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By Eddie See
Kokko & May Comics Collection series collects the themed stories published in Kokko & May monthly issues since 2003. With the production of such series, readers get to read all the comics published over the years in one go. They can also enjoy the stories that have been published earlier. To the fans of Kokko & May, how could you miss out this wonderful comic series? Contents: 1. Roly-Poly 2. Learn to Forgive Others 3. Fighting Fish 4. Don’t Complain 5. I Am A Hyperactive Learn More
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By Eddie See
Kokko & May is a delightful comic series which is specially designed for young children as well as adults. Each comics collection consists of 9 stories about two main characters, Kokko and his younger sister, May. This collection makes you laugh and it promotes positive thinking among the readers. Contents: 1. Say Nice Things to Others 2. Chicken Tail Rice 3. Dengue 4. Clean Plate Campaign 5. The Crisis of Rats 6. Sneezing 7. Exercise Book 8. I Love Ice Cream 9. Looking Learn More
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By Black Jellyfish
There’s a kind of taste in our memory called the taste of childhood. You don’t have to taste it. Rather, just thinking about it makes you smile. Learn More
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By Eddie See
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