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作者 Hinkler
Look up at the spectacular sheer granite rock face of El Capitan within Yosemite National Park, California, USA. Known for its stunning deep valleys, high waterfalls, conifer forests, imposing rock monoliths, and lush meadows, Yosemite supports more than 400 animal species including black bears, mountain lions, and the endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. The Mindbogglers National Park Collection 500-piece jigsaws feature stunning photographs of incredible national parks 了解更多
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作者 Randy Bean
Fail Fast, Learn Faster presents a broad, historical, and cultural perspective on the evolution of data over three decades and shows how data is being applied to transform businesses and industries. This book tackles one of the most disruptive and central issues facing leading corporations today at a moment when data, analytics, and science are being ignored by some in positions of leadership - the ability to transform their companies into data-driven organizations with a d 了解更多
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作者 Larry McEvoy
A science-based leadership framework for building capacity and overcoming exhaustion in today's complex world Epidemic Leadership introduces an adaptive leadership approach designed to help you (and your followers) thrive and influence in today's complex age. This book provides a how-to methodology for simply and practically putting the principles of epidemic phenomena into successful practice. By understanding their function in adaptive systems and applying their organizin 了解更多
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作者 Paul Roehrig
"In their 'deliberately short book' IT analysts, management consultants and technology practitioners Roehrig and Pring explore how big a beast technology has become, and how we can tame it to maintain our freedom and privacy while still realising its benefits. The pandemic has shown just how much we rely on technology and how addictive it has become...The authors address the important questions...[and] urge us not to slay the monster but rather to leverage its power and reori 了解更多
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作者 Julia Quinn
The fourth book in Julia Quinn's globally bestselling, Regency-set, Bridgerton Family series, now the inspiration for the Netflix series Bridgerton by Shonda Rhimes. Welcome to Colin and Penelope's long-awaited story . . . ________________________________________ Everyone knows that Colin Bridgerton is the most charming man in London . . . Penelope Featherington has secretly adored her best friend's brother for . . . well, it feels like forever. After half a lifetime of wat 了解更多
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作者 Otto English
An alternative history of the world that exposes some of the biggest lies ever told and how they've been used over time. Lincoln did not believe all men were created equal. The Aztecs were not slaughtered by the Spanish Conquistadors. And Churchill was not the man that people love to remember. In this fascinating new book, journalist and author Otto English takes ten great lies from history and shows how our present continues to be manipulated by the fabrications of the p 了解更多
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作者 Dorie Clark
Your personal goals need a long-term strategy. It's no secret that we're pushed to the limit. Today's professionals feel rushed, overwhelmed, and perennially behind. So we keep our heads down, focused on the next thing, and the next, without a moment to breathe. How can we break out of this endless cycle and create the kind of interesting, meaningful lives we all seek? Just as CEOs who optimize for quarterly profits often fail to make the strategic investments necessary fo 了解更多
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作者 王百祿
護國神山!台積電如何崛起? 未來十年之戰還能屹立不搖嗎?   台積電市場佔有率超過整體產業的50%,是關鍵產業中的核心企業。   掌握全球各技術密集產業,電腦、電子、通訊網路、精密機械、汽車、航太、國防、智慧家電等動脈,所有這些產業的核心組件主要供應中心!   世界級大廠三星電子、IBM,半導體巨人Intel,中國中芯半導體,都在旁虎 了解更多
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ONE PIECE 海贼王 BOX31 VOL.956-979 (DVD) 956 Ticking Down to the Great Battle! The Straw Hats Go into Combat Mode! 決戰逼近 草帽小子一行人備戰 Kira Detik ke Pertempuran Besar! Topi Jerami Masuk ke Dalam Mod Kombat! 957 Big News! An Incident That Will Affect the Seven Warlords! 大新聞 襲擊七武海事件 Berita Besar! Kejadian Yang Akan Menjejas Tujuh Hulubalang! 958 A Legendary Battle! Garp and Roger! 傳說中的戰役 卡普與羅傑 Pertempuran L 了解更多
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作者 Guinness World Records
Fully revised and updated, and with a bright new design, Guinness World Records 2022 provides a fascinating snapshot of our world today. Our editors have chosen to curate the book with environmental issues at the forefront of their mind, so we open with a chapter exploring what's happening to our ecosystem and what superlative lengths people are going to make a difference. We also want to encourage readers to put their own record-breaking to good, so look out for projects tha 了解更多
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作者 Richard Osman
THE SECOND NOVEL IN THE RECORD-BREAKING, MILLION-COPY BESTSELLING THURSDAY MURDER CLUB SERIES BY RICHARD OSMAN It's the following Thursday. Elizabeth has received a letter from an old colleague, a man with whom she has a long history. He's made a big mistake, and he needs her help. His story involves stolen diamonds, a violent mobster, and a very real threat to his life. As bodies start piling up, Elizabeth enlists Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron in the hunt for a ruthless murd 了解更多
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GINTAMA 銀魂 Edo-period at Japan suffers a big cultural shock. First, the aliens invaded the earth, overpowered the nation’s government, disbanded carrying swords for the once proud samurais. moreover; these aliens took the people’s jobs and are currently running a sweatshop using them as laborers. going with the flow, Sakata Gintoki, an enigmatic vagrant samurai whose personal trademark is not only his naturally permed silver hair but also his love of anything sweet a 了解更多
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Mashiro no Oto 真白之音 津轻三味线的演奏者泽村松吾郎有着传说般的水平。拥有这样的外祖父的少年泽村雪,自外祖父死后,变得不会弹三味线了…… 为了寻找已经消失的“喜欢的声音”,雪漫无目的地来到东京。受到在夜总会工作的女性“立树优奈”帮助的雪,作为演出的垫场,他将表演津轻三味线的演奏。 雪用三味线的音色弹奏各种各样的邂逅、回忆。他不 了解更多
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作者 藤代圭一
孩子功課不乖乖做,盯他還藉口一堆? 明明是孩子自己要學的才藝,卻不肯認真練習? 孩子成天只想打電玩,對什麼都提不起勁? 以探究式教養善用孩子的好奇心, 孩子就會自動學習、發揮潛能! 藤代流提問法 & 24個探究式教養訣竅 讓孩子 從「哇!」、「咦?」──察覺價值、產生興趣 ↓ 「我想試試!」、「我想知道!」──想要親自體驗 ↓ 「我想知 了解更多
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GINTAMA 銀魂 Edo-period at Japan suffers a big cultural shock. First, the aliens invaded the earth, overpowered the nation’s government, disbanded carrying swords for the once proud samurais. moreover; these aliens took the people’s jobs and are currently running a sweatshop using them as laborers. going with the flow, Sakata Gintoki, an enigmatic vagrant samurai whose personal trademark is not only his naturally permed silver hair but also his love of anything sweet an 了解更多
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作者 徐瑞廷 , 黃菁媺
完整收錄BCG頂尖顧問解決問題的方法 ╳ 毫無保留地揭露BCG與客戶溝通的技巧 ╳ BCG顧問首次針對臺灣職場的在地化洞察 ————關於BCG———— BCG(The Boston Consulting Group)=波士頓顧問公司 全球領先的管理顧問公司,客戶遍及財星500大企業與政府單位 多次獲選為《財富》雜誌最理想的雇主企業之一 協助不同產業因應重要挑戰、推動業務轉型,並建立組織能 了解更多
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* MAKE YOUR OWN PLAY-DOH FOODIE FRIENDS: Make your own Play-Doh mini food figures and give them big personalities with the Play-Doh molds and party-themed accessories * OVER 50 COMBINATIONS: Mini hats, mini shoes, mini everything! Attach 35 different plastic accessories for fun outfits and facial expressions. Use the molds to shape your own Play-Doh accessories * MAKE AND REMAKE: 8 cans of reusable non-toxic Play-Doh compound let you make your Play-Doh mini foodie friends a 了解更多
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This ROAR-some carry-along format contains a large floor puzzle, suitable for ages 3+ with an accompanying activity book. The PAW Patrol is going PREHISTORIC! The pups are on a roll in their dino patroller to take on the biggest mission yet save the dinosaurs of dino land in this epic floor puzzle and activity book! 了解更多
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作者 彭儒迪
用正確的資金,在正確的時機,建立正確的投資模式, 權證是讓你以小博大,穩穩賺到斜槓收入的利器! 平均10%以上,翻倍獲利績效! 你應該將投資權證視為斜槓收入,不用大筆資金就能投入之外, 最關鍵在於能讓你波波獲利,投勝率高。   權證賺的是個股走勢波動錢,   不只賺一次波動錢,是波波連動錢!   ✔分批買進賣出,丟掉不賣不賠的錯 了解更多
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*Pepper Jobs C2H18M USB-C to 4K 60Hz HDMI cable converts the Display Port signal from the source USB-C device to HDMI signal - up to 4K60Hz (4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz max), with audio support of up to 8-channels, 24-bit/192kHz. *The built-in chipset includes an on-chip HDCP 2.2 key, thus allowing playback of protected contents from Netflix, iTunes, etc. Both video and audio can be transmitted to a bigger screen with no loss in quality. 了解更多
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作者 Post-It
•Post-it® Lined Notes help people turn thoughts into action. They also give you a peace of mind with better thoughts organization. The bright colours are attention-getting and its big size is great for to-do lists. Additional features, the lines helps you to write your notes neatly, making it easier to read. •What's unique about Post-it® Super Sticky Notes? • Stick on vertical surfaces • Stick and re-stick again • 2X the sticking power compared to regular Post- 了解更多
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作者 Terry Pratchett
Imagination is an amazing thing. It can take you to the top of the highest mountain, or down to the bottom of the deepest depths of the sea. This where it took Doggins on his Awfully Big Adventure: a quest full of magic and flying machines. (And the world's best joke - trust me, it's hilarious.) It took three young inventors to the moon (where they may or may not have left a bottle of lemonade) and a caveman on a trip to the dentist. You can join them on these adventures, 了解更多
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作者 張凱鈞 , 陳鴻傑
  請大膽試錯、大膽追夢,但我更不想你失敗。   「從勝利中學得少,從失敗中學得多。」   創業只要努力和勤奮就可以嗎?沒做好成本預算就貿然創業,結果會是如何?只憑著自己的熱血與情懷去創業,會是成功還是失敗?   如果說,創業是一次登山,創業成功者就是能夠堅持到最後登頂的人,然而能最後登頂的畢竟只是極少數,很多人不僅沒 了解更多
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作者 Lesley Kara
THE MOST GRIPPING, TWIST-FILLED THRILLER YOU'LL READ THIS SUMMER. FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE RUMOUR 'A real page turner. An engrossing and suspenseful tale with absorbing characters and plenty of shocking twists.' Susan Lewis, bestselling author of My Lies, Your Lies 'I read The Dare in two big gulps - it's pacey, has great characters and there's a flip worthy of Simone Biles.' Fiona Barton, bestselling author of The Widow Come on. You'll be fine. It's 了解更多
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作者 丹尼·道靈
世界成長已經急踩煞車,而列車乘客以為仍在全速奔馳…… 世界成長減速,是好事還是壞事? 少子化現象,是危機還是轉機?   高速成長時代已經終結,早在新冠肺炎流行之前就持續進行,   出生率下降、人均GDP縮減、新社會運動減少、新科技進步趨緩……   人類成長已達極限,世界發展速度正在放慢,   英國牛津大學地理學教授丹尼.道靈以大 了解更多
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作者 Genzaburo Yoshino
Publishing in English for the very first time, Japan's beloved coming-of-age classic on what really matters in life The streets of Tokyo swarm below fifteen year-old Copper as he gazes out into the city of his childhood. Struck by the thought of the infinite people whose lives play out alongside his own, he begins to wonder, how do you live? Considering life's biggest questions for the first time, Copper turns to his dear uncle for heart-warming wisdom. As the old man guide 了解更多
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作者 Fredrik Eklund & Bruce Littlefield
With The Sell, Fredrik Eklund has created the modern day How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you're looking for how to achieve success in the 21st century, the answer is in your hands' Tom Doctoroff, CEO, J. Walter Thompson, and author of Twitter is Not a Strategy Just over a decade ago, Fredrik Eklund moved to New York City from his native Sweden with nothing but a worn-out pair of sneakers and a dream: to make it big in the city that never sleeps. Despite having no 了解更多
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作者 Ram Charan
The most influential consultant alive.' Fortune Welcome to the age of big tech. The old rules no longer apply. How do companies build a competitive advantage in the digital age? In this lively, accessible guide, Ram Charan - million-copy-bestselling author and advisor to some of the world's top CEOs - reveals that the tech giants have radically rewritten the rules of business. If you want to win, you need to learn to play a new game. 了解更多
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作者 陈国坤 , 敖嘉年 , 林嘉华
Ah Ni (starring CHAN Kwok Kwan), 12-year-old boy, has to take care of his blinded dad (starring Dominic LAM). He is always being bullied by squad when selling souvenir fluorescent sticks on the street for living. It was tragedy that Ah Ni’s father got his eye blinded because of a friend – Uncle Hing. Since then, he tried to hide and have his peaceful life with Ah Ni. Years later, two brothers meet again. Uncle Hing now is a teacher of a boxing studio and he promised to te 了解更多
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作者 派崔克·貝大衛 , 格雷格·丁金
★出版一年內,旋即售出12國版權★ ──上市首週雙冠軍── 空降《華爾街日報》、亞馬遜商業類排行榜TOP 1 榮登《今日美國》、《多倫多星報》暢銷榜 蘋果公司共同創辦人/史蒂夫.沃茲尼克 Steve Wozniak 《原則》作者、橋水基金創辦人/瑞.達利歐Ray Dalio 《富爸爸,窮爸爸》作者/羅勃特.清崎 Robert Kiyosaki ──重量級推薦 運用西洋棋大師的思維進行精準 了解更多
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Capturing all the excitement of PAW Patrol's biggest adventure yet, this Giant Activity Pad will be irresistible to every PAW Patrol loving pre-schooler. Reflecting the incredible production quality of this theatrical co-production, this colouring book showcases all the fun from the movie, including next level tech and epic vehicles, and even a new member of the PAW Patrol team! This convenient carry-along format is perfect for hours of activity to keep children busy. 了解更多
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The biggest moment yet for the biggest preschool property is coming this September making this Deluxe Colouring Book an irresistible proposition! Reflecting the incredible production quality of this theatrical co-production, this deluxe colouring book showcases all the fun from the movie, including next level tech and epic vehicles, and even a new member of the PAW Patrol team! 了解更多
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PAW Patrol's biggest adventure yet is about to hit the screens, and this colouring book with puffy stickers captures all of the excitement! Showcasing all the next level tech and epic vehicles from the movie, this book will be irresistible to every PAW Patrol-loving preschooler. A bonus puffy sticker sheet provides over 50 stickers that can be used anywhere! 了解更多
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Gou 暮蝉悲鸣时业 New kid Keiichi Maebara is settling into his new home of peaceful Hinamizawa village. Making quick friends with the girls from his school, he’s arrived in time for the big festival of the year. But something about this isolated town seems "off," and his feelings of dread continue to grow. With a gnawing fear that he’s right, what dark secrets could this small community be hiding? 远离城市中心,被浓郁的自然环 了解更多
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作者 吳淡如
★全球華人三千萬下載數推薦 賺了一輩子的錢,卻存不到養老金。 錢怎麼賺,知道;怎麼流失,不知道!   你有多久沒有投資你自己了?   有多少年,你沒有嘗試過新的挑戰或新的學習?   與其想退休,不如想如何不退化!   人生有沒有進步,就在於你願不願意學習?很多人離開學校之後就不看任何的書,也不肯上任何的課,只是看看新聞 了解更多
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作者 吳紹綱
亞洲指標性賽事紅龍盃冠軍 吳紹綱 ――――牌桌人生選擇學―――― 「30歲財富自由,我靠的不是運氣,而是心理鍛鍊!」 縱橫德州撲克15年,吳紹綱鍛鍊出無人能敵的致勝思維 人生沒有安全牌,「THINK BIG」才能贏者全拿!   │創業家、操盤手、業務員,都需要的震撼教育│   │小職員、上班族、小資族,踏出舒適圈的強心劑│   撲克賭神的財富 了解更多
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Boku No Hero Academia 我的英雄学院 Midoriya Izuku ialah seorang pelajar sekolah menengah rendah dalam suatu dunia di mana orang yang mempunyai kuasa peribadi yang luar biasa (個性 kosei, "keperibadian", Bahasa Inggeris: Quirk). Namun, dia didapati kelainan kerana kekurangan kuasa tersebut sehingga dibuli orang sebayanya terutamanya dari Katsuki. Walau bagaimanapun, dia tetap mengimpikan mahu menjadi Adiwira (ヒーロー Hiro) dengan All Might, wira terkuat di dunia, 了解更多
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Yakusoku no Neverland 约定的梦幻岛 At Grace Field House, life couldn't be better for the orphans! Though they have no parents, together with the other kids and a kind "Mama" who cares for them, they form one big, happy family. No child is ever overlooked, especially since they are all adopted by the age of 12. Their daily lives involve rigorous tests, but afterwards, they are allowed to play outside. There is only one rule they must obey: do not leave the orphanage. But 了解更多
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作者 約拿·博格
遇到反彈,99%的人會推得更用力。 最高明的說服, 不是使勁猛推,而是移除改變的障礙, 讓對方自己說服自己。   《財星》推薦年度必讀書目。   《瘋潮行銷》暢銷冠軍書作者最新力作。   《從A到A+》、《為什麼我們這樣生活,那樣工作?》等重量級作者暨媒體佳評如潮。   你上次想改變一個人,他就真的照辦,是什麼時候?   每個 了解更多
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作者 Veronica Roth
They were the Chosen Ones. Saving the world made them heroes. Saving it again might destroy them. The mesmerising adult debut from Veronica Roth, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Divergent. When Sloane Andrews and her friends defeated the Dark One, and saved the world, it nearly cost them everything. Ten years later, they are still struggling to put the battle behind them and reclaim their lives. After all, the rest of the world has moved on . . . so why can't they? 了解更多
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作者 John Tierney & Roy F Baumeister
The most important book at the borderland of psychology and politics that I have ever read.--Martin E. P. Seligman, Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology at that University of Pennsylvania and author of Learned Optimism Why are we devastated by a word of criticism even when it's mixed with lavish praise? Because our brains are wired to focus on the bad. This negativity effect explains things great and small: why countries blunder into disastrous wars, why couples divorce, 了解更多
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作者 Tom Ellen
Perfect for fans of Liz Pichon's Tom Gates series! Finn loves drawing comic strips featuring his two cartoon heroes, Arley and Tapper. But after being teased at school, he finds he can't draw them any more - and is shocked to see them climbing out of his sketchbook for real! With the help of his friend Isha, Finn needs to find a way to draw them back to their comic world - and quickly ... A brilliant action-packed comic series for readers aged 8-12, illustrated by P 了解更多
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作者 金榮大
BTS防彈少年團世界唯一的強力後援軍─A.R.M.Y 韓國三家網路購書平台熱烈好評 ☆ Yes24 9.8/10、Aladin 9/10、Kyobo 9.8/10 ☆ 在這個所有人都只朝向某處大聲疾呼自己想說的話的世代, 如今已變質又令人感到厭惡的「溝通」, 其中重要的價值正透過BTS具深度的音樂與美麗的表演,走向新的意義。   ▁▁▁   ✓ 韓國流行音樂與KPOP史   ✓ 美國流行樂與偶 了解更多
原价 RM 86.25

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会员 RM 77.63 (-10%)

作者 Diana Urban
A thrilling debut, reminiscent of new fan favorites like One of Us Is Lying and the beloved classics by Agatha Christie, that will leave readers guessing until the explosive ending. "Welcome to dinner, and again, congratulations on being selected. Now you must do the selecting." What do the queen bee, star athlete, valedictorian, stoner, loner, and music geek all have in common? They were all invited to a scholarship dinner, only to discover it's a trap. Someone has locked 了解更多
原价 RM 51.95

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会员 RM 46.76 (-10%)

作者 Ben Bailey Smith
Fantastically, gloriously funny' Katherine Rundell, author of The Explorer 'Snort-out-loud charm' Observer 'Fantastic! Pitch perfect comedic voice' Katie Tsang, author of Dragon Mountain From comedian, actor, rapper and screenwriter Ben Bailey Smith comes a blazingly funny, big-hearted story about family, friendship and how far one boy will go to get a laugh. Perfect for fans of David Baddiel and Frank Cottrell-Boyce. For thirteen-year-old Carmichael Taylor, life is one bi 了解更多
原价 RM 44.90

现售 RM 40.41 (-10%)

会员 RM 35.92 (-20%)

★英國《週日泰晤士報》(Sunday Times)年度好書!★ 英國The Big Issue雜誌人氣專欄「寫信給年少的自己」文章結輯。   100位典範人物,100種人生智慧,   希望16歲就懂的事,人生不走冤枉路。   你會在眾人的陪伴下平步青雲,沒有人會是孤島。   同時,你要真正擁抱並展現自己的技藝和能力,   而不要等待有人來帶領你走出困境。   ◆英國《週 了解更多
原价 RM 73.90

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会员 RM 66.51 (-10%)

作者 McNabb , Bill and Charan , Ram and Carey , Dennis
Long-term value creation&#8212the board's new agenda. A big shift in public ownership has created a new set of challenges for boards. Index funds managed by firms like Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street represent an emerging class of permanent institutional investors who are focused on creating and preserving long-term corporate value. These investors are stating in no uncertain terms that simply managing for short-term shareholder profit is not acceptable. Bill McNabb, 了解更多
原价 RM 164.50

现售 RM 164.50 (-0%)

会员 RM 148.05 (-10%)

作者 K.L. Walther
Perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Katie Cotugno, this is a story of loss, romance, and the time it takes to become who you really want to be. It's all just fun and games...until someone loses their heart. When Meredith Fox lost her sister, Claire, eighteen months ago, she shut everyone out. But this summer she's determined to join the world again. The annual family vacation to Martha's Vineyard seems like the perfect place to reconnect. Her entire extended family is gather 了解更多
原价 RM 51.95

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会员 RM 46.76 (-10%)

作者 安達裕哉
★越聰明就越該看!你以為的理所當然,其實大有問題!★ ★日本德勤資深商業顧問、百萬人氣部落客的當頭棒喝!★ 為什麼全天下的笨蛋,都覺得「自己最聰明」? 認知的不同,是我們互相指責的真正原因!   ‧完全不採納他人建議的主管   ‧好事獨攬功勞、壞事勤抓戰犯的同事   ‧只會批評、反駁,卻拿不出改善方案的下屬   ‧總是提出無理 了解更多
原价 RM 58.50

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会员 RM 52.65 (-10%)

作者 羅賓·德瑞克 , 卡麥隆·史陶斯
先思考,再信任; 培養解讀人心的能力,就能找到值得信任的人。   「實戰高手傳授不可或缺的識人功夫。想預測他人的行為是否能替你的工作增值加分,這本書就是必讀的佳作。」——《FBI教你讀心術》作者 喬‧納瓦羅 專業推薦   ★ 暢銷書《如何讓人信任你》續作   ★ 亞馬遜網路書店讀者4顆半星評價   信任是人類的天性,值得相信的人 了解更多
原价 RM 61.60

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会员 RM 55.44 (-10%)

作者 Daniel Kahneman &  Olivier Sibony
From the world-leaders in strategic thinking and the multi-million copy bestselling authors of Thinking Fast and Slow and Nudge, the next big book to change the way you think. Wherever there is human judgment, there is noise. 'Noise may be the most important book I've read in more than a decade. A genuinely new idea so exceedingly important you will immediately put it into practice. A masterpiece' Angela Duckworth, author of Grit 'An absolutely brillia 了解更多
原价 RM 89.95

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会员 RM 80.96 (-10%)

作者 Will Page
A stunning new insight into how the most crucial lesson you can learn in today's challenging business environment is how to change the fundamentals of what you do, rather than carry on fighting a battle that is already lost. The near destruction of the music industry at the hands of online piracy and its subsequent recovery on the backs of digital streaming platforms is more than just the biggest story of disruption and reinvention of the digital age. It is also a trove of 了解更多
原价 RM 79.90

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会员 RM 71.91 (-10%)

作者 麥可·海亞特
★亞馬遜商業組織類暢銷榜TOP 10 ★亞馬遜讀者4.8顆星高分盛讚 ★《紐約時報》、《華爾街日報》暢銷作家 我們都有自己的山要爬, 在登峰路上我們唯有願景可以憑恃。 企業執行長親授領導高績效團隊的原則, 學習Airbnb、Instagram、亞馬遜、漫威的未來藍圖, 勾勒清晰務實的願景,再困難的目標都能逐步到位!   「何謂好的領導者?能帶領其他人走進尚無 了解更多
原价 RM 58.50

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会员 RM 52.65 (-10%)

Time to go Pro – The Inventor kit is our second biggest kit perfect for testing more advanced creations. It features 400 pcs 21 projects and instructions manual. Create a bird a huge mechanical snake or a replica of the pyramids of Giza. Enough pieces to start inventing really cool stuff or building with your friends. Download the Free Strawbees APP for mor fun challenges. Product Details 400 Pcs 250 Strawbees + 150 extra rigid and colourful Construction Pipes Instr 了解更多
原价 RM 124.60

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会员 RM 112.14 (-10%)

作者 Rory Sutherland
A breakthrough book. Wonderfully applicable to everything in life, and funny as hell.' Nassim Nicholas Taleb Why is Red Bull so popular - even though everyone hates the taste? Why do countdown boards on platforms take away the pain of train delays? And why do we prefer stripy toothpaste? Discover the alchemy behind original thinking, as TED Talk superstar and Ogilvy advertising legend Rory Sutherland reveals why abandoning logic and casting aside rationality is the best wa 了解更多
原价 RM 59.90

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会员 RM 53.91 (-10%)

作者 Holly Bourne
Finding your voice. Speaking the truth. Falling in love. All the biggest drama happens in high school... Mean Girls meets To All The Boys I've Loved Before in this hugely relatable high-school takedown from the queen of UKYA. Paige is used to staying quiet in the face of lies. Like how popular girl Grace is a such an amazing person (lie). How Laura steals people's boyfriends (lie). How her own family are so perfect (lie). Now Grace and friends have picked their "best" high- 了解更多
原价 RM 44.90

现售 RM 44.90 (-0%)

会员 RM 40.41 (-10%)

作者 Maz Evans
Scarlett Fife has BIG feelings. And she's about to get into BIG trouble. From the bestselling Maz Evans comes a heartfelt and hilarious new series, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl's Matilda. 'A laugh-out-loud story full of warmth, Big Feelings and explosive results.' Dominique Valente, author of Starfell 'So funny, you'll explode with laughter' Sam Copeland, author of Charlie Changes into a Chicken Scarlett Fife has BIG FEELINGS. And when she has BIG FEELINGS, they explode 了解更多
原价 RM 39.90

现售 RM 35.91 (-10%)

会员 RM 31.92 (-20%)

作者 Michale Lewis
The news out of China was not good: there were signs that a new disease might be big-scary big, like a brushfire coming at you uphill. Authorities, medical and political, saw no reason to worry and little need for tests. Michael Lewis's riveting nonfiction thriller pits a rogue band of visionaries, working under the radar, against the weight and disinterest of officialdom. It is a race against time, and the deadline is now ... or yesterday. 了解更多
原价 RM 75.50

现售 RM 64.90 (-14%)

会员 RM 56.90 (-25%)

作者 Megan McCafferty
The first book in the beloved, New York Times bestselling series - now with a new foreword by New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Serle Jessica Darling is devastated when her best friend moves away from Pineville, New Jersey. With Hope gone, Jessica has no one she can really talk to. She doesn't relate to the boy-and-shopping obsessed girls at school, or her dad's obsession with track meets, and her mom is too busy planning big sister Bethany's lavish wedding. Jessica i 了解更多
原价 RM 52.90

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会员 RM 47.61 (-10%)

Non Non Biyori 悠悠哉哉少女 Renge, Natsumi, Komari and former big-city-girl Hotaru live a quiet life in the Japanese countryside, but things get a lot more exciting when newcomer Akane Shinoda moves into the house next door to the Koshigaya family! 旭丘分校”的学生,仅有五人.虽然学年性格各不相同,但大家一起做菜,一起捉虫,一起试着练习乐器……春夏秋冬四季变换的乡村生活,一直都那么让人兴奋.虽然一如既往地 了解更多
原价 RM 49.90

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