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By Morgan Owen
A captivating romantasy to make your heart race... Ruby and Oliver return in the sensational sequel to THE GIRL WITH NO SOUL, where they discover the sixth sense of prophecy: an advanced ability said to be possessed only by those who have witnessed the darkness of the soul first-hand... The old Order has been dismantled and a new leadership born - but with it comes the question of who the pair can trust. Then Oliver has a terrifying vision of the future which predicts Ruby's Learn More
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By Morgan Owen
How can you find your soul mate, when you don't have a soul? Iris lives in a world ruled by The Order. Inspectors police the population by keeping careful watch over people's souls. If they shine their lanterns on you, your soul is projected for the world to see... and judge. But Iris has a deadly secret ... she is a hollow, a person with no soul. She must hide from the Order at all costs, scraping a living in the shadows. When she's sent to steal a ring said to Learn More
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