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By 詹姆士·惠特克 , 拿破崙·希爾基金會
★「拿破崙.希爾基金會」官方認證 熱銷80年的跨時代智慧╳與時俱進的當代名人故事實證 一生必讀的成功學經典,最貼近現代讀者需求的版本!   20世紀初,成功學之父拿破崙.希爾採訪500多名成就斐然的傑出人士,耗時25年研究他們的成功祕訣,歸納出13條「成功法則」,在1937年出版《思考致富》。這些通過人生驗證的成功法則,透過破億的銷量,影 Learn More
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By Napoleon Hill
In Success Habits, Napoleon Hill outlines his principles of success, a set of key tenets and beliefs that provide a basis for life-changing success. Hill, the legendary author of the classic bestseller Think and Grow Rich, has been immortalized for his contribution to the self-help genre. This never-before-published work provides even more of the kind of wisdom that has changed the lives of millions. With straightforward engaging language, Hill explains the fundamental rules Learn More
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