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By Sapna Anand
Based on the new cooking series of the same name on the Asian Food Channel, Fast Indian Cooking with Sapna, this book by MPH Group Publishing is right for foodies all over! Born from the serendipitous friendship between cookbook author and chef Sapna Anand and the founders of the show’s producer, Wildsnapper TV, the series took four years to come to fruition. The aim was to introduce Sapna’s brand of Indian fusion food to the world. Fast Indian Cooking with Sapna brings Learn More
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By Sapna Anand
Indian cuisine owes part of its unique character to the people who dropped by the lush, exotic subcontinent over the centuries, including the Portugese, the British and the Moghuls. Born and raised in Goa, cooking instructor Sapna Anand ended up going places, much like the traders and colonists that left their mark on her homeland. Her travels and experiences changed the way she saw and cooked the food she grew up with and encountered on her journeys. Sapna's New Indian Kitch Learn More
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