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By Geronimo Stilton
My sister Thea and my cousin Trap were not getting along! When grandfather found them arguing over who would get to join me on a trip to Brazil, he forced us all to go together. My friend Isabela needed my help finding a mysterious emerald. Could Trap and Thea stop shouting their snouts off long enough to help find the stone? Learn More
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By Hannah Moskowitz
All the women in her family are heartbreakers, and she's destined to become one, too, if she's not careful. But when she goes to the hospital for her RA infusion, she meets a gorgeous, foul-mouthed boy who has her rethinking the no-dating rule and ready to risk everything. Aleksander is chronically ill, too, and there's a softer side underneath all his jokes. Isabel finds herself unraveling the secrets of a real person, rather than crowd-sourcing her decisions through her on Learn More
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By Ng Hwei Wan
“Hot chocolate.”“Nak tambah marshmallow dan karamel ke?"Isabelle yang berdiri di kaunter mendongak sambil tersenyum memandang lelaki tampan depannya.“Err... ya,” jawab lelaki itu sambil mengangguk.Ketika nampak Kyle joging bersama dua anjing hitam, Isabelle mula sangsi. Jejaka itu kemudian jadi pelanggan setia Kafe Peace milik keluarga Isabelle. Yang peliknya Kyle suka pilih menu strawberry powder puffs dan hot chocolate plus marshmallow. Bukan ke hidangan tu agak m Learn More
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By Isabel Allende
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'A powerful love story spanning generations... Full of ambition and humanity' Sunday Times 'One of the strongest and most affecting works in Allende's long career' New York Times Book Review Victor Dalmau is a young doctor when he is caught up in the Spanish Civil War, a tragedy that leaves his life - and the fate of his country - forever changed. Together with his sister-in-law, he is forced out of his beloved Barcelo Learn More
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By Peter Shaw
Find out what makes great leaders tick, learn what it takes to be credible and read about the things that they'd do differently if they had to do it all again. The Nine Types of Leader introduces some obvious and some not so obvious types of leader through stories, anecdotes and insight garnered from hundreds of encounters with world-class leaders. Featuring interviews with industry titans including Jean-Francois Decaux of JC Decaux, Michael Rapino of Live Nation, Zhang Ruim Learn More
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By Isabel Gillies
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. Learn More
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By Isabell Osann
The Design Thinking Quick Start Guide: A 6-Step Process for Generating and Implementing Creative Solutionsshows you how you and your team can become more creative. This book presents methods you can use to innovate playfully and enjoyably. The Design Thinking Quick Start Guide is full of practical tools and activities, like the 6-3-5 method of brainstorming, to help you and your team get creative. For each of the six steps in the design thinking process, the authors offer tw Learn More
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By Cassandra Clare , Wesley Chu
From #1 New York Times bestselling authors Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu comes the second book in the Eldest Curses series and a thrilling new adventure for High Warlock Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, for whom a death-defying mission into the heart of evil is not just a job, it’s also a romantic getaway. The Lost Book of the White is a Shadowhunters novel. Life is good for Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. They’re living together in a fabulous loft, their warlock son, Ma Learn More
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By Amir
Komik ini menceritakan kisah Yana, seorang pelajar perubatan dan kawan pertamanya di universiti, Isabelle. Yana ialah seorang yang mempunyai masalah anxiety (cemas) apabila bercakap dengan orang lain terutamanya dalam kumpulan besar. Yana bertekad untuk mengatasi kelemahan dirinya, namun ianya tidak semudah yang disangka. Untuk membantu dirinya berubah, Yana sentiasa bersama dengan Isabelle yang merupakan antara pelajar tahun pertama yang terbaik di universiti itu. Yana dan Learn More
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By 松本大洋
★羅浮宮漫畫系列最新作!貓×松本大洋×羅浮宮美術館! ★松本大洋.漫畫×法國藝術家 Isabelle Merlet.上色,嶄新歐漫風情! ★松本大洋中文版最新夢幻之作!童話般不可思議的世界! ★本書為法國羅浮宮博物館漫畫計畫「當羅浮宮遇上漫畫(BD Louvre)」邀請所繪! ★台灣版由旅日動漫達人馬世儀翻譯、漫畫家力本嘔心瀝血書法手寫字!   沒有人知 Learn More
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By 松本大洋
★大洋原色版+彩色豪華版,共四冊完整蒐藏! ★首刷限量超值加贈台版獨家「小雪貓在羅浮宮」布背袋&紙本分格設計撰寫全介紹海報 ★【大洋原色版】收錄松本大洋原始彩頁+黑白內頁 ★【彩色豪華版】法國藝術家 Isabelle Merlet.上色,嶄新歐漫風情! ★松本大洋中文版最新夢幻之作!貓×松本大洋×羅浮宮美術館!童話般不可思議的世界! ★本書為法 Learn More
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By 松本大洋
★松本大洋中文版最新夢幻之作!貓×松本大洋×羅浮宮美術館!童話般不可思議的世界! ★本書為松本大洋應法國羅浮宮博物館漫畫計畫「當羅浮宮遇上漫畫(BD Louvre)」邀請所繪! ★【大洋原色版】收錄松本大洋原始彩頁+黑白內頁 ★台灣版由旅日動漫達人馬世儀翻譯、漫畫家力本嘔心瀝血書法手寫字!   沒有人知道,羅浮宮美術館的閣樓頂其實住 Learn More
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By Allende Isabel
One of the strongest and most affecting works in Allende's long career' New York Times Book Review 'Allende's style is impressively Olympian and the payoff is remarkable' Guardian 'Her place as an icon of world literature was secured long ago' Khaled Hosseini *A Daily Telegraph and Irish Times Highlight for 2020* September 3, 1939, the day of the Spanish exiles' splendid arrival in Chile, the Second World War broke out in Europe. Victor Dalmau is a young doctor when he i Learn More
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Isabella, the daughter of the noble York family, is enrolled in an all-girls academy to be groomed into a dame worthy of nobility. However, she has given up on her future, seeing the prestigious school as nothing more than a prison from the outside world. Her family notices her struggling in her lessons and decides to hire Violet Evergarden to personally tutor her under the guise of a handmaiden. At first, Isabella treats Violet coldly. Violet seems to be able to do everythi Learn More
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By Harry Potter Theatrical Productions , Jody Revenson
"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is one of the most celebrated stage productions of the past decade. Opening in London’s West End in 2016, on Broadway in 2018 and in Melbourne 2019 – and with more productions worldwide still to come (including San Francisco later this year) – the play has smashed records, collected countless rave reviews and awards, and captivated audiences night after night. Now readers are invited behind the scenes to experience the show’s journey Learn More
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By Sya Jamuri
Kerana terdesak dalam mencari pekerjaan, Suri Isabella terpaksa memegang jawatan sebagai pembantu peribadi kepada seorang lelaki yang berlagak dan miang seperti Adrian. Ini membuatkan hari-hari Bella di pejabat itu semakin tidak tenteram dibuatnya. Setiap hari, bagaikan ada saja wanita seksi yang datang bertandang ke pejabat itu. Bella juga ditugaskan untuk mengingati setiap nama skandalnya lengkap dengan biodata sekali. Memang kerja gila namanya! “Encik Adrian, in case y Learn More
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By Azimah Lily
HELENA ISABELLA gadis kacukan Melayu Sepanyol yang membesar di luar negara. Selepas tamat pelajaran, Helena mengambil keputusan bekerja di Malaysia. Atas faktor kerja, Helena menyewa di rumah sewa Tok Wan Daud dan Mak Tok Aishah sehingga projek syarikatnya di utara semenanjung tamat. Mulanya Helena kekok tetapi Helena belajar sesuaikan diri dengan suasana kampung yang begitu asing baginya. Kehadiran tetamu di rumah Tok Wan Daud dan Mak Tok Aishah tidak disenangi oleh Helena. Learn More
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By Pittacus Lore
Return to Zero is the electrifying end to a story ten years in the making, bringing together the Legacies, Loric, Earth Garde and even the Mogadorians for a final, deadly showdown. After the battle in Switzerland, the Fugitive Six find their loyalties torn, splitting them into two factions. Taylor, Nigel and Kopano join Nine to return to the Academy, but nothing is the same. Fear and resentment of the Human Garde has been growing and the Academy is under siege. The Unit Learn More
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By 伊莎貝拉·薩爾法提
  「我是一個整型醫師,更是整型上癮者,   不斷替自己進行頻繁與規律的小手術,像是乳房與外貌。   為什麼我要這樣做?   因為對於這副軀殼,我們無可奈何,   有時像被困在死胡同裡,有時甚至反被支配。   但或許只要做一點點改變,就能減輕被自己身體背叛的挫折。   整型美容手術,也可以是讓人邁向自由的一種方式。」   —— Learn More
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By Jennifer Donnelly
In an ancient city by the sea, three sisters - a maiden, a mother, and a crone - are drawing maps by candlelight. Sombre, with piercing grey eyes, they are the three Fates, and every map is a human life . . .' Stepsister takes up where Cinderella's tale ends. We meet Isabelle, the younger of Cinderella's two stepsisters. Ella is considered beautiful; stepsister Isabelle is not. Isabelle is fearless, brave, and strong-willed. She fences better than any boy, and takes her stal Learn More
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By Sufea Hareez
Hidup seorang Aina Isabelle tiba-tiba berubah bila Zafran mengambil keputusan untuk menetap di kampung atas alasan menjaga ibunya yang disahkan menghidap kanser. “Awak boleh buat sendiri, kan?” - Aina "Awak nak saya call ibu, beritahu yang awak tak nak tolong saya?" Zafran. Zafran sentiasa gunakan alasan ibu Zaharah untuk membuatkan Aina mengalah. Ibu Zaharah itu, wanita mulia yang sangat Aina hormati. “Zaf nak kahwin dengan Aina sebab ibu. Zaf nak ibu bahagia. Learn More
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By 奧黛莉·雅坤 , 依莎貝爾·拜優
  ★NO.1暢銷法國教育書      全腦學習&翻轉教養   讓孩子在好心情中,喚醒自己內心深處的學習渴望!   專注力UP!記憶力UP!想像力UP!   組織力UP!執行力UP!系統思考力UP!      【適用族群】1~18歲孩子適用:幼兒、小學生、國高中生,及其父母、老師。   【本書包含】21幅心智圖範例、20個親子小練習,及各種小訣竅與案例。   【 Learn More
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By 卡西亞·聖·克萊兒
色彩,不只左右了藝術的發展,更形塑了我們的文化世界   為什麼藍色是暖色?綿羊是紫羅蘭色?   每種顏色的誕生,都跟人類歷史、神話傳說、自然演化有關……   75種色彩的性格側寫、75種顏色的解碼正名,   這是一本華麗的色彩寶典,也是一本豐富的顏色履歷書。   ◎你認識幾種顏色?叫得出這些顏色的名字嗎?   伊莎貝拉黃(Isabelline Learn More
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By 史蒂芬妮‧梅爾
★《暮光之城》史蒂芬妮.梅爾首部時事、諜報、犯罪、推理小說   她是個善用化學物質將人逼到極限的天才,   更清楚自己正在玩生存遊戲,而賭注只有她的一條命。   原本懷著理想加入美國政府祕密反恐部門,卻因為知道太多機密而成為部門幕後黑手的眼中釘。天才化學家茱莉安娜使用化名躲避來自華府的追殺,為了活命,她幾乎不待在同一 Learn More
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By Anarif
“Nek, anak orang putih mana pulak datang rumah nenek ni?” “Hush!” Nek Zizah menepuk paha Paan, menegur bicaranya. “Isabelle, mari duduk sini,” ditepuk-tepuk lantai di sebelahnya. Isabelle menurut. Mata bulatnya jatuh pada naskhah suci al-Quran milik Paan. “What is that?” jarinya tegak menghala ke arah al-Quran itu. “Nek, dia cakap orang putihlah!” komen Paan teruja. ISABELLE, anak kecil keturunan pan-asia telah diserahkan kepada Nek Zizah dan Tuk Learn More
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By 亞歷山大·潘佐夫 , 梁思文
潘佐夫繼《毛澤東:真實的故事》後,最新鉅作! 迄今最中立、最權威的鄧小平傳記 唯一使用蘇聯解密檔案及獨家訪談資料,完整解讀鄧小平的一生   要了解現在的中國,就要了解改變中國的鄧小平   他經歷整風、反右、文革的腥風血雨,在鬥爭算計中站上權力頂峰   他以改革開放的鑰匙,打開中國經濟發展門戶   他對六四事件的定奪,決斷了中 Learn More
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#1 best-selling guide to Thailand* Lonely Planet Thailand is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Wander through wild orchids in Mae Hong Son, charter a longtail boat on the Andaman Coast or look for tigers and monkeys in national parks; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Thailand and begin your journey now! Inside Learn More
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By Kathleen Tessaro
The stunning new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Perfume Collector.`Beautifully written... wonderfully absorbing with a clever twist in the tale' Isabel Wolff, author of GhostwrittenMae Fanning seizes on a job at a tiny, exclusive Boston antiques shop as the fresh start she desperately needs. It opens a window to new world, one peopled with rare and rich characters. But the day that enigmatic socialite Diana van der Laar walks in, Mae' Learn More
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By Smith Alexander Mccall
Isabel Dalhousie is one of Edinburgh's most generous (but discreet) philanthropists - but should she be more charitable? She wonders, sometimes, if she is too judgmental about her niece's amorous exploits, too sharp about her housekeeper's spiritual beliefs, too ready to bristle in battle against her enemies. As the editor of the Review of Applied Ethics, she doesn't, of course, allow herself actual enemies, but she does feel enmity - especially towards two academics who h Learn More
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By 奧黛莉‧雅坤 , 依莎貝爾‧拜優
  心智圖畫出來,孩子就懂了!   創造「全腦學習」的教育奇蹟!      ★No.1暢銷法國教育書   【隨書贈/「心智圖學習筆記小冊」】      孩子上學老是提不起勁、課業挫折感不斷?   難以專心,課文記不住?   父母既憂心又焦慮,內心吶喊:「什麼都試過了,我到底該怎麼幫助孩子?」      兩位作者是專攻教育的心理治療師 Learn More
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By Hasrudi Jawawi , A.Darwisy , Saidee Nor Azam , Zyra Safiya
“Asal kau daripada lidah api yang berasap... Merasuk seperti polong tak berjinjang...” / TANAH RIZAB JIN – A. DARWISY Sekitar tahun 1920, sekumpulan pekerja lombong bijih timah diarahkan untuk mengorek terowong bawah tanah di kawasan Sungai Lembing. Suatu hari, mereka terjumpa sebuah peti kayu yang menyimpan sejarah silam di dalamnya. Rentetan penemuan itu, sebuah keluarga Inggeris yang mengurus lombong itu ditimpa malapetaka. Apakah sebenarnya yang berlaku 30 tahun d Learn More
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By Samantha Hayes
The compelling new psychological suspense novel featuring DI Lorraine Fisher, from the author of Until You're Mine and Before You Die. Perfect for fans of S J Watson and Sophie Hannah. Fleeing the terrors of her former life, Isabel has left England, and at last is beginning to feel safe. Then a letter shatters her world, and she returns home determined not to let fear rule her life any more. But she's unable to shake off the feeling that someone who knows her better Learn More
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By Anna Lee
Cinta itu anugerah. Sudah tertulis sebelum roh ditiup bahawa dia akan menjadi milik kita. 1911 Naskah Terakhir Laura Isabell telah menimbulkan tanda tanya kepada pewarisnya. Catatan kisah cinta yang menyentuh hati itu telah membuatkan setiap pewarisnya berkelana ingin mencari kesudahan kisah tersebut. 2008 Dean, waris terakhir yang diwasiatkan memikul amanah itu. Namun, amanah yang dipikul datang bersama sebuah tanggungjawab yang berat. Laura Isabell. Sepasang nama Learn More
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By 薩爾卡多 , 馮克
 放棄優渥的經濟學者工作,因為影像更可以讓世人看見邊陲國家工人的艱辛,   深入地下礦場和礦工同住帳棚,只為更融入他們的真實生活境況,   重新栽種250萬棵樹造林,只為還給地球一片自然生態……   看過薩爾卡多的人文、生態攝影,聽過他訴說大地的故事,   你再也忘不了原來地球這麼漂亮,卻也這麼多傷口。   收錄超過40幅震撼人 Learn More
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By 伊莎貝爾‧阿貝迪
進入《蘿拉的異想世界》 一起享受創意變身   每當蘿拉在床上翻來覆去睡不著時,   她就會進入異想世界來個角色大扮演!   沒想到蘿拉超乎想像的意念,   讓這些角色在現實生活中越來越真實!   這一次,蘿拉成為「嬰兒耳語師」拉拉.盧,   用衛星傳送的嬰兒監視器、專屬直升機、   奶嘴自動販賣機,來拯救全世界哭鬧不休的嬰兒! Learn More
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By Jenny Han
If you loved The Kissing Booth and Jenny Han's smash-hit Netflix movie To All The Boys I've Loved Before, you'll adore this gorgeous, funny, romantic series! This special three-in-one edition features exclusive special content, including Conrad's letters to Isabel.One girl. Two boys. And the summer that changed everything . . .Every year Isabel spends a perfect summer at the beach. But this summer is different. This is the s Learn More
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By 伊莎貝爾‧阿貝迪
  進入《蘿拉的異想世界》   一起享受創意變身   這一次,蘿拉成為馴獸師,   教野狼跳踢踏舞、教狐狸跳狐步舞、   還馴服野生獅子聽從她的命令追捕壞人!   沒想到,蘿拉的寵物小貓不願意讓她撫摸,還離家出走!   此時,附近來了一個馬戲團,那裡綁著一隻小山羊。   小山羊好可愛,喜歡被蘿拉撫摸,卻總是悲傷的咩咩叫著。    Learn More
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By Syamnuriezmil
Anda mempunyai masalah dalam perhubungan? Anda perlu seseorang untuk menyelesaikan masalah anda? Anda perlu seseorang memutuskan hubungan anda dengan si dia? Atau... Anda perlu seseorang untuk menyamar menyelamatkan hubungan anda dengan si dia? Saya ada penyelesaiannya... Orang untuk disewa! Sila telefon saya, Nur Adreiana, 012-3459876. Anytime, Anywhere... I’ll be there. Dia bukan seorang perempuan yang menjual maruahnya tapi dia ialah Nur Adreiana, minah merah Learn More
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By Jenny Han
The heart-wrenching final part in the bestselling The Summer I Turned Pretty Series, perfect for fans of the Netflix smash-hit movies To All The Boys I've Loved Before and The Kissing Booth!One girl. Two boys. The biggest decision of her life . . .Just when Isabel thinks she had everything mapped out, life proves that when it comes to love, you can never have all the answer Learn More
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By Jenny Han
From the author of To All The Boys I've Loved Before (now a smash-hit Netflix movie), this is the perfect funny summer romance for fans of The Kissing Booth and Holly Bourne. One girl. Two boys. And the summer that changed everything . . . Every year Isabel spends a perfect summer at her favourite place in the world - the Fisher family's beach house. It has everything a girl could want: a swimming pool, a private stretch of sandy beach... and two (very cute) boys: Unavai Learn More
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By Jenny Han
From the author of To All The Boys I've Loved Before (now a smash-hit Netflix movie), dive into the second instalment of The Summer I Turned Pretty series. Perfect for fans of The Kissing Booth, Rainbow Rowell and Holly Bourne. One girl. Two boys. An impossible decision to make . . .When something is perfect, you hope it lasts forever. But Isabel's lazy, long hot summers at her family fr Learn More
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By Claire Letemendia , V. C. Letemendia
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. If the reading of the stars is correct, His Majesty has only a short time to live. And he will die through violence' 1642: Laurence Beaumont has just returned to England after six long years in the European Wars. Fleeing home to escape the resp Learn More
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By Jojo Moyes
The 2008 novel Night Music by Jojo Moyes, the bestselling author of Me Before You and two-time winner of the RNA Novel of the Year award.Isabel Delancey has always taken her gifted life for granted. But when her husband dies suddenly, leaving her with a mountain of debt, she and her two children are forced to abandon their home and move to a crumbling pile in the country.With the house falling down around them, and the last of her savings fast disappearing, Isabel turns to he Learn More
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By Stephenie Meyer
Isabella Swan's move to Forks, a perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made. When she meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen - a vampire - her life takes a thrilling and terrifying romantic turn. Learn More
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