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By 露易莎·梅·奧爾科特
世界就該這麼美好, 而我們始終純真善良。 ★★★   ●出版150年來最值得收藏的繁體中文譯本。   ●J.K.羅琳、蘇珊.桑塔格,她們都說:「我在《小婦人》中找到自己的影子。」   ●台灣知名譯者謝靜雯 ╳ 插畫家紅林 ╳ 裝幀設計師許晉維攜手詮釋。   ●電影《她們》原作《小婦人》全新譯本【完整版】!   昨日的紛擾與今日的重量,   終 Learn More
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By 露薏莎·梅·奧爾科特
電影《她們》原著小說 精裝典藏版   ★唯一官方授權 • 珍貴劇照獨家收錄★   ★瑟夏•羅南(Saoirse Ronan)、堤摩西•夏勒梅(Timothée Chalamet)、艾瑪•華森(Emma Watson)、梅莉•史翠普(Meryl Streep)攜手演出,華麗鉅獻★   ★完整還原電影《她們》劇情中的仿古舊書設計,精美復刻值得珍藏★   戀愛前,《小婦人》要告訴妳:「親愛的,值得被 Learn More
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By 露易莎·梅·艾考特
  【成長經典.歷久彌新】   ★2003年BBC英國全民票選百大最喜愛小說排行榜The Big Read第18名。   ★2007年美國全國教育協會網路票選「100本老師推薦給孩子們的書」。   ★2012年美國《學校圖書館學報》兒童與青少年推薦必讀小說第48名。   ★2020重磅電影《她們》原著小說,由瑟夏羅南、艾瑪華森、提摩西夏勒梅領銜主演,經典文學重現大銀幕。   Learn More
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By 露易莎·梅·奧爾科特
成為大人的智慧之蜜, 經過人生的淬煉,不留一絲苦澀。   ★★★   出版150年來最值得收藏的繁體中文譯本。   台灣知名譯者康學慧 ╳ 插畫家紅林 ╳ 裝幀設計師許晉維攜手詮釋。   電影《她們》原作《小婦人》全新譯本【完整版】!   /   雨會落在每個人的生命裡,   不要沮喪,要懷抱希望,保持快樂的心情。   /   三年過去, Learn More
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By 露意莎·梅·奧爾柯特
電影《她們》原著小說, 由梅莉史翠普、莎夏羅南、艾瑪華生與堤摩西柴勒梅德主演 跨世紀姊妹情誼經典.女性成長小說代表   ★BBC《大閱讀TOP 200》   ★《衛報》史上最佳100本小說   ★美國《學校圖書館雜誌》票選百大兒童小說   ★美國國家教育協會「老師們的百大兒童讀物」   ★全書收錄1896年120幅復刻經典插畫   ★獨家復刻1878年英國版純 Learn More
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By Louisa May Alcot
Louisa May Alcott shares the innocence of girlhood in this classic coming of age story about four sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. In picturesque nineteenth-century New England, tomboyish Jo, beautiful Meg, fragile Beth, and romantic Amy are responsible for keeping a home while their father is off to war. At the same time, they must come to terms with their individual personalities—and make the transition from girlhood to womanhood. It can all be quite a challenge. But t Learn More
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By Madeleine Roux
An all-new creepy fantasy series from the New York Times bestselling author of Asylum.Featuring stunning interior illustrations from artist Iris Compiet, plus photo-collages that bring the story to chilling life, House of Furies invites readers to a world where the line between monsters and men is ghostly thin.After escaping a harsh school where punishment was the lesson of the day, seventeen-year-old Louisa Ditton Learn More
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By Louisa May Alcott
Ten years after the school at Plumfield was founded, Jo's boys - including wanderer Dan, sailor Emil and musician Nat - are grown up and discovering more about the world. But life after childhood can be confusing and frightening, and it is Jo and the warm-hearted March family who can comfort and guide the boys when they need it the most... Learn More
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By Louisa May Alcott
With two young sons of her own, and twelve rescued orphan boys filling the unusual school at Plumfield, Jo March - now Mrs Jo Bhaer - couldn't be happier. But the boys have a habit of getting into scrapes, and their mischievous antics call for the warm and affectionate support of the whole March family to help avoid disaster... Learn More
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By Louisa May Alcott
Good Wives is the second story about the March family.Three years on from Little Women, the March girls and their friend Laurie are young adults with their futures ahead of them. Although they all face painful trials along the way - from Meg's sad lesson in housekeeping to Laurie's disappointment in love and a tragedy which touches them all - each of the girls finally finds happiness, if not always in the way they expect.The book includes a behi Learn More
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By Louisa May Alcott
'Rich or poor, we will keep together and be happy in one another' Christmas won't be the same this year for Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, as their father is away fighting in the Civil War, and the family has fallen on hard times. But though they may be poor, life for the four March sisters is rich with colour, as they play games, put on wild theatricals, make new friends, argue, grapple with their vices, learn from their mistakes, nurse each other through sickness and disappointm Learn More
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By Lindsey Kelk
The perfect London read for this summer! Angela's back on home turf - and in her biggest romantic scrape yet...Angela Clark has fallen in love with New York - and it's starting to love her back. But when she's summoned home to London, she's at risk of losing her shiny new life to never-ending English rain, warm beer and bad memories. Talk about stepping back in time There's Mark, the ex-boyfriend - who she ran to New York to get away from. There's Louisa, her best friend, wit Learn More
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By Lindsey Kelk
Angela is in the City of Love - but her own lovelife is heading for trouble... Angela Clark is a British girl living the life dreams are made of in fabulous New York. But she's never been to the romantic capital of the world - Paris. So when boyfriend Alex suggests a romantic trip there, tying in with his band's tour and Angela writing an insider's guide to the hip city for a glossy fashion mag - Belle , she jumps at the chance. Soon Ang Learn More
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By Louisa May Alcott
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is a classic novel loved by adults and children alike.Come laugh and cry with the March family.Meg - the sweet-tempered one. Jo - the smart one. Beth - the shy one. Amy - the sassy one.Together they're the March sisters. Their father is away at war and times are difficult, but the bond between the sisters is strong. The family may not have much money, but that doesn't st Learn More
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By Louisa May Alcott
It's Christmas Eve In The March Household, But This Will Be A Christmas Like No Other: Their Father Is Away Fighting In The American Civil War And The March Sisters And Their Mother Must Try To Make Ends Meet While Their Father Is At War. Although Life Can Be Hard For The Family, And Times Are Tough, This Is An Extraordinary Story Of Triumph Over Adversity, Recounting In Exquisite Detail, The Lives, Loves, Trials, And Triumphs Of These Four Very Different Sisters. The Stories Learn More
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