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By Hitsujirobo , Madakan , Muraki
With How to Draw Manga Furries, you'll follow the lead of five professional Japanese artists as they show you how to bring dynamic fantasy characters to life—on the page or on screen! Furries are anthropomorphic characters—animals who have human traits (not to be confused with kemonomimi, or humans with some animal features!). They're widely popular in manga, anime and cosplay—from fan favorites like Wolf's Rain and Lackadaisy to the newer Beastars Learn More
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By 村木幸代
關於布料 木棉、麻、化纖、羊毛、絹、針織物、蕾絲等,只要是針能通過,可以縫製衣服的素材,全部都可以拿來製作幸代拼布。 超薄高級棉布、薄綢、紗布等的薄布料為了加強布料的厚度、強韌度或美感,可以利用素布做裡襯,只要多下點工夫,這些都是可以使用的。 燈芯絨及天鵝絨等比較適合製作大型基本圖案的作品。(請看第47頁的床罩。要注意絨毛的方 Learn More
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