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By Elissa Epel
Transform stress into resilience in one week Our lives have become increasingly stressful. How can we turn this stress into strength and resilience? Whether it's our to-do lists, deadlines, difficult conversations or crises small or large, our waking hours are filled with constant stressors. We can't eliminate stress - it will always be woven into our lives and part of everything from parenting and careers, to reaching big life dreams. However, this book will help you to 's Learn More
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By 伊莉莎白·布雷克本 , 伊麗莎·艾波
  端粒(telomere)是染色體的末端,也是染色體的保護箍。   諾貝爾生理醫學獎得主伊莉莎白.布雷克本,   長期鑽研端粒現象與效應,   她發現:正是端粒的長短,控制了細胞和人體的壽命;   而且端粒不只是會執行遺傳指令,還會聽從你的指示,   也就是說,你的生活方式等同於對你的端粒下令,   讓你細胞老化得更快或更慢一點。    Learn More
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