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By Richard Koch
"How do people of seemingly ordinary talent go on to achieve unexpected results? What can we learn from them? What are the ingredients for unreasonable success and how is it achieved? In this ground-breaking book, bestselling author Richard Koch charts a map of success, identifying the nine key attitudes and strategies can propel anyone to new heights of accomplishment. The pattern of success is fractal. It is endlessly varied but endlessly similar. Success does not req Learn More
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By 理查·柯克 , 葛雷格·洛克伍德
能讓你獲得最多的,往往是你意想不到的人 |突破同溫層、踏出舒適圈| 創業家、知識網紅、品牌訓練專家、斜槓教練、活動策展人一致推薦   《80/20法則》作者教你以少得多   21世紀超效率——掌握職場、家庭與人際的弱連結法則   「個人」時代崛起,你可以是網紅,可以經營自媒體,   你也可以投入訂閱經濟、零工經濟的營運模式;   只要 Learn More
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By Richard Koch , Greg Lockwood
For the past forty years, Richard Koch has worked to uncover simple and elegant principles which govern business success. To qualify, a principle must be so overwhelmingly powerful that anyone can reliably apply it to generate extraordinary results.Working with venture capitalist Greg Lockwood and supported by specially commissioned research from OC&C Strategy Consultants, Koch has now found one elemental principle that unites extraordinarily valuable companies: sim Learn More
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By Richard Koch , Greg Lockwood
For the past 40 years Richard Koch has wanted to uncover the simple, elemental, elegant and parsimonious principles that are needed to create great new businesses. To qualify, a principle must be so overwhelmingly powerful that anyone can reliably use it towards extraordinary results. Is there any principle that can tell you how to do that consistently and with a high chance of success? Working with venture capitalist Greg Lockwood, his co-author on SUPERCONNECT, an Learn More
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By Richard Koch
A large number of managers - especially in these difficult times - feel completely overwhelmed. Their inboxes are overflowing, they constantly struggle to finish their to-do lists and they stay at work longer than they would like to, leaving little time for the things that really matter.Luckily there is a way for managers to enjoy work and build a successful and fulfilling career without stress or long hours.In his bestselling book The 80/20 Principle, Learn More
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By 理查.柯克
 ☆亞馬遜網路書店2013年20大商業書   ☆奧美廣告董事總經理唐心慧、台灣萊雅總裁陳敏慧、AppWorks之初創投合夥人林之晨共同推薦   你是不是工作時間長,即時訊息隨傳隨答,上司下屬都能隨時找得到你?   你不知道為什麼工作讓人這麼一刻也不得閒?   你是不是很羨慕有些人忙碌之後總是找得到空檔放鬆,有時間靜靜思考,保持工作單純。    Learn More
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By 理查德·科克 , 格雷格·洛克伍德
一项社会不变的铁律 在人类社会发展初期,重视亲友关系——即重视强连接是人类繁衍的必需。但在现代信息社会,如何繁衍下一代已经不是我们考虑的首要问题,更重要的问题是我们如何才能生存得更好。 一个让人吃惊的发现 我们日常生活中,绝大部分人只注重强连接——即家人、亲密的朋友、熟悉的同事等熟人圈子的维系,而忽略了弱连接——那些只见 Learn More
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By 理查·柯克 , 李奧·高夫 
80/20法則大師專為散戶投資人而寫,本書將教你從「認識自己」開始投資股票,值得每位想投資股市卻不得其門而入的讀者閱讀!  Learn More
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By 理查.柯克 , 葛雷格.洛克伍德
*《80/20法則》(The 80/20 Principle)作者最新力作 二十一世紀的科學──網絡科學 現今高科技時代,人與人的連結程度愈高,網絡效應也愈明顯。而在網絡特有的集中效應之下通常只會出現少數的大贏家,因此,掌握了網絡的規則,就能掌握成功的機會。 本書探討了網絡對社會、經濟、文化的各種影響與運作模式,剖析學術理論背後的意涵,例如「六度 Learn More
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