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By Naomi Novik
The dark school of magic I have been waiting for' Katherine Arden, author of The Bear and the Nightingale 'Fantasy that delights on every level' Stephanie Garber, author of Caraval ____________ Return to the Scholomance - and face an even deadlier graduation - in the stunning sequel to the ground-breaking, Sunday Times bestselling A Deadly Education. The dark school of magic has always done its best to devour its students, but now that El has reached her final year -- and Learn More
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By David Baldacci
Mercy is the gripping follow up to Long Road to Mercy, A Minute to Midnight and Daylight featuring Special Agent Atlee Pine from one of the world’s most favourite thriller writers, David Baldacci. THE HUNT IS FINALLY OVER. FBI agent Atlee Pine is at the end of her long journey to discover what happened to her twin sister, Mercy, who was abducted when the girls were just six years old – an incident which destroyed her family and left Atlee physically and mentally scarred Learn More
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By Lynette Noni
At Zalindov, the only person you can trust is yourself. Seventeen-year-old Kiva Meridan is a survivor. For ten years, she has worked as the healer in the notorious death prison, Zalindov, making herself indispensable. Kept afloat by messages of hope from her family, Kiva has one goal and one goal only: stay alive. Then one day the infamous Rebel Queen arrives at the prison on death's door and Kiva receives a new message: Don't let her die. We are coming. The queen is sente Learn More
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Violet Evergarden The Movie 紫罗兰永恒花园劇場版 -JAP/ENG (E / C / M) Several years have passed since the end of The Great War. As the radio tower in Leidenschaftlich continues to be built, telephones will soon become more relevant, leading to a decline in demand for "Auto Memory Dolls." Even so, Violet Evergarden continues to rise in fame after her constant success with writing letters. However, sometimes the one thing you long for is the one thing that does not Learn More
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By Norhafsah Hamid
Hassan sat down next to his mom and dad as he stared vacantly at the grave. He felt numb. His other siblings were behind him, sobbing quietly. The imam began his sermon. Hassan’s mind started drifting off. He wondered if the body inside the grave will be okay. Will he be lonely? Will he be afraid? He wondered if the body can still hear them. Hassan’s own tears rolled down his cheeks. He felt a lump in his throat. The tragedy has shreds the heart to pieces. Hassan never k Learn More
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If you could put happiness in a can, it might look a lot like the Play-Doh Color Me Happy 5-pack. With 3 emoji-inspired multicolored cans and 2 delightfully bright solid colors, it's sure to create smiles all around. Each can contains 4 ounces of classic Play-Doh modeling compound for lots of colorful creations. Makes a great arts and crafts activity, back to school supply, or fun toy for kids 2 years and up. Write a kind note on the top of the box to add a little extra joy t Learn More
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By Orson Scott Card
From the New York Times bestselling author of Enders Game comes a brand-new series following a teen who wakes up on an abandoned Earth to discover that he's a clone! Laz is a side-stepper: a teen with the incredible power to jump his consciousness to alternate versions of himself in parallel worlds. All his life, there was no mistake that a little side-stepping couldn't fix. Until Laz wakes up one day in a cloning facility on a seemingly abandoned Earth. Laz finds himself Learn More
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By Karen M. McManus
The internationally bestselling YA thriller by acclaimed author, Karen M. McManus - now a major new TV series! Five students go to detention. Only four leave alive. Yale hopeful Bronwyn has never publicly broken a rule. Sports star Cooper only knows what he's doing in the baseball diamond. Bad boy Nate is one misstep away from a life of crime. Prom queen Addy is holding together the cracks in her perfect life. And outsider Simon, creator of the notorious gos Learn More
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By Chip Heath & Karla Starr
How many hours' worth of songs are on your Spotify Wrapped this year? How much is your commute time really worth? How do you work out how likely you are to get Covid based on the official statistics? How do your viewing hours track against the most popular shows on Netflix? Whether you're interested in global problems like climate change, and understanding that the Australian wildfires destroyed an area twice the size of Portugal, or just grasping how few people have washed t Learn More
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By TadaTada
Joining friends to explore a cave complex, Jason, Leon, and Naoko soon find they have a mountain to climb! With Ty gone, efforts to traverse the dank darkness of the subterranean labyrinth soon reveal a terrible truth! Beset by a bizarre arthropod army, it's all Jason and Naoko can do to stay alive, while, up above, Leon and Marina are forced to face a scorpion showdown! What a painful end scuttling ever closer, how will this crazy caper end?! Learn More
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By Catherine Price
When did you last feel exhilarated and lighthearted? When were you last engaged, focused and completely present? When is the last time you felt fully alive? In other words, when did you last have fun? In our always-on, tech-addicted lifestyles, we often think of the pursuit of fun as an indulgence. When we do find time to relax, we often turn to activities that are not actually that enjoyable, let alone fun: bingeing on television and movies, doomscrolling the news, or Learn More
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By Hillary L. PhD McBride
Many of us have a complicated relationship with our body. Maybe you've been made to feel ashamed of your body or like it isn't good enough. Maybe your body is riddled with stress, pain, or the effects of trauma. Maybe you think of your body as an accessory to what you believe you really are--your mind. Maybe your experiences with racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, ageism, or sizeism have made you believe your body isn't the right kind of body. Whatever the reason, many o Learn More
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By 宋智孝 , 南志铉 , 蔡钟协 , 河道权 , 苏熙静
Starring- Song Ji Hyo, Nam Ji Hyun, Chae Jong Hyeop, Ha Do Gwon, Yoon Da Young, So Hee Jung 主演: 宋智孝, 南志铉, 蔡钟协, 河道权, 苏熙静 Language-Korean 韩语对白 Subtitle-Chinese/English 中/英字幕 剧情简介 该剧改编自第3届教保文库故事公募大赏作具商熙作者的长篇小说,讲述了出售能够实现人们愿望的食物的魔女食堂和即使出卖灵魂也要过像魔法一般的生活的客人们的奇幻故事。 Syno Learn More
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By Dr Jenny Goodman
The ultimate guide to staying in radiant, optimal health all year round. The must-have health bible that explains exactly how to stay in radiant, optimal health all year round. Are you confused about what supplements you should be taking? Do you want to know how you can reverse the effects of pollution on your body? Would you like to eat seasonally? Drawing on Dr Learn More
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By Wilson Lew
Who's To Blame For The Deadly Flames?Hot on the trail of illegal activity, Jason, Leon, and Naoko barrel on into bear country for a spot of bother. Dismissing the financial incentive, fuelled by righteous indignation, it's soon up to Leon and Naoko to step up as a furious fracas with a belligerent bear lays Jason low. How will our bookish brainiac and blade-toting belle make it out alive when a sudden blaze turns their world upside-down?! Learn More
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The album comes with: 1. 1 Booklet 80pgs 2. 1 CD 3. Postcard Set 4. 1 Random Film Photo 5. 2 Random Selfie Photo Card *All your buying from us wil be reflected on Hanteo & Gaon Chart Learn More
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Nanatsu no Taizai七原罪 JAP (OVA,SP) (E / C / M) In a world similar to the European Middle Ages, the feared yet revered Holy Knights of Britannia use immensely powerful magic to protect the region of Britannia and its kingdoms. However, a small subset of the Knights supposedly betrayed their homeland and turned their blades against their comrades in an attempt to overthrow the ruler of Liones. They were defeated by the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that th Learn More
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By Heather Morris
Three Sisters is a gripping, heartbreaking yet uplifting story of resilience, courage and the unbreakable bonds of sisterly love.' Christy Lefteri, author of the million-copy bestseller The Beekeeper of Aleppo 'I want you to make a promise to me that you will always take care of your sisters. That you will always be there for one another. That you will not allow anyone to take you away from each other, ever. Do you understand?' When they are little girls, Cibi, Magda and Li Learn More
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By Hodder Children's Books
Welcome to Horror Heights: can the children who live here conceal the strange goings on behind closed doors? GOOSEBUMPS for a new generation, by award-winning comedian and CITV presenter, Bec Hill. Connie hasn't found her talent yet, but at least she has her slime collection - if it's gooey, she's got it! She hopes that by adding a few extra ingredients to a simple recipe she will uncover a talent for slime-making, but alas, all she uncovers is a hot, stinky mess which ends Learn More
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By Daryl Kho
Meet Alexis. Her Grandpa's memories have been shattered. The only cure? Memory Glue. To brew it, she'll just need a few ingredients: Like, nose hair from a baku (dream-eater), sweat from a duyung (sea siren) and...OK. Maybe some of the stuff can be tricky to find in local supermarkets. To obtain them Alexis must journey to an enchanted land called Mist, where the fabled creatures from Grandpa's folktales are alive in the flesh. Many of whom aren't strict vegetarians. Oh, and Learn More
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By Scott Cawthon
Five Nights at Freddy's fans won't want to miss this pulse-pounding collection of three novella-length tales that will keep even the bravest FNAF player up at night... Act in haste, repent at leisure... After losing his friend in a terrible accident, Andrew can't spend his money fast enough on a happy companion guaranteed to keep his friend's memory alive. Mott quickly flushes his brother's creepy new pets, but the creatures have other plans. Eager to put her classma Learn More
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By Dr Samantha Boardman
I can't imagine a better book ... to help cope with the level of stress we're all now experiencing on a daily basis' Angela Duckworth, author of international bestseller GRIT 'If you're depressed, burned out, or languishing, this book is brimming with practical ideas [...] for sustaining energy and well-being' Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN 'A timely and welcome prescription' Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global _________________ Learn More
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By |Mallika Naguran
The life of a woman, no matter who she is or where she might be, typically encompasses loss and longing, despair and courage, regret and love. She Never Looks Quite Back murmurs of such experiences and more. The stories depict themes of growing up, social unrest, nature, war, migration, reconciliation, sensuality, infidelity and the pandemic. The narratives allow glimpses into lives conflicted by chance and choice... women who find themselves in the most extraordinary circums Learn More
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By Scott Cawthon
Five Nights at Freddy's fans won't want to miss this pulse-pounding collection of three novella-length tales that will keep even the bravest FNAF player up at night... Consumed by failure... Desperate to keep his kiddie pizzeria from bankruptcy, Jack lets his animatronics tech pitch him a new invention that might just give him some perspective. Frustrated by an unfair arcade game, Colton throws himself into re-engineeringthe device at any cost. Marley's best friend goes m Learn More
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By Ram Charan
The most influential consultant alive.' Fortune Welcome to the age of big tech. The old rules no longer apply. How do companies build a competitive advantage in the digital age? In this lively, accessible guide, Ram Charan - million-copy-bestselling author and advisor to some of the world's top CEOs - reveals that the tech giants have radically rewritten the rules of business. If you want to win, you need to learn to play a new game. Learn More
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By Chris Colfer
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Chris Colfer comes a graphic novel in the Land of Stories series featuring Goldilocks--as you've never seen her before! When we first meet her in The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, Goldilocks is a beautiful and tough-as-nails outlaw. Discover her origin story and more in this brand new, lushly illustrated full-color graphic novel, as she takes you on adventures where she may or may not break a few laws along the way. Once upon a Learn More
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By John Grisham
Jake Brigance, lawyer hero of A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row, is back, in his toughest case ever. 'When Grisham gets in the courtroom he lets rip, drawing scenes so real they're not just alive, they're pulsating' Mirror CAN A KILLER EVER BE ABOVE THE LAW? Deputy Stuart Kofer is a protected man. Though he's turned his drunken rages on his girlfriend, Josie, and her children many times before, the police code of silence has always shielded him. But one night he goe Learn More
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By Diana Urban
A thrilling debut, reminiscent of new fan favorites like One of Us Is Lying and the beloved classics by Agatha Christie, that will leave readers guessing until the explosive ending. "Welcome to dinner, and again, congratulations on being selected. Now you must do the selecting." What do the queen bee, star athlete, valedictorian, stoner, loner, and music geek all have in common? They were all invited to a scholarship dinner, only to discover it's a trap. Someone has locked Learn More
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By Anonymous Hitman
The unbelievable account of life as a hitman from a man who has been doing it for decades. Hitmen commit heinous crimes virtually every day of the week and, in most instances, we don't even realise. I've been a killer for hire for more than twenty years now, but life as a fulltime professional assassin has never been easy. There have been close calls, failed attempts and a lot of looking over my shoulder. And now, I've decided to come clean and seek atonement for my life Learn More
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By Eoin Colfer
"True Detective meets Swamp Thing in the Artemis Fowl author's neo-noirish thriller about a curmudgeonly dragon in Louisiana." --Guardian From the New York Times bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series comes a hilarious and high-octane adult novel about a vodka-drinking, Flashdance-loving dragon who lives an isolated life in the bayous of Louisiana--and the raucous adventures that ensue when he crosses paths with a fifteen-year-old troublemaker on the run from a crooke Learn More
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By David Goodhart
A FINANCIAL TIMES AND TELEGRAPH BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020 The acclaimed new book from the celebrated author of The Road to Somewhere 'Brilliant, will become a classic' Daily Telegraph 'Utterly compelling ... one of the most important intellectuals in the country, if not Europe' Sunday Times The coronavirus pandemic taught us something we ought already to have known: that care workers, supermarket shelf-stackers, delivery drivers and cleaners are doing essential work that keep Learn More
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Yotsuya Yuusuke along with his classmates Shindou Iu and Hakozaki Kusue have been transported to a strange and unknown world inhabited by mythological creatures. As soon as they arrive, they meet somebody calling himself the Game Master who then grants them a time-limited quest. To aid them in this quest, he also bestows Shindou and Hakozaki with the roles of a Magician and a Warrior while Yotsuya is randomly granted the role of... a Farmer?! This is how a hectic life of adve Learn More
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• Fine line tips: 0.4mm • Meticulously designed for durability and smooth writing • Consistent line-width at any angle or pressure • Floral colours include baby pink, pure pink, malive, lilac and sea fog Learn More
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By Gigo
Build ten wild off-road vehicles and other machines while learning about belt drives, wheels, and tank treads. A battery-powered motor box powers the models. * There are 10 models including belt driven off-road vehicles and machinery. * The newly designed belt can make crossing obstacles possible. * The 28X motor with switch has better torque and faster speed, and can move clockwise and counterclockwise. It is easy and quick to assemble. * Realistic outer shell designs ma Learn More
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By Gigo
Make five awesome machines and learn about the physics of force, motion, and energy. * Includes 5 models with the theme of “kinetics”. * Models use rubber bands to move. * A fist slam launcher accelerates the vehicles to high speeds. * Realistic outer shell designs make the models come alive! * Construct a rubber band-powered race car that zooms across the floor. * Build a catapult and launch objects through the air. * Set up a launching device that propels a motor Learn More
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By Gigo
Build five fun gadgets and learn about gears and transmissions. * Includes 5 models with the theme of “gears”. * Models use gears and/or rubber bands to move. * New Propeller design. * Realistic outer shell designs make the models come alive! * Create a helicopter model with a rotor that spins using a rubber band-powered motor. * Assemble a spinner toy that you wind up to launch a fast-spinning top. * Make a centripetal force machine that flings its arms outward at Learn More
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By Gigo
The astonishing wall walking robot has a motorized air suction system that makes it able to walk directly vertical on a smooth surface. The battery driven motor gear function creates a rotation that makes legs move like on a real Gecko, and the suction pumps make the feet able to stick and release on a surface at the right moment. While walking tail part moves from side to side and makes the robot look very alive. You can build other animal designs on the same function and 6 Learn More
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932 Dead or Alive! Queen's Sumo Inferno! 非生即死 QUEEN的大相撲地獄 Mati atau Hidup! Neraka Sumo Queen! 933 Gyukimaru! Zoro Fights a Duel on Bandit's Bridge! 牛鬼丸 索隆劫路橋的決鬥 Gyukimaru! Zoro Bertarung di Jambatan Perompak! 934 A Big Turnover! The Three-Sword Style Overcomes Danger! 大逆轉 跨越生死關頭的三刀流 Pusing Ganti Besar! Gaya Tiga Pedang Mengatasi Bahaya! 935 Zoro, Stunned! The Shocking Identity of the Mysterious Woman! 索隆 Learn More
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By Tess Sharpes
Soon to be a Netflix film starring Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown - this must-read psychological thriller, perfect for fans of One of Us Is Lying, will leave you guessing until the final page. As an ex con artist, Nora has always got herself out of tricky situations. But the ultimate test lies in wait when she's taken hostage in a bank heist. And this time, Nora doesn't have an escape plan ... Meet Nora. Also known as Rebecca, Samantha, Haley, Katie and Ashley - the gi Learn More
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By Kristin Hannah
Texas, 1921. A time of abundance. The Great War is over, the bounty of the land is plentiful, and America is on the brink of a new and optimistic era. But for Elsa Wolcott, deemed too old to marry in a time when marriage is a woman’s only option, the future seems bleak. Until the night she meets Rafe Martinelli and decides to change the direction of her life. With her reputation in ruin, there is only one respectable choice: marriage to a man she barely knows. By 1934, t Learn More
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By Koyoharu Gotouge
Tanjiro sets out on the path of the Demon Slayer to save his sister and avenge his family! n Taisho-era Japan, kindhearted Tanjiro Kamado makes a living selling charcoal. But his peaceful life is shattered when a demon slaughters his entire family. His little sister Nezuko is the only survivor, but she has been transformed into a demon herself! Tanjiro sets out on a dangerous journey to find a way to return his sister to normal and destroy the demon who ruined his life. Learn More
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By H. Y. Yeang
Blue Sky Mansion tells the tale of Tang Mei Choon, a young girl who was sold into servitude and nearly ends up being entombed alive. She flees with her saviour, a benign gentleman called Chen Tong, to Penang, Malaya, where a new set of troubles arise and threaten her life again. Learn More
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By Devinder Raj
This is not an ordinary guide to Melaka. This book weaves together history, cultures, architecture and cuisine to tell a more multifaceted story of Melaka, once a great trading port fought over by various colonial powers, resulting in a rich heritage that is still salient today, resulting in a multicultural city reflecting its cosmopolitan journey over the centuries. Journey along the old streets of Melaka and past its ruins, where its rich history, reflecting hundreds of yea Learn More
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By Souad
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. Learn More
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By Pittacus Lore
The Lorien Legacies Series by Pittacus Lore 7 Books Collection Set: I Am Number Four: He regularly moves from small town to small town. He changes his name and identity. He does not put down roots. He cannot tell anyone who or what he really is. The Power of Six: I've seen him on the news. Followed the stories about what happened to John Smith. To the world he's a mystery, but to me . . . he's one of us. The Rise of Nine: Until I met John Smith, Number Four, I'd been on th Learn More
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By Charlie Higson
Titles in Set The Enemy The Dead The Fear The Sacrifies The Fallen The Hunted The End The Enemy Charlie Higson's The Enemy is the first in a jaw-dropping zombie horror series for teens. Everyone over the age of fourteen has succumbed to a deadly zombie virus and now the kids must keep themselves alive. When the sickness came, every parent, police officer, politician - every adult fell ill. The lucky ones died. The others are crazed, confused and hungry. Only children under f Learn More
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By Redcode
When the ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary and friends turn into flends, it's all Rain's pint-sized rival can do to strive to remain alive! The mention of his "twin" brings the X-Venture Xplorers onto the scene, but nothing could have prepared them for the nauseating nastiness they encounter!What is going on?Why are the people acting like that?Once again, it's up to Rain, Sean, Stone, with a little help, to deal with the revelations of their POISONOUS PURSUIT! Learn More
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By Ben Brooks
Believe in the impossible... A magical story celebrating the power of imagination, from the bestselling author of STORIES FOR BOYS WHO DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. Oleg and Emma entered their den to find a cardboard spaceship standing exactly where they usually sat. Slowly, the front door opened and out stepped a boy. 'My name's Sebastian Cole,' he said. 'But you already know that.' When Oleg and Emma invent a new classmate called Sebastian, they are amazed when he appears - very Learn More
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By John Grisham
ake Brigance, lawyer hero of A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row, is back, in his toughest case ever. 'A new Grisham legal thriller is always an event, but this one is exceptional as the author is returning to Jake Brigance, the hero of his very first book, A Time To Kill . . . There is a lot of Grisham in Brigance - they were both street lawyers on the side of the people, not big corporations. It gives the book an emotional core that burns with a white heat' - Daily Mail 'A ma Learn More
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By Sarah Rozenthuler
Powered by Purpose outlines the four core leadership capacities that you need to help you feel alive at work, lead an enthusiastic team and generate competitive advantage: 1. Cultivate Leadership Presence - how you can act in a way that others are inspired to follow 2. Make Dialogue Authentic - how to talk about what matters most including people’s long term wellbeing 3. Engage your Stakeholders - how to articulate your purpose in a way that engages and energises p Learn More
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By Kazuo Odachi and Shigeru Ōta
An incredible, untold story of survival and acceptance that sheds light on one of the darkest chapters in Japanese history. This book tells the story of Kazuo Odachi who-in 1943, when he was just 16 years-old-joined the Imperial Japanese Navy to become a pilot. A year later, he was unknowingly assigned to the Kamikaze Special Attack Corps-a group of airmen whose mission was to sacrifice their lives by crashing planes into enemy ships. Their callsign was "ten dead, zero alive Learn More
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By Scott Cawthon
ive Nights at Freddy's fans won't want to miss this pulse-pounding collection of three novella-length tales that will keep even the bravest FNAF player up at night... When left in darkness, rage festers. Years of frustration with his family culminate in a loathsome vacation for Bob, who plots a sinister prank to frighten his wife and kids. Matt redirects the residual anger over his many failed relationships into a video game, and ends up birthing the horrible consequences. I Learn More
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Sebuah bandar dijangkiti oleh virus misteri, yang menyebabkan bandar tersebut tidak terkawal dan ditutup, menyebabkan dua orang yang diasingkan dan berjuang untuk hidup dalam keadaan kritikal. 某座被来路不明病毒袭击的城市,有与世隔绝的电动玩家“俊宇”与不畏困境,努力创造自己生存方式的“宥彬”两位幸存者。两人经历一次次的希望和绝望,在孤立无援的情况下透过无线电等方式沟通鼓励对方,并 Learn More
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In a world similar to the European Middle Ages, the feared yet revered Holy Knights of Britannia use immensely powerful magic to protect the region of Britannia and its kingdoms. However, a small subset of the Knights supposedly betrayed their homeland and turned their blades against their comrades in an attempt to overthrow the ruler of Liones. They were defeated by the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that these legendary knights, called the "Seven Deadly Sins, Learn More
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By Jenna Macciochi
The immune system is our first line of defense against the hordes of microbes that threaten us constantly. Just like our heart and our lungs, it works around the clock to keep us alive--and with the advent of coronavirus, no one can take it for granted. Immunity answers the question everyone is asking now: What can I do to strengthen my immune system? Dr. Jenna Macciochi has studied the interplay of immunity, lifestyle, and health for over twenty years, and her book is filled Learn More
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By Rick Riordan
It's time to face the final trial . . . The battle for Camp Jupiter is over. New Rome is safe. Tarquin and his army of the undead have been defeated. Somehow Apollo has made it out alive, with a little bit of help from the Hunters of Artemis. But though the battle may have been won, the war is far from over. Now Apollo and Meg must get ready for the final - and, let's face it, probably fatal - adventure. They must face the last emperor, the terrifying Nero, and destroy him Learn More
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By Dr. Heenie Lee
Dr.Heenie Lee has a sharp eye for detail and a keen ear for dialogue. The anecdotes as related to him by his mother are delightful, a veritable treasure trove of Chinese beliefs and customs. He makes the past come alive through them and in the process is leaving a wonderful legacy for the young generation who know little of their own customs. Although his mother's family is Hakka, the stories are universally Chinese and any Chinese who have ever sat on Grandmother's knee bein Learn More
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By 林行瑞
  ★全球210,000以上粉絲追蹤!   ★馬來西亞人氣插畫家──Lim Heng Swee首本圖文作品   ★美國知名網絡藝術商店平台Etsy暢銷插畫家──ilovedoodle   ★獲得美國知名創意設計公司Threadless 年度設計師獎   { 暖心的生活哲學!}   每個人都有憂鬱傷心失落的時候,   彼此打氣、舒緩情緒,   讓我們繼續過下去~   {笑一個的生活幽 Learn More
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By 鴨野うどん , 雫綺一生
  諾特在『贈予儀式』獲得稀有度高,但在冒險卻派不上用場的超弱技能【地圖化(小字:Mapping)】。因這項技能,他淪落到只能打雜,甚至被青梅竹馬拋棄,卻在某天收到最強隊伍【抵達者(小字:Alivers)】的入隊邀約!為了不再重蹈覆轍,為了改變原本懦弱的自己,少年立誓,這次一定要不斷努力,掙扎到底。 Learn More
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By 山本舞香
After the murder of the model Margaret by Shuu Tsukiyama, a murderous ghoul with epicurean desires, Tsukiyama arrives at Anteiku and approaches Ken Kaneki. Tsukiyama befriends Kaneki, and desires to eat him. Tsukiyama invites Kaneki to the ghoul restaurant, where Kaneki is captured, to be consumed by other ghouls. However, after Tsukiyama's discovery of Kaneki's ghoul eye, and a raid by the CCG, Kaneki escapes alive. Kaneki meets Kimi Nishino, a human and girlfriend of Nishi Learn More
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