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作者 Xandria Ooi
Learn To Live With Happiness Every Day Lift yourself out of the daily struggles and heartbreaks life deals you. Wading through the trials we face on a day-to-day basis can be exhausting. When we’re hit with painful experiences that bring us to our knees, finding joy may seem to be too big a task for us to handle. Xandria Ooi, dubbed the “Happiness Guru,” meets readers in those dark and trying places and equips them with the courage to navigate them. Renew the mean 了解更多
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作者 Rick Riordan
"In his penultimate adventure, a devastated but determined Apollo travels to Camp Jupiter, where he must learn what it is to be a hero, or die trying. It's not easy being Apollo, especially when you've been turned into a human and banished from Olympus. On his path to restoring five ancient oracles and reclaiming his godly powers, Apollo (aka Lester Papadopoulos) has faced both triumphs and tragedies. Now his journey takes him to Camp Jupiter in the San Francisco Bay Area, 了解更多
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作者 David Yoon
Frank Li is a high school senior living in Southern California. Frank's parents emigrated from Korea, and have pretty much one big rule for Frank - he must only date Korean girls. But he's got strong feelings for a girl in his class, Brit - and she's not Korean. His friend Joy Song is in the same boat and knows her parents will never accept her boyfriend, so they make a pact- they'll pretend to date each other in order to gain their freedom. Frank thinks fake-dating is the pe 了解更多
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作者 Hill Christopher William
A BLEAKLEY BROTHERS MYSTERY by OSBERT THE AVENGER author Christopher William Hill What's that you say? You're off to Bleakley Manor? On Michaelmas eve? But dear child, hasn't anyone told you the legend of Old Bramble Head, who rises once a year to claim another victim from the unfortunate Bleakley household... Which one will it be this time? And could there be foul play? Crime-busting brothers Horatio and Eustace Bleakley feel certain they smell a rat. Or is that Cook's di 了解更多
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作者 Richard Davies
In search of a fresh perspective on the modern economy, Extreme Economies takes the reader off the beaten path, introducing people living at the world’s margins. From disaster zones and displaced societies to failed states and hidden rainforest communities, the lives of people who inhabit these little-known places tend to be ignored by economists and policy makers. Richard Davies argues that this is a mistake, and explains why the world’s overlooked extremes offer a glimp 了解更多
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作者 Robert Skidelsky
In this remarkable work, Robert Skidelsky unites his experience, knowledge and talents in a sweeping account of money and power' James K. Galbraith The dominant view in economics is that money and government should play only a minor role in economic life. Money, it is claimed, is nothing more than a medium of exchange; and economic outcomes are best left to the 'invisible hand' of the market. The view taken in this important new book is that the omnipresence of uncertainty m 了解更多
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作者 Alain De Botton
Discover everything you were never taught at school about how to lead a better life... Introduced and edited by the bestselling author of The Consolations of Philosophy, The Art of Travel and The Course of Love 'Alain de Botton likes to take big, complex subjects and write about them with thoughtful and deceptive innocence' Observer We spend years in school learning facts and figures but the one thing we're never taught is how to live a fulfilled life. That's why we need T 了解更多
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作者 Guinness World Records
We're proud to present the 13th edition of the world's best-selling gaming annual! Gamer's 2020 features all of the most popular videogame characters that our readers know and love. As an exciting change to our usual structure, Gamer's 2020 has the theme of gaming characters running throughout. Gaming legends such as Super Mario, Spider-Man, Pikachu, Link, Master Chief, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Lara Croft and Crash Bandicoot are all honoured with their own page... and that's ju 了解更多
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作者 里奇·卡爾加德
  權威財經雜誌《富比士》發行人里奇.卡爾加德,引領話題的必讀之作   成功不在乎年齡,本書帶你活出自己真正的價值!   ★《華爾街日報》《金融時報》《紐約郵報》《環球郵報》《哈佛商業評論》《富比士》等財經刊物強力推薦   ★華頓商學院網路週刊Knowledge@Wharton、那斯達克證券交易所官網、學習網站Big Think等網路媒體專題報導   ★TED 了解更多
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作者 Gage
The eagerly awaited sequel to the worldwide bestseller How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine from Direct Selling icon and Hall of Famer Randy Gage Randy Gage revolutionized the Direct Selling profession with the bestselling phenomenon How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine, translated into more than 20 languages. Now he's at it again with the long-waited sequel: Direct Selling Success. This all-new book is the ultimate textbook on creating success in the business. You'l 了解更多
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作者 Joseph A Michelli
How do a passion to create an education revolution and the business acumen to fuel rapid and spectacular global expansion co-exist within one organisation?Find out in The MindChamps Way ...In his latest insightful study of strategy and leadership, Joseph Michelli, shares the unique philosophy and the values-driven strategies of a dynamic organization, whose growing presence on the world stage has the potential to fundamentally shape the future of 'individuals, families, commu 了解更多
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作者 Sylvia Day
From #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon Sylvia Day comes a hotly anticipated and passionate new love story. Once, I would never have imagined myself here. But I'm settled now. In a place I love, in a home I renovated, spending time with new friends I adore, and working a job that fulfills me. I am reconciling the past and laying the groundwork for the future. Then Garrett Frost moves in next door. He's obstinate and too bold, a raging force of nature that disrupts th 了解更多
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作者 貝絲·碧洛
你比自己想的還要強! 本書直接迎戰一項錯誤卻廣為接受的假設── 職場高位是外向者的專利品。   4個認清內向優勢的提點,5個內向風格的推銷步驟,   8個無痛社交的要領,8個經營專屬事業的心法。   不用強裝外向,也能做最棒的自己。   ◎《安靜是種超能力》、《安靜,就是力量》暢銷書作者相挺推薦;亞馬遜讀者★★★★★好評。   ◎ 了解更多
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作者 Mathias Schuz
What has ethics got to do with my job? How can I take on ethical responsibility and help to make my company more successful at the same time? Although 'ethical responsibility' has become something of a catchphrase these days, most people only have a vague idea what it means and how it can be demonstrated in actual practice.Disasters like the Volkswagen's emission scandal, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the nuclear meltdown of Fukushima, the global financial crisis, and 了解更多
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作者 蔭山洋介
  為什麼同樣的話別人說比你管用?   衝突往往源自於錯誤的表達。   先建立關係,用對方的語言,   才能讓他把話聽進去!   為什麼有些領導者不靠說理就能說服人?   為什麼職場表現愈好的同事愈不會向客戶低頭?   為什麼自己的想法沒辦法如實傳達給對方?   比「說理」和「閒聊」更有影響力的溝通關鍵!   教你輕鬆扭轉印象 了解更多
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作者 Zoe Folbigg
Heart-warming, wonderful escapism and brimming with charm. I marvelled!' Christie Barlow. 'I absolutely LOVED this! The Note was fabulous and this follow-up was a real treat!' Mandy Baggot. The sequel to the bestselling phenomenon The Note - based on the true story of one girl and her 'Train Man'... A year after the kiss that brought them together in a snowy train-station doorway, Maya and James are embarking on another journey - this time around the world. The trip s 了解更多
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作者 Stephanie Burgis
Sofia is the other princess. Not the crown princess - tha' s her perfect big sister, Katrin. Sofia is the princess who always says the wrong thing; who hates going to parties; who does' t like people; who just wants to sit and read her books. So when Sofia is shipped off on a stomach-churning dragon flight to make another royal visit, she decides i' s time for this princess to take a little break. In disguise, Sofia soon finds herself discovering a magical city of learning, n 了解更多
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作者 Angela Duckworth
Talent is overrated - learn what truly makes you succeed Angela Duckworth's seminal work on why passion and perseverance matter more than anything Why do naturally talented people frequently fail to reach their potential while other far less gifted individuals go on to achieve amazing things? The secret to outstanding achievement is not talent, but a passionate persistence. In other words, grit. MacArthur Genius Award-winning psychologist Angela Duckworth shares fascinatin 了解更多
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作者 David J Schwartz
Your go-to guide to a better life, starting with the way you think Join 6 million readers around the world who have capitalised on the power of now First published in 1959, David J Schwartz's classic teachings are as powerful today as they were then. Practical, empowering and hugely engaging, this book shows that the key to success is the way you think. Not only will this timeless classic inspire you, it will give you the tools to change your life for the better - starting 了解更多
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作者 Bethany Rutter
No Big Deal is a fierce and body-positive celebration of friendship, first crushes and loving yourself 'No Big Deal is an iconic love song to everyone out there who knows that life isn't one size fits all' Julie Murphy, bestselling author of Dumplin' Emily knows she's smart. Emily knows she's funny. Emily knows she's awesome. Emily knows she's fat. She doesn't need anyone to tell her any of these things - she likes herself and she likes her body. She just thinks it's time e 了解更多
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作者 Andy Cope
ZEST' equates to zing, enthusiasm, energy, gusto, eagerness, zeal and fervour. It also connotes a tang, a sharpness. It's the opposite of bland. And Zest: How to Squeeze the Max out of Life is exactly that.It's more than just a book on personal development. There are an awful lot of those. Zest is a catalyst, a spark that ignites your remembering of what makes you, in a word, you. It drives you to rethink, rejuvenate and reinvent. It also contains a touch of the revolutions 了解更多
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作者 松本大洋 , 永福一成
  ★ 首刷限量套書內容:《竹光侍7》+《竹光侍8》+台灣獨家彩印小海報+劍鬼決鬥大海報(附松本大洋全介紹)   ★ 第八集台版獨家收錄松本大洋、永福一成後記   ★ 第八集台版獨家收錄作家吳明益近六千字長篇專文解說   ★ 繼《惡童當街》、《乒乓》、《花男》,松本大洋作品第四彈!   ★ 成熟洗練的時代劇武俠漫畫,松本大洋再度超 了解更多
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作者 松本大洋 , 永福一成
★繼《惡童當街》、《乒乓》、《花男》,松本大洋作品第四彈! ★華文讀者跪求十年,首度中文化! ★成熟洗練的時代劇漫畫,松本大洋再度超越自我,浮世繪畫風藝術大作 ★台灣版由Mangasick副店長黃鴻硯翻譯、旅日動漫達人馬世儀日文審定、漫畫家力本書法手寫字更上層樓,匯集各界死忠鐵粉達人超熱血製作!   《竹光侍》榮獲日本重量級漫畫大獎肯 了解更多
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作者 松本大洋 , 永福一成
★繼《惡童當街》、《乒乓》、《花男》,松本大洋作品第四彈! ★成熟洗練的時代劇武俠漫畫,松本大洋再度超越自我,浮世繪畫風藝術大作。 ★第八集台版獨家收錄松本大洋、永福一成後記 ★第八集台版獨家收錄作家吳明益近六千字長篇專文解說 ★華文世界讀者跪求十年,首度中文化! ★眾所期待!驚心動魄的完結篇! ★台灣版由Mangasick副店長黃鴻硯翻 了解更多
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作者 Liane Moriarty
"If three characters were good in Big Little Lies, nine are even better in Nine Perfect Strangers." --Lisa Scottoline, The New York Times Book Review From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Little Lies Could ten days at a health resort really change you forever? In Liane Moriarty's latest page-turner, nine perfect strangers are about to find out... Nine people gather at a remote health resort. Some are here to lose weight, some are here to get a reboot on life 了解更多
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作者 James Tan
After achieving the biggest dream of his life – flying around the world solo – James Tan finds himself demoralised and devoid of desire, drive, and direction. But a phone call from his mentor in the United States starts him on a journey to King Salmon in Alaska! What is the reason for this trip? And will the perils of the wild helps James find passion and purpose in life once again? 了解更多
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作者 Trueit Trudi
Adventure, danger, and a thrilling global mission await 12-year-old Cruz Coronado as he joins an elite school for explorers. Cruz leaves his tranquil home in Hawaii to join 23 talented kids from around the globe to train at the Explorer Academy with the world's leading scientists to become the next generation of great explorers. But for Cruz, there's more at stake. No sooner has he arrived at the Academy than he discovers that his family has a mysterious past with the organi 了解更多
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作者 Todd Mitchell
For animal lovers and fans of The One and Only Ivan and Hoot, this is the uplifting story of a girl who discovers a family of panthers that were thought to be extinct, and her journey to save the species. Eleven-year-old Kiri has a secret: wild things call to her. More than anyone else, she’s always had a special connection to animals. But when Kiri has an encounter with the last known Florida panther, her life is quickly turned on end. Caught between her conservation 了解更多
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作者 Ammerman
Marketers are harnessing the enormous power of AI to drive unprecedented results The world of marketing is undergoing major change. Sophisticated algorithms can test billions of marketing messages and measure results, and shift the weight of campaigns-all in real time. What's next? A complete transformation of marketing as we know it, where machines themselves design and implement customized advertising tactics at virtually every point of digital contact. The Invisible Brand 了解更多
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作者 Frances Rodgson
Including an introduction from writer and feminist activist Scarlett Curtis, curator of Sunday Times Bestseller Feminists Don't Wear Pink. When wealthy Sara Crewe arrives at Miss Minchin's boarding school in London, she is determined to settle in and make friends. Charismatic and popular, with a big heart and a love of storytelling, she seems to be succeeding. Her father always said she was a Little Princess, and she knows exactly what it means to be a princess: to be kin 了解更多
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作者 Tadatada
AIMING FOR THE TOP! STOPPING THE FEROCIOUS FOUR! The Ferocious Four flee to the isolated North Sentinel Island with Lulu and other Adventures hot on their heels! As the Ferocious Four engage the Adventurers in a losing battle, the Void pulls off a surprising move – he injects himself with the blood of the Sky Demon causing Alex to resonate with him... 了解更多
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作者 松原田螺
「我住凶宅6年了,一開始只是因為沒錢沒工作。 雖然家裡總有些奇怪光點和不自然聲響,但我現在還活著。 因為死亡很近,讓我變得更想活下去。」──松原田螺   ★日本銷量賣破60,000冊,小學館Big Comics人氣漫畫連載中   ★日本第一也是最強凶宅藝人唯一著作!   49個故事,49種恐懼,進門那一刻起開始毛骨悚然,卻欲罷不能──   最深層的驚悚 了解更多
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作者 Dave Cousins , C Echeverri
When Grandma creates a robot babysitter for twins Jake and Jess, chaos ensues! Robin is embarrassing, clumsy and, worst of all, programmed to make them do their homework. They're also pretty sure he thinks their dog is a baby. The twins decide they have to do something before everyone realizes that Robin is a robot. But getting rid of their new babysitter will mean putting aside their sibling squabbles and working together, which might be an even bigger challenge... The 了解更多
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作者 Jackie Chan
Everyone knows Jackie Chan. Whether it’s from Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, The Karate Kid, or Kung Fu Panda, Jackie is admired by generations of moviegoers for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and mind-bending stunts. In 2016—after fifty-six years in the industry, over 200 films, and many broken bones—he received an honorary Academy Award for his lifetime achievement in film. But at 64 years-old, Jackie is just getting started. Now, in Never Grow Up, the global 了解更多
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作者 Mur Lafferty
The brand-new official Minecraft novel is a journey into the unknown! Max and Alison are proof that differences don't stand in the way of friendship. Max is always on the lookout for a new adventure—even if it means getting into trouble—while Alison prefers to follow the rules. But both of them are fascinated by the beat-up old journal Max finds and the strange gate its secretive author, the Enchanter, describes: a portal to an otherworldly realm of danger called the Ne 了解更多
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作者 高端訓
  想要翻轉企業,打造大數據品牌,創造高獲利,閱讀本書就對了!!   全球華人社會頂尖專家學者傾力推薦   愛因斯坦說:「如果你不能簡單地解釋它,就表示你不能很好地理解它。」   投資大數據,企業要先自問兩個重要的問題:   第一,你要解決什麼問題?第二,你已經有資料集(Dataset)了嗎?   企業投資大數據,最終有三個目的:預 了解更多
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作者 羅伯特·赫羅馬斯 , 克利斯托福·赫羅馬斯
  要軟爛部屬動起來,不如讓聰明部屬火力全開。   聰明員工是寶,但也很難搞。   向天才的老闆學習管理的手腕,   10大守則有效收服菁英部屬。   \\只要團隊裡有一名能幹部屬,你就能從本書受益。   美國管理協會嚴選好書;亞馬遜讀者★★★★★好評。//   帶領聰明部屬,就像養了一群特立獨行的貓科動物,   外表看似高傲, 了解更多
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作者 Sun-Mi Hwang
Celebrated bestselling author Sun-mi Hwang is back with a heartwarming new novel about renewal and friendship. This is the story of a man named Kang Dae-su. His whole life is a miracle, rising from poverty to running a successful construction company. In his twilight years, Kang is diagnosed with a brain tumour. He returns to his childhood home of Cherry Hill. He acquires a crumbling old house in which to retreat from the world, yet the residents of the town have other plan 了解更多
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作者 Dk Uk
Demystifying the key ideas of the world's greatest philosophers, and exploring all of the most important branches of thought including philosophy of science, philosophy of religion and feminist philosophy in a uniquely visual way, this book is the perfect introduction to the history of philosophy. A clear and accessible guide to philosophy, How Philosophy Works combines bold infographics and jargon-free text to demystify fundamental concepts. Covering everything from ethics 了解更多
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作者 Missett
Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Proven methods for turning any passion into major profits - from the legendary entrepreneur who turned her idea into a $100 million global powerhouse For the first time ever, the founder and CEO of Jazzercise, Inc., reveals the secrets to her staggering success. In Building a Business with 了解更多
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作者 Alisha Rai
Rhiannon Hunter may have revolutionised romance in the digital world, but in real life she only swipes right on her career - and the occasional hookup. The cynical dating app creator controls her love life with a few key rules: - Nude pics are by invitation only - If someone stands you up, block them with extreme prejudice - Protect your heart Only there aren't any rules to govern her attraction to her newest match, former sports star Samson Lima. The sexy and seemingly s 了解更多
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作者 Emily Lloyd-Jones
Dee Moreno is out of options. Her home life sucks (to put it mildly), and she's about to get booted from her boarding school--the only place she's ever felt free--for lack of funds. But this is a world where demons exist, and the demons are there to make deals: one human body part in exchange for one wish come true. The demon who Dee approaches doesn't trade in the usual arms and legs, however. He's only interested in her heart. And what comes after Dee makes her deal is a 了解更多
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作者 Kino , Leo , Steven
BIGFOOT VS SERIGALA JADIAN SIAPA TEMPAH TEMPAT TERATAS? Kaze yang cedera semasa pertembungan cryptid sebelum ini telah memangkin semangat Ray dalam latihan untuk membuktikan kekuatan diri. Misi biasa pada mulanya kini berubah menjadi sesuatu yang sangat mencabar. Mereka diancam bahaya apabila muncul serigala jadian dan bigfoot. Bolehkah mereka keluar dari pertembungan ini tanpa cedera? 了解更多
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作者 Sophie Kinsella
The irresistible new standalone from Sophie Kinsella is a story of love, empowerment and an IOU that changes everything . . . Fixie Farr can't help herself. Straightening a crooked object, removing a barely-there stain, helping out a friend . . . she just has to put things right. It's how she got her nickname, after all. So when a handsome stranger in a coffee shop asks her to watch his laptop for a moment, Fixie not only agrees, she ends up saving it from certain disaster 了解更多
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作者 Marissa Orr
More than fifty years since the passage of the Equal Pay Act, the wage gap still hovers at 80 percent. Half a billion dollars are spent annually on corporate diversity programs, yet only 5 percent of CEOs in the Fortune 500 are women. Lean Out is an ambitious attempt to answer the question few dare to ask: What have we gotten wrong about women at work? Based on in-depth research and personal experiences, Lean Out is inspired by the journey of Marissa Orr, a single mom of th 了解更多
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作者 莉茲·佛斯蓮 , 莫莉·威斯特·杜菲
  華爾街日報暢銷書   Next Big Idea Club選書   (由知名作家葛拉威爾、蘇珊坎恩、丹尼爾品克、亞當格蘭特評選)   超推!練就「不放心上」的職場情緒力   讓你切換生活與工作,時時游刃有餘!   獻給在工作中感到孤單、無聊、沮喪、憤怒、不知所措,以及不安的你   ●為什麼每天上班要做得那麼痛苦,又沒效率?   ●被無視、被挖苦 了解更多
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作者 金載勳
人人都能看懂的知識型漫畫, 好好認識改變人類命運的偉大的科學家們。   「我們所創造出的世界,就是我們思考的過程。若不改變想法,世界就不會改變。」──愛因斯坦   承先啟後,繼往開來,   人類的智慧不斷累積,造就今日的我們。   理科人跟文科人都可輕鬆閱讀的科學故事。   《改變人類命運的科學家們》系列共三冊,   結合知 了解更多
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作者 Stephen Ng
Pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo had no idea what he saw that day would change the course of his life. His heart was broken when he saw youths were loitering near the Checkers mini-market without a direction in life. The neighbourhood of Taman Sri Sentonsa, a mixed residential development located at the outskirt of the city of Kuala Lumpur, was a poor to middle-income suburb. Filled with a strong compassion for these school children, he later left his pastoral work to set up Harap 了解更多
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作者 Alex Irvine
The ninth title in Titan Books' Marvel fiction reissue program, featuring the X-Men story, Days of Future Past. THE FUTURE IS NOW! In a dark and dangerous future, the mutant-hunting machines known as the Sentinels rule America with an iron fist. Almost all mutants and superhumans have been exterminated. Only a handful of imprisoned mutants remain to fight against their oppressive robotic overseers! Now Kate Pryde, former X-Man, must travel back in time and warn her present 了解更多
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作者 Deborah Harkness
On the battlefields of the American Revolution, Matthew de Clermont meets Marcus MacNeil, a young surgeon from Massachusetts, during a moment of political awakening when it seems that the world is on the brink of a brighter future. When Matthew offers him a chance at immortality and a new life free from the restraints of his puritanical upbringing, Marcus seizes the opportunity to become a vampire. But his transformation is not an easy one and the ancient traditions and respo 了解更多
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作者 Kino , Leo , Steven
BIGFOOT VS WEREWOLF WHICH SHALL RISE VICTORIOUS?! With his brother recovering from our last cryptid clash, Ray redoubles his efforts, determined to prove himself! Alas, when simple survival transforms into a terrifying trial, there can be no second chances! Faced with the feral ferocity of the Werewolf, our inept interns are really in for it now! When all looks bleak, out steps a saviour to defend the weak! With the elusive Bigfoot on their side, can our heroes emerge unscath 了解更多
原价 RM 12.00

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作者 Sarah Owen
Written in a highly-accessible question and answer format, this comprehensive and compassionate guide draws on the latest research, a broad range of expert opinion, numerous real-life voices and personal experiences from people with bipolar. With a list of useful resources, it is both the perfect first port of call and a reference bible you can refer to time and time again. From how to recognize the symptoms to how to explain to a child that their parent has been diagnose 了解更多
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作者 Ron S. Kennet , Thomas
The essential guide for data scientists and for leaders who must get more from their data science teams The Economist boldly claims that data are now "the world's most valuable resource." But, as Kenett and Redman so richly describe, unlocking that value requires far more than technical excellence. The Real Work of Data Science explores understanding the problems, dealing with quality issues, building trust with decision makers, putting data science teams in the right organi 了解更多
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作者 Val Emmich , Justin Paul , Steven Levenson , Benj Pasek
Even in book form, Evan Hansen's story sings. Required reading, especially for anyone who's ever needed to be found' - Becky Albertalli, author of Love Simon Dear Evan Hansen, Today's going to be an amazing day and here's why... When a letter that was never meant to be seen draws high school senior Evan Hansen into the Murphy family's grief over the loss of their son, he is given the chance of a lifetime: to belong. He just has to stick to a lie he never meant to tell. T 了解更多
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作者 Mike Gayle
Strangers living worlds apart. Strangers with nothing in common. But it wasn't always that way... Kerry Hayes is a single mum, living on a tough south London estate. She provides for her son by cleaning houses she could never hope to afford. Taken into care as a child, Kerry cannot ever forget her past. Noah Martineau is a successful barrister with a beautiful wife, daughter and home in fashionable Primrose Hill. Adopted as a child, Noah always looks forward, never back. 了解更多
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作者 Polly Matthew
A Sunday Times Book of the Year 'For anyone interested in Lee's legacy, this is a roundhouse kick of a biography' - Sunday Times 'At last, Bruce Lee has the powerful biography he deserves... It will thrill Lee's fans and fascinate the unfamiliar' - Jonathan Eig, author of Ali: A Life and Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig 'Meticulously researched' - Jimmy McDonough, author of Shakey: Neil Young's Biography and Soul Survivor: A Biography of Al Green 'You won't 了解更多
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作者 Lemon Alex
Michelle Obama: Quotes to Live By is a life-affirming collection of over 170 quotes from one of the world's most admired and respected public figures. As a student, she excelled; as a lawyer, she rose through the ranks; as a mother, she inspired and nurtured two girls; and as the First Lady of the United States, she used her platform to disseminate her strongly-held beliefs. Intelligence, generosity, strength, bravery, confidence, and hard work are all key attributes associat 了解更多
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作者 里昂
您學英語目標是什麼呢? 考試得高分?生活更充實? 薪水漲不停?事業大成功? 無論如何能讓夢想成真的關鍵字 就是「中學英語」。 為什麼堅持把中學英語學好的人,能讓學好英語的美夢成真。因為: 1.海闊天空,多如牛毛的英文單字,大都是來自中學英單的延伸。 2.用中學文法一般就能回答大學考試的八成。 3.TOEIC跟TOEFL等各種英文檢定,基本就是中學英 了解更多
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作者 Dk
Bursting with fascinating facts and the latest breathtaking images, this space book for children brings the wonders of the Solar System to life. Find out about the never-ending storms on Jupiter. Learn about the towering volcanoes of Venus - all 1,600 of them, and see the Valles Marineris on Mars - a canyon that is ten times longer than Earth's Grand Canyon. Find out many more fascinating "super" facts about the cosmos with SuperSpace. Based on recent research and discoveri 了解更多
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作者 Kate Bowler
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - "A meditation on sense-making when there's no sense to be made, on letting go when we can't hold on, and on being unafraid even when we're terrified."--Lucy Kalanithi "Belongs on the shelf alongside other terrific books about this difficult subject, like Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air and Atul Gawande's Being Mortal."--Bill Gates NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY REAL SIMPLE Kate Bowler is a professor at Duke Divinity School with 了解更多
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