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By Jo
Following the pirate incident, Ed begins to doubt himself and his ability to continue working as a police officer. But as he wrestles with his inner demons, the Ravens take Ed and Parry’s mothers hostage… Learn More
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By Jon Krakauer 
Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air is the true story of a 24-hour period on Everest, when members of three separate expeditions were caught in a storm and faced a battle against hurricane-force winds, exposure, and the effects of altitude, which ended in the worst single-season death toll in the peak's history. In March 1996, Outside magazine sent veteran journalist and seasoned climber Jon Krakauer on an expedition led by celebrated Everest guide Rob Hall. Despite the expertise o Learn More
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By 約翰.霍恩
 ◎當Disney+帶著累積百年的內容進軍串流,早就占領市場的Netflix怎麼因應?   ◎百威啤酒推洋芋片,成功打進小酒館,為何在進駐便利店時被樂事打趴?   ◎某競品市占率從29%增至33%,另個從31%跌至27%,哪個對自家威脅更大?   多數公司認為,他們經常蒐集競爭者情報,但等到對手真正出招時,   很多老闆(超過80%)的反應卻是:   「他 Learn More
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By Johann Hari
The bestselling author of Lost Connections and Stolen Focus takes a revelatory look at the new drugs transforming weight loss as we know it - sharing his personal experience on Ozempic and examining our ability to heal society's dysfunctional relationship with food, weight and our bodies. In January 2023, Johann Hari started to inject himself once a week with Ozempic, one of the new drugs that produces significant weight loss. He wasn't alone - some predictions suggest that Learn More
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By Jojo Moyes
Meet Sam. Meet Nisha. Two women living very different lives. But when their paths cross, causing each a world of trouble—and finding some missing shoes is the only way to solve it—they’re left with a choice every woman must face: to walk alone, or stand together... Learn More
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By 喬辛‧迪‧波沙達、愛倫‧辛格
 臺灣暢銷30萬冊、全球暢銷200萬冊慶祝版!   長銷近20年,影響兩代人的勵志經典!   幫助數百萬讀者變得更加積極、自律,   在學業、工作、生活等方面取得更大成就!   為什麼有的人成功,有的人失敗?   世界著名激勵演說家花了30年終於發現:   答案就在史丹佛大學研究的「棉花糖理論」中!   ★各大書店心理勵志及商業理財類書 Learn More
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By 喬登.貝爾福
  ★《華爾街之狼》電影原型人物喬登.貝爾福最新著作。   ★一本敘事詼諧且脈絡清晰的投資指南。   ★難道只有我賠錢?跟著華爾街之狼掌握狼的投資哲學,將使你能持續一貫擊敗95%的投資經理人。   一本詼諧而清晰的投資指南,   適用於任何想要在市場一展身手的人,   並了解華爾街頂級投資者的秘密。   在《跟華爾街之狼學銷售》 Learn More
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By Jo , Kin
Semua orang ingin mencintai dan dicintai. Namun bagi Faye, dia jadi ekstra gelabah dan tak berani bertentang mata bila berhadapan lelaki disukai. Bertemu Stonie yang kononnya boleh tolong Faye dalam misi cintanya, dia sedar impiannya tak mudah dilaksana. Adakah dia akan bertemu cinta sejati atau jadi solo selamanya? Learn More
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By Cynthia Ulrich Tobias ,  Mary Jo Dean
In Reclaiming Education, parents are equipped with practical and immediately useful tools to work in partnership with their children to identify and develop their learning styles and strengths. If you want to help learners build the kind of confidence that inspires lifelong learning, get them involved in the solutions for their own success. In this book, both parents and children can learn how to Identify learning style strengths Develop strategies for adapting to less than Learn More
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By Jo Owen
Featuring everything you need to know about being an effective leader, The Leadership Skills Handbook will help you develop signature strengths and accelerate leadership success. The Leadership Skills Handbook gives you the 100 essential tools you need to be an outstanding leader. Taking you beyond just theory, it shows you what works in real life, in a concise, easy-to-follow format. Based on research from over a thousand leaders around the world, from the public, private a Learn More
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By 孤島Joe
★寫給所有寂寞靈魂的圖文作家,孤島Joe出道五年暖心力作! ★精心設計巧妙的反轉,插畫翻頁後,你將發現意想不到的結局…… ★粉專三萬人追蹤,催淚爆文每每破萬人按讚,紛紛敲碗出書! 每個人來到世界時都是一座孤島, 當你喜歡上另一個人,踏上另一座孤島, 愛,會治癒每一顆寂寞的心。 取之寂寞,用之寂寞,把和孤獨借來的靈感, 寫成故 Learn More
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By 孤島Joe
 ★網書限量贈品!故事未完請繼續‧孤島明信片,陪你示愛不孤單。   ★寫給所有寂寞靈魂的圖文作家,孤島Joe出道五年暖心力作!   ★精心設計巧妙的反轉,插畫翻頁後,你將發現意想不到的結局……   ★粉專三萬人追蹤,催淚爆文每每破萬人按鑽,紛紛敲碗出書!   每個人來到世界時都是一座孤島,   當你喜歡上另一個人,踏上另一座孤 Learn More
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By 喬宜思
全球第一位中文人類圖分析師 喬宜思(Joyce Huang) 睽違8年最新力作 「真正重要的其實是你所體悟的,這就是『自私的覺悟』。身而為人,最深的制約來自於從小到大,我們被迫服從權威,放棄自我。如果要活出自己,就得脫離這些制約。」 ——拉.烏盧.胡(Ra Uru Hu),人類圖祖師爺 請自私。 請活出自己的燦爛, 這世界會因為有你,變得更美麗! Learn More
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By 喬宜思
全球第一位中文人類圖分析師 喬宜思(Joyce Huang) 睽違8年最新力作 「真正重要的其實是你所體悟的,這就是『自私的覺悟』。身而為人,最深的制約來自於從小到大,我們被迫服從權威,放棄自我。如果要活出自己,就得脫離這些制約。」 ——拉.烏盧.胡(Ra Uru Hu),人類圖祖師爺 請自私。 請活出自己的燦爛, 這世界會因為有你,變得更美麗! Learn More
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By Jo , Kin
Impian belajar kat sekolah pilihan Jen musnah bila ayah menghantarnya ke Wonderville mencari mama. Dahlah tu terpaksa hidup bersendirian dan cari duit sendiri. Dalam diam-diam Jen mahu pulang ke Pekan Manusia dan tinggalkan Wonderville. Tapi boleh ke Jen ikuti kehendak diri dan membantah rancangan ayah? Adakah dia terus melayan kerenah kawan-kawan luar biasanya (baca: pelik)? Learn More
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By Bjorn Billhardt , Nathan Kracklauer
Do you feel demotivated and aimless? Are you running on empty? Is it hard to pinpoint what's wrong? Then you're languishing, according to Corey Keyes, the sociologist who coined the term. Here he shows you how to flourish. 'With his pioneering research, Corey Keyes put languishing on the map. In this powerful book, he brings it to life. Rethink your understanding of mental health, update your views on happiness and come closer to realizing your potential.' Adam Grant, #1 New Learn More
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By Emily Lloyd-Jones
Once upon a time, the kingdoms of Wales were rife with magic and conflict, and eighteen-year-old Mererid “Mer” is well-acquainted with both. She is the last living water diviner and has spent years running from the prince who bound her into his service. Under the prince’s orders, she located the wells of his enemies, and he poisoned them without her knowledge, causing hundreds of deaths. After discovering what he had done, Mer went to great lengths to disappear from his Learn More
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By Nashae Jones
Erin Johnson’s thirteenth birthday unfolds like any other day, from her mom’s quirky and embarrassing choice of outfit to racing her nemesis, Trevor Jin, to the best seat in class—front row, center. But her gifts this year include something very out of the ordinary: magical powers. Erin discovers her mysterious father is actually the love god Cupid and she’s inherited his knack for romance. It’s not the most useful ability for an overachiever with lofty academic an Learn More
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By Jo , Kin
Jen, seorang manusia biasa tiba-tiba dipindahkan ke Sekolah Wonderville yang terdiri daripada ramai pelajar luar biasa (baca: pelik). Ada berupa kucing, bermata satu, yang 'meletup' bila terlalu stres dan ramai lagi! Mampukah Jen yang normal berkawan dengan diorang ni? Learn More
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By 約亨・古奇 , 馬克西姆・萊奧
★博客來當月選書★ 沒頭沒尾,香腸就不是香腸了, 生命也就不是生命了。   ★一出版,即席捲德國《明鏡周刊》暢銷榜TOP 10!   ★專文感動推薦──作家 Emily Chan、閱讀推廣人 李貞慧、作家 柯采岑、臨床心理師 蘇益賢   ★書店人員齊聲好評──大眾國際書局、三餘書店、金石堂、梓書房、博客來、誠品書店   ★亞馬遜、goodreads 4星好評,千 Learn More
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By Jo , Kin
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By Phil M Jones
Often the decision between a customer choosing you over someone like you is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. Learn practical and instantly applicable skills in this book by Phil M. Jones, who’s trained more than two million people across five continents and over fifty countries in the lost art of spoken communication. Why This Book Will Help Me Let’s face it, the success or failure of almost every human interaction i Learn More
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By Joe
懂得縮小生存,人生就會輕鬆許多。 改變容易沮喪的自己,不需要毅力與努力。   容易被別人牽著鼻子走的人、容易覺得沮喪的人,都是超出了自己的舒適圈,魯莽地活在過於廣大的世界中。要想擺脫這樣的情況,請先縮小生存,並關注「自己的小世界」。   在心理學的研究中,人一旦感覺到「自己的人生是由自己所控制的」,就會提升活下去的動力。 Learn More
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By 喬安娜.格羅佛 , 強納森.羅茲
堅持,還是放棄? 第一本全方位解析「功能性意象訓練」(FIT)的專書 當意志力陷入天使與惡魔的拉鋸, 用心理意象克服壓力、突破心理障礙、制伏誘惑, 每做出一個選擇,都讓你更接近目標!   ★各領域領導者、成功健身減重者、花旗和IBM等知名企業員工、奧運選手、世界紀錄保持人……都在用這套方法塑造理想生活!   ★創下女子網壇不可思議 Learn More
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By 戴倫.艾塞默魯 , 賽門.強森
全球獨家中文版!《金融時報》年度選書 關心AI時代人類命運的必讀之作 當代經濟學巨擘從千年歷史經驗借鑑,重新定位科技變革的價值與方向   ☉ 《國家為什麼會失敗》、《自由的窄廊》作者最新力作   ☉ 《槍砲、病菌與鋼鐵》作者賈德.戴蒙、《正義》作者邁可.桑德爾 重磅推薦   ☉ 台灣大學經濟系特聘教授 林明仁 專文導讀   科技變革 Learn More
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By 保羅.約翰遜
《紐約時報》暢銷作家及權威歷史學家保羅.約翰遜 生動地描繪拿破崙悲劇英雄的一生 本書與與電影《拿破崙》同步上市   拿破崙.波拿巴在歷史上的影響力,鮮少有人可及。雖然他僅掌權十五年,但他對後世的衝擊卻持續至今,在他身後延燒近兩百年之久。他的影響力從未退。人們喜愛閱讀他和他那壯觀的崛起,就如同在羅馬與中古世紀,人們閱讀亞歷 Learn More
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By Johanna Basford
From bestselling author Johanna Basford, a charming, pocket-sized coloring book that invites artists to create satisfying and simple masterpieces We don’t always have a whole afternoon or even an hour to dedicate to our creative practice. Small Victories is the perfect book for when you want to pick up a pencil and complete a coloring page in a single sitting. Colorists will find pages with multiple individual drawings, from which they can select a few and color, along wit Learn More
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By John Mauldin
Eavesdropping on Millionaires is a must-read roadmap to wealth for contemporary investors and those serious about financial freedom. Learn More
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By John Grisham
The Exchange is John Grisham's epic follow-up to his phenomenal global bestseller The Firm, the novel that launched his career as the world's favourite storyteller - it will take you on a rollercoaster journey across the globe, from New York to London, and Rome to Marrakech. TEN DAYS TO SAVE A LIFE. ONE SECOND TO END IT. Mitch McDeere has cheated death and come out the other side. Fifteen years ago, he stole $10 million from the mob and disappeared. Now, with his enemies ja Learn More
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By 約翰.貝特森
《CSI犯罪現場》真實版,直擊「聖昆丁監獄」 深入人性最黑暗面,揪出犯罪背後動機 亞馬遜四點五顆星好評,讀者齊聲讚嘆:「無法把這本書放下!」 全球各大權威媒體書評一致讚揚 國際刑事鑑識權威李昌鈺博士台灣版專文推薦   ►►《華盛頓郵報》、《洛杉磯時報》強烈報導!燒烤凶殺案的殺人手法究竟有多離奇?   ►►海洋生物學家利用河豚、 Learn More
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By 約拿.博格
微調文字帶來巨大成功的科學發現 換個說法,結果大不同。 從海量文本發掘6種文字的魔力, 讓你的請求難以抗拒、意見聽起來像事實、 別人也更容易對你吐實。   ★ 繼《如何改變一個人》榮獲蔡康永、眾多KOL年度推薦書籍,又一探討說服力的全新著作。   ★ 亞當.格蘭特、丹尼爾.品克、詹姆.柯林斯、馬歇爾.葛史密斯等名家口碑推薦。 Learn More
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By Joey Yap
Packed with more than just the conventional analysis of the 12 zodiacs of Chinese Astrology for 2024, this annual guide provides not only the annual outlook for each animal sign but also their 12-month outlook for the year. Furthermore, readers will find a personalized outlook for all 60 BaZi Day Pillars (Jia Zi) as well as their respective 12-month mini-analysis. With Joey Yap’s Chinese Astrology for 2024, you will be able to discover what awaits you in 2024 especially in Learn More
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By Joey Yap
With the annual Joey Yap’s Feng Shui Guide for 2024, you will be able to make full use of the Qi present in your home or office throughout the Year of the Wood Dragon. The information contained within will teach you about the year’s energies, identify the most auspicious and inauspicious sectors of your property and help you avoid the Yearly Afflictions. Additionally, you will be updated on the 8 Houses of 2024 so that you can determine what effect the Stars will have on Learn More
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By Joey Yap
The Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac has been the definitive tool and guide that people have used to select the best dates for the significant events in their lives for centuries. If it is not being consulted when someone is trying to determine an auspicious day to carry out an important activity, it is at the very least checked so that they can ensure that the random day chosen is not a bad one. This is because Date Selection plays a crucial part in helping to guarantee the succe Learn More
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By Joey Yap
With this light, handy and easy-to-use Tong Shu Monthly Planner, you will be able to analyze the year at a glance and plan all your travels and work activities around the favorable and unfavorable days for the year. It is like having your own personal Tong Shu Calendar by your side which will also allow you to single out your personal unfavorable days and highlight your personal favorable days for the purpose of achieving the highest level of productivity and success possible Learn More
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By Joey Yap
For centuries, the Chinese Almanac or Tong Shu has been pivotal in the planning of day-to-day life. Decisions ranging from the forecasting of an individual’s luck for the day to assisting in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrological calculations for the year are made based on it. It is still widely used today in the selection of appropriate and auspicious days for almost every important activity including ground-breaking ceremonies, marriages, product launches, office openings, ho Learn More
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By Johari Yaman
Kamus Bestari ini diterbitkan hasil daripada kajian dan penelitian, supaya ia sesuai digunakan untuk pelajar sekolah, mahasiswa universiti, maktab dan orang awam. Kamus ini disusun bagi meluaskan pengetahuan dan penggunaan bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Melayu, untuk segenap lapisan masyarakat.Kandungan kamus ini meliputi bidang yang berkaitan dengan kehidupan individu, keluarga dan masyarakat. Edisi ini menggunakan ejaan terkini, lebih informatif, padat, tepat dan efektif. Learn More
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By 豪爾赫.陳 , 丹尼爾.懷森
「易讀又有趣,作者真的完整介紹了我們有限的知識,   以及我們那汪洋大海般的未知。非常享受的閱讀之旅。」   ——《自然》期刊   您知道嗎?   我們對宇宙的了解只有百分之五!   科學的發展是一連串的革命。   以巨觀來看,我們從地平說、地心說、日心說,   一路演變至宇宙大霹靂理論;   以微觀來看,我們從分子、原子、電 Learn More
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By Ha-Joon Chang
RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK Economic thinking - about globalisation, climate change, immigration, austerity, automation and much more - in its most digestible form For decades, a single free market philosophy has dominated global economics. But this is bland and unhealthy - like British food in the 1980s, when bestselling author and economist Ha-Joon Chang first arrived in the UK from South Korea. Just as eating a wide range of cuisines contributes to a more interesting and ba Learn More
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By 王造
★行內人的臥底觀察,教你看懂聯準會★ ★從美元、利率,到大大小小金融市場和實體經濟, 全都盯著聯準會的臉色看—— 理解聯準會的決策與行動邏輯, 就能從繁多的消息中看出門道、抓住機會★   ●神秘難解、又不可不知的聯準會   1913年,美國威爾遜總統建立美國的中央銀行——聯邦準備理事會(Fed,簡稱聯準會),負責美國的貨幣政策制 Learn More
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By John Perkins
ow do we stop the unrelenting evolution of the economic hit man strategy and China’s takeover? The riveting third edition of this New York Times bestseller blows the whistle on China’s economic hit man (EHM) strategy, exposes corruption on an international scale, and offers much-needed solutions for curing the degenerative Death Economy. In this shocking exposé, former EHM John Perkins gives an insider view into the corrupt system that cheats and strong-arms countries Learn More
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By John Link
One of the most comprehensive and bestselling books on breast cancer treatment and survival, completely revised and updated The seventh edition of The Breast Cancer Survival Manual provides essential updates on treatment and care, enhancing the basic information that has made this the most trusted guide for women diagnosed with breast cancer for the past two decades. This edition includes the most current advice on: · The genomic basis of breast cancer and recent changes i Learn More
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By J.J. Arcanjo
An irresistible series about chosen family, high stakes thievery, and what it really means to do good. Perfect for fans of M.G. Leonard and Anthony Horowitz. It's Gabriel's second year at Crookhaven School for Thieves. And with a tricky Break-In challenge to the teacher's section of the library to attempt, plus a new class called Reclamation, his Miscreant year is already off to a busy start. Then Gabriel and his friends learn about Maravel's Maze. Hidden deep beneath the l Learn More
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By 約翰·培瑞
☆最貧瘠的資源,創造最巨大的財富! ☆最邊陲的區域,孕育最現代的社會! ☆最複雜的族群,誕生最高效的政府! 小小彈丸之地,為何能躍居吞吐世界的大國? 新加坡的崛起,在於掌握了歷史潮流。 新加坡的成功,來自於海洋與人才!   新加坡的國土面積只有七百多平方公里,約莫是台灣的五十分之一,人口五百四十多萬,不及台北加新北。然而,新 Learn More
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By Joyce Park
本書解析提示語句結構,教你如何靈活運用專業術語, 輕鬆打出最精準的英文指令,引出ChatGPT高水準的完美答案。 網羅商務英語、檢定考試、閱讀寫作、旅遊會話等實用主題, 掌握訣竅和ChatGPT進行高效溝通,英文學習沒煩惱! 本書特色   【特色一】超過190個精準指令範例大公開,任你自由修改及應用   收錄經過多次測試、內容豐富的英文指令庫 Learn More
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By Joelle Wellington
Twelve girls. Three rounds. One ultimate prize . . . for the last one left alive. Edgewater Academy is a school for the very rich and very powerful. Adina Walker is neither of those things. Alone and outcast, when she gets into a fight with a fellow student (and former friend), her scholarship to a top college is revoked, and her world falls apart. Until she's invited to The Finish. Annual games for the brightest and the best, hosted by power-family The Remingtons, the wi Learn More
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By 約翰·戴維森·洛克斐勒
本書初版為好人出版《巨富思維》 世界第一位億萬富豪 傳承百年的致富與教養理念 留給子孫超越金錢的資產   熱中經商致富的人具備什麼特質?從洛克斐勒身上找答案。   從週薪五美元的簿記學徒到成為人類史上第一位億萬富豪,洛克斐勒財富顛峰的總值佔美國GDP百分之二點四,現值約四千億美元,是比爾蓋茲和巴菲特的八到十倍。   一八 Learn More
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By Joyce Meyer 
Each moment that you're given is a precious gift from God. You can choose to have a thankful attitude and live each moment full of joy, simply because God is good. In The Power of Thank You, renowned Bible teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer encourages us to take a look at ourselves and the importance of being thankful. Living life with a heart of gratitude for who God is and what He has done lifts your burdens and allows you to see everything in a d Learn More
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By Jordyn Taylor
A wickedly comic feminist mystery about the dark side of a hopeless romantic's seemingly perfect love story—for readers of Jessica Goodman and Kara Thomas. Alyson is a romantic, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. Like last summer, she thought her co-worker was into her, when in reality he found her flirting pathetic. Then she meets Brenton Riggs Jr., and right away she knows that their connection isn’t just in her head. When he swoops in to save her one night from Learn More
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By 約翰·D·洛克菲勒
  《洛克菲勒自傳》將帶領我們走入洛克菲勒家族所締造的神話,這是一部深入挖掘洛克菲勒內心世界和完整展現其人生經歷與豐富商戰閱歷的作品,將洛克菲勒的經歷與他的人生理念相結合,生動揭示出令洛克菲勒受益一生的人生觀和價值觀,並解密其成功之道。 Learn More
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By Jo Owen
Wherever they are in their career, this guide will give professionals a comprehensive understanding of the basic building blocks of effective leadership and management. For all professionals, knowledge of the key elements of high-quality leadership is vital, whether they are existing managers, taking on additional managerial responsibilities, or looking ahead to their career goals. This base of knowledge stretches from the individual - leading yourself - to the group, lead Learn More
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By Ustaz Muhadir Haji Joll
Isteri adalah insan yang paling rapat dengan seorang lelaki selain ibu bapa dan adik beradik. Justeru, wajarlah mereka dilayan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Siapakah sahaja yang layak dicontohi dalam soal berbuat baik selain daripada Rasulullah SAW? Naskhah ini; BAGAIMANA AKHLAK NABI SAW DENGAN ISTERI? mengumpulkan 94 buah hadis Nabi SAW yang merakamkan akhlak Nabi SAW dengan para isteri Baginda. Learn More
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By 乔纳森·格雷森
强迫症的终生患病率在2%~3%,大约每40人中就有1人患有强迫症。绝大多数强迫症患者的症状与媒体所呈现的案例不同,他们看似只是有些奇怪但无伤大雅的“小怪癖”,比如神经质的洁癖、车锁好后一定要在停车场围着车绕几圈……他们依然正常地工作生活着,似乎也没有什么明显的痛苦。然而强迫行为的背后往往伴随着焦虑、痛苦、失控,以及一种强烈的无力 Learn More
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By 喬·卡巴金
  ★ 「正念減壓」之父卡巴金博士最新力作   ★ 特別為飽受慢性疼痛之苦的讀者所寫   ★ 內含引導音檔,幫助讀者練習   ★ 全球獨家收錄‧卡巴金博士正念引導影片   “生命中的痛也許無可避免,是否受苦,卻是可以選擇的。”   數不清的人因為各種原因,每天都在與慢性疼痛對抗。身體的疼痛,對心理也造成折磨,讓人覺得生活漸漸不在 Learn More
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By 菲爾·瓊斯
  西門子、滙豐銀行、微軟、瑞聲達(ReSound)、DHL……國際企業,   超過200萬學員受過這套神奇字眼的訓練。   ◎當對方很焦慮,不知道接下來該怎麼辦,此時,你只要跟他說三個字。   ◎面對有選擇障礙的人、遲疑的人,你可以用六個字幫他。   ◎想說服顧客多買一點,說兩個字保證成功。   ◎說一堆理由來搪塞,你要怎麼說,對方會推翻 Learn More
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By 羅伯特·費爾史東 , 麗莎·費爾史東 , 喬伊絲·卡勒特
輕蔑的玩笑、嫌棄的抱怨、不被愛的感受…… 當我們在這樣的環境下長大, 受傷的不是身體,而是最深的內在,因為…… ◆孩子是吸收父母的話語長大的◆ 40個練習28個案例 ▶修復你的童年內傷 擺脫「童年內傷」帶來的痛苦循環 \《假性孤兒》作者推薦閱讀/   「其他人根本就不想跟你說話,你這麼無聊。」   「你這麼笨!做什麼都不會成功的 Learn More
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