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By Siti Fatiha Yahya , Sharifah Nursyahidah Syed Annuar
Di tangan Siti Fatiha & Sharifah Nursyahidah, Hallyu bukan sekadar produk budaya popular Korea Selatan – drama, filem, muzik, makanan segera & fesyen – tetapi juga kuasa lunak (soft power) yang memiliki dimensi ekonomi dan politik. Melalui olahan yang kemas dan padat, penulis menghuraikan bagaimana Hallyu terbentuk hasil perubahan struktur ekonomi Korea Selatan yang kemudiannya menjadi bahan eksport yang menguntungkan ekonomi serta sosio-politik Korea Selatan. Tidak puas Learn More
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By Kua Kia Soong
The 14th GENERAL ELECTION (GE14) defeat of the Barisan Nasional Coalition, which had ruled the country since 1971 was unprecedented in Malaysian history. The displacement of what seemed an unshakeable BN led regime, is testimony to the determination of the Malaysian people and the persistence of civil society in their votes for Pakatan Harapan because the coalition had promised in their GE14 manifesto to implement wide ranging reforms that made them seem radically different f Learn More
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By Clare Rewcastle Brown
"Investigating the deforestation of Sarawak, Borneo, and the dispossession of its people, journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown followed a trail of corruption that led her to the heart of Malaysian politics and to Prime Minister Najib Razak himself. Determined that the public should know the truth, she started a blog, which became Malaysia's go-to news outlet for information that the government was trying to suppress – and whistleblowers wanted to get out. She was soon running a Learn More
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By P.Gunasegaram & Kinibiz
This book is a gripping account of the biggest, most audacious kleptocracy the world has ever known - over RM40 billion lost or stolen by a corrupt Malaysian government through 1Malaysia Development Berhad or 1MDB. It has all the elements of a Hollywood thriller with a cast featuring a sultan, a prime minister, his high-flying and even more high-spending wife, and a baby-faced whizz kid as the mastermind who was in his late twenties when it all started and who cavorted with a Learn More
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By Azhar Ibrahim
“Sebagai seorang ilmuan, Dr. Azhar Ibrahim menghayati isu-isu dalam Pengajian Melayu sebagai rangkaian yang kait mengait, memahami satu bidang memerlukan pengolahan bidang yang lain dalam wacana yang semakin meluas; sejarah menjurus ke tema kebebasan; orientalisme menilai kembali kesulitan dalam feudalisme; humanisme memperluaskan lagi makna dalam teks Melayu; multikulturalisme menyentuh pembinaan identiti; kekaburan akademik menyekat kefahaman masyarakat; neo-liberalisme m Learn More
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"TAN SRI DATUK SERI RAFIDAH ABDUL AZIZ was Malaysia's longest serving-Minister of International Trade and Industry, holding the position from 1987 to 2008. As Minister, Tan Sri charted a firm path for Malaysia's growth as a trading nation within the ASEAN region and internationally. Under her leadership, Malaysia successfully negotiated numerous trade deals and carved concessions from multilateral agreements such as the AFTA. Although retired from politics, Tan Sri is an acti Learn More
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