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By 杜·索托伊
不知道數學怎麼用? 杜.索托伊用故事告訴你!   • 模式捷徑可從過去推得未來,   高斯從舊有資料找出失蹤小行星的位置。   • 圖示捷徑讓數據一目了然,   南丁格爾藉此說服英國女王改善軍方醫療設備。   • 機率捷徑能有效管理風險,   股神索普用來少量投資賺取超額報酬。   數學是一種高層次的思維能力,當中充滿捷徑,   可 Learn More
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By Marcus du Sautoy
How do you remember more and forget less? How can you earn more and become more creative just by moving house? And how do you pack a car boot most efficiently? This is your shortcut to the art of the shortcut. Mathematics is full of better ways of thinking, and with over 2,000 years of knowledge to draw on, Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy interrogates his passion for shortcuts in this fresh and fascinating guide. After all, shortcuts have enabled so mu Learn More
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