河35
系列作品改編TV動畫大受歡迎! 《文豪 Stray Dogs》官方同人創作集第三彈!! 敵人的敵人就是朋友──   ※由知名動畫製作公司BONES改編 動畫!超級豪華聲優陣容!   製作團隊代表:「櫻蘭高校男公關部」「STAR DRIVER」導演‧五十嵐卓哉 ╳   「新世紀福音戰士」、「櫻蘭高校男公關部」編劇‧榎戸洋司   ※ 漫畫、小說、TV動畫、劇場版、舞台劇 了解更多
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Tenchi Souzou Design-bu 天地创造设计部 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He also sought after a wide variety of animals to populate the planet. However, he felt that it was too tiresome to think of new ideas within his criteria. To address this problem, God appointed an organization—the Heaven's Design Team—to do the work instead! Shimoda is a newly-hired angel who serves as the mediator between God and the design team. As he steps into his r 了解更多
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Living & Design住宅美學雜誌133期封面故事裡,編輯群查訪世界知名經典設計,收藏兩個建築設計、四個室內空間,希望在各個經典設計中,窺看各個文化的不同樣貌和人文精神,並找到其共通性-對生活的期待。封面故事收錄由世界知名建築公司Foster+Partners操刀設計的「Apple Central World Bangkok」以玻璃帷幕消除內外距離,藉由穿梭、流動的光影沒有距離地拉近在地情 了解更多
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作者 Dr. Kevin Leman
Want children who are patient, kind, humble, thankful, and respectful? Who have a good work ethic, strong character, and a healthy self-image? Who succeed in all areas of life--personally, professionally, and relationally--to the best of their ability? You can't force your kids to be grateful for everything you do, but you can raise successful, responsible kids who grow into adults you can be proud of. With his signature wit and 了解更多
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作者 Nadav Eyal
A well-written and thought-provoking account of the current crisis of globalization. Not everyone will agree with Eyal's interpretation, but few will remain indifferent.' -Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens Revolt is an eloquent and provocative challenge to the prevailing wisdom about the rise of nationalism and populism today. With a vibrant and informed voice, Nadav Eyal illustrates how modern globalization is unsustainable. He contends that the collapse of the current w 了解更多
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作者 Bella H.
Andai cinta itu kita lepaskan, adakah sakit itu jua akan bercempera pergi? Hidup ada pelbagai cara untuk menguji manusia. Sama ada dalam keadaan tidak mempunyai apa-apa ataupun dalam keadaan mempunyai segala-galanya. Jika Jasmin patah hati kerana keluarga, hati Aafan hancur dengan pemergian pemilik jiwa. Program Lenus Home Tutor menjadi titik pertemuan dua insan. Aafan menepis rasa. Jasmin menjaga raga. Bagi Aafan, ada bayang Fina dalam diri Jasmin. Jelas mereka dua wanita ya 了解更多
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作者 Sally Thorne
USA Today bestselling author Sally Thorne bursts on the scene with a hilarious and sexy workplace comedy all about that thin, fine line between hate and love. Lucy Hutton has always believed that the nice girl can get the corner office. She's charming and accommodating and prides herself on being loved by everyone. Everyone except sarcastic, cynical, and intimidating Joshua Templeman. Her nemesis. Josh is the dark and brooding to Lucy's light and cheery, the crisp pressed 了解更多
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作者 Dr Grace Lordan
What are you doing today to make your dream future come true? We all have big ambitions for the future but those dreams only become reality if we do something towards them regularly. To achieve audacious goals, we need to take action and make small changes every day. We need to think big and act small. Drawing on cutting-edge research from behavioural science, Dr Grace Lordan offers immediate actionable solutions and tips that will help you get closer to your dream future, 了解更多
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作者 Becker
The classic international bestseller, updated for the hybrid work world, including a new chapter on virtual communication. Excellent communicating skills have always been crucial to success in leadership and management roles-and that's one of the reasons the first edition of this book, Mastering Communication at Work, has been an international bestseller taught at universities and referred to by leading CEOs. In the years since it was first published, it's been the go-to "co 了解更多
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Nijigasaki High School is located in Odaiba, Tokyo. The school is popular due to its free school style and diverse majors. The story centers on the members of school idol club in Nijigasaki, and their attempt to prevent the club from being abolished. 位于东京台场,拥有自由校风和多项专科的人气高中“虹咲学园”。对学园偶像的魅力感到心动的普通科2年级高咲侑,和儿时玩伴上原步梦一起敲响了“学园偶像同好会”的 了解更多
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作者 Cassandra Clare
The Shadowhunters must catch a killer in Edwardian London in this dangerous and romantic sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Chain of Gold, from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Cassandra Clare. Chain of Iron is a Shadowhunters novel. Cordelia Carstairs seems to have everything she ever wanted. She’s engaged to marry James Herondale, the boy she has loved since childhood. She has a new life in London with her best friend Lucie Herondale and J 了解更多
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作者 HP
FUNCTIONS Print, copy, scan MULTITASKING SUPPORTED No FIRST PAGE OUT (READY) Black: As fast as 15 sec [3] DUTY CYCLE (MONTHLY, A4) Up to 1000 pages RECOMMENDED MONTHLY PAGE VOLUME 50 to 100 PRINT TECHNOLOGY HP Thermal Inkjet PRINTER DRIVERS INCLUDED HP PCL 3 GUI PRINT QUALITY BLACK (BEST) Black: Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi Color: Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color (when printing from a computer on selected HP photo papers and 1200 input dpi) 了解更多
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作者 HP
FUNCTIONS Print, copy, scan MULTITASKING SUPPORTED No PRINT SPEED BLACK (ISO, A4) Up to 7.5 ppm PRINT SPEED COLOR (ISO, A4) Up to 5.5 ppm [6] FIRST PAGE OUT (READY) Black: As fast as 15 sec [3] DUTY CYCLE (MONTHLY, A4) Up to 1000 pages RECOMMENDED MONTHLY PAGE VOLUME 50 to 100 PRINT TECHNOLOGY HP Thermal Inkjet PRINTER DRIVERS INCLUDED HP PCL 3 GUI PRINT QUALITY BLACK (BEST) Black: Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi Color: Up to 4800 x 1200 op 了解更多
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After blessing software announced their first work, Eriri and Utaha leave the group to join popular creator Akane Kosaka in developing a major game called Fields Chronicle. Meanwhile, Tomoya and Megumi join hands with their new members and various other parties to produce their new game. What will become of Eriri and Utaha’s major work? Will the relationship between Tomoya and Megumi change? And what will be the ultimate fate of blessing software’s new game? 某个春天 了解更多
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作者 Julia Quinn
The second book in the beloved and globally bestselling Bridgerton Family, now a series created by Shonda Rhimes for Netflix. Welcome to Anthony's story . . . ________________________________________ 1814 promises to be another eventful season, but not, This Author believes, for Anthony Bridgerton, London's most elusive bachelor, who has shown no indication that he plans to marry. And in all truth, why should he? When it comes to playing the consummate rake, nobody does 了解更多
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作者 Peter Shaw
Find out what makes great leaders tick, learn what it takes to be credible and read about the things that they'd do differently if they had to do it all again. The Nine Types of Leader introduces some obvious and some not so obvious types of leader through stories, anecdotes and insight garnered from hundreds of encounters with world-class leaders. Featuring interviews with industry titans including Jean-Francois Decaux of JC Decaux, Michael Rapino of Live Nation, Zhang Ruim 了解更多
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▪ High Definition resolution 720P streaming video, transmitting and recording vibrant real video. ▪ High Crystal Plastic lens and HD 720P for smooth video at 30FPS. ▪ Shoot exciting details and bright natural colors. 65-degree wide field of view allows the screen to accommodate two people ▪ Equipped with high-definition manual focus and light correction, which can be fine-tuned according to lighting conditions, and can produce sharp high definition images even in dim 了解更多
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作者 Dr Val Wilson
Sugar is everywhere. Do your children beg you to buy unhealthy sugary snacks at the supermarket, and kick up a tantrum if you refuse? Perhaps you crave sweet treats, bread, pasta and sauce-laden food yourself. Do you notice lethargy and mood swings in your children as a result of blood glucose spikes and dips? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your family's health is at risk. Dr Val Wilson can help. Having lived with Type 1 diabetes for more than 了解更多
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作者 Arisa Eriza
March AKA big bro, atau nama sebenar, Maritza Aafya yang berpenampilan segak dan bergaya sampai orang keliru dia lelaki atau perempuan. Lucy atau nama sebenar, Ahmad Lufti pula sebaliknya. Sekali pandang nampak perempuan, pandang sekali lagi, tiba-tiba rupanya lelaki berpakaian wanita. March yang hilang beberapa lama sebelumnya, muncul Kembali dengan lamaran ajak Lucy kahwin. Lucy yang miskin tahap papa (katanya) terima kerana tawaran material oleh March terlalu menggod 了解更多
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作者 Crystal Anabella
Takdir antara kita tak sepatutnya bertindih. Enggan menjadi anak derhaka, Dewi Balqis setuju mengikuti kelas imej Leo. Leo jiran yang merangkap teman mesranya. “Berapa duit hantaran yang you expect daripada bakal suami you?”- LEO “At least 50k.”- DEWI “Anak dara pemalas macam you, 5k pun dah rugi tahu? ”- LEO Mulut Leo memang pedas berbisa. Tapi, dalam diam… jiwanya berlagu asmara. “You pakai apa pun, my heart will always beat for you.”- LEO “Kalau jant 了解更多
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*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. 了解更多
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作者 Daniel Susskind
SHORTLISTED FOR THE FT & McKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2020 The Sunday Times Best Business Books of the Year 2020 The Times of London Best Business Books of the Year 2020 The Financial Times Best Books of the Year 2020 Fortune Magazine Best Business Book of the Year 2020 FiveBooks.com Best Non-Fiction of 2020 Inc.com Best New Business Books of 2020 'A path-breaking, thought-provoking and in-depth study of how new technology will transform the world of work' Gord 了解更多
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In the year 2045, technology has finally evolved to a degree of prosperity for the world. The World Wide Web has become a world for "App Monsters" (アプリモンスターズ, Apurimonsutāzu) or "Appmons", artificially intelligent beings born within mobile apps. The series focuses on Haru Shinkai, an everyday Junior High Student. One day, he discovers an Appmon lurking in his Smartphone, which reveals himself to be Gatchmon and the two become partners. Haru also learns from 了解更多
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*For ages 4 to 6 *Inside the book: Parts of the Day, Days of the Week, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Months of the Year, Reading Time (o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, minutes) & a.m. and p.m. 了解更多
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作者 Zaza Qry
Yang aku selalu tahu, kau adalah untukku. Ziyara yang tidak pernah mencintai lelaki, terjatuh cinta dengan majikannya sendiri. Lelaki yang punya aura, walaupun sudah berusia. Selama ini dia tidak terfikir akan terlibat dalam cinta skandal seperti ini. Namun, dirinya dikhianati lelaki itu. Disebabkan insiden yang tidak pernah Ziyara terfikirkan itu, dia terpaksa tinggal dengan lelaki yang nampak macam bencikan dia sebagai perempuan iaitu Hanz. “Dengan aku, masih boleh 了解更多
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作者 Mudin Ezairi
Cinta itu umpama membina kerajaan. Kita bersama mentadbir zahir dan batin. Kahwin suka sama suka setelah sekian lama terpisah! Namun ada hati yang berbolak-balik. Yang seorang sudah bersedia sehingga sanggup mencari kekasih hatinya itu. Yang seorang lagi pula waswas. Takut tatkala menempuh first night nanti. Hesy, peninglah budak berdua ni! “Aku nak kau percaya pada aku. Setidak-tidaknya, kalau aku terpaksa tinggalkan kau esok lusa lepas kita bernikah, aku tenang. Aku tahu, 了解更多
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作者 Micol Ostow
Based on the TV series Nancy Drew, the most-watched new show on the CW! In this prequel novel, the beloved teen sleuth investigates a sinister, once-dormant curse that may be threatening her town once more. This is Nancy Drew for today, perfect for fans of Riverdale, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Stranger Things! A curse is just a mystery dressed up in a sharp, stern warning. And everyone knows that I love a mystery. Nancy Drew isn't one for ghost stories. 了解更多
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作者 Rhonda Byrne
The long-awaited major work by beloved bestselling author Rhonda Byrne. Rhonda Byrne launched a global phenomenon with the publication of The Secret in 2006. This life-altering work helped readers understand the untapped powers that reside within. But Rhonda’s journey was far from over as something inside her urged her to seek more wisdom. She spent fourteen years searching until she uncovered the universal truth contained in these pages. But Rhonda’s journey was far f 了解更多
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作者 陳宏遠
  「超波導引」共振技術研發人、音質優化專家、   「聲活美學」創辦人暨技術長──傑克   累積三十年體驗與研究,告訴你:   從聽覺進化,到身心平衡,答案就在聲音與共振裡。   人體,就是一個樂器,   共振無所不在。   但,我們逐漸失去聽覺原有的分辨能力。   -------------------------------------   聲音,是一種行進波, 了解更多
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作者 陳啟祥
今周刊、鏡週刊、Smart智富月刊等多家媒體爭相採訪 結婚生子後,生活開銷大增, 照舊靠著3張圖表,5年翻出千萬資產   30歲才開始學投資,月薪不到4萬的陳啟祥,初入股市就因過度自信而投資期貨,賠掉數月薪水,於是認清投資這條路無捷徑可走,只好痛定思痛,花費數年時間開始學習、摸索,最終找到一條最適合自己與一般上班族的投資之路:「價 了解更多
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Tokyo is currently experiencing rain showers that seem to disrupt the usual pace of everyone living there to no end. Amidst this seemingly eternal downpour arrives the runaway high school student Hodaka Morishima, who struggles to financially support himself—ending up with a job at a small-time publisher. At the same time, the orphaned Hina Amano also strives to find work to sustain herself and her younger brother. Both fates intertwine when Hodaka attempts to rescue Hina 了解更多
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作者 Sai Amrose
Kisah dua belas tahun lalu memberikan kesan yang mendalam pada jiwa Harleena. Tanpa sedar, tercipta sebuah dendam terhadap keluarga Haji Rahmat. Tiada cara lain kecuali dia masuk ke dalam keluarga itu dengan memakai dua wajah demi ‘menggoda’ dua hati. Dia akhirnya berjaya. Segala cerita bermula dengan penuh tersusun dan dendam yang dia bawa selama ini pasti akan terbalas. Itu sahaja niatnya yang satu – merosakkan kebahagiaan keluarga Haji Rahmat supaya mereka sekeluarga 了解更多
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作者 Hannie Salme
Aku, dia dan kisah kita melewati bayang-bayang luka... Dia bukannya lelaki baik seperti yang diimpikan gadis-gadis di luar sana. Kehidupannya disalut noda. Dunia lumba dan pergaduhan sudah sebati dalam diri. Dialah penggawa, dialah juara! Pertemuan yang tak disengajakan dengan Kaira Zharifah merubah segalanya. Ameer mula mengenal apa makna cinta, apa makna rindu. Tekadnya, dia ingin memiliki gadis sebaik Kaira, tanpa dicanang khilafnya yang lalu. Ameer tetap mengejar, nam 了解更多
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作者 POP Bazic
Popular house brand hand held double hole plastic sharpener, 2 different sized holes which allows it to accommodate standard to large sized pencils. Compact & small design makes it great for tucking into a bag or backpack. * Packing Available: 1pieces per card / 2 pieces per card 了解更多
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作者 POP Bazic
Popular house brand hand held double hole plastic sharpener, 2 different sized holes which allows it to accommodate standard to large sized pencils. Compact & small design makes it great for tucking into a bag or backpack. * Packing Available: 1pieces per card / 2 pieces per card 了解更多
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作者 叢非從
活得不舒服, 是因為自己內心軟弱。 (這句話令你介意?因為你又在自我質疑了。)   【給陷入自我困惑&人際困境的你】   你要曉得,沒人能比你更懂得如何照顧你自己。   你長大了,唯一能對你不離不棄的,是你自己。   ◆◆◆   ‧你對別人憤怒→其實你怒的,是需求得不到滿足。   ‧你怕聊天冷場→其實你怕的,是討不了對方喜歡 了解更多
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作者 Various Authors
A collection of original contemporary love stories set during life in lockdown by some of today's most popular YA authors. Erin Craig "delivers" on a story about a cute pizza delivery boy, Auriane Desombre captures a girl trying to impress her crush on TikTok, and Bill Konigsberg takes readers along on daily walks where every step brings two boys closer to love. There's roommates-to-enemies-to-something more from Rachael Lippincott, a tale of a girl with a mask-making busines 了解更多
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作者 Rumaan Alam
A Read with Jenna Today Show Book Club Pick! Finalist for the 2020 National Book Award (Fiction) A Recommended Book From: Vogue * TIME * The Washington Post * Buzzfeed * The Boston Globe * The Wall Street Journal * Elle * Vulture * Newsweek * NY Observer * Refinery29 * The New York Post * Town & Country * Parade * The Millions * PopSugar * AARP * Publishers Weekly * Apartment Therapy * AV Club * Kirkus * LA Mag * BookPage * Alma * Lit Hub * The Week A magnetic novel about 了解更多
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作者 Siti Hazneza Abdul Hamid
Akan aku palam retak hatimu dengan kasih cinta membara Melur itu sifatnya bersih dan suci. Ia tenang. Cemar pada melur hanya menceritakan tentang noda pada tangan pemegangnya. Kelopak melur yang terusik hanya menggambarkan kurang cermatnya si pemegang. Tidak ada salahnya pada si melur. Panggilan daripada Natasha pada suatu malam mengejutkan Farihin. Telah lama gadis itu dijauhinya gara-gara patah hati. Ya, Natasha telah bertunang tanpa sempat dia meluahkan rasa. Gadis it 了解更多
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作者 Elvroseth
Puteri Ajla Zulaikha. Seindah-indah kisah di antara kisah. Di matanya, ada seorang lelaki, bermata biru, senyuman manis bagai madu. Di matanya, lelaki itu harus dia kejar, harus ada di dalam genggaman tangannya, harus ada di dalam hatinya. Dia akan dapatkan lelaki itu walaupun maruahnya diragut dan egonya tiada. Dia bersumpah, dia akan kejar Yousuf sampai mati! Muhammad Yousuf Bin Abdullah. Seindah-indah mata biru yang memandang. Di matanya, Zulaikha gadis yang bijak, berani, 了解更多
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作者 Suzana Jumadil
Mencintai dan dicintai adalah nikmat hidup yang dipasak oleh kasih sayang. Lantaran kebebasan berfikir dan bertindak, dia tersungkur dalam mengenal makna kasih cinta. Dia alpa oleh dorongan nafsu hingga terjebak menentang arus kelaziman bercinta. Baginya, sesiapa saja boleh dicintai dan boleh dikasihi selagi jasad masih bernyawa. “Why? A cleaner doesn’t have the right to fall in love? Is loving and being loved only for rich people? - MOHAMMAD NASSIR Kebijaksanaan yang ber 了解更多
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作者 Miss Cactus
Dulu, Fika yang mengejar. “Saya tak akan berpatah balik. Saya akan ikut kata abah saya dan saya akan kahwin dengan awak.” - Fika. “Untuk apa kita berkahwin kalau tiada cinta antara kita? Buang masa aje." - Kimi Baru seminggu usia perkahwinan mereka, Fika diceraikan. Selepas beberapa bulan, Kimi muncul semula dan menjadi jirannya. Kini giliran Fika pula yang dikejar. Si duda mula memasang umpan mahu memancing hati si janda. “Awak takkan terlepas daripada saya lagi, 了解更多
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作者 Ryan Holiday , Stephen Hanselman
Nearly 2,300 years after a ruined merchant named Zeno first established a school on the Stoa Poikile of Athens, Stoicism has found a new audience among those who seek greatness, from athletes to politicians and everyone in between. It’s no wonder; the philosophy and its embrace of self-mastery, virtue, and indifference to that which we cannot control is as urgent today as it was in the chaos of the Roman Empire. In Lives of the Stoics, Holiday and Hanselman present the f 了解更多
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作者 Adam Baratta
The Great Devaluation may be one of the most timely books ever written on the state of the global economy. Baratta sums it up simply enough with the following idea: "What seems crazy in normal times becomes necessary in a crisis." The Great Devaluation is the #1 bestselling book that explains why the real crisis facing the world today is not the Coronavirus. The real crisis facing the world is explosive government debt and deficits. Governments are now left with no choice b 了解更多
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作者 Mariah Carey
"It took me a lifetime to have the courage and the clarity to write my memoir. I want to tell the story of the moments - the ups and downs, the triumphs and traumas, the debacles and the dreams, that contributed to the person I am today. Though there have been countless stories about me throughout my career and very public personal life, it’s been impossible to communicate the complexities and depths of my experience in any single magazine article or a ten-minute television 了解更多
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作者 入江仁之
快,就是王道! 當PDCA跟不上變化腳步,你需要以速度取勝的OODA   ※卷頭附贈OODA循環思考快速瀏覽重點拉頁,讓你一目了然。   今天,速度就是一切,沒有比別人快,一切都無用   瞬息萬變的時代,無論是市場趨勢、大眾消費,甚至個人喜好,轉變的速度都奇快無比。任何決定,已經不容許慢條斯理地仔細分析,唯有瞬間做出判斷,立刻行動,才是未 了解更多
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作者 Dermot Crowley
Leverage the power of urgency to avoid burnout and increase performance Urgency-that frantic feeling that we need to be doing more, and faster-is a destructive force in today's workplace. Unnecessary urgency can be toxic, causing stress and burnout. But not all urgency is bad, and sometimes we really do need to get things done quickly. Too little urgency can lead to inaction and lost productivity. So how do we find the right balance where we can use urgency as a meaningful 了解更多
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作者 A. C. Grayling
A cerebrally enjoyable survey, written with great clarity and touches of wit . . . The non-western section throws up some fascinating revelations' Sunday Times The story of philosophy is an epic tale: an exploration of the ideas, views and teachings of some of the most creative minds known to humanity. But there has been no comprehensive and entertaining, single-volume history of this great intellectual journey since 1945. With his characteristic clarity and elegance A. C. 了解更多
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