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By Jane Austen
Including an introduction from writer and feminist activist Scarlett Curtis, curator of Sunday Times Bestseller Feminists Don't Wear Pink. The only thing in the world that matters to Mrs Bennett, is marrying all five of her daughters to rich, landed gentlemen. So when two wealthy young gentlemen move to town, she vows that at least one of her daughters will marry into their fortunes. Jane and Elizabeth, her eldest daughters, soon discover that love is rarely straightforwa Learn More
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By Elizabeth Lim
Project Runway meets Mulan in this sweeping YA fantasy about a young girl who poses as a boy to compete for the role of imperial tailor and embarks on an impossible journey to sew three magic dresses, from the sun, the moon, and the stars. Maia Tamarin dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land, but as a girl, the best she can hope for is to marry well. When a royal messenger summons her ailing father, once a tailor of renown, to court, Maia poses as a boy and takes Learn More
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By Elizabeth Gilbert
"A spellbinding novel about love, freedom, and finding your own happiness." - PopSugar "Intimate and richly sensual, razzle-dazzle with a hint of danger." -USA Today "Pairs well with a cocktail...or two." -TheSkimm "Life is both fleeting and dangerous, and there is no point in denying yourself pleasure, or being anything other than what you are." Beloved author Elizabeth Gilbert returns to fiction with a unique love story set in the New York City theater world during the Learn More
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By Simon Maier
A mindset is a fixed mental attitude that predetermines a person's responses to (and interpretations of) situations. Essentially, our mindset determines our behaviour. Developing the best mindset is the way you can learn something new, adopt new information, alter your beliefs and act accordingly. It's important to adjust our mindsets to survive and thrive in the real world. Experts agree that our mindset is not a result of nature or nurture, genes or environment. There's a c Learn More
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By 伊麗莎白·柯斯托娃
她走在陌生國度裡,身心俱疲,覺得涉世未深的自己,以戲劇化的方式落入某種更大力量之手。 美國女子亞莉珊卓獨自前往保加利亞旅遊與教書,希望國外的生活能夠療癒她內心的創傷。這份創傷是因為失去摯愛的哥哥所造成。多年前,在一次家庭爬山健行途中,兄妹倆因小事起了口角,對彼此說了無心的傷人話語。亞莉珊卓沒想到,這竟是自己與哥哥最後 Learn More
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By Emma Healey
Jen has finally got her daughter home. But why does fifteen-year-old Lana still feel lost? When Lana goes missing for four desperate days and returns refusing to speak of what happened, Jen fears the very worst. She thinks she's failed as a mother, that her daughter is beyond reach and that she must do something - anything - to bring her back. The family returns to London where everyone but Jen seems happy to carry on as normal. Jen's husband Hugh thinks she's going cr Learn More
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By Robert Green
From the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power comes the definitive new book on decoding the behavior of the people around you Robert Greene is a master guide for millions of readers, distilling ancient wisdom and philosophy into essential texts for seekers of power, understanding and mastery. Now he turns to the most important subject of all - understanding people's drives and motivations, even when they are unconscious of them themselves. We are soc Learn More
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By 史考特·安東尼 , 克拉克·吉伯特 , 馬克·強生
  Amazon網路書店4.9顆星好評不斷   入選《富比士》雜誌2017年創新領導書   權威商業書評網「800-CEO-Read」當月重點關注商業書   安泰、福特汽車、新加坡電信等跨國企業聯合推薦   最具實用性的企業轉型指南!   「對於現存公司如何因應破壞的困境,本書給了答案。」   ──創新大師、哈佛商學院教授/克萊頓・克里斯汀生   這是落敗者 Learn More
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By Elizabeth Stage
This book will give you many hours of your life back. 'Timely and necessary . . . a must-read' Cal Newport, author of Digital Minimalism Every day, an unseen form of labour creeps into our lives, stealing precious moments of free time, placing a strain on our schedules and relationships, and earning neither appreciation nor compensation in return. Scheduling doctor's appointments. Planning a party. Buying a present. Filling out paperwork. This labour is 'life admin' - t Learn More
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By 傑克·紀伯特 , 羅布·奈特 , 珊卓拉·布萊克斯里
收起你的抗菌小道具, 因為你可能在無形中,阻礙了孩子免疫系統的發展!   「過敏,是過度清潔造成的嗎?」   「可不可以養狗、貓或其他寵物?」   「掉在地上的東西可以撿起來吃嗎」   「細菌會影響孩子的學習力嗎?」   「自閉症與腸道細菌有關係嗎?」   「我可以在哺乳期間服用抗生素嗎?」   「益生菌優格可以治療尿布疹嗎? Learn More
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By Rose Harissa
“Hasil bedah siasat mendapati Tuan Gilbert meninggal kerana kehilangan darah lapan jam selepas ditikam.” “Aku rasa... Bonda kau dah hilang.” Longlai dan terduduk Raid Arjuna saat fakta tentang kedua-dua ibu bapanya dibentangkan di depan matanya. Degil, kerana sikap itu… Hidup Raid Arjuna dihantui rasa bersalah berpanjangan selepas satu insiden terancang telah melibatkan dirinya dan dia menjadi tunjang masalah tersebut. Penculikan. Pembunuhan ayahnya, Tuan Gilbert. K Learn More
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By 伊麗莎白·寇伯特
我們之前的世界是什麼模樣?我們未來又將留下什麼樣的世界?      本書作者寇柏特試圖追查的,是一場正在進行中的大滅絕事件,並將這事件放進更寬闊的生命史背景脈絡中。   這脈絡所呈現的是,在跌宕起伏中,生命極為堅韌,卻非永遠如此。      《第六次大滅絕》藉由五種已消失的物種(乳齒象、大海雀、菊石、筆石、尼安德塔人)以 Learn More
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By 約翰·凱瑞魯
────新創神話!?揭露3000億獨創醫療科技的超完美騙局────   她被譽為女版賈伯斯、《富比世》全球最年輕的創業女富豪,   如何用「一滴血」顛覆血液檢測、翻轉醫療產業?   一項即將改變你我健康的醫療檢測新科技,   而它的技術來自──謊言!   ★ 即將改編成電影,由奧斯卡影后珍妮佛.勞倫斯(Jennifer Lawrence)主演   ★ Learn More
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By Helen Callaghan
From the author of the thrilling Sunday Times bestseller Dear Amy ______________ What if your parents had been lying to you since the day you were born? Sophia's parents lived quiet, ordinary lives. At least she thought so, until she came home to discover her worst nightmare. No matter what the police say, Sophia is certain her mother didn't try to kill her father - but clearing her name will draw Sophia deep into a past she never imagined. A past that hides a dark and Learn More
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By Nigel Cowthorne
The Disturbing Inside Story of Women Who Are Driven to Kill Killer Women are the most disturbing yet compelling of all criminals, representing the very darkest side of humanity and subverting the conventional view of women as the weaker sex. From Elizabeth Bathory, 'The Bloody Countess' whose vampire-like tendencies terrorised sixteenth-century Hungary, to the Moors Murderer Myra Hindley and the Florida Highway Killer Aileen Wuornos, these women transfix us with their extre Learn More
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By Kiersten White
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By Daniel Goleman , Richard Davidson
A fascinating and practical guide from two New York Times bestselling authors, backed by state-of-the-art scientific researchDrawing on cutting-edge research, friends and Harvard collaborators Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson expertly reveal what we can learn from a one-of-a-kind data pool that includes world-class meditators. They share for the first time remarkable findings that show how meditation - without drugs or high expense - can cultivate q Learn More
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By 傑克·紀伯特
  從葬禮回到公寓   我在地上爬著,大哭   四處搜尋妻子的頭髮   兩個月間從排水管、吸塵器   冰箱底部和衣櫃裡的   衣服上找到幾根   然後幾位日本婦人來訪   我就停了,因為再也分不出   哪些是她的。過了一年   在替美智子種的酪梨換盆時,我發現   一根又長又黑的頭髮糾纏在泥裡   ─〈已婚〉 Learn More
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By 歐普拉雜誌
美國媒體天后 歐普拉 精選40篇最真情流露的快樂生活提案! 全心全意生活、洞悉生命智慧, 活出自己的夢想,方能領悟快樂真諦。   「實現別人的夢想,不可能快樂。   請活出自己的夢想,   如此方能確實領悟快樂的意義。」   “You can never be happy living someone else’s dream.   Live your own. And you will for sure know   the meaning of happiness.”    Learn More
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By Elizabeth Klehfoth
Beneath the glittering heights of the rich and powerful, lie secrets that can destroy them all... The perfect summer read, for fans of Cruel Intentions, Gossip Girl and One of Us is Lying. 'It is the perfect book to read at the beach. But be warned: you will get a sunburn, because you won't want to put it down.' - Cecily von Ziegesar, author of Gossip Girl---------- Learn More
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By 蘇琦·諾沃格拉茲 , 伊莉莎白·諾沃格拉茲
  靜心──席捲全球的每日心靈運動,   從功夫大師李小龍、披頭四、南非總統納爾遜.曼德拉   到《活在當下》的作者拉姆.達斯、NBA超級球星……   已成為世界各地領導人、專家、上班族、青少年,   深獲啟迪的全新生活模式。   「極簡靜心」一種可直接在工作/生活中的簡易練習,   是對抗外在紛雜訊息、擁抱內在平靜、回歸簡單的工 Learn More
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By Elizabeth Enfield
'If you liked Jojo Moyes' Me Before You this is the perfect new read for you . . . a story for anyone who has ever wondered what if . . . ?' Woman's Weekly_________Ivy is always destined to meet Abe. But when is the RIGHT time? At school, as a free spirit in her twenties or when she is married . . . to someone else? Perhaps they meet when she is Learn More
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By Ken Follett
Millions of readers have been enthralled by the saga that began in The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, which now continues with Ken Follett's magnificent, gripping A Column of Fire.A WORLD IN TURMOIL1558, and Europe is in revolt as religious hatred sweeps the continent. Elizabeth Tudor has ascended to the throne but she is not safe in this dangerous new world. There are many who would see her removed, Learn More
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By Alexandra Ballard
What sixteen-year-old Elizabeth has lost so far: forty pounds, four jean sizes, a boyfriend, and her peace of mind. As a result, she's finally a size zero. She's also the newest resident at Wallingfield, a treatment center for girls like her - girls with eating disorders. Elizabeth is determined to endure the program so she can go back home, where she plans to start restricting her food intake again. She's pretty sure her mum, who has her own size-zero obsession, needs treatm Learn More
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By 蕾貝卡·博魯齊
再「瘋忙」也能活出「鋒芒」人生! 每次呼吸、每句話、每個念頭,都是療癒、充電的累積 亞馬遜讀者五顆星好評!   「我沒時間靜心。」   「靜心打坐不是靈修的人或佛教徒才會做的事嗎?」   「像我這麼嚴重的問題,不是靜心就能解決的。」   也許你曾經嘗試靜心,卻無法持之以恆;或者你根本不覺得自己有足夠的耐性和專注力;也或許你生 Learn More
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By John Carreyrou
A New York Times bestseller.WINNER OF THE FINANCIAL TIMES/MCKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2018The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos, the multibillion-dollar biotech startup, by the prize-winning journalist who first broke the story and pursued it to the end, despite pressure from its charismatic CEO and threats by her lawyers.In 2014, Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Learn More
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By Rosamond Lehmann
'A truly great book. It is beautifully written, shrewdly observed and deftly crafted, but the novel's real concern is what it means for a woman to live an authentic life' Elizabeth DayA chance encounter with the man who enchanted her as a teenager leads Olivia Curtis into to a forbidden love affair. He is now married, and Olivia's life changes to one of secret meetings, brief phone calls and snatched liaisons in anonymous hotel rooms.Years ahead of its Learn More
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By Rebecca West
'Spellbinding . . . Probably her best fiction' - Sunday TimesThe soldier returns from the front to the three women who love him. His wife, Kitty, with her cold, moonlight beauty, and his devoted cousin Jenny wait in their exquisite home on the crest of the Harrow-weald. Margaret Allington, his first and long-forgotten love, is nearby in the dreary suburb of Wealdstone. But the soldier is shell-shocked and can only remember the Margaret he loved Learn More
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By Elaine Dundy
'One of the funniest books I've ever read' - Gore Vidal*The Dud Avocado gained instant cult status on first publication and remains a timeless portrait of a woman hellbent on living. It is, as the Guardian observes, 'one of the best novels about growing up fast'.Sally Jay Gorce is a woman with a mission. It's the 1950s, she's young, and she's in Paris. Having dyed her hair pink, she wears evening dresses in the d Learn More
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By Zora Neale Hurston
She was stretched on her back beneath the pear tree soaking in the alto chant of the visiting bees, the gold of the sun and the panting breath of the breeze when the inaudible voice of it all came to her . . .When sixteen-year-old Janie is caught kissing shiftless Johnny Taylor, her grandmother swiftly marries her off to an old man with sixty acres. Janie endures two stifling marriages before she finally meets the man of her dreams - who offers not diamonds, Learn More
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By Nora Ephron
'I have bought more copies of this book to give to people, in a frenzy of enthusiasm, than any other . . . Heartburn is the perfect, bittersweet, sobbingly funny, all-too-true confessional novel' Nigella Lawson Seven months into her pregnancy, Rachel discovers that her husband is in love with another woman. The fact that this woman has a 'neck as long as an arm and a nose as long as a thumb' is no consolation. Food sometimes is, though, since Rachel is a cook Learn More
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By Mary Renault
'The Alexander Trilogy contains some of Renault's finest writing. Lyrical, wise, compelling: the novels are a wonderful imaginative feat - Sarah WatersAlexander the Great died at the age of thirty-three, leaving behind an empire that stretched from Greece to India. Fire From Heaven tells the story of the years that shaped him. His mother, Olympias, and his father, King Philip of Macedon, fought each other for their son's loyalty, teaching Alexan Learn More
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By Angela Carter
This crazy world whirled around her, men and women dwarfed by toys and puppets, where even the birds are mechanical and the few human figures went masked . . . She was in the night once again, and the doll was herself.One night Melanie walks through the garden in her mother's wedding dress. The next morning her world is shattered. Forced to leave the home of her childhood, she is sent to live with relatives she has never met: gentle Aunt Margaret, mute Learn More
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By Jane Austen
Mr and Mrs Bennet live with their five daughters. Jane, the eldest daughter, falls in love with Charles Bingley, a rich batchelor who takes a house nearby with his two sisters and friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy. Darcy is attracted to the second daugher, Elizabeth, but a bad account of him is given to Elizabeth. He and Bingley's effect the separation of Bingley and Jane. William Collins, cousin to the sisters and as only male, heir to the Bennet estate, proposes to Elizabeth but is Learn More
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By Emma Healey
In the award-winning Elizabeth is Missing debut novelist Emma Healey explored grandmother Maud's attempt to solve a 70-year-old mystery as she succumbed to dementia. Now, in her dazzling follow-up Whistle in the Dark, we meet Jen, mother to 15-year-old Lana - who has just been found after going missing for four desperate days. Lana can't talk about the missing days. As her daughter's life falls apart, Jen turns detective to discover what happ Learn More
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By Elizabeth Strout
ONE OF BARACK OBAMA'S BEST BOOKS OF 2017 Shortlisted for the Rathbones Folio Prize 2018 An unforgettable cast of small-town characters copes with love and loss from the No. 1 New York Times bestselling and Man Booker long-listed author of My Name is Lucy Barton Recalling Olive Kitteridge in its richness, structure, and complexity, Anything Is Possible explores the whole range of human emotion through the intimate dramas of people struggling to understand themselves an Learn More
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By 瑪莎·戴維斯 , 伊莉莎白·艾許曼 , 馬修·麥凱
洪仲清臨床心理師嚴選好書 一本搞定生活中各式各樣的壓力,資訊最齊全的權威減壓指南!   壓力,是現代人難以擺脫的陰影,而且時時刻刻包圍著我們。   你是否瞭解自己平時如何應對壓力?   又是否瞭解身心正發出哪些警訊?該如何有效對治?   壓力是日常生活的一部份,無論生活再怎麼規律、井然有序,還是會產生源源不絕的潛在壓力。面 Learn More
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By Chris Anderson
'This is not just the most insightful book ever written on public speaking-it's also a brilliant, profound look at how to communicate' - Adam Grant, author of ORIGINALSIn Ted Talks Chris Anderson, Head of TED, reveals the inside secrets of how to give a first-class presentation. Where books like Talk Like TED and TED Talks Storytelling whetted the appetite, here is the official TED guide to public speaking from the man who put TE Learn More
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By Harper Wave
From the cofounders of The Well Daily, a playfully-illustrated, informative, and easy-to-use meditation guidebook—including an eight-week plan for busy novices—that helps even the busiest would-be meditator incorporate this practice into their lifestyle and enjoy its many physical and emotional benefits. We’ve all heard the reports about meditation: that it helps us relieve stress and anxiety, improve our moods, lose weight, and sleep better. We know that it can make u Learn More
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By Osamu Souda
Pejabat Penyiasat Kelas 2-A diminta membantu menangkap Pencuri Misteri Mariott yang menyebabkan kekecohan di London. Yuuki, Shinnosuke dan Mitsugu terus bertolak ke London. Motif sebenar si pencuri adalah untuk mendapatkan berlian terbesar di dunia milik keluarga diraja British. Yuuki dan rakan-rakan menaiki kapal persiaran mewah bernama Queen Elizabeth di mana berlian itu diangkut tetapi apa yang berlaku selepas itu sangat mengejutkan...?! Kali ini, ahli Bokura bergab Learn More
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By James Patterson
A gripping stand-alone thriller from bestselling author James Patterson __________________________ The next hand he deals you... may be your last. A serial killer is loose on the streets of Manhattan. His victims appear to be total strangers. The only clue that links the crimes is the playing card left behind at each scene that hints at the next target. The killer, known in the tabloids as The Dealer, is baiting cops into a deadly guessing game that has the city inc Learn More
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By 伊莉莎白·布雷克本 , 伊麗莎·艾波
  端粒(telomere)是染色體的末端,也是染色體的保護箍。   諾貝爾生理醫學獎得主伊莉莎白.布雷克本,   長期鑽研端粒現象與效應,   她發現:正是端粒的長短,控制了細胞和人體的壽命;   而且端粒不只是會執行遺傳指令,還會聽從你的指示,   也就是說,你的生活方式等同於對你的端粒下令,   讓你細胞老化得更快或更慢一點。    Learn More
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By Oprah Winfrey
The Wisdom of Sundays features insightful selections from the most meaningful conversations between Oprah Winfrey and some of today's most admired thought leaders.Visionaries like Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington and Shonda Rhimes share their lessons in finding purpose. World-renowned teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Wayne Dyer explain our complex relationship with the ego and the healing powers of love and connection. And best-selling wr Learn More
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By 伊麗莎白·桑頓
─壓力與雜音之中,協助主管做好判斷的心智基本功─   ★廣受好評!美國巴布森商學院「高階主管客觀領導」學程精華再現   ★真實故事:王牌銷售員「美國運通小姐」慘賠百萬美元的心智反轉悟道   ★個人的「客觀力」精進:數百名專業人士訪談和30年主管&創業家經驗傳授   知道嗎?   其實,我們無時無刻不在使用刻板印象,   我們經常 Learn More
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By 伊莉莎白·克萊
你吃有機,卻不在乎身上穿的材質是什麼!? 快時尚已經快速到破壞生態環境, 身為地球公民,「慢消費」才是最佳時尚守則!   「體檢報告如下:我有六十一件上衣、六十件T恤、三十四件無袖上衣、二十一件裙子、二十四件洋裝、二十雙鞋子、二十件毛線衣、十八條皮帶、十五件羊毛衣與套頭運動衫、十四件短褲、十四件夾克、十三條牛仔褲、十二件內 Learn More
USUAL: RM49.30

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MEMBER: RM 44.37 (-10%)

By Ken Follett
The saga that has enthralled the millions of readers of The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End now continues with Ken Follett's magnificent, gripping A Column of Fire.Christmas 1558, and young Ned Willard returns home to Kingsbridge to find his world has changed.The ancient stones of Kingsbridge Cathedral look down on a city torn by religious hatred. Europe is in turmoil as high principles clash bloodily with friendship, lo Learn More
USUAL: RM116.90

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MEMBER: RM 105.21 (-10%)

By Elizabeth Kilbey
USUAL: RM82.90

NOW: RM 82.90 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 74.61 (-10%)

By 艾琳娜·斐蘭德
★全系列改編影集拍攝中,將在HBO播出 ★義大利熱銷260萬冊、美加暢銷160萬冊、德國上市五週狂銷25萬冊 ★2014年紐約時報百大好書 ★2014年華爾街日報年度好書 ★2014年VOGUE年度十大好書 ★2014年讀者文摘年度好書   離開吧,永遠離開這我們從出生以來一直過著的生活。   在井然有序的地方,   在真正有可能實現一切的地方安身立命吧。   一篇名為 Learn More
USUAL: RM58.50

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MEMBER: RM 52.65 (-10%)

By Elizabeth Haas Edersheim
Final advice from the great Peter Drucker for driving growth and profitability in the 21st Century-with a new foreword from the author"We need a new theory of management. The assumptions built into business today are not accurate." -Peter DruckerBased on multipleseveral interviews and working sessions with Peter Drucker during the last year of his life, The Definitive Drucker reveals the management luminary's most i Learn More
USUAL: RM87.00

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MEMBER: RM 78.30 (-10%)

By Talulah Riley
A wonderfully romantic and searingly sexy love story to make your heart soar, perfect for fans of Curtis Sittenfeld's Eligible. 'A refreshing love story' - Marie Claire'A truly unique heroine' - HeatBernadette knows what she wants.Tim is perfect, and she's always had a feeling that something is about to happen between them.He might have just announced his engagement to the sick Learn More
USUAL: RM42.90

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MEMBER: RM 38.61 (-10%)

By 艾比蓋爾‧塔克
家貓是獅子的表親,是「新萬獸之王」,其數量正在爆炸; 無論溫馴或野性,宅居還是在外遊蕩, 都正逐步主宰自然與城市,文化和潮流趨勢; 就許多層面來看,牠們儼然成為人類的統治者。 事實是,我們對貓情有獨鍾。我們的文化──無論是網路還是實體世界──都被貓「瘋」潮席捲。明星貓咪可以出書、簽訂電影合約、募捐善款,人們搶著在其臉書 Learn More
USUAL: RM60.10

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MEMBER: RM 54.09 (-10%)

By 黛博拉·納都曼·蘭迪斯
為電影角色塑造風格的幕後功臣,就是服裝設計師。      電影服裝是劇情呈現的元素之一,   服裝設計師必須深入角色靈魂,找出人物的本質,   並根據角色在故事中的發展弧線來設計戲服,   讓戲服成為演員的一部分。      服裝的色彩、質地與線條,能傳達演員在每個場景的狀態或情緒,   服裝設計師透過演員創造出來的,可說是動態 Learn More
USUAL: RM76.85

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MEMBER: RM 69.17 (-10%)

By 伊莉莎白·威爾森
★入圍2014年William Hill年度最佳運動圖書 ★研究網球百年文化必讀   一部縝密考究又迷人浪漫的文化史   見證時代騷動,打造世代傳奇,銘刻經典身影——網球女神蘇珊‧朗格倫、法國浪漫四劍客、悲劇人物提爾登、澳洲國寶羅德‧拉沃、叛逆火爆馬克安諾、冰冷拘謹博格、優雅費德勒、蠻牛納達爾、諧趣喬科維奇……   ■19世紀的草地網球,只是體 Learn More
USUAL: RM58.50

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MEMBER: RM 52.65 (-10%)

By J. R. Ward
Behind the glamorous facade of Kentucky's most famous family lurks a secret - one that threatens its very foundation . . . In Charlemont, Kentucky, the Bradford family is the creme de la creme of high society - just like their exclusive brand of bourbon. And their complicated lives and vast estate are run by a discrete staff who inevitably become embroiled in their affairs. This is especially true now, when the apparent suicide of the family patriarch is star Learn More
USUAL: RM39.90

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MEMBER: RM 35.91 (-10%)

來自依麗莎白.克雷爾.普弗特的靈訊: 愛,這撼動整個宇宙的力量, 是進入寶瓶時代的唯一鑰匙。   來自揚升上師的祈禱文、真言、肯定語句、觀想練習……   帶你深入心的探索與修煉,喚醒內在愛的本質與潛能。   這是一個來自新世紀的傳承,由美國知名的傳訊者,傳遞揚升上師們的教導與訊息,帶領人們深入「愛」的本質,進入人類存在最珍 Learn More
USUAL: RM46.20

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MEMBER: RM 41.58 (-10%)

By Jane Corry
THREE LITTLE GIRLS SET OFF TO SCHOOL ONE SUNNY MAY MORNING. WITHIN AN HOUR, ONE OF THEM IS DEAD.From the author of the Sunday Times Top Ten and Kindle bestseller MY HUSBAND'S WIFE, comes an even more addictive, page-turning and powerful novel about two women bound by a deadly secret. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, Erin Kelly and BA Paris. Kitty lives in a care home. She can't speak properly, and she has no memory of the Learn More
USUAL: RM43.95

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By Elizabeth A. Martin
The new edition of this bestselling and trusted dictionary has been fully updated and revised to take account of recent developments in nursing practice and related fields. Updates to this edition cover many areas, with a particular focus on areas such as nutrition, medical research, lymphology, and critical care nursing. Written by medical and nursing specialists, and offering more than 10,300 clear and concise entries on the theory and practice of nursing, the dictionary pr Learn More
USUAL: RM27.90

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MEMBER: RM 25.11 (-10%)

By Amnesty International
A varied and thought-provoking collection of short stories and poems for teens with a conscience, with striking cover illustrations by award-winning children's laureate Chris Riddell With contributions from Frances Hardinge, Sarah Crossan, Matt Haig, Neil Gaiman and many more. Did you know that ... government spies can turn on your phone and use the microphone to listen to your conversations? ... that lesbian and gay relationships are illegal in 78 countries and can be Learn More
USUAL: RM46.90

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MEMBER: RM 42.21 (-10%)

By Jude Deveraux
The Girl From Summer Hill is a dazzling novel from New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux, set in Summer Hill, a small town where love takes center stage against the backdrop of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.Enter Elizabeth Bennet. Chef Casey Reddick has had it up to here with men. Arriving in the charming town of Summer Hill, Virginia, peace and quiet on the picturesque Tattwell plantation is just what she needs. But Learn More
USUAL: RM45.90

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MEMBER: RM 41.31 (-10%)

By Elizabeth Siew , Ashat Ishak
In today’s volatile macro and micro economy and challenging market, real estate investment remains one of the best and most secured form of investment. However it is a fact that yield and ROI on property has been dropping over the last 2 years in Malaysia. Nowadays there are lots of properties un-tenanted, un-occupied and under-utilized eagerly looking for a way out. KC See, founder and CEO of MasteryAsia together with Elizabeth Siew and Ahyat Ishak who are two of the mos Learn More
USUAL: RM39.90

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