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By Vex King
Things No One Taught Us About Love distils the ideas found in Vex King's Closer to Love, re-edited and presented in the warm, relatable style of his No. 1 bestseller Good Vibes, Good, Life. This extraordinary book is for anyone looking to harness the power of the universe, and their own self-understanding, to manifest stronger, deeper relationships. Bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life, Vex King is back with a life-changing guide to strengthening your relationships b Learn More
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By Vex King
Jualan RM1,000,000 adalah impian dan gol Bagaimana anda boleh belajar untuk benar-benar mencintai diri sendiri? Bagaimana anda boleh mengubah emosi negatif kepada emosi positif? Mungkinkah kita boleh mencari kebahagiaan yang kekal? Dalam buku ini, pakar Instagram, Vex King, akan menjawab semua soalan ini dan banyak lagi soalan lain. Vex telah mengharungi pelbagai dugaan dalam hidup dan beliau telah mengambil iktibar daripada pengalaman lalunya. Dalam buku ini juga, Vex King a Learn More
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By Vex King
Beloved spiritual teacher Vex King follows up his international bestseller Good Vibes, Good Life with this essential guide to building meaningful, mindful, and loving relationships. It is nearly impossible to build healthy, sustainable bonds with others without first having a good relationship with yourself. To get along with others, we often alter our habits or subsume our unique personalities. By trying to transform or suppress our true selves, we erode our self-worth and Learn More
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By 維克斯·金
與《星期日泰晤士報》暢銷書No.1作家──維克斯‧金 一起實現真正的內心療癒,擺脫創傷,找到清晰、復原力和自由   ★全球銷售突破1,000,000萬冊《沒有好條件,也能夢想成真》作者,粉絲引頸期盼的第二本全新力作!   ★世界排名No.1暢銷書《和尚賣了法拉利》作者羅賓•夏馬專文推薦:「當你讀完之後,你就能走回這世界,化蛹成蝶,脫胎換骨。」 Learn More
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By 維克斯·金
英國《星期日泰晤士報》暢銷榜NO.1 Amazon破兩萬人評價,五星歷久不墜! 就算你天生或物質的條件再差,也沒關係! 只要你改變回應困境的方式,學習應對負能量的人, 就能為自己創造出美好的頻率, 開始吸引生命中你所渴望的一切!   作者維克斯‧金表示:「我把這本書獻給懷有夢想的每一個人,無論你只是單純地想要糊口飯吃,還是希望能夠撐過黑暗 Learn More
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