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By Keyu Jin
A myth-dispelling, comprehensive guide to the Chinese economy and its path to ascendancy. China's economy has been booming for decades now. A formidable and emerging power on the world stage, the China that most Americans picture is only a rough sketch, based on American news coverage, policy, and ways of understanding. Enter Keyu Jin: a world-renowned economist who was born in China, educated in the U.S., and is now a tenured professor at the London School of Economics. A Learn More
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By Ed Bott
Conquer Windows 11 -- from the inside out! Dive into Windows 11 and really put your Windows expertise to work. Focusing on the most powerful and innovative features of Windows 11, this supremely well-organized reference packs hundreds of time-saving solutions, up-to-date tips, and workarounds. From personalizing your Windows user experience to maximizing security and privacy, you'll discover how experts tackle today's essential tasks. Make the most of Microsoft's latest Wind Learn More
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By Fathyakan
Dukacita kerana perjalanan di dunia tak ada yang sia sia melainkan hanya ingin menyedarkan manusia dari leka. Hanya menjadikan seseorang itu lebih baik dan kuat dari sebelumnya. Setiap hari adalah ruang dan peluang untuk manusia perbaiki kehidupannya. Jangan pernah berputus asa, harapan dari Tuhan sentiasa ada. Kadang kala manusia terlalu memikirkan apa yang dia mahu sampai terlupa untuk sempurnakan apa yang Tuhan mahu. Jangan hanya fikirkan apa yang kita belum ada, tapi fiki Learn More
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By Olivie Blake
From Olivie Blake, the bestselling author of The Atlas Six, One For My Enemy is a captivating fantasy story of ambition, sacrifice and the enduring power of family legacies. In New York City, two rival witch families fight for the upper hand. The Antonova sisters are beautiful, cunning and ruthless, and their mother - known only as Baba Yaga - is the elusive supplier of premium intoxicants. Their adversaries, the influential Fedorov brothers, serve their crime boss father. Learn More
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By Christopher Gopal , Gene Tyndall
A timely guide to rethinking and reinventing supply chains with breakthrough thinking to benefit your organization, the economy, and the world Major global events have brought to the forefront the impact of supply chains on everything from the success of companies and the health of individuals to global prosperity. As global business and geopolitical conditions change radically, it is imperative that supply chain strategies and operations transform to thrive in a volatile en Learn More
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By David Linthicum 
Many cloud computing initiatives flat-out fail; others limp along, functioning tolerably without ever delivering what they promised. An Insider's Guide to Cloud Computing reveals why and shows how to do better. Cloud pioneer and long-time CTO David Linthicum explodes the industry's secrets and presents practical ways to optimize cloud for value and performance. Linthicum takes a hard look at aggressively marketed technologies such as cloud-based AI, containers, no-code, serv Learn More
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By Mr. Mustafa Qizilbash
This book takes the buyer on a journey to know most of the terms i.e., 200+ used in Data World. Welcome to gerakbudaya.os where we strive to provide our customers an array of products that satisfy demand for quality and efficiency. Buy our products ONLINE in a worry-free manner as we guarantee 100% authenticity. Shopping can't get any easier than this, so start today! Learn More
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By  Khoo Boo Teik 
Over 50 years Anwar Ibrahim was a Malay nationalist student, a motor of Islamic activism, a co-opted rising star in government, an ‘anointed successor’ to the premiership, a persecuted reformist, and a revitalized Opposition Leader. He disdained comfortable irrelevance to rouse indignant masses against the regimes of five prime ministers. In September 1998 he was a political prisoner with a blackened eye. In November 2023 he became the Prime Minister. In the 21st century Learn More
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By Ismim Putera
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, year: 1998. Seng Boo, 16, has a hard time adjusting to life in the squalor of the warehouse he shares with his family and relatives near the pig farms. The recurring nightmares of fires in the warehouse, coupled with other bizarre scenes continue to distress him. Meningitis, dengue fever, and Japanese encephalitis had all contributed to a sudden spike in cases of respiratory illness in the area. The incidence rates kept rising despite widespread Learn More
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By  Nurul Hana Anwar
8 years have gone by and editing this book feels like a fever dream. I never thought I could be here in such a good light and I am excited that you are able to see the changes and the whirlwind of moments that have happened in Malaysia. Thank you to the people that had been here from different journeys and walks of life. This means a lot and I couldn’t have done it without people I cherish and love that have brought me to finish this book. Learn More
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By Isaac Sacolick
Organizations are in a race to become a digital enterprise. For those leading their company's tech-driven change, this guide will help you along the way. Every business makes plans for updating products, technologies, and processes. However, that is simply not enough for a twenty-first century company. While the pressure is intense, you can create a clear path forward using guidance from this book. In Driving Digital, business technology executive Isaac Sacolick shares the Learn More
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By Acik Lana
Susahnya bila tak cukup duit!  Bekerja keras siang dan malam, namun hidup Neena tak senang-senang juga. Koleksi hutang tetap meriah dikeliling pinggangnya. Sewa rumah, ansuran kereta, bil-bil yang saban bulan menuntut bayaran, lelah dia bergelut demi mengubah nasib keluarga. Semput nyawa! Tak cukup memaksa tulang empat keratnya bekerja, Neena sanggup bergolok gadai segala harta. Masalahnya bukan harta dia, tapi harta emak dekat kampung. Malang sekali kerana untung pelabur Learn More
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By Guoli Chen
Meet the overnight tech success stories of China's globalizing business landscape In the last few years, we have seen a meteoric rise of Chinese tech companies across the world. Alibaba stock price movements unnerved investors globally, venture capitalists searched for the next Meituan or Pinduoduo in Southeast Asia and Latin America, and of course, Tik Tok, the most popular content platform in the world today, originated from China. The founders of such companies are typical Learn More
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By Koh King Kee
China is often misunderstood and even stigmatised by the mainstream media and some Western scholars. 'The New Era in Today’s China' explains what the country can bring to the world. The book comprehensively examines China in the new era and what it means for the future world, including its domestic politics, economy, society, and culture, as well as China’s global engagement, world image, and international communication. It covers key topics such as China-US relations, po Learn More
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By Bill Gates
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER - In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical--and accessible--plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe. Bill Gates has spent a decade investigating the causes and effects of climate change. With the help of experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science, and finance, he has focused on what must be done in ord Learn More
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By White Geoffrey
Meet the Lazarus Group, a shadowy cabal of hackers accused of working on behalf of the North Korean state. They form one of the most effective criminal enterprises on the planet, having stolen more than $1bn in an international crime spree. Their targets include central banks, cryptocurrency companies, film studios and even the British National Health Service.In this jaw-dropping, global investigation, journalist Geoff White examines how the North Korean regime has harnessed Learn More
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By Members of the May 13 Oral History Group
“As May 13, 1969, has lived on as one of Malaysia’s most iconic moments of political transition and change, it deserves to be told and retold through many lenses and by many interlocutors. How did those palpably touched by the ordeal, and lost friends, neighbors, and family members survive the aftermath of the violence? As the narrators in this book recount these experiences, they weigh and judge the history of the nation, from below. This book thus makes for a powerful Learn More
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By Murale Pillai
Life in 16th-century Malacca—as it is in Malaysia today—was centered on power and politics, trade and commerce, rivalry and strife, race and religion, and war and peace. As the leading entrepot of the Nusantara, Malacca grew rich and prosperous. Then things took a familiar turn. The political ethos of the inward-looking and self-serving ruling elite had begun to change for the worse. Bent on enjoying the trappings of wealth and power, they ignored the needs and well-bein Learn More
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By Tan Jit Seng
Abandoned Gods tells the story of Nira, a young woman trekking the dark interiors of Sarawak with a sick child on her back to get to Kuching General Hospital, a hundred kilometres away. On the way, she meets a whole host of demons, spirits, ghouls and ghosts, and gets a little help from above, in the form of magical feathers from the seven omen birds of legend. Nira and her son, Aji, get caught up in the middle of an epic war aeons in the making, between the bunsu antu animal Learn More
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By Acik Lana
Bayangkan bagaimana rasanya bila menjadi saksi pembunuhan bapa saudara sendiri di depan mata. Bukan itu saja, dia diculik dan dilarikan pula jauh ke pulau terasing oleh si pembunuh! Maka dalam setiap hela nafas Jhia, tak ada perasaan lain mampu tercipta buat Zayn selain daripada kebencian dan dendam yang membara. Malah dia yakin dia sanggup membunuh Zayn dengan tangannya sendiri demi menuntut bela kematian pak ngah. Dia sanggup! Terlalu banyak yang terpaksa Jhia lakukan di Learn More
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By Sarah Suk
Frankly in Love meets Shark Tank in this feel-good romantic comedy about two entrepreneurial Korean American teens who butt heads—and maybe fall in love—while running competing Korean beauty businesses at their high school. There’s nothing Valerie Kwon loves more than making a good sale. Together with her cousin Charlie, they run V&C K-BEAUTY, their school’s most successful student-run enterprise. With each sale, Valerie gets closer to taking her beloved and adventur Learn More
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By Syed Farrukh Hassan , Alexander Orel , Kashif Islam
THE NETWORK PROFESSIONAL’S GUIDE TO PLANNING, DESIGNING, AND DEPLOYING 5G TRANSPORT NETWORKS As 5G transforms mobile usage and services, network professionals will need to significantly evolve their transport network architectures towards greater sophistication and stronger integration with radio networks, and facilitate transition towards cloud-native 5G mobile core. Until now, however, most 5G guides have foregrounded RF/radio and mobile core innovations, not its implic Learn More
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By Frank Slootman
The secret to leading growth is your mindset Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman is one of the tech world's most accomplished executives in enterprise growth, having led Snowflake to the largest software IPO ever after leading ServiceNow and Data Domain to exponential growth and the public market before that. In Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity, he shares his leadership approach for the first time. Amp It U Learn More
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By Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary
Two coaches to Fortune 500 companies and social enterprises show how to use the social-psychology of human connection and curiosity to drive meaningful workplace communication and collaboration In today's increasingly polarized world, we're struggling to fully understand and respect one other. As a result, we're losing sight of the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships; even forgetting to be curious and listen to each other. And that's bad for bus Learn More
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By Priyanka Vergadia
Easy-to-follow visual walkthrough of every important part of the Google Cloud Platform The Google Cloud Platform incorporates dozens of specialized services that enable organizations to offload technological needs onto the cloud. From routine IT operations like storage to sophisticated new capabilities including artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Google Cloud Platform offers enterprises the opportunity to scale and grow efficiently. In Visualizing Google Clou Learn More
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By Gary Lit Ying Loong
Through a highly personal and engaging journey, this book exposes the myths and mysteries surrounding the most tumultuous period of Malayan history. It illuminates our understanding of the subterranean forces shaping the people and country then and now. Almost immediately after WWII, the British fought a long “Emergency” war against the communist guerrillas who had bravely helped them to fight against the Japanese earlier. This book details the gruesome atrocities suff Learn More
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By Syed Hussein Alatas  
Originally published in 1977, The Myth of the Lazy Native is an early example of a systematic critique of colonial knowledge. Syed Hussein Alatas analyses the origins of the myth of the ‘lazy native’ from the 16th to the 20th century in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and how it functions within colonial capitalism, a type of transformed feudal order with racial undertones. The ‘indolence’ that the native population was accused of was not just linked to labo Learn More
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By Acik Lana
Tengku Bakti seorang yang memiliki pakej lengkap dalam hidupnya. Segak, kaya raya dan berjaya. Namun kelebihan tersebut menjadikan dia manusia yang megah dan sombong. Maka hiburan dunia telah menjadi 'makanan' harian untuknya. Berpoya-poya dan berpesta tanpa pernah memikirkan dosa pahala. Dia enjoy begini! Learn More
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By David Brown
A ROLLICKING READ ABOUT THE CORPORATE WORLD'S GREATEST RIVALRIES." ADAM GRANT, New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and Originals, and host of the TED podcast WorkLife Based on the chart-topping BUSINESS WARS podcast, here are the stories and lessons from history's greatest business rivalries - retold as you've never heard them before. Some of the companies here have been featured on the podcast, many are entirely new, and ALL of the material presents a fresh per Learn More
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By Bill Gates
In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical - and accessible - plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe. Bill Gates has spent a decade investigating the causes and effects of climate change. With the help of experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science, and finance, he has focused on what must be done in order to stop the planet's slide Learn More
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By Shaun Adam
When British colonists first arrived in Malaya, they considered Naning, a small village about 30 miles from Malacca, to be under their jurisdiction. The incumbent penghulu of Naning, Dol Said, resisted, claiming that Naning was an independent sovereign state with its own traditions and laws. Intending to follow in the footsteps of their Indian conquest, a military campaign was sanctioned by the British East India Company to seize Naning and to arrest its chief in 1831. What o Learn More
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By Acik Lana
Keisha Edlina digelar gold digger kerana berbekalkan wajah pan-Asia dan tubuh yang sempurna dia menggoda lelaki kaya dan peras harta mereka habis-habisan. Kemudian dia mencari lelaki lain yang jauh lebih kaya pula. Hubungan selama dua tahun bersama Datuk Eusoff tidak menjadi, dan dia berpaling pula kepada Tan Sri Emran. Belum sempat mencapai angan-angan, satu insiden ngeri telah menimpa Keisha Edlina. Dia berputus asa untuk meneruskan hidup, namun kemunculan Kaef mengubah hal Learn More
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By Suganthi Supramaniam
The Story of Bentong Kali details the rise and fall of one of Malaysia's most notorious gangsters Kalimuthu a/l Pakirisamy, better known as Bentong Kali, who terrorised the nation in the early 1990s. On the front of every newspaper, he was believed to be behind at least 16 murders and attempted murders before being killed by police. Written by journalist Suganthi Suparmaniam, this book traces Kalimuthu's journey from his poor childhood in Bentong, Pahang to the streets of KL Learn More
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PRODUCTS ORDERED ARE SUBJECTED TO SUPPLIERS STOCK AVAILABILITY. FULL REFUND WILL BE ISSUED SHOULD THE PRODUCTS ARE UNAVAILABLE. ESTIMATE DAY(S) OF DELIVERY: 26-30 WORKING DAYS You're the Man is a posthumous studio album by American singer Marvin Gaye, originally intended to be released in 1972 as the follow-up to What's Going On. It was released on March 29, 2019, through Motown, Universal Music Enterprises, and Universal Music Group to celebrate what would have be Learn More
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By Tutu Dutta , Sharifah Aishah O
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By Acik Lana
Episod lalu, kehadiran Ridza Kim perlahan-lahan telah mengubah sikap Ammara. Dari seorang gadis yang berjiwa mati, dingin, tak mampu bersuara, Ammara cuba membina personaliti berbeza. Hidup bersama ‘kuasa’ pada sepasang tangannya bukan mudah. Malah Ammara tak pernah berani memasang impian untuk hidup normal seperti orang lain. Bercinta, berkahwin dan berkeluarga, layakkah dia? Namun pendirian itu berubah arah sebaik saja lamaran Ridza Kim diterima. Cuma laluan menuju ba Learn More
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By Tan Yen Fong
Mr. Tan Kai Hee is the Founder and Chairman of Hai O Enterprise Bhd. He started Hai O Enterprise in 1975, from nothing to building the company that offering a wide range of complementary medicines (TCM), medicated tonic as well as wellness, beauty and healthcare products and clinical services. It has a market capitalization of 1.32 billion (as at 20th August 2018) Hai-O was the first traditional healthcare company listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since 1996. But Learn More
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By Acik Lana
Allergic? Ya, dalam dunia ini ada bermacam-macam jenis alahan yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh sesetengah manusia. Tapi berlainan dengan Ammara. ‘Allergic’ yang dihidapi telah mengubah kehidupannya secara total. Katakan apa yang lebih teruk dari alahan terhadap sentuhan manusia? Entah kenapa, Ammara seperti ‘diharam’ untuk menyentuh sesiapa di dunia ini. Setiap kali berlaku hubungan kulit ke kulit, pasti dirinya akan menempuh satu ‘pengembaraan’ yang sangat menjeri Learn More
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By Ismi Fa Ismail
Kesinambungan dan novel terakhir untuk Siri Jangan Baca Novel Ni dan Siri Seruan (aka sekuel SeruanTerakhir) Learn More
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This coursebook contains exam-style case studies and stimulus material from businesses around the world – ranging from a social enterprise in China to a fast food outlet in Zimbabwe. These give an international view of the real world applications of Business Studies theory. This book provides comprehensive exam support with questions to help students practise and build their confidence with the subject. The final chapter gives revision tips and advice on writing well-struct Learn More
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By 杨美盈
贪腐高官大权在握,国家体制怎么了? 全球教育排名年年包尾,教育制度失败了吗? 青年低薪和失业问题严重,经济政策哪里出错? 女性政经地位不如男性,性别平等只是口号? 看不见弱势族群,谁说马来西亚是友善亲切的国家? 马来西亚的未来在哪里?没有政治口号,杨美盈跟你老实谈政治。从国家体制、教育、青年、女性、弱势族群等议题的问题和 Learn More
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《马来西亚:重新起航》这本书,收集民主行动党全国各地领袖所写的文章汇编而成。 作者们针对国家体制百病丛生的局面,包括交通、医疗和环境等议题,一一作出探研和分析。这些文章展示了作者们的不同观点和热情,以期能收集思广益来解决国家当前困境之效。 本书并非宣言,也不是政策指南,相反的,我们希望通过这一系列文章,帮助马来西亚 Learn More
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By 文案:李耀详,监制:丘光耀博士
自《人民首长林冠英漫画传》后,年轻漫画家番茄再推出全新作品《槟城再旺》,一本漫画就能看懂槟州希望联盟政府从2008年至2018年10年来的施政重点,简单易读,让您充分掌握州政府努力的点点滴滴。 Learn More
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By 赖国芳
本书内容分为四辑,分别是《人生一曲》、《曲中人生》、《人间歌语》以及《走过托福园》。 《人生一曲》于2016年初发表于星洲日报。随后作者又发表了《曲中人生》,以曲为引,以较大篇幅阐述生命经验和心路历程。其中有几篇写作者在托福园当义工弹钢琴的经历。托福园是新加坡历史悠久的临终关怀医院。在这里,死亡逼在眉睫。许多感人的故事,在 Learn More
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本书的出版恰逢马来西亚独立六十周年,当代学者站在21世纪的肩膀上重新反思和整理过去一甲子年的外交和国防政策,使未来的我们才能看到和走到更远。 本书共11篇,基本上涵盖了涉及马来西亚外交和国防的主要问题。 Learn More
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本书为2014年“重返马来亚:政治与历史思想”国际学术研讨会的成果。不仅收 录十篇研究论文,也包括现场评议和讨论内容,可窥探来自马来西亚丶新加坡 丶印尼丶香港丶东京和冲绳等地的知识人如何重返马来亚的历史语境,挖掘和 当代社会相关联的问题意识。 聚焦在“马来亚”,梳理独立前后不同思潮的交锋以及竞争关系,以及人们对于“ 国家想像 Learn More
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By 王润华
重返是王润华的诗学,是作者的身心与文学的探险,重回昨天与今日,也进入未来。思考与幻想,理想与现实,写实与魔幻交替。这本《重返马来亚》,他回返历史上的马来亚与淡马锡,书写了美丽、哀愁与凄凉的本土、英殖民与日本侵略者的战争,树木与河流的史诗,唤起历史、民族与个人的共同记忆 。 Learn More
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By 孙和声
马来西亚国情知多少?这是一本为普罗大众而写的国情基础知识读本。目的为有兴趣的读者提供一本国情小百科类的国情手册。 此书由两部分组成,一为基本数据,另一则为论述型文章。所有文章皆曾发表于《东方日报》的名家,龙门阵及文荟。 希望读者会觉得这是本便利实用的国情一本通。 Learn More
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By 孙和声
马来西亚经济怎么了?每况愈下?还是明天会更好?有道是后天无所为先天优势也失色,这是否一个被糟蹋了的经济体? 本书概要式地评价了我国经济基本概况,也提供了其阶段性变化的基本数据,希望能为有兴趣的读者,提供一本便利的读本,也据此理出一个头绪来。 Learn More
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本书共分为十二个章节,每章各处理一个主题,涵括当前马来西亚政府体制与政府治理的各个专题。所有参与本书撰写计划的学者,皆为马来西亚公民,书中除了有三篇论文的作者是以英文撰写原文,其余的论文都是以中文撰写,基本反映了当前马来西亚政治研究领域的中文学界水平。撰稿者除少数国内资深学者,中生代作者占了大部分,但也涵盖有潜能的年轻 Learn More
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By Acik Lana
Putri - Gelaran seperti Ratu Kelam Kabut, Minah Clumsy sudah cukup sinonim dengan dirinya sejak kecil lagi. Habis semua tiang dan dinding dia langgar, malah sudah banyak kali dia jatuh tertonggeng ke dalam longkang. Bernasib malang atau dia memang punya masalah koordinasi fizikal tak balance? . Namun beberapa siri kejadian malang tiba-tiba berubah dengan kemunculan seorang jejaka misteri yang sering menyelamatkannya. Tak sempat mencium tanah, tubuh dia sudah disambut. Tak s Learn More
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By Ismi Fa Ismail
TRILOGI JANGAN BACA NOVEL NI (Edisi Khas Ulang Tahun ke-5) Novel yang terdapat dalam boxset ini: 1) Jangan Baca Novel Ni 2) Tiada Tajuk 3) Akhir Learn More
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By Wan Roslan Wan Salleh
BUKU INI AKAN MENGUBAH CARA ANDA BERFIKIRTENTANG WANG Ramai orang begitu teruja menginginkan kehidupan yang luar biasa apabila melihat secara fizikal kekayaan dan kesenangan hidup yang dimiliki yang membuatkan hati berdetik dan berdebar-debar mencari formula yang memungkinkan kita pun boleh menjadi kaya seperti mereka. Malangnya, kerana kita tidak punya banyak ilmu maka kaya yang cuba kita capai adalah kaya yang cuba disegerakan, seperti terlibat dalam skim cepat kaya. Buk Learn More
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By John Lees
The nation's much loved careers guide book is back!How To Get A Job You Love is a blueprint for anyone looking for work or planning a career change.Whether you're looking for your first job, a graduate or an experienced professional, this book will guide you through the process accompanied by a series of exercises to help you decide what kind of role suits you.New Features in the 2017-18 edition Learn More
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By 监制:超人
林冠英个人的故事,像是马来西亚政治史的浓缩版。他生于60年代,在80年代步入政坛大半生都为了打造一个更平等的马来西亚而奋斗,却屡屡遭遇政治逼害,人生低潮过后,终于迎来了308大捷,成了开启我国民主篇章的重要旗手之一。发生在他身上的事,很多都是交织了你我的喜怒哀乐,而他未来的路,也牵动了许多人的期待。 Learn More
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By Daniel Halper
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. Weekly Standard editor Daniel Halper provides a meticulously researched account of the brilliant calculations, secret deals, and occasionally treacherous maneuverings that led to the Clintons' return to political prominence.In t Learn More
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By Jeffrey Gitomer
The Sales Bible softbound NEW EDITION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA ANSWERS Global sales authority Jeffrey Gitomer's bestselling classic, The Sales Bible, has been updated and appended in this new edition, offering you the ultimate sales methods and strategies that really work every day, in real-world selling situations. With over 200,000 copies of the previous editions sold, The Sales Bible was listed as one of "The Ten Books Every Salesperson Should Own and Read" by the Dale Carnegie S Learn More
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By 刘镇东
作者的学术背景,加上身为国会议员的视野,让他一向在解读国内政治与经济课题上尖锐而精准,直挑重点,而他对课题解析能力强的特点更让人印像深刻。收录在这本新书的多篇精彩文章让读者从一个新的角度检视马来西亚的政治或经济课题。 Learn More
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By 林冠英
《槟城在望》收集林冠英掌整槟城数年来的记录、心得、体会,每一篇文章“都是有灵魂的精髓”,因为它们不止是林冠英的心路历程,也是槟城人民的心声和感动。 Learn More
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