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By Maxine Mei-Fung Chung
One woman, many personas. But which one is telling the truth? Alexa Wu is a brilliant yet darkly self-aware young woman whose chaotic life is manipulated and controlled by a series of alternate personalities. Only three people know about their existence: her therapist Daniel; her stepmother Anna; and her enigmatic best friend Ella. When Ella gets a job at a high-end gentleman's club, she is gradually drawn into London's cruel underbelly. With lives at stake, Alexa follows h Learn More
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PRODUCTS ORDERED ARE SUBJECTED TO SUPPLIERS STOCK AVAILABILITY. FULL REFUND WILL BE ISSUED SHOULD THE PRODUCTS ARE UNAVAILABLE. ESTIMATE DAY(S) OF DELIVERY: 26-30 WORKING DAYS It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is the second studio album by American hip hop group Public Enemy, released on June 28, 1988. The group set out to make the hip hop equivalent to Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, an album noted for its strong social commentary. Recording sessions Learn More
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By Arden Rose
For fans of Grace Helbig and Alexa Chung comes a fresh, hilarious guide to growing up your way from social media influencer and lifestyle vlogger Arden Rose. Now in paperback with a brand-new chapter with tips from Arden about how to travel in style! In Almost Adulting-perfect for budding adults, failing adults, and eaters of microwave mug brownies-Arden tells you how to survive your future adulthood. Topics include: Making internet friends who are cool and not murderers Learn More
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By 王鵬
  華人世界第一本全方位視角的蘇格蘭威士忌專書!   國際評審 王鵬 重磅新作   以品飲、風味為主軸,探索歷史人文、原料製程與產業經營,如何形塑當今威士忌的風味樣貌。   Part Ⅰ 酒杯裡的風味世界   藉由豐富的酒類專業品評與教學經驗,王鵬指出烈酒品飲的獨特之處與關鍵訣竅,針對蘇格蘭威士忌的風味特性,深入解說品飲操作技 Learn More
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By 陳春龍 , 賽巴斯汀·拉辛努
  獻給新手的專業咖啡書   學會沖咖啡之前,先了解自己適合哪一種咖啡      除了水之外,咖啡是全世界最多人喝的飲料。   現代人幾乎每天都要喝好幾杯咖啡,當你喝下第一口咖啡時,   有記得感受一下它的香氣嗎?或只是機械式地想要解咖啡的「癮」?   你有想過,怎樣才算是一杯「好」咖啡嗎?   對咖啡有一點了解,但又好像不是 Learn More
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By 周厚荣
乡土研究最重要的当然是当地到处可见的在地史料,如坟山的墓碑;百年老庙、宗祠、学校或老店留存的各类旧文件或照片或器物;旧报纸与早期出版品;社团会馆的会议记录、照片及物什;家里祖父母、父母亲到个人的报生纸及各类单据,等等。这些民间史料,其重要性并不亚于国家档案馆里的官方材料,是各地乡土研究与历史的珍贵文物,千万不要轻易丟弃 Learn More
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和你在一起的每一天,都是愛情 暖心插畫家,感動27萬人的真愛告白 程予希、鄧福如、魏如昀 感動推薦   一句話,一個場景,   喚起妳跟他之間最簡單美好的小時光。   ❥❥隨書附贈「LOVE IS明信片」3張❥❥   韓國暖心插畫家PUUUNG,感動數十萬戀人的溫暖畫作。   2015年6月,PUUUNG在群募網站Kickstarter集資,想籌募足夠資金,出版自己的《愛 Learn More
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By 鍾子偉
《商業周刊》最受歡迎線上專欄作家鍾子偉,獻給所有不甘平凡的年輕人最誠摯的職場建言。 台大外文系、哈佛商學院MBA、28歲當上外商總經理、30歲創立網路新聞媒體的鍾子偉,總被認為是「人生勝利組」,然他的際遇並非「幸運」兩字可帶過,因為,他總比別人更在意做每件事的動機、更執著於自己的選擇。新作分享自身職場經驗,將幫助年輕世代扭轉青 Learn More
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By Alexa Chung
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By Lo Kuan-Chung
This epic saga of brotherhood and rivalry, of loyalty and treachery, of victory and death, forms part of the indelible core of classical Chinese culture and continues to fascinate modern-day readers. In 220 EC, the 400-year-old rule of the mighty Han dynasty came to an end and three kingdoms contested for control of China. Liu Pei, the legitimate heir to the Han throne, elects to fight for his birthright and enlists the aid of his sworn brothers, the impulsive giant Chang Fe Learn More
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