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作者 愛德華·狄波諾
★《商業周刊》1465期選書★ 「水平思考」、「6頂思考帽」創意大師 愛德華.狄波諾Edward de Bono ————最完整的水平思考工具與應用大全———— 教你不用靈感也能創新! 麥肯錫、NTT、微軟、IBM、通用汽車、殼牌石油…… 全球一流菁英都在學的超效能思考術! 「如果創造力只能靠天賦,那我們做任何事都沒有意義。」——愛德華.狄波諾Edward de Bono    了解更多
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作者 Edward De Bono
Wisdom comes with living a long life, full of rich experiences and can?t be learnt, right? Wrong. In the Textbook of Wisdom bestselling author Edward De Bono (Lateral Thinking, Serious Creativity) explains how you do not have to have lived forever to benefit from the experience of those who have. Full of thinking tools guidelines and principles this 'textbook? encourages the use of values and emotions to guide you through life without allowing them to enslave you. Split i 了解更多
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作者 Edward De Bono
In Practical Thinking de Bono's theme is everyday thinking, how the mind actually works - not how philosophers think it should. Based on the results of his famous Black Cylinder Experiment (a critical thinking task that asks participants why they think a black cylinder falls over), de Bono explores the four practical ways of being right. From there he picks out and names the five levels of understanding - and the five major mistakes in thinking. From memes and Instagram t 了解更多
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作者 Edward De Bono
THE classic work about decision-making from the world-renowned writer and philosopher Edward de Bono Meetings are a crucial part of all our lives, but too often they go nowhere and waste valuable time. In Six Thinking Hats, Edward de Bono shows how meetings can be transformed to produce quick, decisive results every time. The Six Hats method is a devastatingly simple technique based on the brain's different modes of thinking. The intelligence, experience and informati 了解更多
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