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By Dean Burnett
Recommended by the New Scientist. ‘Brilliant.’ Stylist, ‘Ten new books to bring you comfort and wisdom in 2023’ ‘Thoughtful and thought-provoking – you need to read this book’ – Gina Rippon ‘An affecting and illuminating book for anyone who has feelings, and who wants to know why.’ – Katie Mack ‘The master of understated humour.’ BBC Radio Scotland Why can’t we think straight when hungry? What’s the point of nightmares? And why is it so impo Learn More
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By Dean Burnett
A wonderfully useful book, told with wit and wisdom' - Adam Kay, best-selling author of THIS IS GOING TO HURT "Get up or you'll miss the best part of the day!" "You treat this place like a hotel." "Can you just put that phone down for one minute?!" After years of reliable performance, has something recently gone wrong with your parents? Do you find yourself stressed out, arguing about the most ridiculous things? Is it like you're processing the same world with entirely diff Learn More
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By Dean Burnett
Do you want to be happy? If so – read on. This book has all the answers.* In The Happy Brain, neuroscientist Dean Burnett delves deep into the inner workings of our minds to explore some fundamental questions about happiness. For starters: what does it actually mean to be happy? Where does it come from? And is there a secret to making it last forever? In his research into these questions – and many more besides – Burnett unravels our complex internal lives to reveal Learn More
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