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By Frances Cole
Practical 'footsteps' to help you live well with a chronic pain condition If you live with a long term condition that causes you chronic pain, then you are not alone. Chronic or persistent pain affects many adults and children in many ways. It can impact on your mood, your home and work life, your relationships, your sleep, your activities and all areas of your health. It can take your life over. Change is possible. Effective pain management requires a practical multi-focus Learn More
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Buku Ace Ahead Teks STPM Pengajian Am Penggal 1 Edisi Keempat ini berfungsi sebagai buku teks yang ditulis berdasarkan sukatan pelajaran Pengajian Am STPM terkini dan sistem pentaksiran terkini serta sangat sesuai digunakan sebagai rujukan pelajar dan guru di peringkat STPM. Kandungan/nota dipersembahkan dalam bahasa yang mudah difahami berserta dengan ilustrasi dan gambar rajah yang relevan untuk meningkatkan pemahaman pelajar. Di samping menyediakan soalan peperiksaan dalam Learn More
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By Nicola Yoon
Natasha- I'm a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I'm definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won't be my story. Daniel- I've always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents' high expectations. Never the poet. Or Learn More
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By Kee Thuan Chye
Few people believed the corrupt and oppressive Barisan Nasional government could be toppled. But the people were sick and tired of it. And the scandals surrounding the prime minister. He had brought shame to Malaysia, which became known to the world as a kleptocracy. This book tells the epic story of how Malaysians took responsibility for their country and struggled against the odds to change their government. Of how a 92-year-old former prime minister who had been an enem Learn More
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By Sophie Hannah
The world’s most beloved detective, Hercule Poirot – the legendary star of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and most recently The Monogram Murders and Closed Casket―returns in a stylish, diabolically clever mystery set in 1930’s London. Returning home after lunch one day, Hercule Poirot finds an angry woman waiting outside his front door. She demands to know why Poirot has sent her a letter accusing her of the murder of Barnabas Pandy, a man she has n Learn More
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By Justin A . Reynolds
When Jack and Kate meet at a party, he knows he’s falling – hard. Soon she’s meeting his best friends and Kate wins them over as easily as she did Jack. But then Kate dies. And their story should end there. Yet Kate’s death sends Jack back to the beginning, the moment they first meet, and Kate’s there again. Healthy, happy, and charming as ever. Jack isn’t sure if he’s losing his mind. Still, if he has a chance to prevent Kate’s death, he’ll take it. Even Learn More
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By Dave Birss
The highly practical lessons in HOW TO HAVE GOOD IDEAS are based on neuroscience,psychology, and behavioral economics. Written by the former Creative Director of OgilvyOne,Dave Birss,this book offers a brilliant new system for conceiving original and valuable ideas. It looks at how to frame the problem,how to push your thinking,how to sell the idea and build support for it and how to inspire others to have great ideas. It proves that any organization - and any department with Learn More
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By Suzanne Young
Westworld meets The Handmaid's Tale in this start to a thrilling, subversive near future series from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Young about a girls-only private high school that is far more than it appears to be. Some of the prettiest flowers have the sharpest thorns. The Girls of Innovations Academy are beautiful and well-behaved-it says so on their report cards. Under the watchful gaze of their Guardian, they receive a well-rounded education that promis Learn More
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By William Sonoma
Delicious, easy-to-master recipes and expert knowhow for cooking healthier, high-flavor food in a snap with the air fryer. In this new collection of fantastic recipes designed for the air fryer, discover how easy it is to prepare healthier fried, baked, roasted, and grilled foods with this clever cooking tool. Its patented design uses hot air flow to quickly cook delicious, crisp food--without loads of oil. Along with a great arsenal of lightened-up and quick-cooking recipes- Learn More
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By Ustaz Syed Mohd Norhisyam
Hidup ini adalah untuk diuji. Siapalah kita untuk menolak dan membenci ujian yang diberikan oleh Allah SWT. Namun sesukar mana pun ujian yang kita alami, pasti adanya jawapan dan jalan keluar. Dan sudah tentu juga pasti adanya hikmah yang dapat dijadikan pelajaran hidup. Buku Kisah Buat Hati menjawab setiap persoalan ‘how’ yang dialami kita. Semua persoalan dijawab dalam setiap anekdot@kisah ringkas. Dan setiap kisah-kisah yang diceritakan diselitkan dengan pelbagai Learn More
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By Prawan Prayoonhong , Dusit Kladchat
别西卜偷走鼠疫杆菌的活性标本,并将疫鬼释放出来。眼看疫鬼侵袭众人,小蚊立即前来救援,并阻止别西卜。 不料,小蚊一行人不幸感染鼠疫。在危急之下,小蚊解锁了终极免疫武器——铁娘子。他变身后,成功压制了别西卜与疾病。 别西卜心有不甘,执意要替妹妹复仇。小蚊使出最后一击,将别西卜击倒。在小蚊和弗兰肯的劝说下,别西卜终于醒悟,后悔 Learn More
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By Cik Tet
Perwatakan Husna yang degil dan suka melawan telah membuahkan rasa cinta dalam hati Amzar, seorang jejaka yang berumur awal 40-an. Lagi kuat Husna melawan, lagi besar keinginan dalam hatinya untuk memiliki anak manja Pak Cik Hamidi itu. “Una nak kahwin dengan saya?” “Tak naklah, Una. Dahlah tua, muka penuh dengan semak-samun. Gelilah, pak cik. Nak cari bibir pun tak jumpa.” “Kenapa nak cari bibir saya? Una nak buat apa dengan bibir saya ni?” Walau luaran Learn More
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By Karin Slaughter
A terrifying act of violence… It takes a split second for your life to change forever. And for Andrea Oliver that split second is a mass shooting in her local mall. A woman whose life is built on a lie… But this shocking act is only the start. Because then, as the bodies fall around them, Andy’s mother Laura takes a step forward into the line of fire. A fight for survival… Hours later, Laura is in hospital, her face splashed over the newspapers. But the danger has Learn More
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By Hideo Yokoyama
A collection of four novellas: each taking place in 1998, each set in the world of SIX FOUR, and each centring around a mystery and the unfortunate officer tasked with solving it. SEASON OF SHADOWS "The force could lose face . . . I want you to fix this." Personnel's Futawatari receives a horrifying memo forcing him to investigate the behaviour of a legendary detective with unfinished business. CRY OF THE EARTH "It's too easy to kill a man with a rumour." Shinto of Internal A Learn More
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By 亞德里安·貝斯利
BTS防彈少年團 最有系統的完整成長記錄震撼上市!   已售多國版權!藉由前BBC撰稿人敏銳之眼,   觀察防彈少年團令人動容的成長歷程,   記錄防彈與A.R.M.Y相互寵愛的點滴──   謝謝~在花樣年華裡有彼此的存在!감사합니다   ★博客來獨家書衣!   ★收錄全彩16頁精采照片,隨書加贈2張明信片(隨機5款)。   ★新粉絲重頭認識B Learn More
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By Mamoru Hosoda
IT'S ALRIGHT. WE'VE GROWN UP. Breaking her promise to Hana, Yuki injures the transfer student Souhei while in her half wolf form. Ame's yearning for the forest grows stronger. And a fierce storm descends on the village and forest... The 13-year old journey of a mother and her children comes to a touching conclusion. Learn More
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By Wendy Mitchell
When Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with dementia at the age of fifty-eight, she had to say goodbye to the woman she once was. Her career in the NHS, her ability to drive, cook and run - the various shades of her independence - were suddenly gone. Yet Wendy was determined not to give in., She was, and still is, propelled by a need to live in the moment, never knowing which version of herself might surface tomorrow. In this phenomenal memoir - the first of its kind - Wendy grapp Learn More
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By Butterworth Jess
Our land is sinking. It's disappearing into the water. And no one knows how to save it. Twelve-year-old Eliza and her sister Avery have lived their entire lives in a small fishing village on the coast of Louisiana, growing up alongside turtles, pelicans and porpoises. But now, with sea levels rising, their home is at risk of being swept away. Determined to save the land, Eliza and her younger sister Avery secretly go searching in the swamp for the dangerous, wolf-like loup- Learn More
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By Stephen King
Soon to be a major motion picture from Paramount Pictures starring John Lithgow, Jason Clarke, and Amy Seimetz! Stephen King’s #1 New York Times bestseller Pet Sematary, a “wild, powerful, disturbing” (The Washington Post Book World) classic about evil that exists far beyond the grave—among King’s most iconic and beloved novels. When Dr. Louis Creed takes a new job and moves his family to the idyllic rural town of Ludlow, Maine, this new beginning seems too good to Learn More
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By Veronica Roth
In the second book of the Carve the Mark duology, globally bestselling Divergent author Veronica Roth reveals how Cyra and Akos fulfill their fates. The Fates Divide is a richly imagined tale of hope and resilience told in four stunning perspectives. The lives of Cyra Noavek and Akos Kereseth are ruled by their fates, spoken by the oracles at their births. The fates, once determined, are inescapable. Akos is in love with Cyra, in spite of his fate: he will die in service to Learn More
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By Tayari Jones
A moving portrayal of the effects of a wrongful conviction on a young African-American couple.' - Barack Obama Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of the American Dream. He is a young executive, and she is an artist on the brink of an exciting career. Until one day they are ripped apart by circumstances neither could have imagined. Roy is arrested and sentenced to twelve years for a crime Celestial knows he didn't commit. Devastated and unmoored, Celestial f Learn More
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By Najwa Zebian
As the phoenix emerges from its ashes, Zebian emerges ablaze in these pages, not only as a survivor of abuse, but as a teacher and healer for all those who have struggled to understand, reclaim, and rise above a history of pain. The book is divided into six chapters, and six stages of healing: Falling, Burning to Ashes, Sparks of Phoenix, Rising, Soaring, and finally, A New Chapter, which demonstrates a healthy response to new love as the result of authentic healing. With her Learn More
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By Alma Katsu
After having travelled west for weeks, the party of pioneers comes to a crossroads. It is time for their leader, George Donner, to make a choice. They face two diverging paths which lead to the same destination. One is well-documented - the other untested, but rumoured to be shorter. Donner's decision will shape the lives of everyone travelling with him. The searing heat of the desert gives way to biting winds and a bitter cold that freezes the cattle where they stand. Dri Learn More
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By Dr. Muhamad Rozaimi Ramle
Mengamalkan Sunnah Nabi SAW merupakan antara nikmat terbesar yang Allah SWT kurniakan kepada seorang Muslim. Oleh itu, ulama silam sanggup mengembara jauh semata-mata mahu mencari sepotong hadis. Buku ini menghimpunkan 40 amalan mudah berdasarkan hadis Rasulullah SAW. Penulis menghimpunkan amalan-amalan harian yang mudah untuk diamalkan agar kita dapat mengamalkan Sunnah setiap hari dalam kehidupan. Learn More
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By Perry van Beek
Make selling a social affair! The ABCs of sales have changed. It's no longer: A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. The new way of selling is: A-Always, B-Be, C-Contributing to your buyer's journey. Social selling is an effective way to engage with your customer, and the world's most powerful social selling tool for any B2B sales professional is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It allows you to gain access to more leads, more InMail, and data to track your efforts. With the help of LinkedIn Learn More
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By 史蒂芬·岡德里
驚人的真相 你喜歡吃的,都是「殺手基因」想要你吃的! 是繁衍還是謀殺?! 是誰開啟了老化機制與死亡程式? 國際營養學權威岡德里醫師的飲食革命鉅作! 全新科學概念,啟發了《植物的逆襲》創作   ◆生命基因的存在,是大自然物種存續的關鍵,個人生命僅是其運作中的其中一環。   ◆為了繁衍,生命基因發展了一套能快速複製自身基因 Learn More
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By 史蒂芬·柯維
  如果沒辦法經營好家庭,人生其他成就的意義何在?   柯維博士深信,家庭是社會的基石,是個人內心充實的最大源頭。唯有家庭的圓融美滿,人們才能享有真正平實的快樂。透過本書,您不但可以了解七個習慣的驚人力量,更能從書中習得主動積極,成為家中推動變遷的舵手,並尊重家人彼此的歧異,使全家的力量大於個人力量的總和。本書提供具體 Learn More
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By P.C. Cast Kristin Cast
Adoptive daughter of a gifted scientist, Foster Stewart doesn't live a "normal" life, (not that she'd want to). But controlling cloud formations and seeing airwaves aren't things most eighteen year olds can do. Small town star quarterback and quintessential dreamy boy next door, Tate "Nighthawk" Taylor has never thought much about his extra abilities. Sure, his night vision comes in handy during games, but who wouldn't want that extra edge? From the moment Foster and Ta Learn More
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By Rose Brock
A 2019 Texas Topaz Reading List Selection A Junior Library Guild Selection Hope is a decision, but it is a hard one to recognize in the face of oppression, belittlement, alienation, and defeat. To help embolden hope, here is a powerhouse collection of essays and personal stories that speak directly to teens and all YA readers. Featuring Angie Thomas, Marie Lu, Nicola Yoon, David Levithan, Libba Bray, Jason Reynolds, Renée Ahdieh, and many more! "The hope of a secure and liva Learn More
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Minato Narumiya is beginning his freshman year at the local Kazemai High School. Mr. Tommy, adviser to the Japanese archery Club, is keen to recruit Minato, as well as his childhood friends Seiya Takehaya and Ryohei Yamanouchi. Ryohei convinces the reluctant Minato to attend the Club's orientation, where he also meets Kaito Onogi and Nanao Kisaragi. Singling Minato out, Mr. Tommy introduces him as a rare Japanese archery talent and asks him to demonstrate in front of everyone Learn More
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Mizore Yoroizuka and Nozomi Kasaki are a pair of best friends in their final year of high school. They're both obsessed with the school's brass band club. With Mizore on the oboe and Nozomi on the flute, they spend their days in happiness--until the club begins to practice songs inspired by the fairy tale Liz und ein Blauer Vogel (Liz and the Blue Bird). Immersed in this story, Mizore and Nozomi begin to realize that there may be no such thing as being together forever. Miz Learn More
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A door opens, and a golden seal shatters a star. It is the early 21st century. Mankind has lost the battle for planet Earth to Godzilla, and has taken to the stars in search of a new home. But the search ends in vain, forcing them and their alien allies back to Earth. But 20,000 years have passed in their absence, and the Earth is a wholly different place. The planet's flora and fauna now embody and serve Godzilla. Earth is a monster's planet, ruled by the largest Godzilla Learn More
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By 長月達平 , マツセダイチ , 大塚真一郎
★動畫大好評、漫畫雙再版!!   ──獻給吾妻,   特蕾希雅.梵.阿斯特雷亞。   被召喚到異世界的高中生.菜月昴。   無力少年在此地獲得的唯一力量,   便是殞命以後倒轉時間的能力   ——『死亡回歸』。   魔獸『白鯨』不僅吞噬了劍鬼.威爾海姆,   還增加到了三隻。   面對這等絕望戰役卻依舊不減鬥志的昴,    Learn More
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By Donna Mcgeorge
Sharpen your focus and tighten your time frames to get more done in less time The 25 Minute Meeting goes beyond “cut to the chase” and shows you how to take back your work day with smarter planning and more productive action. Meetings have become a de facto way of working, and as they pile up and stretch to interminable lengths, they eat up our days and sink productivity—if they are poorly planned and run. Done well, meetings are short, sharp, productive affairs that p Learn More
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The sacred sword "Excalibur". A sword that was created to judge a person's ability to be the king of England. Those whom the sword accepts will be called "Arthur" and will obtain great power. However, there was not a single Arthur but many. Due to this massive creation of legendary humans, the world and its history began to be distorted. Now, with the aim of restoring the history of the world to its original course, six Arthur, a master of the sword, a fighter, a sniper, a pu Learn More
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By Mamoru Hosoda
RUN. LAUGH. LIVE. RIGHT HERE. Determined to start afresh in "his" hometown, the young mother and her children begin their new life in the countryside. Although Hana is initially overwhelmed by culture shock, the villagers extend helping hands to her. Meanwhile, Yuki and Ame are each growing up in their own way... Learn More
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On his high school graduation day, Itsuki's cousin, Mahiru, tells him that she's pregnant. Just then, a gate of light emerges and transports the two into the world of Granvania. In this land, "Impurities" have been causing a disturbance to the Stars, ultimately plunging Granvania into chaos and disorder. And Itsuki, now revealed to be one who is fated to meet with the "Star Maidens", is seen as Granvania's last hope and was thus given the task to produce "Star Children" and c Learn More
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Hu Li is a poor but talented high school boy. He is a "ghost" singer/songwriter for the popular and narcissistic boy idol Kong Que, who is very handsome but can barely sing. Hu always wears a fox mask to hide his large facial scar caused by a traffic accident. He also uses a screen name "Mr. Fox" to publish his music online. Episode titles: 1. False Voice 2. Someone is Watching 3. Stage of Darkness 4. A Wavering Voice 5. The Three-day Game 6. Trap 7. Despair 8. Under Unfami Learn More
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By Tsang Katie , Kevin
The brilliantly funny third SAM WU book - the bravest scaredy-cat in the world! Perfect for reluctant readers and fans of Pamela Butchart. Sam Wu is NOT afraid of anything. Except for quite a lot of things. Like ghosts. Sharks too. And also THE DARK! And so when Sam goes camping in the woods with his friends and cousin Stanley, who knows what scary kind of things they'll face . . .? Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of the Dark is the third book in this brilliantly funny and accessible Learn More
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By Simon Maier
A mindset is a fixed mental attitude that predetermines a person's responses to (and interpretations of) situations. Essentially, our mindset determines our behaviour. Developing the best mindset is the way you can learn something new, adopt new information, alter your beliefs and act accordingly. It's important to adjust our mindsets to survive and thrive in the real world. Experts agree that our mindset is not a result of nature or nurture, genes or environment. There's a c Learn More
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By Ramlee Awang Murshid
"Anding Ayangan II, kisah yang sangat mengujakan dan dibayangi dengan imaginasi yang penuh magis. Kisah masih berteraskan konsep saspens thriller. Anding Ayangan II tetap sebuah penceritaan bersandarkan Dark Dream dan make believe. Nilainya sangat tinggi dan berbaloi untuk dihayati. Seperti pembaca sedia maklum, kekuatan gaya bahasa dan teknik penceritaan yang penuh dramatik lebih memberikan kesan kepada pembaca. Berkisarkan mengenai dua dunia yang mempunyai kehidupan be Learn More
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By A.Darwisy , Suzani Nadzir , Faizul Rahim
KAIN IBU SYAITAN – A. DARWISY Hari pertama Azham bekerja di Muzium Tekstil Negara, dia sudah diganggu dengan perkara-perkara aneh. Bukan dia seorang saja, tetapi hampir semua pekerja di dalam muzium itu turut merasai pengalaman yang menakutkan. Kemuncaknya, adalah pada program Denai Malam yang dianjurkan oleh Jabatan Muzium Malaysia. Apa yang terjadi pada malam itu? Apa pula kaitannya dengan siri kejadian seram yang menimpa mereka sebelum ini? Benarkah muzium itu berhantu Learn More
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By Kiersten White
Into every generation a Slayer is born... Nina and her twin sister, Artemis, are far from normal. It's hard to be when you grow up at the Watcher's Academy, which is a bit different from your average boarding school. Here teens are trained as guides for Slayers - girls gifted with supernatural strength to fight the forces of darkness. But while Nina's mother is a prominent member of the Watcher's Council, Nina has never embraced the violent Watcher lifestyle. Instead she f Learn More
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By Sara Hezra
XARLHARIETH dan MYA ADELIA bertemu ketika sesi temuduga dan ia berakhir bukanlah dengan cara yang baik. Rentetan itu dengan tanpa sengaja beberapa lagi pertemuan demi pertemuan terjadi. Namun pertemuan dengan lelaki dingin dan ego itu tidak pernah tak malang buat Mya. Mya sudah naik serik untuk bersua muka dengan lelaki itu. Malangnya lelaki itu seolah membayangi langkahnya. “Ini kali ke-5 kita bersua muka tapi dalam situasi yang berbeza. Cuma sekarang saya tak faham ken Learn More
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By Prawan Prayoonhong , Dusit Kladchat
当年一场疫苗实验项目失误,不仅造成弗兰肯和贝尔反目,更让贝尔走火入魔成疾病魔王别西卜。从那次之后,弗兰肯和别西卜都在纠缠不休地斗争着。 为了保护众人,弗兰肯决定狠下心,单独找上别西卜摊牌,结束这一段纠缠不休的斗争。 然而,别西卜不是省油的灯。他释放大量的水痘疱疹病毒,让弗兰肯也招架不住! Learn More
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By Richard Gerver
To be successful, you have to be able to adapt to change' - Sir Alex Ferguson The pace of change is greater than ever. We face new challenges every day in our jobs and in our personal lives. Those who can handle change are the most fulfilled. Those who fear change will find it hardest to thrive. As a head teacher, Richard Gerver famously transformed a failing school into one of the most acclaimed learning environments in the world - in just two years. As a hugely popula Learn More
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By 亞瑟·叔本華
  是時候,為你的生活按下靜音鍵,來一場孤獨狂歡。   請收下這張將帶你踏上孤獨之旅的車票,   你的列車長是從不為孤身一人感到抱歉的叔本華,   讓他用一場盛大的寂寞,   挽救你分貝破表的喧囂心靈   在這熱鬧超載的世界,「孤獨」彷彿成為無法大聲喧嚷的禁忌,承認孤獨彷彿承認自己與這世界格格不入,不被需要。然而,孤獨大師叔 Learn More
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By 國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心
商業中文最新穎、符合現代情境的教學教材 華語教學最權威──國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心 編寫開發   系列規劃   此系列共兩冊,每冊共十課,課本均附作業本。是提升學生在商業環境使用中文能力的教材。   第一冊著重在公司內部的交流或與同事的交流,第二冊著重在公司外部的交流實況。課文的主題情境小自描述新人的第一天、員工旅行 Learn More
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Join Hiccup, Toothless, and the rest of the Dragon Riders as they soar to new adventures beyond the Island of Berk in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on the DreamWorks Animation movie How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World! How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World flies into theaters on February 22, 2019! Toothless thought he'd be with his best friend, Hiccup, forever. But then one day he meets Light Fury, the most stunning, amazing dragon he's ever seen. Now Toothless Learn More
USUAL: RM23.90

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There's a land beyond the edge of the world--a hidden land--where all the species of dragons live peacefully among one another. In this stunning picture book, DreamWorks Dragons fans will get an in-depth look at the dragons that call this Hidden World home. With facts about each species, like their temperament, size, special powers, and beautiful renderings of each, this book is the perfect addition to every fan's library. Learn More
USUAL: RM71.90

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By 艾琳娜·L·波特羅 , 金·R·鮑威爾
  一本挑戰傳統職涯發展論述,當前最實用可靠的職涯成功指南!   CEO,跟你想的不一樣──   他們不見得是常春藤名校畢業生;   他們並非從小就注定出人頭地;   他們不是無比自負的超級英雄;   他們更沒有完美零瑕疵的性格……   本書作者耗費十年時間,   收集一萬七千名領導者的訪談與追蹤紀錄,   歸納整理出囊括成功實例 Learn More
USUAL: RM80.10

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By 班諾·柯恩
這輩子至少一次——大膽想!大膽做! 從國際名導變成計程車司機,瘋狂、幽默、荒唐事蹟震驚國際媒體 《紐約時報》、《費加洛報》爭相報導   法國導演變為計程車司機   他是一位法國導演,是國際影展的常勝軍,因為劇本創作需要,決定到紐約「臥底」開計程車。當他向家人公布這個瘋狂計畫時,妻子噗哧大笑,兒子默不吭聲,女兒則擺起臭臉說: Learn More
USUAL: RM53.90

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When human girl Amano Akari is rescued by vampire Sophie Twilight, it's love at first sight. Infatuation quickly turns to cohabitation as Sophie reluctantly welcomes Amano as her new roommate. Despite her vampire status, Sophie never attacks humans, instead ordering blood and anime merchandise online like any ordinary human shopper. Sink your teeth into this modern vampire comedy! 《隔壁的吸血鬼美眉》描述著喜歡人偶的女高中生天野灯被一名女吸血 Learn More
USUAL: RM21.90

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By 岸本斉史
  (全一冊)「火影忍者TV動畫豪華特集NARUTO THE ANIMATION CHRONICLE地」收錄了火影忍者電視版動畫全720的精彩畫面回顧與劇情簡介!還包含了「第七班」卡卡西、鳴人、佐助、小櫻的聲優訪談!電視動畫導演伊達勇登與製作人朴谷直治的對談!岸本斉史成長史ANIME ver.第4~6卷!精彩內容,火影忍者迷絕對不可錯過! Learn More
USUAL: RM104.00

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By Mr.Children工作室
日间的体育馆人潮汹涌,然而夜间的体育馆则显得冷冷清清,只有少数人还会待在那里训练或玩乐。如果在空旷的体育馆逗留得比较晚,而突然起鸡皮疙瘩或觉得一阵冷风吹过,那么就是要注意了,或许是时候轮到“我们”使用体育馆了。 Learn More
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In this book, the reader will learn why the gap between the rich and everyone else grows wider. In this book, the reader will get an explanation of why savers are losers. In this book, the reader will find out why debt and taxes make the rich richer. In this book, the reader will learn why traditional education actually causes many highly educated people, such as Robert's poor dad, to live poorly. In this book, the reader will find out why going to school, wor Learn More
USUAL: RM39.90

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By Dean Ornish
Fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and even the aging process itself with one simple, scientifically proven plan to reverse disease--as well as prevent and reduce symptoms--from the world-renowned pioneer of lifestyle medicine. Dean Ornish, M.D., has directed revolutionary research proving, for the first time, that lifestyle changes can often reverse--undo!--the progression of many of the most common and costly chronic diseases and even begin reversing aging Learn More
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By Laurie Halse Anderson
From the first moment of her freshman year at Merryweather High, Melinda knows this is a big fat lie, part of the nonsense of high school. She is friendless, outcast, because she busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops, so now nobody will talk to her, let alone listen to her. As time passes, she becomes increasingly isolated and practically stops talking altogether. Only her art class offers any solace, and it is through her work on an art project that she is fin Learn More
USUAL: RM52.90

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By Sophie Kinsella
"The irresistible new standalone from Sophie Kinsella is a story of love, empowerment and an IOU that changes everything . . . Fixie Farr can’t help herself. Straightening a crooked object, removing a barely-there stain, helping out a friend . . . she just has to put things right. It’s how she got her nickname, after all. So when a handsome stranger in a coffee shop asks her to watch his laptop for a moment, Fixie not only agrees, she ends up saving it from certain Learn More
USUAL: RM81.50

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By Cameron W. Bruce
When Lucas Ray rescued his puppy Bella he knew his life would change forever. Smuggling her into his building isn't easy, particularly with his prying neighbours, and Lucas decides to risk taking her to work. The joy on the faces of the veterans in his hospital as Bella distributes her unique brand of comfort makes it all worth it. But then Bella is picked up by animal control and Lucas makes the heartbreaking decision to send her away. Lucas hasn't understood Bella's f Learn More
USUAL: RM42.90

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