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By 汤姆‧莱特 , 布莱利‧霍普
全球平装版英文/中文繁体/新马中文简体同步上市 刘特佐的秘密,全面揭发! 获选金融时报年度好书、Fortune杂志年度好书 比尔盖兹: 非常好看!   一个来自马来西亚槟城的年轻华人,   如何用无数空壳公司,骗过金融界的顶尖高手?   如何一步步买通政要,设局掏空国家?   为什么买下EMI? 为什么要拍《华尔街之狼》?   还有,为什么他高调追 Learn More
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By Paul Gordon , Janine Robertson
Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally good with money? No matter your age or your income it is your spenditude - your attitude to money - that influences your financial success. Spenditude shows you how to tackle your habits and behaviours to uncover what drives your spending and allows you to gain financial security and live the life you want. This book is not about tedious budgets, get-rich-quick schemes, or giving up your daily coffee. Instead you will l Learn More
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By Richard Davies
In search of a fresh perspective on the modern economy, Extreme Economies takes the reader off the beaten path, introducing people living at the world’s margins. From disaster zones and displaced societies to failed states and hidden rainforest communities, the lives of people who inhabit these little-known places tend to be ignored by economists and policy makers. Richard Davies argues that this is a mistake, and explains why the world’s overlooked extremes offer a glimp Learn More
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By Richard Reeves
The fully revised new edition of the international bestseller THE 80 MINUTE MBA is your short-cut to business brilliance. A traditional MBA is for either the time-rich, very wealthy or lucky few with a generous corporate sponsor. So what happens if you want to get a hit of high-quality business inspiration without spending two years back at school? THE 80 MINUTE MBA is the gateway to fresh thinking, in less time than it takes a standard meeting to get past coffee and donuts Learn More
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By 里奇·卡爾加德
  權威財經雜誌《富比士》發行人里奇.卡爾加德,引領話題的必讀之作   成功不在乎年齡,本書帶你活出自己真正的價值!   ★《華爾街日報》《金融時報》《紐約郵報》《環球郵報》《哈佛商業評論》《富比士》等財經刊物強力推薦   ★華頓商學院網路週刊Knowledge@Wharton、那斯達克證券交易所官網、學習網站Big Think等網路媒體專題報導   ★TED Learn More
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By 皮特·威廉斯
讓人生及財富一併兼得的獲利法則 人人都能學會的永續商業經營   從營收困難到獲利翻倍的精采故事──   阿傑為了實現創業夢想,離開穩定的工作,自己開店做生意,同時也培訓三鐵選手。不過當阿傑經營「凱登斯自行車店」兩年後,他發現自己跟多數創業者陷入一樣的窘境。   所幸他遇見了查理。查理是第一次報名鐵人賽的菜鳥選手,他聘請 Learn More
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By Richard Bolles
In today's challenging job-market, the time-tested advice of What Color Is Your Parachute? is needed more than ever. Recent grads facing a shifting economic landscape, workers laid off mid-career, and people searching for an inspiring work-life change all look to career guru Richard N. Bolles for support, encouragement, and advice on which job-hunt strategies work--and which don't. This revised edition combines classic elements like the famed Flower Exercise with updated tips Learn More
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By Pitchaya Sudbanthad
Places remember us... 'An important, ambitious, and accomplished novel. Sudbanthad deftly sweeps us up in a tale that paints a twin portrait: of a megacity like those so many of us call home and of a world where sanctuary is increasingly hard to come by' Mohsin Hamid A missionary begs to be sent home. A jazz pianist is hired to perform for ghosts. An army colonel smells the food of home for the last time. A girl designs herself a new face. An old woman uploads her consciousne Learn More
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By Enid Blyton
A brand new full-colour short story from Blyton's magical Wishing-Chair series - the perfect companion to the successful Magic Faraway Tree Adventure series and perfect for readers aged 5+ Molly and Peter are ever so lucky. They have a magical wishing-chair that will fly them to fairy-tale lands and grant them any wish they please! But on a mission to find their missing toys, the children are captured and made to attend the very strict school for bad brownies! However wil Learn More
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By Napoleon Hill
Discover the 13 powerful principles behind every great success story The timeless bestseller setting out Hills's formula for money-making success Napoleon Hill, America's most beloved motivational author, devoted 25 years to finding out how the wealthy became that way. After interviewing over 500 of the most affluent men and women of his time, he uncovered the secret to great wealth based on the notion that if we can learn to think like the rich, we can start to behave lik Learn More
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By 理察·彼得森
※諾貝爾經濟學獎得主喬治‧阿克洛夫、《信任因子》作者保羅.扎克博士好評推薦 ※整合財務學、心理學、大腦神經科學等跨領域學科,全面分析先天不當財務決策 ※作者結合精神科醫師專業與操盤手經驗,點出投資人的心魔與常犯的交易毛病 ※本書每一章列舉學習重點與目標,幫助投資人有效率地提升投資技巧   心態第一、策略第二、技術第三;   Learn More
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By 理查·E·歐塞霍
  全球文化經濟新風向,新型態的傳統職人經濟正興盛。   看文化底蘊豐厚的年輕一代,如何詮釋新世代職人勞動美學,將傳統低階的手工勞動,轉變為帶有精英階級的品味創造行業,呈現當代城市經濟的靈魂和消費文化新趨勢!   • 職人,年輕世代的職業新選擇——   在主流觀念仍認為以科技和金融為本的職業就是典型「好」工作的今日,何以有 Learn More
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By 諾亞·葛斯坦 , 史帝夫·馬汀 , 羅伯特·喬汀尼
  ◎《出版人週刊》專文推薦!   ◎入圍英國皇家科學書獎決選作品!   ◎《時代雜誌》讚譽:「社會心理學版的《蘋果橘子經濟學》。」   說服不是一種藝術,而是科學。   全球「說服行銷」三大權威,   傾囊教授凌駕所有商業法則的道理!   ‧為什麼談判時聚焦於數字,可以讓你避免陷入情緒的陷阱   ‧為什麼只要多一張便利貼,就 Learn More
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By 加藤諦三
「不愛自己的人,無法去愛別人或被別人所愛」 哈佛最受歡迎的心理學大師加藤諦三最新力作 探討低自尊人格對親密關係的影響 「孩子與母親的牽絆時期結束後,人會進入個性化的過程。但是有些人即使進入這個過程,卻無法實現自我。而且在無意識中受到不安的支配。」 ──佛洛姆(Erich Fromm) 戀愛關係,是親子關係的複製 缺乏自我的人想用戀愛填 Learn More
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By Todd Mitchell
For animal lovers and fans of The One and Only Ivan and Hoot, this is the uplifting story of a girl who discovers a family of panthers that were thought to be extinct, and her journey to save the species. Eleven-year-old Kiri has a secret: wild things call to her. More than anyone else, she’s always had a special connection to animals. But when Kiri has an encounter with the last known Florida panther, her life is quickly turned on end. Caught between her conservation Learn More
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By 理查·威金森 , 凱特·皮凱特
  收入不平等跟我們有何切身關聯?   為什麼高層薪水越領越高、基層薪水萬年不漲,應該被打破?   其實我們的心理問題、高壓的人際關係、低落的自信以及被扭曲的天性,   統統都跟收入不均、競爭以及不平等的社會有關。   為什麼有些國家的人比較放鬆、人際關係不那麼緊張?為何我們總是擔心別人怎麼看待自己,常常覺得參加社交生活就 Learn More
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By 理查·威金森 , 凱特·皮凱特
我們以為生活品質不佳是我們努力得還不夠, 但事實是,在貧富落差懸殊的社會裡, 有錢人只會變得更有錢,窮人卻原地不動。   ───對紛亂社會提出診斷,翻譯超過27國語言的暢銷經典───   說來矛盾,身處物質與科技登峰造極的年代,我們卻察覺自己備受壓力煎熬、陷入憂鬱;時時擔心他人凝視的眼光,又對人際關係心存懷疑。我們的工時日益 Learn More
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By Fitri Umairah 
SEORANG diri berjalan dekat kawasan ni memang sedikit menggerunkan. Terkadang terasa macam ada mata-mata yang memerhatikan tingkah lakukanya secara diam-diam dan sembunyi-sembunyi. Rayyana menebarkan pandangannya ke sekeliling jalan, tiada sesiapa. Rumah yang ada dekat tepi jalan ni pun macam tak berpenguhuni. Eh apa pula, cuba tengok jam dah pukul berapa... nak senja. Kebiasaan orang kampung sini bila hari dah nak senja anak-anak semua mereka akan arahkan untuk masuk k Learn More
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By Jane Austen
Including an introduction from writer and feminist activist Scarlett Curtis, curator of Sunday Times Bestseller Feminists Don't Wear Pink. The only thing in the world that matters to Mrs Bennett, is marrying all five of her daughters to rich, landed gentlemen. So when two wealthy young gentlemen move to town, she vows that at least one of her daughters will marry into their fortunes. Jane and Elizabeth, her eldest daughters, soon discover that love is rarely straightforwa Learn More
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By M Kula Segaran
This is a rags to riches story of an estate boy whose determination to avert the limited prospects of people of his background led him to make good at his profession and go on to pursue a political career which led him to the top of Malaysian politics. From Estate to Cabinet is M. Kula’s chronicle of his rise from an underprivileged existence to national prominence as a lawyer and politician, up to the beginning of Malaysia’s 14th General Election. It’s a story Malaysia Learn More
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By Amanda Lee Koe
When a photographer captures Marlene Dietrich, Anna May Wong and Leni Riefenstahl in one frame at a party in Berlin in 1928, no one realizes the extent to which their lives will reflect the tumultuous decades that follow. Marlene crosses the Atlantic to find fame in Hollywood, the town that eats out of the palm of her hand till her wrinkles begin to show. After establishing her position as a filmmaker, Leni watches her fame turn to notoriety following the defeat of Nazi Germa Learn More
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By Penguin Us
"This tense wire of a novel thrums with suspense. . . . [this book] just might be the highlight of your summer.”–The New York Times Cheryl Strayed's Wild meets The Revenant in this heart-pounding story of survival and revenge in the unforgiving wilderness. After: Jess is alone. Her cabin has burned to the ground. She knows if she doesn’t act fast, the cold will kill her before she has time to worry about food. But she is still alive—for now. Before: Jess hadn’t Learn More
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By Richard Hammond
This business book is great for leaders, middle managers and entrepreneurs interested in the following categories; Learn More
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By 理察·達凡尼
  「書中所描述的泛工業會在接下來的20和30年間掌握全球經濟,驅動空前的改變,其影響力將遠遠超過傳統製造業的世界。」──許勝雄(金仁寶集團董事長)   全球勢力版圖重新洗牌,華爾街影響力衰退,產業邊界瀕臨瓦解,即時競爭更為激烈……   一場必將顛覆全球經濟局勢的寧靜革命正在展開,   未來的商業生態將圍繞著3D列印製造模式發展 Learn More
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By Diane Setterfield
A truly extraordinary book' - Dinah Jefferies 'I was completely spellbound' - Ruth Hogan 'Just marvellous' - Jo Baker 'A true storyteller' - The Times It was the longest night of the year when the strangest of things happened . . . ____________________ On a dark midwinter’s night in an ancient inn on the Thames, the regulars are entertaining themselves by telling stories when the door bursts open and in steps an injured stranger. In his arms is the drowned corpse of a ch Learn More
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By Air Team
E.T GO HOME! A NEW THREAT EMERGES, ALIENS! Now part of the Bureau of Alien Investigations, tasked with keeping the world safe from extraterrestrials enemies, Rain, Sean, and Stone are sent to suss out a spate of missing persons reports in Chile's Atacama Region. Crossing paths with a sarcastic skeptic searching for his disappeared dad, their exploration of the driest place on Earth soon quenches their thirst for adventure when a sinister subterranean scourge emerges! Alas for Learn More
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By Brigid Kemmerer
Rob had it all – friends, a near-guaranteed lacrosse scholarship to college and an amazing family – but all that changed when his dad was caught embezzling funds from half the town. Now he's a social pariah. Maegan always does the right thing. But when her sister comes home from college pregnant, she's caught between telling their parents the truth about the father and keeping her sister's trust. When Rob and Maegan are paired together for a project, they form an un Learn More
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By Bonda Nor
Subhanallah. Ini memang betul-betul pendedahan eksklusif! Bukan semua orang boleh berlapang dada untuk berkongsi kisah-kisah seperti ini! Ini salah satu naskhah muhasabah diri yang membuka aib penulisnya sendiri. Tentang bagaimana mereka tersilap bicara, bahkan tersilap tafsir. Kemudian aturan takdir sesudah itu membuat mereka tersentak, sedar kesilapan dan cuba berubah untuk menjadi lebih baik! Ini bukan sekadar perkongsian mereka, bahkan ini juga mungkin kisah kita! Melu Learn More
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By Khairulnahar Jamaluddin
Kuasai Sekarang! Strategi Mudah, Sistematik dan Berkesan! Adakah anda benar-benar serius ingin menguruskan wang dengan betul dan teratur tanpa perlu risau tentang masalah wang lagi? Jika jawapan anda -Ya! Buku ini adalah jawapannya. Percayalah! Walau berapa pun gaji anda, jika ada tidak mampu menguruskannya dengan baik, anda pasti berdepan dengan masalah wang sepanjang hidup anda. Tunggu apa lagi, dapatkan Panduan Wang Gaji yang akan membantu anda merancang Learn More
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By Kamsiah Abu
Nur Azira dibesarkan dalam suasana penuh didikan agama. Sebab itu dia amat menjaga akhlak dan keperibadiannya sebagai seorang gadis remaja. Tidak kira di mana atau dengan siapa dia berinteraksi. Keperibadian yang mulia itu telah berjaya membuatkan Richard Ong, pengurus tempat Nur Azira bekerja telah jatuh hati padanya sehingga Richard Ong dengan rela hati mahu mendalami agama Islam. Namun dalam masa yang sama Doktor Hafizi, seorang kariah masjid yang tinggal berhampiran deng Learn More
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By Carol Jones
On the goldfields of 19th-century Australia, two very different girls are trying to escape their past. 1856, China. In the mulberry groves of the Pearl River Delta, eighteen-year-old Little Cat carries a terrible secret. And so, in disguise as a boy in blue trousers, she makes the long and difficult passage to Australia, a faraway land of untold riches where it is said the rivers run with gold. 1857, Australia. Violet Hartley has arrived off the boat from England, fleeing Learn More
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By Jacqueline Wilson
A wonderful story starring old friends and new from the much-beloved Victorian world of Hetty Feather. Rose Rivers lives in a beautiful house with her artist father, her difficult, fragile mother and her many siblings. She has everything money can buy - but she feels as though life isn't fair for girls and poor people. Why can't she be educated at school like her brother? Why can't she learn to become a famous artist like her father? Why is life so unfair for people Learn More
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Only after an ambitious property agent, Charlie, joins a a successful agency run by rich couple, Gordon and Lucy, did he realise the horrific secret behind the company's success. They make high profit by buying properties for cheap after someone has died or murdered there and then selling them back with exorbitant prices without mentioning the truth to.. Learn More
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By 陸曄飛
  ★哥倫比亞商學院出版鉅獻   ★收錄至今為止巴菲特長期投資組合中最詳細的分析!   年獲利20%可不可能?當然可以,只要選對公司投資!   為什麼會選GEICO保險公司、可口可樂、美國航空、富國銀行……?   用巴菲特的眼睛選股,你會選得更精準!   透過合夥人信函、公司文件、年度報告、第三方參考資料與其他原始資料,解析巴菲特的操 Learn More
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By Sarah Dessen
From number one New York Times bestselling author Sarah Dessen comes a big-hearted novel about a girl who reconnects with a part of her family she hasn't seen since she was a little girl - and falls in love, all over the course of a magical summer. Emma Saylor doesn't remember a lot about her mother, who died when she was ten. But she does remember the stories her mom told her about the big lake that went on forever. Now it's just Emma and her dad, and life is good, if a li Learn More
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By Elizabeth Gilbert
"A spellbinding novel about love, freedom, and finding your own happiness." - PopSugar "Intimate and richly sensual, razzle-dazzle with a hint of danger." -USA Today "Pairs well with a cocktail...or two." -TheSkimm "Life is both fleeting and dangerous, and there is no point in denying yourself pleasure, or being anything other than what you are." Beloved author Elizabeth Gilbert returns to fiction with a unique love story set in the New York City theater world during the Learn More
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By Stephen King , Bev Vincent
Fasten your seatbelts for an anthology of turbulent tales curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent. This exciting new collection, perfect for airport or aeroplane reading, includes an original introduction and story notes for each story by Stephen King, and brand new stories from Stephen King and Joe Hill. Stephen King hates to fly. Now he and co-editor Bev Vincent would like to share this fear of flying with you. Welcome to Flight or Fright, an anthology about all the thin Learn More
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By Jill Mansel
The deliciously uplifting new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of THIS COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING. Not to be missed by readers of Lucy Diamond and Katie Fforde. Mimi isn't looking for love when she spends a weekend in Goosebrook, the Cotswolds village her dad has moved to. And her first encounter with Cal, who lives there too, is nothing like a scene in a romantic movie - although she can't help noticing how charismatic he is. But Cal's in no position to be any mo Learn More
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By Shukriah Rodzi
Nazman disahkan menghidap penyakit hypertrichosis melalui sudut perubatan moden. Tetapi, menurut Nek Mah, dia terkena sumpahan mawas yang diwarisi daripada datuknya. “Apa pantang larang yang atuk langgar?” “Atuk tertembak seekor ibu mawas yang sedang bunting hingga mati.” Beberapa orang model telah mati dibunuh dengan kejam. Sesuatu yang menjadi misteri ialah model yang dibunuh itu kesemuanya adalah duta iklan produk syampu. Kepala mereka dicukur hingga botak dan ra Learn More
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By Rin Ahmad
Delilah seorang playgirl, tak pernah serius dalam hubungan dan akan memutuskan hubungan dengan pasangannya sesuka hatinya. Pertemuan pertama Delilah dengan Ezaq ialah di sebuah hotel. Masing-masing dengan urusan sendiri, tapi cukup untuk meninggalkan kesan. Malangnya, Delilah sudah mempunyai kekasih. Ezaq tetap menjejak Delilah walaupun tahu dia sudah berpunya dengan alasan membayar baki upah kerana menolongnya semasa migrain tempoh hari. Namun, layanan Delilah sangat din Learn More
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Amazing Spring (Chinese: 大地回春) is a 2019 Malaysian Cantonese-language musical comedy film. The film tells the story of an arrogant young heir who tries to acquire the Dadi Village in the present, but accidentally travels back to a stranger and funnier version of Dadi Village in the past. In order to take over the position of the group chairman with his mother's approval, the proud and arrogant Liang Minshan (Cedric Loo) decided to accept the challenge of acquiring Learn More
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By Thomas Harris
From the creator of Hannibal Lecter and The Silence of the Lambs comes a story of evil, greed and the consequences of dark obsession. Twenty-five million dollars in cartel gold lies hidden beneath a mansion on the Miami Beach waterfront. Ruthless men have tracked it for years. Leading the pack is Hans-Peter Schneider. Driven by unspeakable appetites, he makes a living fleshing out the violent fantasies of other, richer men. Cari Mora, caretaker of the house, has escaped fro Learn More
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By Hafsah Faizal
Zafira is the Hunter, disguising herself as a man to brave the cursed forest of the Arz to feed her people. Nasir is the Prince of Death, assassinating those foolish enough to defy his autocratic father, the king. If Zafira was exposed as a girl, her achievements would be rejected; if Nasir displayed compassion, his father would brutally punish him. War is brewing in Arawiya, and when Zafira embarks on a quest to uncover an artifact that can restore magic and stop the Arz, Learn More
USUAL: RM52.90

NOW: RM 52.90 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 47.61 (-10%)

By Alison Mcghee
“An artful exercise in melancholy…Every reader will love openhearted Will.” —Booklist (starred review) “Haunting, introspective.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Emotionally raw…[A] piercing narrative.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) “McGhee artfully illustrates the tangled web wherein grief intertwines with the mundane.” —BCCB After his dad dies of suicide, Will tries to overcome his own misery by secretly helping the people around him in Learn More
USUAL: RM52.90

NOW: RM 52.90 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 47.61 (-10%)

By Sergei Yrban
The ultimate collection of DIY activities to do with your kids to teach STEM basics and beyond, from a wildly popular online dad. With more than 3 million fans, TheDadLab has become an online sensation, with weekly videos of fun and easy science experiments that parents can do with their kids. These simple projects use materials found around the house, making it easier than ever for busy moms and dads to not only spend more quality time with their children but also get them i Learn More
USUAL: RM84.95

NOW: RM 84.95 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 76.46 (-10%)

By Michael Grant  
This collection contains all six books in New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant's breathtaking dystopian sci-fi Gone saga. These page-turning thrillers invoke the classic The Lord of the Flies along with the horror of Stephen King. King himself said: "I love these books." In the blink of an eye, everyone disappears. Gone. Except for the young. There are teens, but not one single adult. Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television. No way to get Learn More
USUAL: RM269.90

NOW: RM 129.90 (-52%)

MEMBER: RM 129.90 (-52%)

By 馬克·道格拉斯
  交易心理名作,涉足金融市場必讀經典   「成功的交易80%靠心理,只有20%靠技巧」   全球Amazon財經讀者共感推薦!   交易兩個字,一橫、一豎,有紀律的站著,沒紀律的躺下。   本書提供系統化、可依循的方法,逐步強化交易者的紀律與心智技術,   是所有主觀交易與個人投資者的必讀之作。   ◤高手不說的祕密:紀律是基數, Learn More
USUAL: RM58.50

NOW: RM 58.50 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 52.65 (-10%)

By 田口智隆
  薪水低、不景氣,照樣存到100萬!   看清金錢盲點,就是你扭轉財務狀況的關鍵!   想法導致行為   ↓   行為產生習慣    ↓   習慣造就財富!   只要認清這39個金錢思維,小資族也能達成財務自由!   如果你沒有富爸爸,沒有靠山;不是巴菲特,沒有投資天分;也不是運氣好到可以中三億樂透的幸運兒,那麼你一定要讀這 Learn More
USUAL: RM43.10

NOW: RM 35.00 (-19%)

MEMBER: RM 33.00 (-23%)

By 理查·羅德斯
普立茲獎得主最新力作! 美國Amazon暢銷書No. 1! 《紐約時報》、《華爾街日報》等各大媒體一致讚揚   核災威脅與空汙危機,兩難卻得當機立斷!   能源的決策,台灣人民該如何抉擇?   在幾乎被遺忘的歷史知識當中,   你將可發掘出人類未來之路的線索……   ★對能源的追求,造就致命的隱形殺手   二十世紀以來,工業迅速發展,讓加州 Learn More
USUAL: RM70.85

NOW: RM 70.85 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 63.77 (-10%)

By 成毛真
  你不能不知道亞馬遜的下一步!   只要了解amazon,就能學會最新的商業知識   研究amazon這間企業,就等同學習了最新的經營學。   為什麼亞馬遜可以大量吸收現金流?   亞馬遜的雲端事業的規模如何擴張?   會員數多到可以成立一個國家是怎麼辦到的?   引領全球的電商趨勢,跨足太空、時尚等多樣產業,   你能想像到的商業革命全都 Learn More
USUAL: RM64.70

NOW: RM 51.76 (-20%)

MEMBER: RM 51.76 (-20%)

By Sutherland Rory
HOW DOES MAGIC HAPPEN? The Ogilvy advertising legend—“one of the leading minds in the world of branding” (NPR)—explores the art and science of conjuring irresistible products and ideas. "A breakthrough book. Wonderfully applicable to about everything in life." —Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan “Veins of wisdom emerge regularly and brilliantly from these pages. Don't miss this book.” —Robert B. Cialdini, author of Influence Why is Red Bull so Learn More
USUAL: RM79.90

NOW: RM 79.90 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 71.91 (-10%)

By 理查·克拉克 , R.P.艾迪
  AI、基因編輯、瘟疫、駭客、暖化……全球災難來臨的恐怖時代   災禍,可以預知嗎?意外,是突發事件嗎?預言,是妖言惑眾、危言聳聽嗎?   人類的未來似乎充滿不確定嗎?   白宮資深安全專家提醒我們:善用科學方法,可洞燭機先,防患未然,如何辨明正確的警告,趨吉避凶!   張福昌(中華國土安全研究協會副祕書長、德國科隆大學政治 Learn More
USUAL: RM73.90

NOW: RM 59.12 (-20%)

MEMBER: RM 59.12 (-20%)

By Marini Mat Zain
Ada orang dilimpah kasih yang melimpah ruah. Mana-mana pergi mendapat kasih dan manja. Tidak putus rasanya cinta di dada. Hingga terkadang sukar membuat pilihan. Betapa ramai lelaki mahu mencurah cinta. Itulah Melissa. “Aku tak faham seperkara mengenai lelaki. Aku rasakan aku cukup khatam dengan fiil dia. Tapi semakin aku kenal dia, rupa-rupanya masih banyak pula aku rasa keciciran. Takkanlah sukatan pelajaran berkenaan dirinya kian bertambah?” - MELISSA Ada pula Learn More
USUAL: RM27.00

NOW: RM 21.60 (-20%)

MEMBER: RM 21.60 (-20%)

By 維申·拉克亞尼
一本讓你重生的人生雕塑法 從此生活不再缺乏前進的動力 全球超過20位卓越人士的200小時深度訪談精華 美國亞馬遜近千名讀者4.5星熱烈好評   【活出你想要的人生版本!】   我們對世界的理解往往都來自一套無形的標準。不論是工作、戀愛、育兒、消費、定義成功 : 成績好才有前途!人生想作主就要當老闆!結婚才叫幸福!女人要生兒育女、男人要扛經濟責 Learn More
USUAL: RM64.70

NOW: RM 64.70 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 58.23 (-10%)

By Abdul Latip Talib
Harun bin al-Mahdi Muhammad bin al-Manshur Abu Jaafar Abdullah in Muhammad bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Abbas bin Abdul Muthalib. Nama ibunya Jurasyiyah bint Atha atau digelar Khaizuran. Harun Ar Rasyid lahir pada tahun 148 H di Kota Ray. Menjadi khalifah ketika berumur 25 tahun. Para sahabat Khalifah Harun ar Rasyid bercerita, setiap hari baginda sembahyang sunat 100 rakaat. Bersedekah atau menderma 1000 dirham setiap hari. Apabila pergi menunaikan haji, baginda membawa bersaman Learn More
USUAL: RM27.90

NOW: RM 27.90 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 22.32 (-20%)

By Napoleon Hill
USUAL: RM59.90

NOW: RM 22.90 (-62%)

MEMBER: RM 22.90 (-62%)

By Dream Catcherz
Heng, a young boy working for the rich and kind Zhou family, grows up together with their daughter Qing, who is studying hard to take over her family's coffee trade someday. But the two close friends are separated by the chaos of the Japanese Occupation... Will they ever see each other again? Learn More
USUAL: RM12.00

NOW: RM 12.00 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 10.80 (-10%)

By Zura Rahman
Syarat-syarat pertaruhan :- Leanne: Tak boleh call/text/jumpa Adrian selama sebulan. Jude: Tak akan jumpa/flirt perempuan selama sebulan. Jika Leanne menang : Jude tak akan jumpa/flirt selama sebulan lagi. Leanne boleh jumpa Adrian. Jika Jude menang : Leanne tak boleh jumpa atau cakap dengan Adrian dan terpaksa ‘date’ Jude selama sebulan. Ternyata Leanne terpaksa date dengan Jude selama sebulan selepas kalah dalam pertaruhan itu. Leanne, si gadis yang nampak lurus Learn More
USUAL: RM28.00

NOW: RM 28.00 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 25.20 (-10%)

By 吳軍
  態度,會決定你一生的命運。   騰訊前副總裁、Google研究員、矽谷投資人吳軍 博士寫給年輕人的成長啟迪之書。   四十封有溫度的啟明家書,四十堂學校沒有教的人生課,   親授學習、理財、人際、人生課程,   帶你掌握在智慧時代不被淘汰的勝出關鍵!   一本吳軍家書,初次講述私家理念   四十則切身建議,鍛造你的大格局、高境界 Learn More
USUAL: RM53.90

NOW: RM 53.90 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 48.51 (-10%)

By Joanne O'Sullivan
Hurricane Katrina sets a teenage girl adrift. But a new life and the promise of love emerges in this rich, highly readable debut. Bayou Perdu, a tiny fishing town way, way down in Louisiana, is home to sixteen-year-old Evangeline Riley. She has her best friends, Kendra and Danielle; her wise, beloved Mamere; and back-to-back titles in the under-sixteen fishing rodeo. But, dearest to her heart, she has the peace that only comes when she takes her skiff out to where there is Learn More
USUAL: RM52.90

NOW: RM 52.90 (-0%)

MEMBER: RM 47.61 (-10%)

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