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By Ryan Holiday
In his New York Times bestselling book, Discipline Is Destiny, Ryan Holiday made the Stoic case for a life of self-discipline. In this much-anticipated third installment in the Stoic Virtues series, he argues for the necessity of doing what’s right – even when it isn’t easy For the ancients, everything worth pursuing in life flowed from a strong sense of justice—or one’s commitment to doing the right thing, no matter how difficult. In order to be courageous, wise Learn More
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By Lauren Roberts
From the international bestselling author of Powerless, comes a sizzling and heart-racing new story set in the Kingdom of Ilya. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Fourth Wing. Adena and Paedyn have always been inseparable. Fate brought them together when they were young, but friendship ensured they’d always protect each other and the home they built in the slums of Loot. But now Paedyn – an Ordinary – has been selected for The Purging Trials, which means almost c Learn More
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By  Bethany Allen
LONGLISTED FOR FINANCIAL TIMES AND SCHRODERS BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD A FINANCIAL TIMES BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR 'Excellent . . . reveals an insidious matrix of spying, deception, censorship and repression . . . compelling' Daily Telegraph 'A timely read . . . Chilling . . . Startling . . . A powerful case for more coordinated western intervention' Guardian 'Brilliant' Irish Sunday Independent The remarkable story of China's two-decade quest for global dominance. Learn More
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By Jon Krakauer 
Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air is the true story of a 24-hour period on Everest, when members of three separate expeditions were caught in a storm and faced a battle against hurricane-force winds, exposure, and the effects of altitude, which ended in the worst single-season death toll in the peak's history. In March 1996, Outside magazine sent veteran journalist and seasoned climber Jon Krakauer on an expedition led by celebrated Everest guide Rob Hall. Despite the expertise o Learn More
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By Michael Watkins
How did John F. Kennedy put a man on the moon in just under ten years? What can chess teach us about actionable insights? And why should you shake up a business at a time of great success? All of these questions have their answer in strategic thinking. But what is strategic thinking exactly? Are we born with it, or can we nurture it? As a distinct and important capability in leaders, strategic thinking is a remarkably poorly defined, little understood concept, confined to Learn More
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By Daniel Goleman , Cary Cherniss
In his groundbreaking #1 bestseller Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman revolutionized how we think about intelligence. Now, he reveals practical methods for using these inner resources to more readily enter an optimal state of high performance and satisfaction while avoiding burnout. There are moments when we achieve peak performance: An athlete plays a perfect game; a business has a quarter with once-in-a-lifetime profits. But these moments are often elusive, and for Learn More
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By Mehdi Hasan
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An Amazon best business and leadership book of 2023 Win Every Argument shows how anyone can communicate with confidence, rise above the tit for tats on social media, and triumph in a successful and productive debate in the real world. MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan isn’t one to avoid arguments. He relishes them as the lifeblood of democracy and the only surefire way to establish the truth. Arguments help us solve problems, uncover new ideas we might Learn More
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By Naoise Mac Sweeney
“A bold, sweeping bird’s eye view of thousands of years of history that provides a truly global perspective of the past. A fantastic achievement.”—Peter Frankopan, internationally bestselling author of The Silk Roads Prize-winning historian Naoíse Mac Sweeney delivers a captivating exploration of how “Western Civilization”—the concept of a single cultural inheritance extending from ancient Greece to modern times—is a powerful figment of our collective imag Learn More
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By Malissa Clark
The always-on, hustle culture creates an unhealthy, counterproductive relationship with work. Many workers believe that to compete with other top talent, they must embrace a culture that rewards long hours and a constant connection to work. Businesses and society endorse busyness, overwork, and extreme commitment as the most valued traits in workers. Sometimes that endorsement is explicit, as when Elon Musk told X/Twitter employees to work "long hours at high intensity" or g Learn More
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By Corey Keyes
Getting an MBA takes time and money, making it inaccessible to many people who want to take charge in the business world. The 12-Week MBA offers an alternative way to learn business essentials by focusing on the skills and knowledge required to succeed as both a manager and a business leader. The 12-Week MBA's unique premise is that business leaders in any industry, any function, and at any level need the same core knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively manage and le Learn More
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CHIYU MAHOU NO MACHIGATTA TSUKAIKATA 治癒魔法的錯誤使用法 VOL.1-13 END JAP / ENG (E / C) Ken Usato is an ordinary high school student. On his way home from school, he is swallowed up by a magic circle along with student council president Suzune Inukami and his classmate Kazuki Ryusen. The next thing they know, they find themselves in another world. The three of them were summoned as “heroes” to fight against the Demon Lord’s army that’s invading the kingdom Learn More
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By Morgan Owen
A captivating romantasy to make your heart race... Ruby and Oliver return in the sensational sequel to THE GIRL WITH NO SOUL, where they discover the sixth sense of prophecy: an advanced ability said to be possessed only by those who have witnessed the darkness of the soul first-hand... The old Order has been dismantled and a new leadership born - but with it comes the question of who the pair can trust. Then Oliver has a terrifying vision of the future which predicts Ruby's Learn More
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By Lawrence McDonald James Robinson
The first investment playbook to make sense of our radically reshaped global economy, with new strategies to get ahead of the market in uncertain times. 'Any investor with skin in the game needs to buy this book.' Niall Ferguson From the Stock Exchange to Westminster, the fantasy of an eventual 'return to normal' is still alive and well. But the economic world as we know it - and the rules that govern it - are over. And few are prepared. Here, market risk expert Lawrence M Learn More
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By 康榮賢
★蟬聯7週韓國暢銷榜TOP 20! ★最受信賴的頂級投資人,YT影片累計1400萬次觀看! 想增加被動收入卻沒時間盯盤?不想一檔股長抱多年? 從總體經濟看出買賣時機,收益最大化的MVP投資法!   看懂「經濟指標」、正確解讀「數字」、精準設定「時機」,散戶最強投資聖經!   牛市不躁、熊市不慌,精準買入賣出的穩定獲利戰略   在「韓國華爾街」汝 Learn More
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By Michael Dillon
Chinese premier Xi Jinping graces our television screens and news headlines on a regular basis. But even after a decade in power, he remains shrouded in mystery. From growing up with a father purged in Mao's Cultural Revolution and his mission to eradicate poverty, to his persecution of Uyghur Muslims and paranoia about being likened to Winnie-the-Pooh, Xi Jinping is a man obscured by caricatures. In this short, essential primer, historian and writer Michael Dillon unveils Learn More
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By Rebecca Yarros
Welcome to the brutal and elite world of Basgiath War College ... Twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail was supposed to enter the Scribe Quadrant, living a quiet life among books and history. Now, the commanding general - also known as her tough-as-talons mother - has ordered Violet to join the hundreds of candidates striving to become the elite of Navarre: dragon riders. But when you're smaller than everyone else and your body is brittle, death is only a heartbeat away . . . b Learn More
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By Michiko Kakutani
In the twenty-first century, a wave of political, creative and technological change has capsized our old certainties and assumptions, creating both opportunity and danger. A confluence of crises is upon us, one emergency cascading into another. As people become steadily more disillusioned, new radical voices at the margins and the grassroots are disrupting the status quo. This is the time of the outsider – the protester, the start-up founder, the outlaw. Some of these outs Learn More
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By Jeremy Russell
An easy and straightforward stock trading system perfect for investors in any kind of market In How to Be a 20-Minute Trader: An Essential Guide for All Traders in Any Market, celebrated investor and trading educator Jeremy Russell delivers an incisive and one-of-a-kind guide to capitalizing on small movements in stock prices with call options…all within just 20 minutes. The author’s system replaces the complicated cauldron of charts, symbols, strategies, and monitors Learn More
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By Tony Robbins , Christopher Zook
Tony Robbins, who has coached more than fifty million people from 100 countries, is the world’s #1 life and business strategist. In this new book, he teams up with Christopher Zook, a renowned financial investor who draws from thirty years of experience to round out the trilogy of #1 New York Times bestselling financial books. Together they reveal how, for decades, trillions of dollars of smart money­ – think of large institutions, sovereign wealth funds, individuals wit Learn More
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By Nashae Jones
Erin Johnson’s thirteenth birthday unfolds like any other day, from her mom’s quirky and embarrassing choice of outfit to racing her nemesis, Trevor Jin, to the best seat in class—front row, center. But her gifts this year include something very out of the ordinary: magical powers. Erin discovers her mysterious father is actually the love god Cupid and she’s inherited his knack for romance. It’s not the most useful ability for an overachiever with lofty academic an Learn More
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By One
Thanks to the Divine Tree’s influence, the entire town—including Mob’s classmates and his brother, Ritsu—has been brainwashed into joining the Psycho Helmet Cult! Mob decides to investigate further and faces off with the cult’s mysterious leader that everyone is now worshipping, but what can he do against such an omnipotent power? Learn More
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By Brigid Kemmerer
In the thrilling conclusion to the Defy the Night series, New York Times bestselling author Brigid Kemmerer crafts heartrending twists and devastating turns that will keep readers breathless to the very end. Left for dead, but desperate to survive ... they have one last chance to save their kingdom. Prince Corrick is out of options. Held captive by the vicious Oren Crane, he's desperate to reunite with Tessa, but will need to ally with the rebel leader Lochlan, who until no Learn More
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By Dav Pilkey
The Cat Kid Comic Club is in crisis! After learning that one of their comics will be published, the baby frogs are filled with anxiety and doubt. How will they get their creative groove back? Will Naomi or Melvin emerge as a leader? Will Flippy convince them to finally straighten up and fly right? Learn More
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By Thomas Chia
Whether you’re a beginner or someone exploring new ways to generate passive income, this book is a must-read for you. It will guide you in building your own million-dollar income-generating machine while maintaining your regular 9-5 job. Inside, you’ll discover:  How to choose an investment model that suits your risk profile  Why dividend-growth is the preferred model for Malaysia Stock Market  The four simple steps to identify stocks that offer both ca Learn More
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SPY×FAMILY 間諜家家酒 (SEASON 2) JAP / ENG (E / C) With her ability to read minds, Anya Forger is the only one who knows the true identities of her unconventional family. Her pretend father Loid operates as an elite spy code-named Twilight; her mother Yor kills on demand as the assassin Thorn Princess; and their dog, Bond, possesses the gift of precognition. Although they hide the truth from each other, this pretense of a perfectly ordinary family provides Anya with the Learn More
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SPY×FAMILY 間諜家家酒 SEASON 1+2 JAP / ENG (E / C) In order to maintain the state of peace between the rival nations of Westalis and Ostania[a], a Westalis agent codenamed "Twilight" is tasked with spying on Donovan Desmond, leader of the National Unity Party within Ostania. However, due to Desmond being notoriously reclusive, the only way Twilight can get close to him is to enroll a child in the same private school as Desmond's sons and pose as a fellow parent. To acc Learn More
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By Martin Wolf
From the author of The Shifts and the Shocks, and one of the most influential writers on economics, a reckoning with how and why the relationship between democracy and capitalism is coming undone We are living in an age when economic failings have shaken faith in global capitalism. Political failings have undermined trust in liberal democracy and in the very notion of truth. The ties that ought to bind open markets to free and fair elections are being strained and rejected, Learn More
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By Dominic Hale
Sun Tzu's 5th century BC military manual, The Art of War, revolutionized warfare when it was written. In the millennia since, its sage advice has been applied to fields as varied as business, leadership, warfare, politics and everyday life. In this fascinating guide, business journalist Dominic Hale helps you interpret the classic work to show you how to apply its advice to becoming a better leader. Showing you how to effectively motivate your workforce, pursue bold new stra Learn More
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By MJ DeMarco
Build A Business That Goes Beyond Paying Bills—It Changes Your Life. Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship. It is waking up in the morning and pinching yourself black-and-blue that OMG, this is my life, and it is freaking awesome. You live in your dream house, but there's no mortgage. No alarm clock, no boss, no bills. No claims on the day's time other than what you choose. It is making more money before breakfast than you made for an entire week at your last Learn More
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By Freeman Publications
If you think you’ve "missed the boat" on cryptocurrency investing, don't worry—there's still time. The crypto market is still growing faster than the internet was in 1997... And with altcoins emerging as the stars of the next decade... this book is your essential guide to navigating the dynamic world of alternative cryptocurrencies. We’re now in a pivotal phase of cryptocurrency adoption, and altcoins are at the forefront of this financial revolution. While Learn More
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An Act to provide for the regulation and supervision of Islamic financial institutions, payment system and other relevant entities and the oversight of the Islamic money market and Islamic foreign exchange market to promote financial stability and compliance with Shariah and for related, consequential or incidental matters. Contains: Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (Act 759) Islamic Financial Services (Financial Holding Company) (Non-Application and Application wit Learn More
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By Dr KS Wong
The Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic created an unprecedented chain of circumstances across the globe that were extremely volatile, presenting considerable uncertainty, creating immense confusion and infinite ambiguity. Business owners and management had to make decisions on situations never encountered before. One circumstance after another produced scenarios that required business operators to "reset" their thinking in the different spheres of business management. Learn More
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By Marcel Link
The complete guide to building the mindset, knowledge, and skills of a professional options trader. If you’re a day trader or a sophisticated individual investor, you can move to the next level trading options as a full-time gig―and make a profit! Professional options trader Marcel Link argues that the most successful traders are the ones who treat trading like a business. It’s how he turned trading into a full-time job, and he shares all his secrets with you. In The Learn More
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By Dr Tan Chong Koay
Never Fully Invest At All Times is an invaluable guide to achieving investment success, authored by Dr Tan Chong Koay, the distinguished award-winning Fund Manager and Bestselling Author of “Rising Above Financial Storms.” Over a remarkable 47-year career, Dr Tan has honed successful investment strategies that transcend market fluctuations. The book not only unveils these strategies but delves into the profound thinking process behind them, offering readers a uniq Learn More
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By Carmine Gallo
From the bestselling author of Talk Like TED, renowned communications coach Carmine Gallo reveals the leadership secrets of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – and gives you the tools to master them yourself. Jeff Bezos built Amazon. A dreamer who turned a bold idea into the world’s most influential company, a brand that likely touches your life every day. As a student of leadership and communication, he learned to elevate the way Amazonians write, collaborate, innovate, pitch a Learn More
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By Pilkey , Dav
The Cat Kid Comic Club is in crisis! After learning that one of their comics will be published, the baby frogs are filled with anxiety and doubt. How will they get their creative groove back? Will Naomi or Melvin emerge as a leader? Will Flippy convince them to finally straighten up and fly right? The story is hysterical, thought-provoking, and full of action-packed mini-comics: ""Frogzilla vs. Mechafrogzilla,"" ""I Am Dr. Fredric Wertham,"" ""Two Birds,"" and ""RoboChubbs."" Learn More
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By Christopher R. Manske
A Wall Street insider draws back the curtain on how financial firms take advantage of individual investors―and delivers the information and insights you need to turn the tables Nationwide brokerage firms have perfected the secrets for how to legally fool the rest of us into giving them our hard-earned money. Written by a renowned leader and financial reform advocate who has seen every trick in the book firsthand, Outsmart the Money Magicians reveals how biased the financi Learn More
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By 羅傑.杜利
行銷只能在當下的一瞬間成功!   努力推銷≠銷售翻倍;投放更多廣告≠獲得更多青睞   當人們專注的時間愈來愈少,你該怎麼推銷自己的產品?   你知道嗎?當你努力向他人介紹產品時,對方的大腦早就做好決定了!   人類95%的想法、情緒,都是在無意識下發生的,   最厲害的行銷,就是激發這95%的潛意識,讓顧客為你推出的產品買單   Learn More
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By William Bernstein
The classic guide to constructing a solid portfolio―without a financial advisor! First published two decades ago, The Four Pillars of Investing has been the go-to resource for an entire generation of investors. This updated edition of the investing classic provides the foundational knowledge you need to avoid the most common pitfalls and build a portfolio in today’s roller-coaster world of investing. Retired neurologist and master investor William J. Bernstein has seen Learn More
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By Morra Aarons-Mele
A timely and compelling guide to managing the anxiety that comes with succeeding and leading—from entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and top-rated podcaster Morra Aarons-Mele. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the world. But in our workplaces, anxiety has been a hidden problem—there in plain sight but ignored. Until now. The Anxious Achiever is a book with a mission: to normalize anxiety and leadership. As leadership expert and self-proclaimed Learn More
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By Maurene Goo
Back to the Future meets To All the Boys in this thrilling new YA time-travel romance by award-winning author Maurene Goo. Samantha Kang has always butted heads with her mom, Priscilla, who is a first-generation Korean American, a former high school cheerleader and expects Sam to want the same all-American nightmare. Meanwhile, Sam is a girl of the times who has no energy for cliched high school aspirations. After a huge fight, Sam is desperate to get away from Priscilla, bu Learn More
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By Philip Kotler
Rediscover the fundamentals of marketing along with the rise of metamarketing from the best in the business In Marketing 6.0, the celebrated promoter of the “Four P’s of Marketing,” Philip Kotler, explains how marketers can use technology to address customers’ needs and make a difference in the world. In a new age of metamarketing, this book provides marketers with a way to integrate technological and business model evolution with the dramatic shifts in consumer be Learn More
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By James Chai
Ordinary is not as ordinary as you think. History is written by the loudest and most charismatic victors, but are silent about the true movers and shakers: the rebels, the honest servants, the quiet doers, the square pegs in a round hole, and the ordinary believers who kept showing up. Through seven moving tales of courage, prolific Malaysian writer, James Chai, shows us in his debut book how: - A frail 70-year-old woman became the face of Malaysia's largest protest tha Learn More
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By Geneva Lee
Julian Rousseaux has a problem. He's single, and for the world's wealthiest vampires, the social season is about to begin. Julian would rather stake himself than participate in the marriage market. But as the eldest, eligible Rousseaux he's expected to find a wife before the season ends-whether he likes it or not. When cellist Thea literally stumbles into his life at a gala, he knows she's the last person he could ever fall in love with. She's too innocent, too kind, and way Learn More
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By 肯恩.費雪
★出版30週年,重磅經典首度登臺★ 在金融世界的蠻荒年代,英雄與反派粉墨登場 有的如巴菲特偉大,有的如馬多夫狡猾 他們是被遺忘的金融怪傑,是當代金融史之初的華爾街之狼   ★稱霸歐洲的羅斯柴爾德家族,其勢力與財富如何間接地影響了華爾街?   ★連李佛摩都佩服的完美作手詹姆斯.基恩,命裡卻有個鬥不過的宿敵?   ★在愛因斯坦讚嘆複 Learn More
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By Nicolas Bérubé
"Investing is a simple activity, which an entire industry strives to make complicated to justify its existence.” At a time when a record number of people are investing in the stock market, this book by award-winning financial writer Nicolas Bérubé reveals how any investor can get rich and beat the professionals at their own game by investing less than an hour a year of their time. Admitting that he felt like a "zero" after his first mistakes as a beginner investor, Nico Learn More
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By David J. Schwartz
Millions of readers have discovered the secrets of success in this classic guide to achieving your dreams. Whether your goal is to earn more, lead better, or simply find more confidence and satisfaction in life, this inspiring and actionable guide will show you the way. Motivational expert Dr. David J. Schwartz presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your job, your relationships and family life, and your community. He demonstrates that you don’t n Learn More
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By 唐娜‧麥克喬治
★問對問題很重要,給對「提示」更重要!   ★例子+提示+技巧,讓ChatGPT開外掛!   ◎在職場上>>   •整理會議紀錄   •撰寫email和工作報告   •構思和討論新點子   •提供市場最新的動態資訊   •企業和行銷戰略顧問   •起草產品說明書   •社群貼文撰寫和管理   •消費者對產品可能有的回饋   ◎在生活上>>    Learn More
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By Michael Lewis
From the #1 bestselling author of The Big Short and Flash Boys, the high-octane story of the enigmatic figure at the heart of one of the 21st century's most spectacular financial collapses 'I asked him how much it would take for him to sell FTX and go do something other than make money. He thought the question over. "One hundred and fifty billion dollars," he finally said-though he added that he had use for "infinity dollars"...' Sam Bankman-Fried wasn't just rich. Before h Learn More
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By Laszlo Bock
From the visionary head of Google's innovative People Operations comes a groundbreaking inquiry into the philosophy of work -- and a blueprint for attracting the most spectacular talent to your business and ensuring that they succeed. "We spend more time working than doing anything else in life. It's not right that the experience of work should be so demotivating and dehumanizing." So says Laszlo Bock, former head of People Operations at the company that transformed how the Learn More
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By Ha-Joon Chang
RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK Economic thinking - about globalisation, climate change, immigration, austerity, automation and much more - in its most digestible form For decades, a single free market philosophy has dominated global economics. But this is bland and unhealthy - like British food in the 1980s, when bestselling author and economist Ha-Joon Chang first arrived in the UK from South Korea. Just as eating a wide range of cuisines contributes to a more interesting and ba Learn More
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By V.E. Schwab
Launching a new trilogy in the Shades of Magic universe, an enchanting and thrilling epic fantasy from the international sensation, V. E. Schwab, perfect for fans of Samantha Shannon, Kerri Maniscalco, Leigh Bardugo and R. F. Kuang. Seven years have passed since the doors between the worlds were sealed. Seven years since Kell, Lila and Holland stood against Osaron, a desperate battle that saved the worlds of Red, Grey and White London. Seven years since Kell’s magic was sha Learn More
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By Vivek Iyyani
Are you tired of struggling to connect with the largest and most influential generation of consumers? Do you want to learn how to capture the attention of millennials and build lasting brand loyalty? The business world is changing, and it’s all thanks to the impact of millennials-the fastest-growing generation of consumers and trendsetters. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in this evolving landscape, you need to understand and engage with them. That’s whe Learn More
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By Erica Keswin
Wall Street Journal Bestseller and Publishers Weekly Bestseller Build a business with relationships at the center, and you will seize the competitive edge in today’s volatile job/or talent market People are quitting their jobs in droves, then coming back. Employees are demanding flexibility, while some leaders insist they return to the physical office. Remote work is incredibly convenient but complicated. The job market is always in flux, but one thing is for sure: the la Learn More
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By Dan Ariely
The renowned social scientist, professor, and bestselling author of Predictably Irrational delivers his most urgent and compelling book—an eye-opening exploration of the human side of the misinformation crisis—examining what drives otherwise rational people to adopt deeply irrational beliefs. Misinformation affects all of us on a daily basis—from social media to larger political challenges, from casual conversations in supermarkets, to even our closest relationships. W Learn More
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By Tiffany D. Jackson
An outcast at her small-town Georgia high school, Madison Washington has always been a teasing target for bullies. Until the morning a surprise rainstorm reveals her most closely kept secret: Maddy is biracial. She had been passing for white her entire life at the behest of her fanatical white father, Thomas Washington. After a viral bullying video pulls back the curtain on Springville High’s racist roots, student leaders come up with a plan: host the first integrated prom Learn More
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Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou 在无神世界里进行传教活动 JAP/ENG (E / C) Under the belief that the omnipotent god Mitama will come to save him, Yukito Urabe participates in a ritual to become the new leader of his father's cult. But when the boy drowns during the ritual, he wishes to be reborn in a world without gods or religion. Reawakening in a completely different world devoid of spirituality. He meets a deviant girl named Aruaru, who introduces him to h Learn More
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By 雋佳出版編輯室
Plan行程首選! 出發去倫敦!景點全攻略 2023倫敦玩樂新景點 Battersea Power Station全新購物美食中心、Prada Caffè限定店、Bacchanalia希臘神話餐廳 倫敦食買玩慳錢懶人包 市區歎廉價平民美食Beigel Bake、Franco Manca、Regency Café;前往Borough Market、Maltby Street Market、Camden Lock Market等市集尋寶 盤點全市打卡熱點 大笨鐘、白金漢宮、西敏寺教堂、倫敦塔、聖保羅大教堂、九 Learn More
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By Chris Miller
***Winner of the 2022 Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award*** 'Pulse quickening. A nonfiction thriller - equal parts The China Syndrome and Mission Impossible' New York Times An epic account of the decades-long battle to control the world's most critical resource-microchip technology Power in the modern world - military, economic, geopolitical - is built on a foundation of computer chips. America has maintained its lead as a superpower because it has domin Learn More
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By Simon Sebag Montefiore
From the master storyteller and internationally bestselling author - the story of humanity from prehistory to the present day, told through the one thing all humans have in common: family. We begin with the footsteps of a family walking along a beach 950,000 years ago. From here, Montefiore takes us on an exhilarating epic journey through the families that have shaped our world: the Caesars, Medicis and Incas, Ottomans and Mughals, Bonapartes, Habsburgs and Zulus, Rothschild Learn More
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