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By Janelle Estes & Andy MacMillan
An insightful discussion and practical guide on how to put customers back into the center of your business model With so many digital experiences touching our lives-and businesses-it's understandable to feel like you're drowning in data. There's a dashboard or chart for just about everything, but data alone can't help you understand and empathize with your customers. No amount of it will take you inside their heads, help you see the world through their eyes, or let you exp Learn More
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By Frank Slootman
The secret to leading growth is your mindset Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman is one of the tech world's most accomplished executives in enterprise growth, having led Snowflake to the largest software IPO ever after leading ServiceNow and Data Domain to exponential growth and the public market before that. In Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity, he shares his leadership approach for the first time. Amp It U Learn More
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By Daniel A. Varroney
Tap into the potential of strategic partnerships with industry associations in this groundbreaking new book Reimagining Industry Growth offers readers a blueprint to harnessing the power of leading industry associations as strategic partners. By utilizing those partnerships, business leaders will become able to leverage the collective strength of the supply chain to overcome challenges, address uncertainty, mitigate risks, and position their industries for growth. The book Learn More
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By David A. Yovanno
Unlock the enormous potential of strategic partnerships You think you know partnerships, don't you? But the nature - and growth potential - of partnerships for business has transformed in recent years. In The Partnership Economy, partnership automation expert and impact.com CEO David A. Yovanno delivers an insightful, actionable guide to navigating this newly defined era and growing your company's revenue far beyond expectations. Using real-life examples from well-known Learn More
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By Aliza Knox
Don't Quit Your Day Job presents the six empowering, essential mindshifts necessary to rise and thrive in your career-and to love your life at the same time. Learn the attitudes and actions used by those who successfully navigate today's work challenges, with advice that will help you apply their strategies in your own day-to-day worklife. Author Aliza Knox shares her experience in leading global businesses for some of the world's most interesting, innovative companies-inc Learn More
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By Adam Przytula
An effective toolbox for facing timeless and uniquely modern struggles Whatever you might be facing, know that you are not alone. From Adam Przytula, mental health advocate and founder of Armed for Life, The Road to Resilience is a down-to-earth guide for getting through the challenges that young people face daily. Nothing is off the table, from alcohol and drug use, to self-image in the age of social media, to bullying, depression and anxiety, pornography addiction, toxic Learn More
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