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作者 Daniel Tatarsky
From nose to tail and everything in between - this is your visual guide to understanding your four-legged friend! When your dog looks at you with those big, expressive puppy-dog eyes, do you ever wonder what's going on in their fur-covered heads? This dog book will help you gain invaluable canine insight through quirky illustrations and infographics. The unique dog encyclopedia explores and explains the world of dogs! It includes: The dog i 了解更多
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作者 Stuart Farrimond
Which vegetables should you eat raw? How do you make the perfect poached egg? And should you keep your eggs in the fridge? Food scientist Dr Stuart Farrimond answers all these questions - and many more like them - equipping you with the scientific know-how to take your cooking to new levels. In The Science of Cooking, fundamental culinary concepts sit side-by-side with practical advice and step-by-step techniques, bringing food science out of the lab and into your kitchen 了解更多
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作者 Sally Harding
Your essential crochet reference for stitches, techniques, and yarns. Follow clear step-by-step photographs and instructions for over 100 key techniques and stitches. Experiment with different yarns and colour combinations for impressive results. Learn how to read crochet patterns and be inspired by the 20 easy projects. 了解更多
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