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By John Eastwood
Oxford Learner's Pocket Grammar is a genuinely pocket-sized reference book that is ideal for revision. It's easy for students to take with them - on the bus, on the train, to school. If they have a few minutes to spare they can revise a grammar topic they need to know for an exam. It's easy to use, with each grammar topic spread over 2 pages. It's easy to understand, with grammar explanations using language students know. Examples show h Learn More
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By John Eastwood
A fresh approach to grammar through a set of interlinked grammar resources - reference book, practice book, interactive CD-ROM. Learn More
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By John Eastwood
Grammar Finder includes explanations and examples of English grammatical structures with particular focus on areas likely to cause difficulty. Grammar Checker CD-ROM has test questions, an interactive index to the Grammar Finder, and grammar pronunciation practice. Grammar Builder practises the grammar points explained in Grammar Finder, a Learn More
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