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By Hannah Critchlow
At a time of existential global challenges we need our best brainpower to solve them. We can no longer rely on the myth of the lone genius to create a breakthrough. As neuroscientist and bestselling author of The Science of Fate Hannah Critchlow shows, two heads have always been better than one. Almost everything we've ever achieved has been done by groups of people working together, sometimes across time and space. Like a hive of bees, or a flock of birds, our naturally soc Learn More
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By 漢娜·克里奇洛
你的命運,就隱藏在自己的軀殼當中…… 劍橋大學最新研究:大腦影響選擇,決定塑造命運 逆轉先天的缺陷,「科學改運」辦得到! 「決定」讀這本書,就已「決定」你將改變自身命運!   感情交往是否選錯?生涯職業有無前途?財富夢想真能實現?   《星期日泰晤士報》暢銷書!為你揭開命運的神祕面紗──   ◆知名的「棉花糖實驗」,能預測未 Learn More
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