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By Prem Rawat
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By 湯瑪斯·查莫洛·普雷謬齊克
  史丹佛商學院組織行為學教授、倫敦大學心理學教授、   推特、紅牛、《哈佛商業評論》、《衛報》等重磅推薦   《經濟學人》:「公司企業往往不曉得該如何定義人才,更不用說管理了!」   《經濟學人》這一句話說明了現今為什麼斜槓青年、新創事業、人才外流……蔚為一股就業趨勢,   同時也揭露全球各地如何面臨人才危機,這當中尤以 Learn More
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By Prem Rawat
Prem Rawat is an international speaker and peace ambassador , closely involved with peace education and has been speaking on the subject for over 50 years. He is an accomplished pilot and art photographer, married with four children. In this book Rawat uses his story telling skills, drawn from his travels around the world. The stories, of varying lengths, transcend culture and draw out simple meaning about the business of life: what success and prosperity really mean. This il Learn More
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By 普仁羅華
讓你發自內心微笑的一本書 1,500萬顆心靈‧深受觸動 *日本人氣插畫家 城井文 暖心繪製插圖*   如果你不明白活著本身即是快樂的泉源,那你仍然缺失了拼圖中最關鍵的一塊。   本書以寓言故事的形式,傳遞內心和平的精神,提供許多對人生、成功和各種人際關係上的實用建言。   「每一個人內在都蘊藏著與生俱來對滿足的渴望。」普仁羅華所講述 Learn More
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By Tarun Kumar Rawat
Digital Signal Processing is a comprehensive textbook designed for undergraduate and post-graduate students of enginee01ring for a course on digital signal processing. Following the book's step-by-step approach, students can quickly master the fundamental concepts and applications of DSP. Each topic is explained lucidly through illustrations and solved examples. Divided into 17 Chapters, this text presents the introductory topics such as discrete-time signals and systems, Learn More
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By 普列姆昌德
  殺掉自己就能挽救一名女子的愛情,   你願意嗎?   印度最會說故事的小說之王,   將撼動你對人類最純粹一面的看法和判斷!   ★印度小說必讀經典,27個令人讀來欲罷不能的成人寓言,驚豔鉅獻   ★如果你知道印度詩人泰戈爾,一定也要認識印度「小說之王」──普列姆昌德   你以為是在為自己努力,   其實仍然在命運腳邊匍匐? Learn More
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By Premilla Mohanlall
Syed Mokhtar Albukhary is one of the most well-known tycoons in Malaysia. Yet, very little is known about the man. Some businessmen crave publicity and love to see their names in print. Others tend to be media shy and rarely give interviews. Syed Mokhtar belongs to the second category. But here, in this single volume, is the story of his life and his career as an entrepreneur par excellence. Based on exclusive interviews and extensive research by the author, this biography Learn More
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By Premilla Mohanlall
Syed Mokhtar Albukhary merupakan antara hartawan yang terkenal di Malaysia. Namun, tidak banyak yang diketahui mengenai beliau. Biografi ini, yang berdasarkan temubual eksklusif dan penyelidikan penulis, memberi gambaran serba sedikit berkenaan kehidupan masa kecilnya dan keluarganya yang telah menerapkan nilai-nilai yang membentuk peribadinya hari ini. Learn More
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