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By 汤米·汤姆斯
作为约70年来首位被任命为马来西亚总检察长的私人执业律师,汤米•汤姆斯在这本极具个人色彩的书中,描述了他在这个国家最高级别法律事务办公室的经历。 这位前总检察长叙述了他所作的几个重要决定,包括起诉在一马发展公司弊案中扮演一定角色的前首相纳吉•拉萨、刘特佐、阿鲁•甘达和高盛在一马发展公司弊案。 他的著作是一名希盟政府高级 Learn More
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By Tommy Thomas
As the first private practitioner in some 70 years to be appointed Attorney General of Malaysia, Tommy Thomas describes his experience in the highest legal office in the land in this highly personal book. The former AG discusses key decisions he made, including the prosecution of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, Jho Low, Arul Kanda and Goldman Sachs for their roles in the 1MDB scandal. His book is the first insider’s account by a senior Pakatan Harapan government of Learn More
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