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By Robert Muchamore
It isn't easy to change the world but you've got to keep trying.' From London . . . Georgia gets straight As at school, has been placed first in twenty-six drone races and has a serious addiction to buying Japanese stationery. She plans to follow her older sister Sophie and become a doctor, but her worldview is shattered when tragedy strikes. To Akure . . . Julius lives in Ondo, a Nigerian state where half the population lives on less than a dollar a day. But he isn't one Learn More
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By GB出版社
  ~無印良品的文具,是經歷什麼樣的巧思,又有什麼獨到的講究呢?~   ★不過度裝飾,令人感到舒服。   ★正因為簡單,所以能依照自己的風格運用。   ★就算一直使用,也不會覺得膩。   越瞭解文具的開發過程,以及設計、素材、規格等,   就越覺得有趣,也會更喜歡、更享受無印良品的文具!   ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ 設計簡單,細 Learn More
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By Catherine Le Nevez
Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Pocket Paris is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Watch the sunset from the steps of Sacre Coeur; shop the flea markets and the Grands Boulevards; or start your day at the best patisseries, all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of the best of Paris and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Poc Learn More
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By Lonely Planet
From Lonely Planet, the world's leading travel guide publisher Durable and waterproof, with a handy slipcase and an easy-fold format, Lonely Planet Melbourne City Map is your conveniently-sized passport to traveling with ease. Get more from your map and your trip with images and information about top city attractions, transport maps, itinerary suggestions, extensive street and site index, and practical travel tips and directory. With this easy-to-use, full colour navigation Learn More
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Simple Stationery Life Part 01 開一間店 表達對文具的想法 古文具店穿越時空 把新與舊的衝突感留下 把想像排列重組 走進古董原子筆的摩登年代 用鋼筆書寫幾個十年 紙張上放鬆 很有個人色彩 Part 02 用紙和書寫 開啟每一天的生活 每張紙有不同個性 乘著它旅行 一切美得剛剛好 通過寫字 一筆一畫 讓喜歡的句子成為我的所有物 手帳裡有時間的浪漫 不願忘記的都 Learn More
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By 柑仔 , 黑女 , 陳心怡 , 潘幸侖
文具手帖揮手下降,最終刊! 繞行千萬里,終站在台灣, 從北到南發現有志者深耕之美,台灣文具屋!   從二○一三年五月創刊的《文具手帖Season 01:旅行去!》,   開始這一趟美好的文具旅程。   在這三年半的出版歷程,   手帖每一刊的面市都能感受到讀者們熱切期待的心意,   縱然不捨與每一位支持者的緣分,   但終究要暫時畫下句點。 Learn More
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By Hally , 柑仔 , 黑女 , 陳心怡 等著 , 王正毅
現實與理想的差距間 如何保持創作的熱情? 頂著插畫家光環的背後, 支撐夢想的又是什麼樣過人的意志? 歡迎光臨這多彩的創意世界!   創意不會沒有理由憑空而降,一張圖的創作,這其中有多少轉折?一般人覺得很夢幻的插畫工作,背負的其實是不太浪漫的人間事務。《文具手帖》本期要帶著大家進入台灣、日本十多位插畫家的世界。了解才能尊重 Learn More
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By Denya , Hally , , 柑仔 , 黑女 , 陳心怡
寄明信片給親愛的你   很少在書刊雜誌中看到明信片相關議題的介紹,但幾乎每個人都有過明信片的書寫及郵寄經驗。旅行中,寄張明信片給自己,複習旅行的記憶和延續旅行的氛圍;再寄張明信片給親愛的家人或朋友,問候與分享,將情感的地平線延伸至世界每個角落!   《文具手帖Season 07》這次就要帶大家見識你所不知的明信片浩瀚世界。在特別的 Learn More
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By Denya , Hally , Mia , Mikey , xavie , iamct , Nydia , 大宇人 , , 鄧小熊 , 橘枳 , 柑仔 , 黑女 , 潘幸侖 , 檸檬 , 漢克等◎著王正毅◎攝影
燃燒手帳魂之後, 這次帶著手帳去旅行吧! 九本手帳,九種書寫風格,記錄下旅行的美好、人生滋味、耐力的展現、永恆的回憶、再出發的能量……帶你領略不同的旅途風景。《文具手帖Season 06》網羅九位人氣的手帳達人,Mia、Mikey、Nydia、xavie、iamct、大宇人、吉、鄧小熊、橘枳,要與讀者共同分享他們的私密旅行手帳文。 如果覺得自己寫手帳有點寂寞, Learn More
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By Tiger , Denya , Mia , ChiaChang , 黑女 , 柑仔 , 檸檬 , 潘幸侖 , Nyd
創作、設計、分享、解析! 文具迷、手作癡的無敵專屬發燒書!   對某個顏色愛到無法自拔,只要心愛的文具品推出這款顏色,不管常不常用或同性質文具早就有了,全都先丟到一邊,立馬購入才安心,最好同色系文具每一款都收齊才甘心,如果你是這樣的顏色控,那請來跳入我們為你設下的坑吧……   《文具手帖Sesson 04》為你精選八位文具達人, Learn More
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By Amy Rice
With 20 clever step-by-step projects and a stunning gallery of inspirational stencil designs from leading artists, Playing With Stencils will leave you ready to stencil just about anything. You will design floor tiles stencils inspired by German paper-cutting, you will stencil furniture, shower curtains, a floor cloth, planters, a wall canvas, wallpaper, and even a cake. You will make paper dolls with clothing, stencil beautiful "lace" stationery, stencil custom yardage Learn More
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By Ann Martin
"The quality of the projects and range of paper crafting techniques found in All Things Paper makes this a book that paper crafters of all skill levels will appreciate having on their shelves." --Paper Crave Make decorative, simple do-it-yourself projects with this friendly guide to paper crafting. Recognized paper artist Ann Martin has searched the world over for unique and beautiful paper crafts to feature on her popular website--www.AllThi Learn More
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