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By Don Moen
Life can be difficult. But does God care? Don Moen has learned to lean on God’s promises in good times as well as bad and he says, “You can still trust Him.” In his new memoir, through heartfelt stories reminiscent of Max Lucado, “Papa Don” weaves a blanket of gentle comfort for people looking for answers. Don asserts, that God has not forgotten us even when… We face a job loss We go through an unexpected divorce We receive a bad report from the doctor We face t Learn More
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By Hill Christopher William
A BLEAKLEY BROTHERS MYSTERY by OSBERT THE AVENGER author Christopher William Hill What's that you say? You're off to Bleakley Manor? On Michaelmas eve? But dear child, hasn't anyone told you the legend of Old Bramble Head, who rises once a year to claim another victim from the unfortunate Bleakley household... Which one will it be this time? And could there be foul play? Crime-busting brothers Horatio and Eustace Bleakley feel certain they smell a rat. Or is that Cook's di Learn More
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By Mark Burnell
Mark Burnell's riveting thriller The Rhythm Section begins with the crash of flight NEO027. The crash destroys Stephanie Patrick's life: her family was on board and there were no survivors. Devastated, she drops out of college and her life spins out of control as she enters a world of drugs and prostitution--until a journalist discovers that the crash wasn't an accident. There was a bomb planted on the plane. Filled with rage, and with nothing left to lose, she focuses on one Learn More
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By Clive Cussler , Graham Brown
Kurt and his crew are in a deadly race to stop the sea rising. A mission deep inside the swirling Pacific. Their objective? To save the world. A global threat The world's sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, too quickly to be caused by glacier melt. A risk so big it sends Kurt Austin, Zoe Zavala and the NUMA team rocketing around the world in search for answers. A desperate mission Their hunt takes them from the shark-filled waters of Asia to the high-tech streets of Learn More
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By 麥可·路易士
  榮登暢銷榜!入選年度好書!歐巴馬+蜜雪兒與Netflix第一部簽約著作!   總統是國家的風險長,應帶領人民遠離風險!   剛動完手術的麥可.路易士,躺在床上看電視。他的暢銷書《橡皮擦計畫》才剛出版,正在想下一本書要寫什麼。   後來他看到新聞說,剛當選的川普提名前德州州長裴瑞(Rick Perry)擔任能源部長。「ㄟ……能源部是幹嘛的?」 Learn More
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By Baylor Chapman
Houseplants are more popular than ever before--especially with millennials, who are setting up their homes for the first time and discovering that nothing can add energy, style, and that essential "lived-in-ness" to their spaces better than a little bit of green. Whether it's a statement-making fiddle-leaf fig or a tiny tabletop succulent, a houseplant instantly elevates the look of your home. But where to begin? In Decorating with Plants, Baylor Chapman walks readers throug Learn More
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By Sophie Mackintosh
A gripping, sinister fable' Margaret Atwood (via Twitter) 'An extraordinary debut - otherworldly, luminous, precise' Guardian 'Bold, inventive, haunting... With shades of Margaret Atwood and Eimear McBride, you'll be bowled over by it' Stylist Grace, Lia and Sky live in an abandoned hotel, on a sun-bleached island, beside a poisoned sea. Their parents raised them there to keep them safe, to make them good. The world beyond the water is contaminated and men are the contamin Learn More
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聽到日比谷親口說出失憶前的唧「艾兒妲」和姊姊「芙蕾亞」的悲傷過去,秀樹大受衝擊。另一方面,唧一認定秀樹是「專屬於我的人」,就變得怪怪的…!?追查唧的行蹤的季馬等人,也終於追上了!「唧找到了『專屬於我的人』」。 Learn More
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By Michael Sanders
Engaging, fact-filled and profoundly illuminating. It's inspiring to read - and it should help make the world a lot better.' Cass Sunstein, author of Nudge The rise of social media has sent our social instincts into overdrive, and the impact of our networks has never been greater. But what if we could reclaim the positive power that influences our decisions, to behave better and be happier? In this groundbreaking book, Sanders and Hume build on the incredible findings of thei Learn More
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By El James
The thrilling new romance from E L James, author of the phenomenal number 1 bestselling Fifty Shades trilogy London, 2019. Life has been easy for Maxim Trevelyan. With his good looks, aristocratic connections, and money, he’s never had to work and he’s rarely slept alone. But all that changes when tragedy strikes and Maxim inherits his family’s noble title, wealth, and estates, and all the responsibility that entails. It’s a role he’s not prepared for and one that Learn More
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By Shunmyo Masuno
Relax and find happiness amid the swirl of the modern world with this internationally bestselling guide to simplifying your life by a Japanese monk who embodies the wisdom of Zen. Drawing on centuries of wisdom, renowned Zen Buddhist priest Shunmyo Masuno applies the essence of Zen to modern life in clear, practical, easily adopted lessons--one a day for 100 days. Discover how: * lining up your shoes after you take them off can bring order to your life * putting down your f Learn More
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By Mariana Mazzucato
WINNER OF THE 2019 MADAME DE STAËL PRIZE AND THE 2018 LEONTIEF PRIZE FOR ADVANCING THE FRONTIERS OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT SHORTLISTED FOR THE FT & MCKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2018 Who really creates wealth in our world? And how do we decide the value of what they do? At the heart of today's financial and economic crisis is a problem hiding in plain sight. In modern capitalism, value-extraction is rewarded more highly than value-creation: the productive process that driv Learn More
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By Kaku , Michio
Human civilization is on the verge of living beyond Earth. But how will it happen? World-renowned physicist Michio Kaku takes us on a journey to the future, introducing the mind-boggling developments in robotics, nanotechnology and biotechnology that will one day enable us to make our homes among the stars. Learn More
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By Mitali Perkins
Told in alternating teen voices across three generations, You Bring the Distant Near explores sisterhood, first loves, friendship, and the inheritance of culture—for better or worse. Fans of Nicola Yoon's The Sun Is Also a Star will find a lot to love in this literary tour de force. From a grandmother worried that her children are losing their Indian identity to a daughter wrapped up in a forbidden biracial love affair to a granddaughter social-activist fighting to preserv Learn More
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By Synergy Media
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By Synergy Media
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By Synergy Media
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By Nemuki+編集部
繼承60年代恐怖少女漫畫諸星大二郎與楳圖一雄等大師開拓的路,並且用自己的風格創造出獨一無二的「伊藤世界」的恐怖漫畫大師伊藤潤二,已經從事漫畫業30周年。本書是為紀念漫畫業30周年特別編輯,內容包括伊藤潤二的長篇專訪、伊藤潤二與諸星大二郎兩位大師難得的對談、漫畫研究家阿部幸弘與南信長特別撰寫的專文、以及數篇從未收錄進單行本的作品 Learn More
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By William Sonoma
Delicious, easy-to-master recipes and expert knowhow for cooking healthier, high-flavor food in a snap with the air fryer. In this new collection of fantastic recipes designed for the air fryer, discover how easy it is to prepare healthier fried, baked, roasted, and grilled foods with this clever cooking tool. Its patented design uses hot air flow to quickly cook delicious, crisp food--without loads of oil. Along with a great arsenal of lightened-up and quick-cooking recipes- Learn More
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By Ustaz Syed Mohd Norhisyam
Hidup ini adalah untuk diuji. Siapalah kita untuk menolak dan membenci ujian yang diberikan oleh Allah SWT. Namun sesukar mana pun ujian yang kita alami, pasti adanya jawapan dan jalan keluar. Dan sudah tentu juga pasti adanya hikmah yang dapat dijadikan pelajaran hidup. Buku Kisah Buat Hati menjawab setiap persoalan ‘how’ yang dialami kita. Semua persoalan dijawab dalam setiap anekdot@kisah ringkas. Dan setiap kisah-kisah yang diceritakan diselitkan dengan pelbagai Learn More
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By Syed Mahadzir Syed Ibrahim
Sejarah sudah mencatatkan bahawa banyak tamadun di dunia ini yang sudah lenyap ditelan zaman. Ada diantaranya tidak langsung meninggalkan sebarang kesan sejarah, tidak ditemui sebarang artifak tinggalan malah dilupakan begitu sahaja. Namun begitu ada juga tamadun yang hilang tetapi masih dapat dihayati kewujudannya melalui pelbagai artifak tinggalan hasil dari penggalian pakar-pakar arkeologi. Antara tamadun yang sudah hilang ditelaan zaman ialah tamadun Olmek, tamadun Aztek, Learn More
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By Peakpoondum Studio
科灵和拉诺为引导米塔斯进入正途,再次穿越去别的时空。他们刚抵达日本时空,便惊骇地发现那里横尸遍野,血流成河。这时,米塔斯拿着一把锐利的武士刀出现,还在他们眼前杀害了一名武士。科灵认出了米塔斯手上拿着的是“村正妖刀”。村正妖刀的攻击力非比寻常,科灵和拉诺招架不住,只能逃命。这时,科灵提出了一个方案:一人留下牵制米塔斯,拖 Learn More
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By Montchai , Sirin
了解外星异族造访地球的神秘事件,诡探浩瀚星海中神秘生物。 惊险刺激的神秘事件,如:诡异的应用程序、人皮外套、外星来物等。 未知的外星异族,如:小灰人、外星爬虫人、弗拉特伍的怪物等。 惊悚骇人的短篇故事,如:我们没有恶意、神秘麦田圈、星际联盟等。 神秘信仰,如:晶人头骨、土偶、百慕大三角等。 Learn More
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By Milk Shake Studio
毛克利是生活在亚马孙雨林里的原住民。他调皮、好动,但是非常聪明。他视亚马孙雨林为家,万物则是他的家人。他与动物亲密无间,能与动物沟通。这次,动物救助组织人员阿伦把他带离亚马孙雨林,去到北极,学习拯救在北极生活的小动物覧独角鲸。他们历经了重重难关,冒着暴风雪,才能把受困的独角鲸,从被冰雪覆盖的海洋带到宽阔的海域去。在此过 Learn More
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By Miss Dee
"Perkenalan dengan Zaf tidak menyangka akan membawa Dania berjumpa dengan Zahin semula. Zahin Arsyad, lelaki yang telah menghancurkan hati dan perasaannya suatu masa dahulu. “I tak kenal you dan I tak nak kenal you. You ingat you hensem sangat ke? Cermin diri you tu dulu. Setakat you ni ramai lagi yang nakkan I. Bukan you seorang lelaki dalam dunia ni. Jangan berlagak sangatlah yang I akan jatuh suka dengan you. You siapa nak bergandingan dengan I?” - Dania Wafa. Learn More
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By Madeline Miller
The captivating Sunday Times and New York Times number one bestseller by the Orange Prize-winning author of The Song of Achilles; `spellbinding ... a thrilling tour de force of the imagination' (Mail on Sunday) `Fabulous' Daily Telegraph `Blisteringly modern' The Times `Bold and sensuously written' Daily Mail `An airy delight' Observer God. Mortal. Daughter. Monster. Saviour. Outcast. Lover. Destroyer. Creator. Mother. Witch. Scorned, rejected and at last exiled from her fath Learn More
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By 羅伯特·海格斯壯
  歷久不衰的成功投資策略   數百萬股民的案頭經典   尊重邏輯,厭惡愚蠢;擁抱單純,避開複雜。   最偉大投資家的思考與哲學,值得每個人一讀再讀。   ▍想要看懂「大好時機」,先學會「像巴菲特的眼光」!   巴菲特這位價值投資的傳奇人物何以持續擁有好績效?長期研究與觀察巴菲特的作者海格斯壯帶你有效學習巴氏投資法及 Learn More
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By Hideo Yokoyama
A collection of four novellas: each taking place in 1998, each set in the world of SIX FOUR, and each centring around a mystery and the unfortunate officer tasked with solving it. SEASON OF SHADOWS "The force could lose face . . . I want you to fix this." Personnel's Futawatari receives a horrifying memo forcing him to investigate the behaviour of a legendary detective with unfinished business. CRY OF THE EARTH "It's too easy to kill a man with a rumour." Shinto of Internal A Learn More
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By Keith Abraham
Bring more energy to everything in your life. It Starts with Passion will help you ignite the purpose in your life, as well as in the lives of your colleagues, employees, and associates. In-depth research, practical concepts, inspirational stories, and clear visual models will show you how to find out what's meaningful to you and pursue it with passion. For three decades, Keith Abraham has been helping people around the world to harnass their passion, achieve their goal Learn More
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By Mamoru Hosoda
IT'S ALRIGHT. WE'VE GROWN UP. Breaking her promise to Hana, Yuki injures the transfer student Souhei while in her half wolf form. Ame's yearning for the forest grows stronger. And a fierce storm descends on the village and forest... The 13-year old journey of a mother and her children comes to a touching conclusion. Learn More
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By Wendy Mitchell
When Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with dementia at the age of fifty-eight, she had to say goodbye to the woman she once was. Her career in the NHS, her ability to drive, cook and run - the various shades of her independence - were suddenly gone. Yet Wendy was determined not to give in., She was, and still is, propelled by a need to live in the moment, never knowing which version of herself might surface tomorrow. In this phenomenal memoir - the first of its kind - Wendy grapp Learn More
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By Sam Phoen
Constructing an investment portfolio is not a “one-size-fits-all” undertaking. Every investor has his or her own personality. Successful investing begins with knowing yourself – knowing how much risk you can take, the amount of time you can spend, your personal strengths and weaknesses, etc. What works for your friend, or your advisor, or Warren Buffett, may not necessarily work for you. Following them blindly can lead to a disastrous mismatch with your own style. In Learn More
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By Lauren James
How far would you go to save those you love? Lowrie and Shen are the youngest people on the planet after a virus caused global infertility. Closeted in a pocket of London and doted upon by a small, ageing community, the pair spend their days mudlarking and looking for treasure – until a secret is uncovered that threatens their entire existence. Now Lowrie and Shen face an impossible choice: in the quiet at the end of the world, they must decide what to sacrifice to save the Learn More
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By Kate Mascarenhas
A time travel murder mystery from a brilliantly original new voice. 'Genre-defying ... Witty and inventive' Guardian. 1967 Four female scientists invent a time travel machine. But then one of them suffers a breakdown and puts the whole project in peril... 2017 Ruby knows her Granny Bee was the scientist who went mad, but they never talk about it. Until they receive a message from the future, warning of an elderly woman's violent death... 2018 Odette found the dead women a Learn More
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By Liane Moriarty
Nine perfect strangers, each hiding an imperfect life. A luxury retreat cut off from the outside world. Ten days that promise to change your life. But some promises - like some lives - are perfect lies . . . __________ 'Fantastic' Times 'Original, suspenseful, downright brilliant' Clare Mackintosh 'The twist blew my mind' Marian Keyes 'A super-suspenseful page-turner' Mail on Sunday 'Will grip you from the first page' Sunday Express 'Captivating' Good Housekeeping ' Learn More
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By Alma Katsu
After having travelled west for weeks, the party of pioneers comes to a crossroads. It is time for their leader, George Donner, to make a choice. They face two diverging paths which lead to the same destination. One is well-documented - the other untested, but rumoured to be shorter. Donner's decision will shape the lives of everyone travelling with him. The searing heat of the desert gives way to biting winds and a bitter cold that freezes the cattle where they stand. Dri Learn More
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By 山梨廣一
愈是優秀的人才,愈容易故步自封! 全球首席顧問公司——麥肯錫獨家思考術 解鎖職場能力值,工作思維再進化 要你職場升級「絕對做得到」!   「和運動及藝術相同,不將『思考』視為有趣的事,或是不相信即使是困難的事情也有實現的可能,就無法達成專屬於那個人的出色演出。」   總在事情還沒完成前就先否定一切,以習慣性的思考模式安穩過 Learn More
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By 麥克·貝特尼克
  犯錯,是為了重返市場;   若無法習得箇中技藝,那麼你應該趁早離開!   金融市場上的錢,總是從躁動者的口袋流向紀律者的口袋,   情緒是人類的本能,而人性的弱點會導致我們一再犯錯;   本書從錯誤的角度深入剖析投資之道,聚焦最成功交易者的失敗經驗,   對所有進行主觀交易的人來說,這是一本價值千萬的書!   ▌市場王者 Learn More
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By 夏娃·曼薩諾
  加一點這個(非理性)、加一點那個(無俚頭),   這就是這本食譜的真義!   這是一本由25種情緒的魔法配方,以及4個小小的情緒透視窗所組成的人生食譜書。透過作者的奇思妙想,以及繪者充滿藝術性的圖像表達,提供讀者不同於一般的角度來了解情緒本質,成為自己情緒的主人。   有時候,情緒就像一攤泥沼,當你一腳踩下情緒泥沼時,整 Learn More
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By 莎莉·貝德爾·史密斯
  「這是一本優秀而全面的新傳記,像一道光線般照亮君主人生中那些不為人知的角落。」──《紐約時報》   從她在二十五歲時登基那刻開始,   伊莉莎白二世就一直是人們無以倫比的欽佩對象,並承受難以言喻的放大鏡檢視。   在層層魅力和八卦迷霧的籠罩下,我們如何真正觸及這位世界上最聞名遐邇的君主?   透過無數訪談和從未揭露的文 Learn More
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By Yoshiharu Kashima
Living with Air Plants is the perfect introduction to the world of Tillandsia and the many ways they can be used to design and upgrade your home or work space. It is the work of a prominent horticulturist and a design, lifestyle and gardening expert from Japan, and displays a wonderful Japanese design aesthetic and attention to detail. These endearing plants are friendly to seasoned gardeners and beginners alike, and easy to grow and care for, once you know how. This referenc Learn More
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By 威爾·岡波茲
誠品藝術設計類排行榜暢銷書、《商業周刊》Alive專題報導, 台藝大指定參考用書, 世界經典作品來臺展出,觀眾都帶這本進場。   ◎莫內、雷諾瓦的創作,為何當年是不入流的「下等」主題?   ◎一個小便盆竟變成大師傑作?故意來亂的竟然價值崇高,道理何在?   ◎明明5歲小孩都畫得出來,為什麼盧梭是大師,我家小孩的畫就不值錢?   ◎印 Learn More
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By Mike Maden
A stunning thriller in the internationally bestselling Jack Ryan Jr series Jack Ryan Jr is in an assassin's sights . . . Sent to the Balkans on an analytical mission, Jack Ryan Jr visits Sarajevo to meet Aida, the girl whose eyesight his mother saved in the war twenty-five years ago. He finds a selfless, attractive woman helping refugees in a restless country where a new war is brewing. Coming to her aid, Jack is soon tangling with the Serbian mafia while dodging ass Learn More
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By Geronimo Stilton
Mouse Island was getting ready for the winter Ice Skating Championships! The prize for this year's champions was a pair of antique silver skates that were said to contain clues to a hidden treasure! Just before the championships, we learn someone wants to steal the Silver Skates to search for the treasure! I had to join the competition to help keep the skates safe. But I didn't know how to ice skate! Would I be able to learn enough tricks on the ice to save the Silver Skates Learn More
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By 馬克·潘 , 梅樂迪斯·芬曼
  ★比爾‧蓋茲最重視的趨勢觀察家、柯林頓總統最倚重的策略顧問,十年一大作   ★美國投資大師 Jim Cramer說:馬克‧潘的書「每一頁都是錢」!   微趨勢是面對當下的「強大工具」,   因為它可以解開並且解釋我們所看到的,原本想不通的變化,   帶來商業模式的躍遷、生活方式的轉變,以及價值觀念的衝擊。   馬克‧潘以先見之明,為我 Learn More
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By 崔西·霍格 , 梅琳達·貝樂
  幫助寶寶建立規律作息,就靠這一本!   「E‧A‧S‧Y 」育兒法實用又奏效,讓你照顧寶寶好EASY!   聽得懂嬰兒心聲的兒語專家崔西,從照料數千個寶寶的經驗中,歸納出「E˙A˙S˙Y 」育兒法,幫無數新手父母(和已有小孩的父母)解決寶寶過度哭泣、頻繁餵食、無法好好睡覺的典型問題,為寶寶建立規律作息。   什麼是「E‧A‧S‧Y 」?簡單來講 Learn More
USUAL: RM64.70

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MEMBER: RM 58.23 (-10%)

By Dr. Muhamad Rozaimi Ramle
Mengamalkan Sunnah Nabi SAW merupakan antara nikmat terbesar yang Allah SWT kurniakan kepada seorang Muslim. Oleh itu, ulama silam sanggup mengembara jauh semata-mata mahu mencari sepotong hadis. Buku ini menghimpunkan 40 amalan mudah berdasarkan hadis Rasulullah SAW. Penulis menghimpunkan amalan-amalan harian yang mudah untuk diamalkan agar kita dapat mengamalkan Sunnah setiap hari dalam kehidupan. Learn More
USUAL: RM20.00

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By Syed Mahadzir Syed Ibrahim
Iblis adalah jeneral atau panglima besar dari semua kejahatan dan perilaku buruk yang dilakukan manusia. Ia sudah hadir di dunia ini sejak zaman Nabi Adam lagi dan akan tetap hidup sampai hari kiamat. Iblis memiliki dendam turun temurun terhadap anak cucu Adam. Learn More
USUAL: RM26.90

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  東京19-20年版新增多個人氣景點,包括豊洲市場、Shibuya Stream、日本橋高島屋S.C.新館、Teamlab Borderless、日比谷中城、Sporu品川大井町等全新購物玩樂焦點。同時,配合使用新增的Online地圖,隨時隨地,只要用手機一掃書中QR code,即時找到各景點位置及前往路線!讓你輕鬆搵路plan行程無難度!   【玩盡東京】本書橫跨東京都內、都外53個旅遊區,各區均有詳 Learn More
USUAL: RM70.20

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By Ark Performance
★2019長鴻動漫節預購商品 ★自稱是魔女的她,會帶來什麼樣的風波呢......? 金剛在海霧基地‧柱島成功復活後, 便出航前往橫須賀──。 但就在她啟程後不久, 「某位人物」出現在療養中的千早群像面前……。 暌違20年之久的校慶再次舉辦, 讓整個海洋技術綜合學院為之沸騰。 心智模型們陸續在橫須賀會合。 橫須賀決戰前夕的第16集!! ♫特裝版內容物: Learn More
USUAL: RM64.00

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  透明的卡牌、不可思議的夢、穿著長袍的人。   真相之門,即將開啟||   星期天有約,這次終於能和小狼一起吃便當了!小櫻正在努力做菜。   不過,曾爺爺說「有東西要交給妳」,於是小櫻和小狼一起到曾爺爺家拜訪!   而小櫻的母親,在這裡再次現身…?   ||一切謎團開始轉動的第5集! Learn More
USUAL: RM31.00

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By Kiyohiko Azuma
A very special visitor is coming! ♦ Grand Prize Winner 20th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Awards. ♦ Excellence Award 2006 Japan Media Awards Festival Manga Division. ♦ 2008 Manga Taisho Awards Runner-Up. Learn More
USUAL: RM12.00

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By Air Team
EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE EXOBOT ACADEMY SERIES IN 1 ULTIMATE VOLUME! ► 32 pages of all-new epilogue comics! ► Gain a privileged insight into the entire series! ► Witness never-before-seen concept art! ► Every Exobot, every character profiled and presented for the 1st time ever! Learn More
USUAL: RM12.00

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MEMBER: RM 10.80 (-10%)

By 賈柯莫·里歐帕迪
  「人是最可悲的動物。」   這是一本厭世之書。在十九篇跨越時空、虛實交錯的奇想人物對話中,集戲謔、諧趣、悲觀和犀利於一體的傳奇厭世之書。歷經二百年而不墜,哲學家叔本華與尼采的最愛!   《時尚與死亡的對話》取自十九世紀義大利傳奇思想家賈柯莫・里歐帕迪的Operetta Morali一書。里歐帕迪在世僅三十九年,但兼具詩人、哲學家、語言學 Learn More
USUAL: RM52.35

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By 威廉·龐士東
  所有行為背後都有心理學依據   決策科學X心理學X行為經濟學X57項實際案例   諾貝爾經濟學獎得主、行為經濟學之父理查‧塞勒:   「我推薦這本書,給任何需要做決策的人。」   「讀了這本書,你會變得更聰明,更好奇金錢和價格的真正含義。」──諾貝爾經濟學獎得主、《快思慢想》作者康納曼   「評估企業唯一重要的決定因素,就是訂 Learn More
USUAL: RM73.90

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By 艾力克斯·麥可 , 凱西·麥可
  國外亞馬遜讀者評論4.8顆星!   網友一致認同!不需要吃土、還能保有生活品質的無債務理財術!      什麼是2%法則?   記錄你每個月的支出與收入,   接下來的每個月,降低2%的支出、增加2%的收入,   然後,重複、重複、再重複。   艾力克斯.麥可(Alex Michael)和凱西.麥可(Cassie Michael)這對夫妻,在一趟奢華的蜜月旅行之後發 Learn More
USUAL: RM55.45

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By 蘿拉·范德康
真正的高效人士不是做的事情比你多, 而是內心在意的事情會優先去做, 工作與人生目標都達成,身心富足、自在從容!   ★ Amazon.com「工作生活平衡」與「時間管理」類百大暢銷書   ★ TED最受歡迎的時間管理,點閱率No. 1,超過700萬次   ★ 時間管理暢銷作家強力推薦   在忙碌的現代生活中,你是否有以下情形:   .總是覺得「好忙」、「沒空 Learn More
USUAL: RM49.30

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  PICK UP召喚、合作活動、季節節慶等等……   期間限定活動大家玩得開心嗎?   開心到失控的作者陣容全新繪製、   內容超充實的短篇&四格漫畫!   在下個活動來臨前好好享受吧!   收錄了共十五篇作品,   執筆作家為:   CHAN×CO、超肉、   煮汁、はしま、mot、   mepo、市倉とかげ、   ヰノ上まもり、日森よしの、   Learn More
USUAL: RM20.00

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  對玩家持續增加的「FGO」接下來的發展渴望不已的作家們,    把這份心情全都灌注在內創作的短篇&四格漫畫——   一邊看一邊玩的話,或許會有什麼降臨你家的迦勒底!?   收錄了共十四篇作品,   執筆作家為:   ポップキュン、超肉、   NEGI、Mepo、市倉とかげ、   日森よしの、オヤジ草、   ヰノ上まもり、無望菜志、   fu Learn More
USUAL: RM20.00

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By 菲利浦·普慕特
  要讓生命出現奇妙的轉變,就從接觸水晶開始!   長銷12年,英美讀者★★★★★評價   收錄多達250種常見水晶   特殊雙向查詢,是初學者和達人們的最佳工具書   人類透過水晶能量來進行身心療癒已有長久的歷史,近年更是於全球重新掀起一股熱潮,連歐美的重量級明星或健康達人都深感著迷。   本書作者為英國資深療癒師,鑽研水晶能量 Learn More
USUAL: RM76.85

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