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By Dr Anders Hansen
As a species, we've never had it so good. We're living longer and healthier lives than ever before; the sum of human knowledge and endless entertainment are only ever a few clicks away. So why are we in the midst of a mental health crisis? The Happiness Cure offers a radical new way to think about fulfilment. Blending neuroscientific research and empirical breakthroughs with stories of ordinary individuals, leading psychiatrist and viral TedX speaker Dr Anders Hansen reveal Learn More
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By Dr Anders Hansen
Do you want to reduce your stress levels, boost your memory, mood and focus, and be more creative? Then it’s time to get moving! In this groundbreaking international bestseller, psychiatrist and mental health guru Dr Anders Hansen presents the simple yet effective method for reducing stress and anxiety, boosting your memory, raising your IQ, and even slowing down the ageing process. With practical and concrete advice on how we can all reap the benefits of daily movement, Learn More
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