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By Ryan Holiday
In his New York Times bestselling book, Discipline Is Destiny, Ryan Holiday made the Stoic case for a life of self-discipline. In this much-anticipated third installment in the Stoic Virtues series, he argues for the necessity of doing what’s right – even when it isn’t easy For the ancients, everything worth pursuing in life flowed from a strong sense of justice—or one’s commitment to doing the right thing, no matter how difficult. In order to be courageous, wise Learn More
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By Lesley Kara 
THE TWISTY NEW THRILLER FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR 'The Other Tenant has such an original premise and I was hooked from the very first line. Dark, atmospheric and so compulsive, I raced through this cleverly plotted thriller. The ending gave me chills. I loved it' Claire Douglas, bestselling author of THE GIRLS WHO DISAPPEARED ‘DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE’ Marlow has always lived in unusual places. But when she accepts a position as a live-in property gua Learn More
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By Richard Osman 
THE THIRD NOVEL IN THE RECORD-BREAKING, MILLION-COPY BESTSELLING THURSDAY MURDER CLUB SERIES BY RICHARD OSMAN ---------- 'Full of Osman's trademark charm, insight and intelligence' Lee Child 'Tender, hopeful and funny' Marian Keyes 'I adored this thrilling adventure. His best yet!' Claire Douglas 'Infectious, charming and full of heart' Gillian McAllister It is an ordinary Thursday and things should finally be returning to trouble is never far away where the Thursday Murde Learn More
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By CJ Tudor
PRE-ORDER THE HEART-POUNDING NEW NOVEL FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE CHALK MAN AND RICHARD & JUDY PICK THE BURNING GIRLS 'The wildest thriller of the year is three thrillers in one. Buckle up' LINWOOD BARCLAY 'An exceptional thriller that blew me away with its original, high-octane plot, jaw-dropping twists and characters I cared about. When I wasn't reading The Drift I was thinking about it. A writer at the top of her game' CLAIRE DOUGLAS 'A truly terrif Learn More
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By 史都華‧維斯
妄想雖然可恥但是有用! 亞馬遜讀者五星強推! 最熱愛「怪力亂神」的美國心理學暢銷作家 帶你重新認識幻想與心理假象的妙用   「如果有任何一種信念能促成我們去追求更好的生活,那這個信念就是有益的。」──美國心理學家威廉.詹姆斯   「透過清晰又愉快的筆觸,作者讓我們看到非理性衝動的影響力。」──康乃爾大學心理學教授吉洛維奇( Learn More
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By 珍妮佛·麥克亞當 , 道格拉斯·湯普森
  ★本書由米高梅電影公司拿下版權翻拍★   ★凱特溫絲蕾主演★   由受害者親身揭秘、來自第一手資訊,   揭密沒有區塊鏈的加密貨幣,如何用最傳統的直銷方式騙到40億美金?   ★本事件製作成BBC Podcast節目   ★橫跨175國、超過350萬人上鉤的最大金融詐騙案   ★經過受害者努力,加密女王茹雅被列為FBI十大通緝要犯   作者是這起「維 Learn More
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By Freida McFadden 
WINNER OF THE GOODREADS AWARD FOR BEST CRIME AND THRILLER 2023 As he continues showing me their incredible penthouse apartment, I have a terrible feeling about the woman behind closed doors. But I can't risk losing this job - not if I want to keep my darkest secret safe . . . It's hard to find an employer who doesn't ask too many questions about my past. So I thank my lucky stars that the Garricks miraculously give me a job, cleaning their stunning penthouse with views acr Learn More
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By 馬克·道格拉斯
交易之道:攻心為上,技術次之! 熱銷全球,《紀律的交易者》百萬系列名作   價格的跳動,始於市場中起伏的人心,   建立堅不可摧的贏家心智系統,是交易者的重中之重!   「投資人的命運並非取決於股票市場或個別上市公司,而是取決於投資人本身。」──彼得‧林區   「這本書所寫的心法相當高層,如果參破這一關,就可以達到無畏的 Learn More
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This is a vinyl LP pressing of Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa. Future Nostalgia is the second studio album by English singer Dua Lipa and was released on 27 March 2020 by Warner Records. Lipa worked with writers and producers such as Jeff Bhasker, Ian Kirkpatrick, Stuart Price, The Monsters & Strangerz, and Koz in order to create a "nostalgic" pop and disco record with influences from dance-pop and electronic music, inspired by the music that Lipa enjoyed during her childhood. Learn More
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By Penelope Douglas
ARO Hawken Trent. So polite. So sweet. Such an upstanding young man. A virgin, too, I hear. He never gets naughty with a girl. Probably because Jesus told him not to. And now here he is, trying to be the hero by protecting another girl from me. He calls me a bully. Irrational. Unreasonable. A criminal. He can call me anything he wants, I've heard worse. And he can try to stand between me and my money, but he's never had to fight for food. That rich, clean, school boy doesn't Learn More
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By 達賴喇嘛 , 戴斯蒙·屠圖 , 道格拉斯·亞伯拉姆
*新增作者訪談與彩頁,首次公開達賴喇嘛與屠圖主教會面旅程珍藏照片   「面臨今日的諸多問題,我們更需要上一世紀的兩位傑出領袖的智慧。達賴喇嘛與屠圖大主教展現的精神與智慧,能指引我們在逆境與痛苦中找到喜悅與希望。只有當我們擁有喜悅、懷抱希望,我們才有可能找到所有這些問題的解方。」——作者 道格拉斯・亞伯拉姆   長踞《紐約 Learn More
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By 道格拉斯·維米爾
  ★《富爸爸,窮爸爸》共同作者莎朗.萊希特──專文導讀   ★愛瑞克(《內在原力》作者、TMBA共同創辦人)、喬.維泰利博士(《零極限》共同作者)──強力推薦   全球第一的被動收入教練與最具成效的財富教練教你   建立正確系統,每天6分鐘,   就足以擺脫窮忙人生!   遍訪蘋果、微軟、Nike、麥當勞、迪士尼、優步、索尼、肯德基 Learn More
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By 查爾斯·龐茲
連巴菲特都損失百億! 馬多夫對沖基金、非法傳銷、各種吸金詐騙的 真 正 起 源 ══ 現代人必讀的投機啟示錄 ══   ◆ 重返「龐氏騙局」第一現場,揭露吸引億萬人上鉤的流量密碼   ◆ 至今掃過華爾街、NFT、虛擬貨幣,人性操盤手唯一自白   ◆ 超乎想像!金融家、超級英雄、助產師……更甚《惡血》的傳奇騙徒生涯   ▊ 每隔一陣子,它 Learn More
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By Stuart Warner &  Si Hussain
THE KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS EVERY PROFESSIONAL NEEDS, TO MAKE BETTER FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS DECISIONS. Why this book is different to other finance books: * Quick and easy to use * Spotlights "what you need to know" * Requires no prior finance knowledge * Practical and real-world focus * Written by practitioners No knowledge required The book is purposefully designed to be quick and easy to use with no previous knowledge required to comprehend the concepts. We "tell you what yo Learn More
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By Greg Van Eekhout
From the author of Cog and Voyage of the Dogs, Weird Kid is a hilarious and heartfelt homage to everyone who feels like they don't belong. Perfect for fans of Gordon Korman and Stuart Gibbs. Jake Wind is trying to stay under the radar. Whose radar? Anyone who might be too interested in the fact that he has shapeshifting abilities he can't control. Or that his parents found him as a ball of goo when he was a baby. Keeping his powers in check is crucial, though, if he want Learn More
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By Douglas Cheolsoeng Gentile
Joining Western psychological science and traditional Buddhism, experimental psychologist and Zen monk Ven. Dr. Douglas Cheolsoeng Gentile describes how our minds can be simultaneously our greatest weakness and greatest asset. We are controlled by both external forces and internal habits of mind, while simultaneously believing ourselves to be 'free'. This conundrum can be solved by seeing where our biases begin, how our natural ability to learn traps us, and how we unintentio Learn More
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全球將近四成的人,平均每天靠不到2美元過活 隱藏於記帳日記裡的關鍵線索,將如何翻轉貧困陷阱?   ★ 來自印度、南非、孟加拉250個貧困家庭的第一線田野調查,揭露最真實的底層生活。   ★ 經濟學者、微型金融機構專家挺身面對巨大的貧窮困境,找出最佳解方。   //////// 南非鄉村寡婦諾莎的資產負債表 ////////   來自南非鄉村的諾沙已經77 Learn More
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By Ryan Holiday
The instant New York Times, Wall Street Journal,and USA TodayBestseller! Ryan Holiday’s bestselling trilogy—The Obstacle Is the Way, Ego is the Enemy, and Stillness is the Key—captivated professional athletes, CEOs, politicians, and entrepreneurs and helped bring Stoicism to millions of readers. Now, in the first book of an exciting new series on the cardinal virtues of ancient philosophy, Holiday explores the most foundational virtue of all: Courage. Almost every rel Learn More
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By 馬克·道格拉斯
交易心理名作,涉足金融市場的必讀經典 雙書典藏版,全球Amazon財經讀者共感推薦──★★★★★ 交易之道:攻心為上,技術次之! 價格的跳動,始於市場中起伏的人心; 建立堅不可摧的贏家心智系統,是所有交易者的重中之重!   ▋首部曲   紀律的交易者:培養贏的態度,成功的交易80%靠心理,只有20%靠技巧【全新修訂版】   交易兩個 Learn More
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By John Grisham
Jake Brigance, lawyer hero of A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row, is back, in his toughest case ever. 'When Grisham gets in the courtroom he lets rip, drawing scenes so real they're not just alive, they're pulsating' Mirror CAN A KILLER EVER BE ABOVE THE LAW? Deputy Stuart Kofer is a protected man. Though he's turned his drunken rages on his girlfriend, Josie, and her children many times before, the police code of silence has always shielded him. But one night he goe Learn More
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By Douglas Stuart
Winner of the Booker Prize 2020 Shortlisted for the National Book Award for Fiction 2020 A BBC Radio 2 Between the Covers 2021 Book Choice 'We were bowled over by this first novel, which creates an amazingly intimate, compassionate, gripping portrait of addiction, courage and love.' The judges of the Booker Prize 'Douglas Stuart has written a first novel of rare and lasting beauty.' - Observer It is 1981. Glasgow is dying and good families must grift to survive. Agnes Bain Learn More
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By 蘇·史都華-史密斯
這本書裡有很多東西可以養活我們的靈魂。──《泰晤士報》 ★《泰晤士報》年度百大最佳書籍 ★2020年英國溫萊特自然寫作獎入圍 ★《Garen & Gun》年度選書   第一本結合神經科學、心理學、精神分析療法與個人生命經驗,   深入探索園藝與心理健康關係的絕妙之作!   「只有在種花時,我才覺得自己很好。」   「這裡有一棵樹,我就坐在這裡 Learn More
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By 道格拉斯·史東 , 席拉·西恩
哈佛大學溝通專家25年經典代表作 美國亞馬遜書店長銷書,重量級大師推崇必學的基本功 讀者★★★★★熱烈迴響:「這本書可能會改變你的人生!」   在這個人人都想給你指教的時代──   各界回饋都要聽?接受批評指教難如登天?   轉化棘手對話的獨門心法,   把錯誤、不公平與讓人感覺很差的建言,都變成你學習與成長的能量!   EQ大師 Learn More
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By Dr. Stuart Farrimond
A Sunday Times Best Seller. Explore the science behind your daily living habits and make your day healthier, happier, and more productive. Many of the activities we take for granted are in fact contrary to a healthy lifestyle. In this groundbreaking book, long-held beliefs are exploded by new science: drinking eight glasses a day is too much; breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day; smartphones are not making us all depressed. Bringing to bear the latest researc Learn More
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By John Grisham
ake Brigance, lawyer hero of A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row, is back, in his toughest case ever. 'A new Grisham legal thriller is always an event, but this one is exceptional as the author is returning to Jake Brigance, the hero of his very first book, A Time To Kill . . . There is a lot of Grisham in Brigance - they were both street lawyers on the side of the people, not big corporations. It gives the book an emotional core that burns with a white heat' - Daily Mail 'A ma Learn More
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By Ryan Holiday
In The Obstacle Is the Way and Ego Is the Enemy, bestselling author Ryan Holiday made ancient wisdom wildly popular with a new generation of leaders in sports, politics, and technology. In his new book, Stillness Is the Key, Holiday draws on timeless Stoic and Buddhist philosophy to show why slowing down is the secret weapon for those charging ahead. All great leaders, thinkers, artists, athletes, and visionaries share one indelible quality. It enables them to conquer their t Learn More
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By 馬克·道格拉斯
交易之道:攻心為上,技術次之! 熱銷全球,《紀律的交易者》百萬系列名作   價格的跳動,始於市場中起伏的人心,   建立堅不可摧的贏家心智系統,是交易者的重中之重!   投資人的命運並非取決於股票市場或個別上市公司,而是取決於投資人本身。──彼得‧林區   這本書所寫的心法相當高層,如果參破這一關,就可以達到無畏的境界!─ Learn More
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By Jojo Moyes
An early work from the New York Times bestselling author of The Giver of Stars, Jojo Moyes, the story of a young woman who opens an eclectic shop and comes to terms with the secrets of her past. In the sixties, Athene Forster was the most glamorous girl of her generation. Nicknamed the Last Deb, she was also beautiful, spoiled, and out of control. When she agreed to marry the gorgeous young heir Douglas Fairley-Hulme, her parents breathed a sigh of relief. But within two year Learn More
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By 沈克爾 , 巴克
孩子老是叫不動、講不聽、皮到不行、靜不下來? 不是孩子不聽話,而是壓力大! 與其仰賴「抗壓力」,不如找出壓力源,培養「調整力」! 所有怪、懶、壞、笨、慢,迎刃而解。   ★《出版人週刊》:「棘手的親子關係有解!」   ★《柯克斯評論》:「這本書可以幫助所有年齡的孩子,從混亂狀態中回復平靜。」   沒有問題小孩,只有不被了解 Learn More
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DNA is the ninth studio album (eighth in the US) by the Backstreet Boys. The album was first released in Japan on January 23, 2019, and everywhere else on January 25, 2019, through a collaboration with the group's own K-BAHN record label and RCA Records. The album features tracks written by Edei, Lauv, Andy Grammer, Stuart Crichton, Ryan Tedder and Shawn Mendes.This is the group's second album, after 2007's Unbreakable, to neglect involvement from longtime producers and frien Learn More
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By Dr. Stuart Farrimond
Break new ground with this spice book like no other, from TV personality, food scientist and bestselling author, Dr Stuart Farrimond. Taking the periodic table of spices as a starting point, explore the science behind the art of making incredible spice blends and how the flavour compounds within spices work together to create exciting layers of flavour and new sensations. This is the perfect cookbook for curious cooks and adventurous foodies. Spice profiles - organised by t Learn More
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PRODUCTS ORDERED ARE SUBJECTED TO SUPPLIERS STOCK AVAILABILITY. FULL REFUND WILL BE ISSUED SHOULD THE PRODUCTS ARE UNAVAILABLE. ESTIMATE DAY(S) OF DELIVERY: 26-30 WORKING DAYS Voicenotes is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, released by Artist Partner Group and Atlantic Records on May 11, 2018. Described by Puth himself as a record that "channel[ing]" the '80s R&B music, the singer was heavily involved in co-writing and producing Learn More
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By Stuart Farrimond
Which vegetables should you eat raw? How do you make the perfect poached egg? And should you keep your eggs in the fridge? Food scientist Dr Stuart Farrimond answers all these questions - and many more like them - equipping you with the scientific know-how to take your cooking to new levels. In The Science of Cooking, fundamental culinary concepts sit side-by-side with practical advice and step-by-step techniques, bringing food science out of the lab and into your kitchen Learn More
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By 約翰·道格拉斯 , 馬克·歐爾薛克
《控制》知名導演 大衛.芬奇執導,影后莎莉.賽隆監製 Netflix改編影集10月熱映! 電影《沉默的羔羊》取材自他一手偵破的超級重案!   屢破奇案的他,被譽為現代福爾摩斯,   但只有他知道,   在抓到兇手前,他讓自己先化身為那頭野獸……   夏麗是一名活潑美麗的十八歲少女。再過兩天,她就要從高中畢業了。某個晴朗而溫暖的下午, Learn More
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By 達賴喇嘛 , 戴斯蒙·屠圖 , 道格拉斯·亞伯拉姆
長踞《紐約時報》暢銷榜、亞馬遜五顆星評價 全球授權32國語言,全美熱銷逾40萬冊   兩位諾貝爾和平獎得主,五天相聚,解答一個永恆的問題   經歷痛苦與失去之後,仍能發自內心地快樂嗎?   面對生命中各種無法避免的磨難,該如何超越痛苦,擁抱喜悅而活?   心智與心靈上該要有怎樣的特質與觀點,才容易感受喜樂?   如何讓喜悅從一種 Learn More
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By Stuart Warner , Si Hussain
The Finance Book has been officially shortlisted in the 'Practical Manager' category for the 2018 Management Book of the Year prize which has just been announced by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Library. The Finance Book will help you think and manage like a financial strategist. Written specifically for non-finance professionals, it will give you all you need to know to manage your business more effectively and Learn More
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By Sydney Finkelstein
'Superbosses shows the incredible impact that great managers can have, both on their employees and on entire industries. Finkelstein has written a true leadership guide for the Networked Age' Reid Hoffman, cofounder and chairman, LinkedIn; coauthor of The Alliance 'Superbosses is the rare business book that is chock-full of new, useful, and often unexpected ideas' Robert Sutton, author of Scaling Up Excellence and The No Asshole Rule 'One of the most important, gr Learn More
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By Dalai Lama , Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu , Douglas Carlton Abrams
The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World Learn More
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By John Lees
The nation's much loved careers guide book is back!How To Get A Job You Love is a blueprint for anyone looking for work or planning a career change.Whether you're looking for your first job, a graduate or an experienced professional, this book will guide you through the process accompanied by a series of exercises to help you decide what kind of role suits you.New Features in the 2017-18 edition Learn More
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By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes is back on the case in this collection of sparkling short stories, in which we learn about Holmes' early days as a sleuth, encounter a seemingly murderous widow, and meet the great detective's brother, Mycroft, for the first time. And, in 'The Final Problem', Holmes comes face-to-face with his nemesis, Professor Moriarty, in a battle of wits that could kill them both. Part of the Macmillan Collector's Library; a series of stunning, clothbound, pocket-sized cl Learn More
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By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Faithfully supported by his chronicler, Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes pits his wits against 'Napoleon of Crime' Professor Moriarty, assists European royalty threatened by disgrace, helps to solve the mysterious death of a young woman due to be married, and investigates intrigues that have defeated the detectives of Scotland Yard. Packed with excitement and mystery, this collection showcases the legendary sleuth at his very best. Part of the Macmillan Collector's Library; a seri Learn More
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By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Three years after his supposed death at the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes returns to 221B Baker Street, to the astonishment of Dr Watson and the delight of readers worldwide. From kidnapped heirs to murder by harpoon, Holmes and Watson have their work cut out for them in these brilliant later tales. This collection also includes His Last Bow, a series of recollections from an older Sherlock Holmes of further adventures from his life. Part of the Macmillan Collector's Li Learn More
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By Stuart MacBride
THE SUNDAY TIMES NO. 1 BESTSELLER The tenth Logan McRae novel from the No. 1 bestselling author of THE MISSING AND THE DEAD and A SONG FOR THE DYING. Trouble is coming... Sergeant Logan McRae's team find a body dumped in the woods - but is it the missing businessman they've been searching for, or something far more sinister? It doesn't help that his ex-boss is taking over the c Learn More
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By 道格拉斯‧亞當斯
一齣單純的科幻廣播喜劇,如何紅到所有人期待它的續集——   ★出版3個月內狂銷25萬本   ★Google的加州總部取名自它   ★IBM的超級電腦命名繆思   ★Siri用它回答永恆的大哉問   ★英國BBC「大閱讀」票選百本最受讀者喜愛的小說第四名(僅落後《魔戒》等、打敗《哈利波特4》)   ★圖書館把它列為青少年必讀書單……   「各位女士各位先 Learn More
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By Douglas Rushkoff
Why doesn't the explosive growth of companies such as Facebook and Uber deliver more prosperity for everyone? How could things be different? In San Francisco in 2013 activists protesting against the gentrification of their city smashed the windows of a bus carrying Google employees to work. But these protests weren't just a question of the activists versus the Googlers, or even the 99 per cent versus the 1 per cent. Rather they were symptomatic of the true conflict of our Learn More
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By Jessica Stern , J. M. Berger
The first major book on ISIS to be published since the group exploded on the international stage in summer 2014.Drawing on their unusual access to intelligence sources and material, law enforcement, and groundbreaking research into open source intelligence, Stern and Berger outline the origins of ISIS as the formidable terrorist group it has quickly become.`State of Terror' delves into the `ghoulish pornography' of pro-jihadi videos, the seductive appeal of ` Learn More
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By Didier Ah-Koon
Prepare for Minion Madness. From the creators of Despicable Me comes a brand new movie adventure in yellow - Minions. This fresh new comic featuring the stars of the upcoming movie brings together a collection of hilarious comic stories featuring everyone's favourite yellow, banana-loving henchmen. They're the most loveable evil henchmen ever created...Stuart, Kevin, Bob and the rest of the Minions return for laughs and gags in this all-new hilarious comic collection. From ba Learn More
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By E. B. White
A Puffin Book - stories that last a lifetime.Puffin Modern Classics are relaunched under a new logo: A Puffin Book. There are 20 titles to collect in the series, listed below, all with exciting new covers and fun-filled endnotes.This is the story of a little girl named Fern who loved a little pig named Wilbur and of Wilbur's dear friend, Charlotte A. Cavatica, a beautiful large grey spider. With the unlikely help of Templeton the rat, and a wonderfull Learn More
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By 山繆爾.斯邁爾斯
《自己拯救自己》SELF HELP 《自己拯救自己》,被譽為「美國夢的靈魂」和「個人奮鬥的精神目標」。在許多西方國家,這本書成了人們必讀的人生叢書之首,是對他們的生活與命運產生巨大影響的人生教科書。 當代許多自我修練成長的書籍與課程觀念,都源自於斯邁爾斯所倡導的自我成長理念。影響所及,包括現今紅極一時的「新世紀」、「正面思考」、「 Learn More
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By Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie's exotic seaside mystery thriller, reissued with a striking new cover designed to appeal to the latest generation of Agatha Christie fans and book lovers. It was not unusual to find the beautiful bronzed body of the sun-loving Arlena Stuart stretched out on a beach, face down. Only, on this occasion, there was no sun... she had been strangled. Ever since Arlena's arrival at the resort, Hercule Poirot had detected sexual t Learn More
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By 布萊斯.霍夫曼
<內容簡介> ★2011年《時代週刊》百大人物、英國《金融時報》2011年度風雲人物、 獲選《執行長雜誌》2011年風雲執行長 穆拉利的不可能任務:拯救福特 曾經,福特汽車是華爾街分析師最不看好、預測最先倒閉的車廠 在穆拉利的改革下,奇蹟復活逆轉勝!   拯救福特,CNBC報導美國史上最偉大的企業拯救計畫   各大媒體爭相報導:《時代》雜誌、《華 Learn More
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By 陳金偉 , 寧仁梅
《從看不見的手到資訊不對稱:解讀10位經濟學大師的智慧觀點》 10位影響世界經濟運作的大師 一部綜觀全球發展歷史的鉅作 200多年的經濟學發展歷程 從「看不見的手」到「資訊不對稱」 從《國富論》到《全球化及其不滿》 看學者在複雜的經濟現象中,如何找到分析觀點與解決策略 亞當‧斯密(Adam Smith) 1723/6/5-1790/7/17 大衛‧李嘉圖(David Ricardo) 1772/4/18-1823 Learn More
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By Stuart Warner
The finance basics that experts and top professionals understand.Get results fast with this quick, easy guide to the fundamentals of Finance.Includes how to:* Analyse a business from its financial reports* Understand a Profit and Loss account* Make sense of accounting jargon* Build a financially sound business plan* Deal with revenue, profit and cashflow Learn More
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By Ruth Gairns , Stuart Redman
Oxford Word Skills improves students' vocabulary and vocabulary learning skills. Short, clear presentations and lots of opportunity for practice give students the confidence to use new vocabulary. 80 units at each level mean they cover a huge range of topics and everyday situations. Extra practice and interactive activities on CD-ROM. Learn More
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