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Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi) is a man who hides his identity and past from his wife Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won), a detective. On the surface, they appear to be the perfect family: a loving couple with a beautiful daughter who adores her parents. Cha Ji-won and her colleagues begin investigating a series of unexplained murders and is confronted with the reality that her seemingly perfect husband may be hiding something from her. 该剧讲述为隐藏残酷过往而改变形象 Learn More
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By 岸本斉史 , 十和田シン
  (全一冊)   宇智波佐助在旅程途中遇到了一位少年。那位少年說,他的家人被「曉」殺害了。「曉」――那是一群穿著紅色雲朵圖案黑袍的異能集團。他們殺人、搶劫、放火,這麼做是為了自己、為了自己所愛的人、為了金錢和祈禱、為了藝術、為了和平、為了讓希望的花朵綻放。   新時代忍者的拂曉曙光,照耀出那些從前被稱為邪惡的人們的― Learn More
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