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By Helen Thomson
Award-winning science writer Helen Thomson has zero desire to become a lifestyle guru, she just wants to help us understand the often surprising truths behind meditation, resilience, addiction, willpower, love, good sleep, CBT, success, dieting, antidepressants, intelligence and much, much more. Full of fascinating evidence-based advice pulled from the very latest research and packed with experiments you can try on yourself (including one guaranteed to lift your mood), this Learn More
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By 海倫·湯姆森
  ● 屢獲殊榮科學記者海倫‧湯姆森,透過親身訪談九個極特殊真實案例,揭開人類大腦最大的謎團   ● 美國 Amazon 最佳非小說類編輯選書、美國獨立書商協會暢銷書   本書介紹的人物都非比尋常,但我希望讀者對他們的人性感到驚奇,而不是對他們的古怪感到驚奇;我希望讀者因為我們和他們之間的共同點、而非相異處而感到訝異。   我想把這 Learn More
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