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By 愛德華‧哈洛威爾醫師 , 約翰‧瑞提醫師
銷售200萬本的肯定 最多人認識注意力缺失症的第一本書   無數的兒童和成人整天被嘮叨個不停:專心一點,坐好,別一直動來動去,不要什麼事都半途而廢,別那麼散漫,做事情老是拖拖拉拉……無論學校課業、工作表現或人際關係,他們總是不斷出問題。表面上看起來像是缺乏自制力和紀律,事實上這些人可能天生具有神經構造上的異常──他們患有注意 Learn More
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By Edward M. Hallowell
A revolutionary new approach to ADD/ADHD featuring cutting-edge research and strategies to help readers thrive, by the bestselling authors of the seminal books Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction World-renowned authors Dr. Edward M. Hallowell and Dr. John J. Ratey literally “wrote the book” on ADD/ADHD more than two decades ago. Their bestseller, Driven to Distraction, largely introduced this diagnosis to the public and sold more th Learn More
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