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By John Perkins
ow do we stop the unrelenting evolution of the economic hit man strategy and China’s takeover? The riveting third edition of this New York Times bestseller blows the whistle on China’s economic hit man (EHM) strategy, exposes corruption on an international scale, and offers much-needed solutions for curing the degenerative Death Economy. In this shocking exposé, former EHM John Perkins gives an insider view into the corrupt system that cheats and strong-arms countries Learn More
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By Gabrielle Zevin
#1 Book of the Year * #1 TIME magazine Novel of the Year * GoodReads Winner for Best Fiction * APPLE Book of the Year * 'I loved this book' Jojo Moyes This is not a romance, but it is about love. 'A must-read' NEIL DRUCKMANN, creator of The Last of Us Sam and Sadie meet in a hospital in 1987. Playing together brings joy, escape, fierce competition - and a special friendship. Then, all too soon, that time is over and they must return to their normal lives. When Learn More
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By Lauren Brown
Dark, strange, thick with mystery and twists Book of Night is everything delicious and frightening I've come to expect from Holly Black.' Leigh Bardugo, Sunday Times bestselling author of Ninth House 'Black is a master at world-building.' The New York Times Book Review _______________________________________________________________________ #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black makes her stunning adult debut with Book of Night, a modern dark fantasy of shadowy thi Learn More
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By 約翰·杜爾 , 萊恩·潘查薩拉姆
  OKR權威推手、矽谷40年創投家約翰‧杜爾全球矚目力作   以OKR解構淨零排放世紀挑戰,揭示ESG潔淨科技巨大商機   攜手貝佐斯、高爾、比爾蓋茲等超過50位全球意見領袖及企業家以最快速度投入最大規模,達成2050全球淨零排放目標   第一本OKR的減碳實用方案   我們已經耗盡解決全球氣候危機的時間,為了避免災難發生、拯救適宜居住的地球,就 Learn More
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  這是一部關於洛克菲勒豐富的人生經歷和商戰閱歷的作品,令其受益一生的人生觀和價值觀,是財富智慧和投資邏輯的總結,以及為人處世的智慧,揭露一代巨富創造財富的謀略與秘密,展示洛克菲勒身上的優良品德及經商才能。   洛克菲勒簡介:   洛克菲勒(John Davison Rockefeller,1839.7.8~1937.5.23),美國實業家,是十九世紀第一位億萬富豪與全球首富, Learn More
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By Paige Toon
Heartwarming and heartbreaking' Giovanna Fletcher 'Deep, emotional, powerful' Milly Johnson 'It swept me away!' Beth O'Leary ___________________________ Neither of them expected to fall in love. But sometimes life has other plans. When Wren realises her fiance is in love with someone else, she thinks her heart will never recover. On the other side of the world, Anders lost his wife four years ago and is still struggling to move on. Wren hopes that spending the summer with Learn More
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By 傑克·納普 , 約翰·澤拉斯基
  你可曾在夜深人靜時納悶,我今天到底做了什麼?可曾夢想「有朝一日」可以著手什麼計畫、展開什麼行動──但那「有朝一日」永遠不會到來?   我們都努力為要事騰出時間。我們信心滿滿地開啟每一天──然後時間就被接連不斷的會議、沒有盡頭的email和永無休止的社群媒體動態吞沒。有時彷彿疲憊不堪和注意力不集中已成為我們的預設狀態。要是 Learn More
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By John Carreyrou
Now with a new afterword covering the months-long landmark trials of Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani. 'I couldn't put down this thriller . . . the perfect book to read by the fire this winter.' Bill Gates Winner of the Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award 2018 The riveting true story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos, the multibillion-dollar biotech startup founded by Elizabeth Holmes, by the prize-winning journalist who firs Learn More
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  管理大師彼得‧杜拉克曾經多次強調企業的精兵簡政有多麼重要,在他的著作《管理聖經》中,杜拉克說道:「除非內部一致要求補充人才,否則,就直接去掉這個職位。」―—他認為,組織結構要想避免臃腫,最有效的方法就是減少人員的數量。   如果依據「彼得原理」,減少人員的最佳方法,就是「把合適的人放在合適的崗位上,讓每一個人都發揮 Learn More
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By 約翰·洛克菲勒
  洛克菲勒不僅是成功的商人,也是一位教子有方的父親,知道能帶給孩子一生幸福的不是金錢,而是精神上的富足和良好的生活習性,洛克菲勒的子孫之所以能將家族的輝煌成功延續至今,和他們從小受到的家庭教育是分不開的,本書是洛克菲勒留給兒子的三十八封信,透過這些信對兒子提出了學識、品格、儀表、交際、事業、生活……等諸多方面的寶貴人 Learn More
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The male lead, Chandler Young, is an enthusiastic zookeeper in the Wildlife Zoo. He is worried about fund insufficiency as a result of depletion of visitors to the zoo. The female lead, Natalia Johnson is the president of the Animal Liberation Organisation. Her aim is to release all the animals in captivity into the wild. One day, she posed as a zookeeper to work in the Wildlife Zoo and tried to set the animals free. A fire broke out in the zoo unexpectedly! How did the trapp Learn More
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Nama-nama Allah yang Maha Agung dan Maha Mulia (Asma'ul Husna) ternyata mengandungi misteri, keajaiban dan kekuatan serta kuasa yang luar biasa. Tidak hairan bila dalam suatu medan pertempuran, pernah Rasulullah SAW mengucapkan kalimat "ALLAH" tiba-tiba pedang yang dipegang oleh musuh terjatuh. Ini menunjukkan dahsyatnya kuasa ajaib yang tersimpan di dalam kalimat ALLAH Yang Maha Agung dan Maha Suci. Learn More
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Permintaan guru-guru di sebuah sekolah daif yang disinggahi agar dia kembali dengan membawa buku-buku menjadi titik tolak buah John untuk mengambil keputusan meninggalkan dunia kerjaya dan menumpukan sepenuh perhatian kepada usaha untuk membangunkan Room to Read – sebuah organisasi yang membina perpustakaan, sekolah serta menyediakan biasiswa jangka masa panjang buat pelajar perempuan di negara-negara membangun. John Wood menemukan momen eurekanya bukan di dalam dunia korp Learn More
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On Me And Mr.Johnson, Eric Clapton covers 14 of the 29 songs Robert Johnson, the most mythic figure of the blues, wrote and recorded in his lifetime. For fans of deep blues,it doesn 't get any better than this. After the success of Clapton 's first two traditional blues albums 1994 's Gram- my-winning triple-platinum, #1 pop From The Cradle, and 2000 's Grammy-winning, double-platinum,#3-charting Riding With The King collaboration with B.B.King Me And Mr.Johnson finds Clapton Learn More
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By John Sweeney
The perfect romcom: a stunning mix of hilarious tropes, swoony romance and lovable, relatable characters. A must read for every romance lover!' Ali Hazelwood Opposites become allies to fool their matchmaking friends in this swoony reimagining of Shakespeare's beloved comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. Jamie Westenberg and Bea Wilmot have nothing in common except a meet-disaster and the mutual understanding that they couldn't be more wrong for each other. But when the people cl Learn More
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By Holly Black
Dark, strange, thick with mystery and twists Book of Night is everything delicious and frightening I've come to expect from Holly Black.' Leigh Bardugo, Sunday Times bestselling author of Ninth House 'Black is a master at world-building.' The New York Times Book Review _______________________________________________________________________ #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black makes her stunning adult debut with Book of Night, a modern dark fantasy of shadowy thi Learn More
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By 史賓賽·強森
與「禮物」相遇, 將是你這輩子最大的幸運! 經典熱賣逾20年!25萬冊暢銷紀念增訂版好評上市! 內容全新修訂,並新增〈作者序〉、〈BROADWAY出版致謝〉! 全美熱賣超過50萬冊!魅力席捲20餘國! 橫掃紐約時報、華爾街日報、美國商業週刊 暢銷排行榜NO.1! 榮登博客來、誠品、金石堂等各大書店 年度暢銷書榜!   做自己,從不是做最原本的自己,而是逐 Learn More
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By Simon Waterson
A former marine, and now the film industry's most in-demand fitness trainer, Simon Waterson's client list reads like a who's who of A-list actors. He has transformed Daniel Craig into the formidable James Bond for five blockbuster films, shaped Chris Evans into superhero Captain America, trained Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy and prepared actors such as Thandiwe Newton and John Boyega for the most recent Star Wars films. During a time where people are understanding f Learn More
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By 約翰·貝曼
療癒的發生來自透過靜心,更深的覺察自己   ★薩提爾模式學習者的入門經典   ★薩提爾女士傳人――貝曼博士,親筆台灣版序   ★完整重現薩提爾女士溫暖療癒的語言風格   我們需要先看見自己內心的美好,才可能真正看見別人的。   我們要先感受到對自己的愛,之後才可能去愛別人。   在學習薩提爾的應用與技巧之前,首先進入薩提爾的 Learn More
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By Jane Austen
The novel follows the three Dashwood sisters as they must move with their widowed mother from the estate on which they grew up, Norland Park. Because Norland is passed down to John, the product of Mr. Dashwood's first marriage, and his young son, the four Dashwood women need to look for a new home. Learn More
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By John Grisham
***THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER*** 'Three sparkling Grisham stories for the price of one . . . Appealing entertainment' IRISH INDEPENDENT 'These three novellas in a single volume show Grisham at his masterful best, exquisite evocations of the law though far from complimentary about lawyers . . . A minor masterpiece' DAILY MAIL Three thrilling stories of the law from the master of the legal thriller. Homecoming takes us back to Ford County, the fictional setting o Learn More
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By 約翰·李斯特
無論是創新、變革、銷售或傳播 成敗的關鍵只有一個:它能規模化嗎?   ★芝加哥大學傑出教授、《一切都是誘因的問題!》共同作者,實驗經濟學大師約翰.李斯特最新力作   ★諾貝爾經濟學獎得主蓋瑞.貝克、《蘋果橘子經濟學》共同作者史帝文.李維特、《國家為什麼會失敗》共同作者戴倫.艾塞默魯、《恆毅力》作者安琪拉.達克沃斯一致推 Learn More
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By 約翰·傑維德·倫德維斯特
她的歌聲引領迷途少女,她是天空中最亮的星 少女啊,像狼群一樣聚集吧 我們,一閃一閃亮晶晶   她在襁褓時期遭到遺棄,一對夫妻將她撿回家,豢養在地下室。她有天使般的完美嗓音,卻從未見過外面世界。她以獨特的方式長大,以駭人的方式離巢――殺死父母,踏入大千世界。   她嚴肅聰穎,卻個性陰鬱。當她聽到那個女孩的歌聲,看見她獨特的姿 Learn More
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By 麥晉桁
如果華爾街的菁英們都像孤狼, 麥晉桁就是團結他們的狼王。   以犀利的眼光、快狠準的行事與領導風格,麥晉桁不僅帶領摩根士丹利一度稱霸華爾街與全球金融業,也讓他成為備受信賴與尊敬的領導者。   像個剛離開淳樸小鎮、大手大腳的足球員,麥晉桁直直闖進了摩根士丹利那西裝革履、名校畢業生雲集的菁英辦公室,然而他有話直說、真誠、全 Learn More
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By Janelle Estes & Andy MacMillan
An insightful discussion and practical guide on how to put customers back into the center of your business model With so many digital experiences touching our lives-and businesses-it's understandable to feel like you're drowning in data. There's a dashboard or chart for just about everything, but data alone can't help you understand and empathize with your customers. No amount of it will take you inside their heads, help you see the world through their eyes, or let you exp Learn More
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By Rebecca Yarros
Dark, strange, thick with mystery and twists Book of Night is everything delicious and frightening I've come to expect from Holly Black.' Leigh Bardugo, Sunday Times bestselling author of Ninth House 'Black is a master at world-building.' The New York Times Book Review _______________________________________________________________________ #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black makes her stunning adult debut with Book of Night, a modern dark fantasy of shadowy thi Learn More
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By Guoli Chen
Meet the overnight tech success stories of China's globalizing business landscape In the last few years, we have seen a meteoric rise of Chinese tech companies across the world. Alibaba stock price movements unnerved investors globally, venture capitalists searched for the next Meituan or Pinduoduo in Southeast Asia and Latin America, and of course, Tik Tok, the most popular content platform in the world today, originated from China. The founders of such companies are typical Learn More
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By 約翰·艾倫·保羅斯
數學,是人類丈量股市的工具, 但股市,卻是考驗人性的修羅場── 你的投資邏輯,是事實、感受還是信仰? 記住:市場的錢賺不完,但你口袋的錢卻賠得完。 投資要成功,不只是與數字、公式打交道, 更要了解人性如何與市場互動, 才能避免投資血本無歸!   ★一位瘋股票的數學大師的慘賠自白──參透股市人性、避開投資錯誤,最具價值的參考著 Learn More
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By Dr John Gottman , Dr Julie Gottman
What makes love last? Why do some couples stay together forever, while others fall apart? Is there a formula for building a love that lasts? How can you revive and renew your relationship in just seven days? For the past fifty years, Drs. John and Julie Gottman have been studying love. The Seven-Day Love Prescription distils their work into an accessible, bite-size, seven-day action plan for deeper intimacy. Taking you through their most foundational findings, the Gottmans w Learn More
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By 史考特·艾倫·強斯頓
為什麼時鐘有12個小時? 為什麼一天是從午夜開始? 為什麼是24個時區,或根本沒有時區? 本書敘述19世紀標準化的年代 我們對時間的認知與如何編造時間的故事   19世紀之前,所有的時間都是地方時間。巴黎的時鐘與莫斯科的時鐘並不需要相互校正。不論是徒步還是騎馬,來往於城鎮之間的旅行都沒有快到需要考慮距離中午或是超過中午幾分鐘,還是幾 Learn More
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By John Grisham
The next astonishing thriller from the master of the legal thriller. NO ONE WRITES DRAMA LIKE JOHN GRISHAM. Sunday Times No 1 bestseller John Grisham returns to Mississippi in his most gripping thriller yet. For most of the last hundred years, Biloxi was known for its beaches, resorts, and seafood industry. But it had a darker side. It was also notorious for corruption and vice, everything from gambling, prostitution, bootleg liquor, drugs . . . even contract killings. The Learn More
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By Craig Storti
Have you ever struggled to communicate with a limited-English speaker? Have you been frustrated by unsuccessful interactions with non-native English speakers? Did you know there is a simple solution to improve cross-cultural communication in English? What most of us native speakers overlook in these situations is that the problem here may not be the limited English of the other person; it could be our English. And while we certainly can't do anything about the former, we can Learn More
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By John Lee
希望子女過得比自己好, 不能只叫小孩好好讀書,更要幫全家打造金錢觀, 改變思維,才能終結貧窮!   ★ 韓國最大網路書店YES24讀者評價9顆星   ★ 2016年自費出版免費電子書,改版重出仍廣受父母好評   ★ 想極力擺脫貧困、讓子女衣食無虞、成為有錢人的家長必讀   ◎ 讓小孩去補習,是報酬率最低的投資   「教育會翻轉階級」的觀念深植人 Learn More
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By P Barden
A groundbreaking exploration of purchasing behaviour and its essential role in smarter marketing practices to benefit your organization If you understand why people buy, you are already one step ahead in reaching out to them effectively with your products and services. Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy offers a groundbreaking exploration into the science of purchasing. The book specifically demonstrates why decision science has proven invaluable to the field of marketin Learn More
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By Frank Dikoetter
A leading historian of modern China. He is a rare scholar, adept in both Russian and Chinese . . . Combined with this linguistic skill, Dikoetter has a writer's gift' EVENING STANDARD From the Samuel Johnson Prize-winning author of Mao's Great Famine, a timely and compelling account of China in the wake of Chairman Mao In China After Mao, award-winning historian Frank Dikoetter explores how the People's Republic of China was transformed from a backwater economy in the 1970s Learn More
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By 布莉特·弗蘭克
拖延擺爛、焦慮壓力、倦怠無力感…… 原來都是創傷惹的禍! 人際.家庭.工作.感情 明知要改變,卻找不到勇氣…… 明知得做,卻又提不起勁…… 真正根源並非懶惰,而是你的腦!   ★亞馬遜書店4.8星好評推薦!   ★權威心理師帶你重拾動力、找回熱情,擺脫膠著人生!   無論是生活或工作上,每個人多少都曾有過卡關的經驗,如陷入低潮撞牆 Learn More
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By Rajesh Sinha
Build your company's next-generation growth strategy by using emerging technologies to disrupt your field and energize your business In Digital Operating Model: The Future of Business, digital strategist and execution expert Rajesh Sinha delivers a robust and practical operating blueprint for digital transformation. Applicable to any industry, any size company, this playbook helps executives, professionals, managers, founders, owners, and other business leaders understand th Learn More
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By 莫瑞·史丹
  心理治療是靈魂關懷的一種現代形式,而榮格心理分析就是現代心理治療的一種形式。──莫瑞‧史丹   心理分析與治療已是現代人面對人生難題時不可或缺的資源,本書想讓讀者知道的是:在五花八門的心理學派別中,是什麼讓榮格派的方法有其特殊性,而與其他方法不同?   本書作者莫瑞‧史丹是資深榮格分析師。他向讀者說明,榮格心理分析 Learn More
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By Michelle Bowden
Do you want to get to 'yes'? Every day we are faced with moments where we either win or lose. The question is: How persuasive are you? Could you be winning more of the time? In How to Persuade, best-selling author Michelle Bowden shows you the research-proven techniques to master the art of persuasion in any situation-whether it's securing that next big deal, convincing your manager to hit 'approve,' or even winning an argument with your friends. Through real-world examples Learn More
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By 約翰·D·洛克菲勒
一窺傳奇巨富的名言與家書原文 學習撼動美國財富和權力的傳奇家族 百年傳承的成功法則   我們喜歡閱讀典範人物,是因為如果沒有他們的引導,容易不小心陷入災難;我們喜歡閱讀語錄,是因為原汁原味、濃縮智慧的隻字片語,更能在心中烙下深刻印記。所以,我們渴求收藏典範人物的語錄,希望得到在茫茫大海中尋找正確方向的指南針。   在商業 Learn More
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By Andy Riley
First name . . . Action. Second name . . . Dude. What would happen if you put Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Die Hard-era Bruce Willis in a bucket and stirred them together with a big stick? You'd get something like Action Dude. That's his real name. He used to be Charlie Munderdrew, but he changed it. Action Dude lives for danger and excitement. He's always jumping out of helicopters, crashing ships, running along the tops of cranes and walking out of buildi Learn More
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Eric Clapton’s lifelong passion for the blues burns brightly inNothing But The Blues. The CD of the soundtrack features 17 previously unreleased live performances recorded in 1994 during the legendary guitarist’s tour supportingFrom The Cradle, his GrammyÒ-winning, multi-platinum blues album. Clapton’s longtime co-producer, Simon Climie, has remixed the audio from those performances from the original multi-tracking recordings. - The previously unreleased live performan Learn More
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By Winston Ma
An in-depth and authoritative treatment of one of the most pressing topics of our time In Blockchain and Web3: Building the Cryptocurrency, Privacy, and Security Foundations of the Metaverse, two tech and finance experts deliver a comprehensive and accessible guide to the present and future of blockchain technology and how it will form the foundation of a new, better internet. To support a concept as bold as the Metaverse, we need several orders of magnitude more powerful c Learn More
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By 鮑伯·伯格 , 約翰·大衛·曼恩
  ★來自全球超過百位企業經理人、暢銷書作家的一致推薦   ★被翻譯成21種語言,暢銷全球   ★Go-Giver行動為世界帶來正面影響,2017年榮獲「活在當下新書獎長青勳章」   多數人認定的成功可能是做大事、賺大錢,   這些表面的成就,是否讓你真的快樂?   一則商業寓言改變你對於成功的看法!   「『給予』聽起來是不是有點天真?」書 Learn More
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By Harold Koplewicz
In The Scaffold Effect, world-renowned child psychiatrist Harold Koplewicz introduces the powerful and clinically tested idea that this deliberate build-up and then gradual loosening of parental support is the single most effective way to encourage kids to climb higher, try new things, grow from mistakes and develop character and strength. Learn More
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By 英格麗·克蘭迪恩-用
妳認識自己的身體嗎? 身為女人而發生各種身心變化的時期相當漫長, 婦科探討的範圍不只是器官,也包含女性的性生活、月經、 還有藏在我們內心深處的私密想法和焦慮。 ──英格麗.克蘭迪恩—用 雖然我們真的不想要經痛,不過自己的身體卻沒得選擇。 那我們能做些什麼,好讓自己舒服一點? 奧地利奶奶為妳設計的 \ 極簡 / 女子居家芳療小藥鋪 4 Learn More
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By J.M.杜邦 , 梅佐
不只魔鬼和十字路 「三角洲藍調之王」 羅伯.強生的故事 美國傳奇藍調鬼才――羅伯・強生Robert Johnson 馬世芳【導讀】、舒國治【後記】 「只要有靈魂,你就能夠聽懂藍調。」   影響巴布.狄倫、艾力克.克萊普頓等後世無數音樂人   孕育美國流行音樂的藍調大師   羅伯.強生(Robert Johnson, 1911-1938)是一位美國藍調吉他手、音樂家、詞曲作家, Learn More
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《第一章》 歐洲戰火一觸即發 : 一場意志力的持久戰 1930年代末,戰爭即將爆發,當時在東京工作的記者中,沒有比德國記者理查.佐爾格(Richard Sorge)關係更好的人了。他的消息來源包括日本首相的顧問尾崎秀實(Hotsumi Ozaki),還有在1938年4月成為德國駐日大使的陸軍武官歐根.奧特(Eugen Ott)上校。奧特會和佐爾格分享德國的情報,佐爾格再協助奧特將日 Learn More
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By 約翰·傅利曼
36個作家、36個故事, 告訴你美國如何撕裂自己的國家, 再把全世界都拖下水。 族群融合、互助互利、民主自由、人權保障 曾經的「美國夢」,為什麼如今淪為謊言?   謊言一:當「人人有機會」,變成無可挽回的貧富差距   美國最富有的十%的人,所賺取的收入相當於底層九○%的人的九倍   科技公司創造了百萬富翁與億萬富翁,八三%的加州房屋和 Learn More
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By 詹姆斯·丹克特 , 約翰·伊斯特伍德
沒有人喜歡無聊,但它卻無所不在, 無聊會不會是在傳達什麼訊息呢?   無聊等同於沮喪或冷漠嗎?從人類、動物到機器人都會感到無聊嗎?   哪種人更容易感到無聊?又是哪種環境最會讓人覺得無聊呢?   衝動行為、藥物濫用、成癮、賭博、飲食問題、憂鬱,全都是無聊造成的?   無聊有助於創造力和學習?心流、興趣和好奇心是擺脫無聊的妙方 Learn More
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By Bernard Marr
Future-proof yourself and develop critical skills for the digital future The working world has changed dramatically in the last twenty years and it's going to continue to transform at an even faster pace. How can the average professional stay afloat in an ocean of constant change and technological revolution? In Future Skills: The 20 Skills and Competencies Everyone Needs to Succeed in a Digital World bestselling author and futurist Bernard Marr delivers an engaging and ins Learn More
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By J.K.羅琳 , 約翰·帝夫尼 , 傑克·索恩
19年後,第8個故事, 哈利波特回來了! 愛是解咒,還是詛咒? 孩子屬於你,還是他自己? 魔法再現!空降各國暢銷排行榜TOP 1!   自從哈利波特、榮恩.衛斯理和妙麗.格蘭傑拯救了魔法界以來,轉眼間已經過去十九年。如今哈利是魔法執法部門主管和三個孩子的父親,本該享受退休英雄的悠閒生活,他卻每晚深陷往事引發的夢魘,醒來則要面對家庭 Learn More
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By Edward Chancellor
The first book of the next crisis. All economic and financial activities take place across time. Interest coordinates these activities. The story of capitalism is thus the story of interest: the price that individuals, companies and nations pay to borrow money. In The Price of Time, Edward Chancellor traces the history of interest from its origins in ancient Mesopotamia, through debates about usury in Restoration Britain and John Law ' s ill-fated Mississippi scheme, to the Learn More
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By Leila Mottley
A searing debut novel inspired by a true story from the streets of Oakland, California, announcing the arrival of a blazing, young talent When there is no choice, all you have left to do is walk. Kiara Johnson does not know what it is to live as a normal seventeen-year-old. With her mother in a rehab facility and an older brother who devotes his time and money to a recording studio, she fends for herself and for nine-year-old Trevor, whose own mother is prone to disappe Learn More
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By 李德哈特
歷史往往只記錄戰勝者的榮耀,卻忽略戰敗者的觀點 要了解真實的二戰史,不能忽略戰敗者的看法 以古鑑今——尊重戰敗者,洞悉你的競爭對手! 國際局勢╳軍事戰史╳二戰真相╳外交布局 軍事戰略大師「李德哈特」必讀經典   李德哈特是誰?他是軍事史學家,同時也是軍事理論家;美國總統甘迺迪(John F. Kennedy)說他「上尉而為將軍之師」,《經濟學 Learn More
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