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By 大衛·布魯克斯
  (原書名 品格:履歷表與追悼文的抉擇)   你的一生是為了履歷表的成就,還是為了追悼文中的讚美而活?   追求成功之際,你要如何回應內心抉擇,無愧人生?   終其一生,我們都被要求同時具備兩種自我,   學會在這兩種對抗中自處、修練高尚品格,是每個人的生命必修課題。   ★比爾.蓋茲推薦人生必讀之書   ★《紐約時報》 Learn More
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By 大衛·布魯克斯
  ★《紐約時報》暢銷書第一名   ★《成為更好的你》(原書名《品格》)、《社會性動物》大衛.布魯克斯,最貼近生命的人生進階課   ★《紐約時報》《舊金山紀事報》《今日美國》等主流媒體一致盛讚   《紐約時報》最具代表性專欄作家   大衛‧布魯克斯 David Brooks   以理性與洞察 剖析社會的紛擾   以自省與謙卑 探究人生的價值 Learn More
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By David Brooks
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. Learn More
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By David Brooks
The No. 1 New York Times bestseller on the secret to leading a good life We live in a Big Me culture: universities and businesses alike reward goal-oriented superstars and those who self-promote are most likely to thrive. But what does this say about us? David Brooks argues that our hunger for wealth and status is eroding our ability to create meaningful inner lives. To show us how to live better, he looks at people whose sense of humility was fundamental to their succe Learn More
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By 大衛.布魯克斯
★蟬聯紐約時報、出版週刊、Amazon暢銷排行榜超過20週   ★美國民眾票選,大學新生必讀的十大推薦書目之一   ★甫上市銷售超過40萬冊,授權20國語文翻譯   你是否只知埋頭苦幹,比不上別人懂得察言觀色?   你會不會空有好腦袋,卻敗給同事的好人緣?   理性可以讓你傑出,但社會能力才能給你幸福!   我們生活在人群中,從誕生到 Learn More
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By David Brooks
"DEBUTED AT NO.1 ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST NO.1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE SOCIAL ANIMAL Are you on your first or second mountain? Is life about you - or others? About success - or something deeper? The world tells us that we should pursue our self-interest: career wins, high status, nice things. These are the goals of our first mountain. But at some point in our lives we might find that we're not interested in what other people tell us to want. We want th Learn More
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