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By John Kim
This is the essential step-by-step, how-to guide to being a real man - and antidote to the pervasive toxic masculinity revealed by the #MeToo movement. Time to say goodbye to locker room banter for good. Published in the UK with huge newspaper serialisation, alongside a massive US release - sure to be worldwide media attention, and the bitesize approach will be infinitely shareable on social media. UK author tour. An insight into the male mind which will be a revelation t Learn More
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By 金正勋
  越来越多的人对未来充满不安和恐惧,他们不确定自己到底能做什么?每天究竟在穷忙些什么?他们不懂选择,也不知道该放弃还是坚持?金正勋老师用10年时间,以“不谄媚的人生”为理念,作为最后一堂公开课,传递给大学毕业生,鼓励每个人在内心发起“心理革命”,不再盲目地讨好他人,不再随波逐流地遵从既定规则,下定决心主宰自己的人生。哈 Learn More
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By John Kim
For people who needs to learn there’s more to life than who we choose to love. Learn More
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