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By Axie OH
Jenny’s never had much time for boys, K-pop, or really anything besides her dream of being a professional cellist. But when she finds herself falling for a K-pop idol, she has to decide whether their love is worth the risk. A modern forbidden romance wrapped in the glamorous and exclusive world of K-pop, XOXO is perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Maurene Goo. Jenny didn’t get to be an award-winning, classically trained cellist without Learn More
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By Tripp Mickle
From the Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle, the dramatic, untold story inside Apple after the passing of Steve Jobs by following his top lieutenants-Jony Ive, the Chief Design Officer, and Tim Cook, the COO-turned-CEO-and how the fading of the former and the rise of the latter led to Apple losing its soul. Steve Jobs called Jony Ive his "spiritual partner at Apple." The London-born genius was the second-most powerful person at Apple and the creative force who most embodie Learn More
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By Sarah Pearse
In these eight stories, Haruki Murakami explores the world from his unique perspective. From the imaginative to the intimate, he moves from an alternate history of the legendary jazz musician Charlie Parker to a man reminiscing about his childhood girlfriend. These stories encompass his great enthusiasms for baseball, jazz and The Beatles and demonstrate his singular, mesmerising voice. Learn More
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By Tony Fadell
Everyone deserves a mentor. For every career crisis, every fork in the road, you need someone to talk to. Someone who's been there before, who knows exactly how wobbly and conflicted you feel, who can give it to you straight: Here's how to think about choosing a job. Here's how to be a better manager. Here's how to approach design. Here's how to start a company. Here's how to run it. Tony Fadell learned all these lessons the hard way. He spent the first 10 years of his car Learn More
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By Nury Turkel
A devastating account of China's genocide of the Uyghurs, by a leading Uyghur activist and Time #100 nominee Nury Turkel was born in a 're-education' camp in China at the height of the Cultural Revolution. He spent the first several months of his life in captivity with his mother, who was beaten and starved while pregnant with him, whilst his father served a penal sentence in an agricultural labour camp. Following this traumatic start - and not without a heavy dose of good fo Learn More
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By Anthony Doerr
A dazzling epic of love, war and the joy of books' Guardian 'Ingenious, hopefuly and totally absorbing' Financial Times 'Buoyant with humanity' Daily Mail When everything is lost, it's our stories that survive How do we weather the end of things? Cloud Cuckoo Land brings together an unforgettable cast of dreamers and outsiders from past, present and future to offer a vision of survival against all odds. Constantinople, 1453: An orphaned seamstress and a cursed boy with a Learn More
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By Sue Lynn Tan
The bestselling debut fantasy inspired by the legend of the Chinese moon goddess. A young woman's quest to free her mother pits her against the most powerful immortal in the realm, setting her on a dangerous path where those she loves are not the only ones at risk... *THE INSTANT TOP 5 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER* THERE ARE MANY LEGENDS ABOUT MY MOTHER... Raised far away on the moon, Xingyin was unaware she was being hidden from the Celestial Emperor - who exiled her moth Learn More
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By Michelle Bowden
Do you want to get to 'yes'? Every day we are faced with moments where we either win or lose. The question is: How persuasive are you? Could you be winning more of the time? In How to Persuade, best-selling author Michelle Bowden shows you the research-proven techniques to master the art of persuasion in any situation-whether it's securing that next big deal, convincing your manager to hit 'approve,' or even winning an argument with your friends. Through real-world examples Learn More
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By Mizuki Tsujimura 
For fans of BEFORE THE COFFEE GETS COLD, fairy tale and magic are weaved together in sparse language that belies a flooring emotional punch. 'Strange and beautiful. Imagine the offspring of The Wind-up Bird Chronicle with The Virgin Suicides' GUARDIAN 'Genuinely affecting. A story of empathy, collaboration and sharing truths' FINANCIAL TIMES Translated by Philip Gabriel, a translator of Murakami _______________________________ Would you share your deepest secrets to save a Learn More
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By Neil Gaiman
An entrancing collection of stories based on the World Fantasy Award-winning Sandman comic book series by Neil Gaiman--the basis for the highly anticipated Netflix series and hailed by the Los Angeles Times Magazine as "the greatest epic in the history of comic books"--including contributions from Tori Amos, Clive Barker, Susanna Clarke, Tad Williams, and Gene Wolfe, among other celebrated names in fantasy and horror There is a dark king who rules our dreams from a place of Learn More
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By Paula Hawkins
THE SCORCHING NEW THRILLER FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN and INTO THE WATER 'This twisted story with its cast of damaged characters builds to a brilliant conclusion.' Shari Lapena 'Here are characters who are real and likeable, even when they are complicated and flawed. Paula Hawkins is a genius' Lisa Jewell Three women, connected by one brutal crime. Three women, determined to right the wrongs done to them. Three women, with everything to hide. Whe Learn More
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By William Poundstone
An entertaining book we can all enjoy... highly informative and amusing.' Daily Mail 'Full of valuable insight...this is a must-read for those looking to nail their next interview.' Publishers Weekly How Do You Fight a Horse-Sized Duck? explores the new world of interviewing at A-list employers like Apple, Netflix and Amazon. It reveals more than 70 outrageously perplexing riddles and puzzles and supplies both answers and general strategy for creative problem-solving. Learn More
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By Jason Mott
***2021 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER*** ***THE NATIONAL BESTSELLER*** Winner of the 2021 Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction, Joyce Carol Oates Literary Prize Finalist, 2022 Chautauqua Prize Finalist, Willie Morris Award for Southern Writing Shortlist, and the 2021 Aspen Words Literary Prize shortlist A Read With Jenna Today Show Book Club Pick! An Ebony Magazine Publishing Book Club Pick! One of Washington Post's 50 Notable Works of Fiction One of Philadelphia Inquirer's Learn More
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By Kirstin Chen
Meet Ava: rule-abiding lawyer who has ticked all of life's boxes. She's married to a successful surgeon and has just taken an indefinite career break to raise her adorable toddler. A picture-perfect life. Meet Winnie: Ava's old college roommate. Once awkward, quiet and apparently academically challenged, she left Stanford in a shroud of scandal. But now, she is charismatic, wealthy and has returned to town dripping in designer accessories. An actual perfect life. When t Learn More
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By Suzanne Martin
About 15-Minute Better Back Fit exercise into your busy life with short but effective programmes for the back. Does the daily grind take a toll on your back? Do you struggle to find time for exercise? Stress no more: these four 15-minute programmes for beginners offer the flexibility and ease of use that busy lifestyles demand. At home, with just a mat, you can strengthen your core and back muscles and banish aches and Learn More
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By Suzanne Martin
About 15-Minute Stretch Fit exercise into your busy life with short but effective stretching programmes. Do the demands of modern life leave you feeling stiff and sore? Do you struggle to find time for exercise? Stress no more: these four 15-minute programmes for beginners offer the versatility and ease of use that busy lifestyles demand. Build these 15-minute stretching routines, that you can do at home with just a mat, int Learn More
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By Michael Vlismas
** AN ABSOLUTE MUST-READ: A BRAND NEW BIOGRAPHY OF THE WORLD'S RICHEST MAN AND NEW OWNER OF TWITTER! ** One of the world's richest people and the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy. Who is this boundary-pushing billionaire with grand plans of inhabiting Mars, and what lies at the heart of his vision? Why is he so utterly unafraid of risk? As an awkward Pretoria schoolboy who loved comics and science fiction, Musk's early years and singular family Learn More
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By Christina Lauren
Something Wilder is exactly what we all need right now . . . a true escape within the pages of a book, filled with adventure, rekindled romance and second chances' Jodi Picoult, No.1 New York Times bestselling author The New York Times bestselling authors of The Unhoneymooners present a charming, laugh-out-loud novel filled with adventure, treasure, and, of course, love. Lily has never forgotten the man that got away . . . but she certainly hasn't forgiven him either! As the Learn More
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By Casey McQuiston
*Instant New York Times Bestseller* *Instant USA Today Bestseller* *Instant #1 Indie Bestseller* From the New York Times bestselling author of Red, White & Royal Blue comes a new romantic comedy that will stop readers in their tracks. . . Moving to New York City is supposed to prove cynical twenty-three-year-old August right: magic and cinematic love stories don't exist. But then, she meets this gorgeous girl on the train. Jane. Dazzling, charming, mysterious, impossible Learn More
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By Mojang AB
Meet five intrepid explorers as they set out in search of an explosive creeper, a mysterious enderman and more elusive mobs. But these blocky beasts are harder to track down than expected and now the explorers need your help to hunt them all down. Do you have what it takes to find these sneaky mobs? Explore the world of Minecraft and its biomes as you journey across the Overworld, through the fiery Nether and even into the terrifying End dimension, as you join the chase to Learn More
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By 柯采岑
  在有與沒有之間,盡力而為。   無條件的愛,就在你身體裡頭。   ◎   人在四時裡頭生活,二十四節氣中逐日養成。   《四時瑜伽》是一個瑜伽初心者與工作狂重症,三年來週週做瑜伽練習的收穫,像柏油路裡頭閃著光的玻璃碎片,感受到每一次微小而確實的,在時間裡頭經歷各種變化生成。   此書許多時候,寫在瑜伽課堂後的午間,走出 Learn More
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By Olivia Arezzolo
Are you a bear, lion or wolf? Learn your sleep profile and get your best night's rest with Australia's leading sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo. Lion: you are an early riser, furiously working in the morning, tailing off after midday and going to bed just as the wolves are coming out to play. Wolf: you get up late and are more energetic at night. Bear: you rise with the sun and wind down in the evening, and tend to dip immediately after lunch! Learn More
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By 蔡嘉琳
學了多年英文,卻還是卡卡的…… 本書讓你運用零碎的時間,就能進步神速。 今年的英語力提升,就靠這本書吧!   最好的學習方法,就是把想要學習的東西變得有趣,如此一來,即便是在零碎時間閱讀吸收,也能有很好的學習效率。本書將日常英語,現代流行用語以及華人常犯英語問題整理成70個實用單元,讓讀者即使在短暫的閒暇空檔,也能輕鬆閱讀, Learn More
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By David A. Yovanno
Unlock the enormous potential of strategic partnerships You think you know partnerships, don't you? But the nature - and growth potential - of partnerships for business has transformed in recent years. In The Partnership Economy, partnership automation expert and CEO David A. Yovanno delivers an insightful, actionable guide to navigating this newly defined era and growing your company's revenue far beyond expectations. Using real-life examples from well-known Learn More
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By Helen Russell
In any human life there are going to be periods of unhappiness. Learning how to be sad is a natural first step in how to be happier' Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute Helen Russell is an expert on the pursuit of happiness. In How to Be Sad she combines her powerful personal story with surprising research and warm advice to reveal the secret of finding joy: allowing sadness to enrich your life and relationships. Timely and essential, this book is about Learn More
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By Annie Ridout
Society tells that us that being shy is a fault, but Annie Ridout says it's a gift. Shy: How being quiet can lead to success teaches us how to embrace this misjudged attribute, instead of trying to fix it. Most of us have some understanding of shyness. From birthday parties as children to office Christmas parties as adults, from an old friend's wedding to a group presentation, we've all experienced it in some form or other. Shyness may be ever-present or it may come and go Learn More
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By Wendy Mitchell
What can a diseased brain tell us about being human, living our own lives better and helping those with dementia get the best from theirs? When Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with young-onset dementia at the age of fifty-eight, her brain was overwhelmed with images of the last stages of the disease - those familiar tropes, shortcuts and clichés that we are fed by the media, or even our own health professionals. But her diagnosis far from represented th Learn More
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By Ethan Kross
NATIONAL BESTSELLER - An award-winning psychologist reveals the hidden power of our inner voice and shows how to harness it to combat anxiety, improve physical and mental health, and deepen our relationships with others. LONGLISTED FOR THE PORCHLIGHT BUSINESS BOOK AWARD - ""A masterpiece.""--Angela Duckworth, bestselling author of Grit - Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel H. Pink's Next Big Idea Club Winter 2021 Winning Selection One of the best new bo Learn More
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By Minoru Takeyoshi
With news of Taira's death and the realisation that the alien enemy they have been fighting were humans all along, the crew of Platoon 31 now question everything they have been taught. Who exactly are the Safan people? Why are they at war with the Humanity Union, and what exactly happened on Cobalt Island 20 years ago? Will Platoon 31 be able to uncover all the dirty secrets the organisation has been hiding from them? Learn More
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By Dean Pohlman
For runners, weight lifters, Crossfitters, triathletes, cyclists, and any fitness enthusiast who loves an intense workout: learn exactly how yoga will benefit your performance. You’ve heard yoga can improve your fitness pursuits, but all you can find is vague information on starting a “beginner’s vinyasa practice.” And who really has the time for a 60 minute yoga class when all you want to do is lift weights? The good news is a yoga practice really Learn More
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By Joanne Lee Molinaro
ABOUT THE KOREAN VEGAN COOKBOOK THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST NEW COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Epicurious • EATER • Stained Page • Infatuation • Spruce Eats • Publisher’s Weekly • Food52 • Toronto Star The dazzling debut cookbook from Joanne Lee Molinaro, the home cook and spellbinding storyteller behind the online sensation @thekoreanvegan Joanne Lee Molinaro has captivated millions of fans with Learn More
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By Sara Desai
Opposites attract in this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about a free-spirited lawyer who is determined to find the perfect match for the grumpy bachelor at her cousin's wedding. After a devastating break-up, celebrity-obsessed lawyer Zara Patel is determined never to open her heart again. She puts her energy into building her career and helping her friends find their happily-ever-afters. She's never faced a guest at the singles table she couldn't match, until she crosses pa Learn More
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By Marina Mahathir
When an apple falls, does it roll far or stay close to its tree? Is it an exact clone of all the other apples the tree produces or something entirely different? This is the question that has perplexed the public about me for the simple reason that I am the daughter of the man who has governed Malaysia for almost 24 years. Do I echo him in his view of the world, or do I chart my own path? Why is it that in my own public life, in my writing and speeches, I express opinions tha Learn More
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By Tiana Laurence
Get a grip on NFTs and learn how to get in the game It's not often that a brand-new investment comes along that revolutionizes how we buy and sell digital assets. But that's what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) did. Built on blockchain tech, NFTs are shaking up the world of digital commodity investing. And you can get your slice of the pie before everyone jumps into the arena. In NFTs For Dummies, you'll find straightforward answers to critical aspects of the NFT phenomenon. You Learn More
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By 白鹿 , 许凯 , 代旭 , 肖燕 , 刘冠翔 , 米露 , 李子峰
主演: 白鹿,许凯,代旭,肖燕,刘冠翔,米露,李子峰 Language-中文对白 Subtitle-Chinese/English 中/英 字幕 剧情 路招摇(白鹿饰)出山之后救下墨青(许凯饰),却在夺取万钧剑时被墨青抢先,路招摇在万钧剑出世的 巨大冲击下身受重伤,五年后伤愈回到自己的门派中,发现墨青将自己的门派建立得更加强大。路招摇隐瞒身份, 利用墨青对自己的喜欢,让他去做很多危 Learn More
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By Dr Jenny Goodman
The ultimate guide to staying in radiant, optimal health all year round. The must-have health bible that explains exactly how to stay in radiant, optimal health all year round. Are you confused about what supplements you should be taking? Do you want to know how you can reverse the effects of pollution on your body? Would you like to eat seasonally? Drawing on Dr Learn More
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By 李一桐 , 许凯 , 吴佳怡 , 檀健次 , 洪尧 , 何奉天
主演: 李一桐,许凯,吴佳怡,檀健次,洪尧,何奉天 Language-中文对白 Subtitle-Chinese/English 中/英 字幕 剧情 唐初,在一代明君李世民的治理下,国家逐渐从隋末的千疮百孔中恢复.国公之子盛楚慕(许凯饰)是长安城里有名的纨绔子弟,他对商女傅柔(李一桐饰)一见钟情.在得知傅柔喜欢积极向上,有才干的人之后,盛楚慕痛改前非,开始拜师学艺.原本此举只是为了赢得傅柔 Learn More
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By Andrzej Sapkowski
From the New York Times bestselling author of The Witcher: Reynevan--scoundrel, magician, possibly a fool--travels into the depths of war as he attempts to navigate the religious fervors of the fifteenth century. When the Hussite leaders entrust Reynevan with a dangerous secret mission, he is forced to come out of hiding in Bohmeia and depart for Silesia. At the same time, he strives to avenge the death of his brother and discover the whereabouts of his beloved. Once again p Learn More
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By Richard Dawkins
It may be a collection of shorter parts, but the book is in no sense Dawkins made simple. It amounts to a substantive whole which offers a unitary panoramic view across his entire intellectual life.' Spectator Including conversations with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Steven Pinker, Matt Ridley and more, this is an essential guide to the most exciting ideas of our time and their proponents from our most brilliant science communicator. Books Do Furnish a Life is divided by theme, inc Learn More
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By Malcolm Mejin
Robin and his friends’ world suddenly turns topsy-turvy when the coronavirus pandemic strikes. Being stuck at home during lockdown isn’t exactly the ideal vacation. So when Robin gets a spectacular chance to go under the sea with his family and friends to escape the pandemic, things begin to perk up. A luxury super-submarine whisks Robin and his mates into the exciting wonders of the deep blue sea. But the mysteries of the deep begin to unravel as they voyage into the dan Learn More
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POKEMON 寵物小精靈 SEASON 1-5 VOL.1-283 END(13DVD9) SEASON 1 INDIGO LEAGUE: ENG/MAN (E / C / M) SEASON 2 ORANGE ISLAND: ENG/MAN/CAN (E / C / M) SEASON 3 JOHTO JOURNEY: ENG (C / M) SEASON 4 JOHTO LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: MAN/ENG (C / M) SEASON 5 MASTER QUEST: ENG (E / C / M) POKEMON It’s Ash Ketchum’s tenth birthday, and he’s ready to do what many 10-year-olds in the Kanto region set out to do—become a Pokémon Trainer! Things don’t go exactly the way he planned when Learn More
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By Jeff Kinney
In The Deep End, book 15 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney, Greg Heffley and his family hit the road for a cross-country camping trip, ready for the adventure of a lifetime. But things take an unexpected turn, and they find themselves stranded at a campsite that's not exactly a summertime paradise. When the skies open up and the water starts to rise, the Heffleys wonder if they can save their vacation - or if they're alre Learn More
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By Geoff Tuff
Explore a new and effective method for seizing opportunity in the face of uncertainty In Provoke: How Leaders Shape the Future by Overcoming Fatal Human Flaws, renowned strategy consultants and best-selling authors Geoff Tuff and Steven Goldbach deliver an insightful exploration of how people tend to act tentatively in the face of uncertainty and provide the tools we need to do things differently. Tuff and Goldbach offer up a compelling argument for the proposition that tak Learn More
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By Tom Ziglar
Tom Ziglar, CEO of Zig Ziglar Corp, shares ten leadership virtues that are essential for coaching employees through immense change and creating an environment of maximum potential and productivity. With the world changing so rapidly, many leaders are struggling to find new ways to make a significant and positive impact on their team. The key, says Tom Ziglar, is to consistently bring out the best in everyone by focusing on ten core virtues: kindness, humility, respect, per Learn More
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By Scott Galloway
The COVID-19 outbreak has turned bedrooms into offices, pitted young against old, and widened the gaps between rich and poor, red and blue, the mask wearers and the mask haters. Some businesses--like home exercise company Peloton, video conference software maker Zoom, and Amazon--woke up to find themselves crushed under an avalanche of consumer demand. Others--like the restaurant, travel, hospitality, and live entertainment industries--scrambled to escape obliteration. But a Learn More
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By Bev Hendricks Godby , Bill Hendricks
Parents don't determine who their kids become. They steward them into who they're meant to be. One of the most common myths in parenting books--you see it everywhere--is that parents are responsible for who their children turn out to be. Proper input yields proper output, or so the thinking goes. But that mindset works with machinery, not people. The truth is, your child has a unique set of traits--their giftedness--that only they possess. The p Learn More
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By Joe Navarro & Toni Sciarra Poynter
From internationally bestselling author and retired FBI agent Joe Navarro, a ground-breaking look at the five powerful principles that set exceptional individuals apart Joe Navarro spent a quarter century with the FBI, pursuing spies and other dangerous criminals across the globe. In his line of work, successful leadership was quite literally a matter of life or death. Now he brings his hard-earned lessons to you. Be Exceptional distils a lifetime of experience into five Learn More
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By Craig Adams
Some people have something to say in any conversation and can spot the hidden angles of completely unrelated problems; but how do they do it? So many books, apps, courses, and schools compete for our attention that the problem isn't a lack of opportunity to sharpen our minds, it's having to choose between so many options. And yet, more than two thousand years ago, the greatest thinker of Ancient Greece, Aristotle, had already discovered the blueprint of the human mind. Learn More
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By Sophia Money-Coutts
What are you wishing for this Christmas? 'Feel-good and enormous fun' Sophie Kinsella, Sunday Times bestselling author of Love Your Life 'Full of wit, warmth and heart' Beth O'Leary, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Flatshare 'You want me to write a list? Like a shopping list?' 'Exactly. But for what you want from a man' Florence Fairfax might have been single for quite a while - well, forever, actually - but she isn't lonely. She loves her job at the little boo Learn More
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By Jodie Rogers
Uncover the secret to achieving peak mental performance in the ground-breaking new book, The Hidden Edge: Why Mental Fitness is the Only Advantage That Matters in Business Join eminent leadership and team development expert, Jodie Rogers on an inspiring and insightful journey into managing the most important asset of all - the human mind. Packed full of engaging stories and fascinating real-world case studies, ?The Hidden Edge: Why Mental Fitness is the Only Advantage That Ma Learn More
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By Annabel Streets , Susan Saunders
An essential handbook for making the second half of your life happy, healthy and disease-free. Diseases of older age take root decades before symptoms appear. For a longer, happier life, we need to plan ahead - but what exactly should we do? For five years, Annabel Streets and Susan Saunders immersed themselves in the latest science of longevity, radically overhauling their lives and documenting their findings on their popular Learn More
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By Aaron Blabey
Seriously WHAT is going on with Snake? Terrifying powers! Evil allies! Inter-dimensional doorways! WHAT IS HIS DEAL?! And that's not all! Why is Agent Fox suddenly so mysterious? Who IS she, exactly? Dang it! We need answers! Wolf and the gang are back. And they're even more confused than YOU. The Bad Guys Episode 12. It will melt your brain… Learn More
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There's a parasitic shapeshifter on the loose and it's your job to work out who it is. Discover everything you need to survive in the smash-hit multiplayer detective game with the Among Us Playbook. Learn how to keep your space stations afloat by completing tasks, explore detailed maps of the locations you'll be trapped in, and master tips and tricks to decipher the identity of the imposter. Or maybe you need them to fool the crew instead & Whether you're a seasoned inve Learn More
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By Proud publisher editorial
學英文總是沒時間? 全書插圖圖解,把英文變簡單! 只要一天, 24小時就能輕鬆學會英文會話! 從起床到打扮、從出門到吃飯 將英文全圖解、把會話變簡單 打造如同母語般的全英文情境學習, 0負擔、0壓力, 開口說英文一點都不難! 全圖解 X 24小時 X 英語會話 零基礎也能輕鬆學會開口說英文!   二十四個主題全圖解│   從早到晚都能開口說──運 Learn More
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By 愛德華·威爾森
人類是如何誕生的?為何地球上會出現像我們這樣的物種? 我們在宇宙中是否有一個特殊的地位或命運? 我們要往哪兒去?為什麼?(這是最難回答的問題)   兩度獲得普立茲獎的當代科學大儒、眾所公認的全球生物學家及自然歷史學家翹楚,   愛德華•威爾森(Edward O. Wilson)   從人類在非洲大草原上的起源開始,談及人類在地球及宇宙中定位的集 Learn More
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By 克里斯·漢默
大旱讓這座小鎮垂死 但水帶來的不是生機,是屍體 各大書店排行榜冠軍 上市銷量迅速突破100000冊 犯罪三部曲系列作銷售超過250000冊 賣出美、英、德、法、義、俄、挪威、羅馬尼亞、版權 電視劇火熱籌拍中   那天早上很溫暖,不像今天這麼熱,是很普通的一天……   西方地平線的邊緣沾染血色,鮮紅的月亮懸掛其上;   空氣中有種木頭煙燻和荒涼 Learn More
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By (in)courage
In the face of the world's problems, kindness may seem like a long-lost virtue without enough power to make an impact. Yet we are called to show courageous kindness to those around us--even those we don't agree with--just as God has shown us kindness beyond measure. How we treat people matters! Every small kindness we show has the potential to create waves of lasting change in Jesus's name. God wants to use your ordinary days--as you go on your way--to accomplish more than y Learn More
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By Tony Davidow
Get up to speed on the latest investing strategies, techniques, and products-and raise your game to a whole new level The financial services industry has undergone a major transformation over the last decade, including increased concerns from investors, the growth of the independent model, the growth of Robo-advisors, product evolution, increased market correlations-in addition to geopolitical risks, population growth, technological advances, and social tensions. Concepts li Learn More
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By Scott Cawthon
A string of bad luck you can't seem to shake ... for Angel, Hudson and Sergio, it's an all too familiar feeling. Repulsed by her spoiled stepsister's lavish birthday party, Angel exacts a hasty and ill-fated revenge. Hudson's young life is littered with tragedy and broken dreams, but a well-paying security job might just be all he needs to turn things around. Sergio acquires a unique novelty toy that instantly brings good luck, but is the toy really leading him to happiness Learn More
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By Tui T. Sutherland
The New York Times bestselling series continues with a thrilling revelation -- brand-new tribes of dragons! Some secrets are deadly.It's no secret that Sundew wants to destroy the HiveWings. It's her life's mission to exact revenge on the tribe that tried to wipe out the LeafWings and ripped every tree from the surface of Pantala.Every tree, that is, except the wild and dangerous Poison Jungle, where the surviving LeafWings have been hiding since the war. Hiding, plotting, Learn More
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