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Oleh Steven Abrahams
Links theory and practice for investment professionals and portfolio managers, demonstrating why some portfolios consistently perform better than others Investing well, like any other business, depends on competitive advantage. Some portfolios reliably generate greater returns than others because they simply are better positioned to benefit from strengths and avoid weaknesses. Building and using competitive advantage becomes central to the daily work of the best mutual funds Maklumat lanjut
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Eleven short stories. Eleven Authors. One theme : Money. From autobiography to science fiction. You've never read personal finance literature like this before. Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Chris Skinner
There has been lots of discussion of digital and open banking, banking-as-a-service, banking platforms, FinTech and TechFin and more over the past decade. This all indicates that we are in a decade of rapid cycle change that presents huge challenges and huge opportunities. Billion dollar unicorns appear rapidly, whilst internet giants achieve global domination. How are banks dealing with these changes and are any banks showing leadership? Well yes, a few are. With all the glo Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 威廉·戈茲曼
  吳一揆(中信金控總經理):今天全球是一個複雜經濟體的組合,這個全球文明必須面對金融創新給這個世界帶來的基本問題:如何平衡當下與未來的需求?如何避另一次金融災難的發生?以及如何讓金融創新的利益讓社會每一個人受益?這些問題或許透過威廉‧戈茲曼這本書,可以在金融創新的歷史發展軌跡上找到許多有用的指引。   金融是一部時光 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Peter Lim Sze Cheng
Five new chapters: - Quantifying the Qualitative: A Different Perspective Towards Modern Finance Theories - What Drive Stock Prices ? - Who Would Have Thought ? - Why do You Want to be a Fund Manager ? - The Most Challenging Period in My Career Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Juan Antonio Fernandez
Straight from the China CEO: Advice on leading operations in the world's fastest-moving, highest stakes market. 25 top executives leading high-profile multinational companies in China, as well as seasoned and respected China-based consultants, give their front-line advice on succeeding in this market. Soaring spending power among the world's largest consumer population, radical digital transformation creating a cash-less, 'always on' society, severe generation gaps - these a Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Christopher Mayer
This book is about 100-baggers. These are stocks that return $100 for every $1 invested. That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1 million. Chris Mayer can help you find themIt sounds like an outrageous quest with a wildly improbable chance of success. But when Mayer studied 100-baggers of the past, definite patterns emerged. In 100-Baggers, you will learn: • The key characteristics of 100-baggers • Why anybody can do this. It is truly every man’s approach. You d Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Roger Ma , Jennifer Ma
Your all-in-one guide to getting your career and finances in order -- for greater clarity, happiness, and peace of mind. Studies show that if you're like the majority of young professionals, you feel dissatisfied with your job, your finances, or your overall station in life. It can seem impossible to disentangle the work stuff, the money stuff, and the personal stuff, because they're all inextricably linked. But the good news is, you don't have to go at it alone: Work Your M Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Yong Chu Eu
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Oleh James Rickards
They say John Maynard Keynes called gold a 'barbarous relic'. They say there isn't enough gold to support finance and commerce. They say the gold supply can't increase fast enough to support world growth. They're wrong. In The New Case for Gold, James Rickards explains why gold is one of the safest assets for investors in times of political instability and market volatility, and how every investor should look to add gold to his or her portfolio. Drawing on historical case Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Tom Wright , Bradley Hope
In 2009, a chubby, mild-mannered graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business named Jho Low set in motion a fraud of unprecedented gall and magnitude ― one that would come to symbolise the next great threat to the global financial system. Over a decade, Low, with the aid of Goldman Sachs and others, siphoned billions of dollars from an investment fund ― right under the nose of global financial industry watchdogs. Low used the money to finance Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Jake Bernstein 0
Now a Major Motion Picture The Laundromat from Director Steven Soderbergh, starring Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, and Antonio Banderas. The two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jake Bernstein takes us inside the world revealed by the Panama Papers, illicit money, political corruption, and fraud on a global scale. A hidden circulatory system flows beneath the surface of global finance, carrying trillions of dollars from drug trafficking, tax evasion, bribery, and other il Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Terry Savage
Smart strategies for taking control of your money from bestselling author and personal finance expert Terry Savage--the new, fully updated third edition. The Savage Truths on Money are time-tested, but new technologies and techniques make it easier and more profitable to make your money work for you! Now, financial success can be achieved simply and automatically through new apps, tools, and access to low-cost money management tools and advice. Living in financial security-- Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 汤姆‧莱特 , 布莱利‧霍普
全球平装版英文/中文繁体/新马中文简体同步上市 刘特佐的秘密,全面揭发! 获选金融时报年度好书、Fortune杂志年度好书 比尔盖兹: 非常好看!   一个来自马来西亚槟城的年轻华人,   如何用无数空壳公司,骗过金融界的顶尖高手?   如何一步步买通政要,设局掏空国家?   为什么买下EMI? 为什么要拍《华尔街之狼》?   还有,为什么他高调追 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Chris Dalton
MBA Day by Day will revolutionise how you work with the very best learning from the world's leading business schools. Learn how to apply MBA strategies, models and thinking to transform your career. An MBA can boost your salary, increase your professional reputation and expand your networking opportunities but it 's also very expensive. MBA Day by Day delivers many of the key benefits of a top-notch business education, without the hefty price tag and big-time investment an Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Cameron Huddleston
Learn to start open, productive talks about money with your parents as they age As your parents age, you may find that you want or need to broach the often-difficult subject of finances. In Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk: How to Have Essential Conversations with Your Parents About Their Finances, you’ll learn the best ways to approach this issue, along with a wealth of financial and legal information that will help you help your parents into and through their golden years. Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Martin Khor
This book provides an analysis of the structures of the Malayan and the Malaysian economies using the perspective of dependence. It analyses the structures of dependence in colonial Malaya established by the British during the colonial era, in foreign ownership of key sectors, in trade, finance, the public sector and technology. Estimates are provided on the amounts of surpluses transferred out of colonised Malaya under British rule. The book then examines the post-colonial Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Gregory Zuckerman
Shortlisted for the Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award The perfect gift for the avid reader on your list: the unbelievable story of a secretive mathematician who pioneered the era of the algorithm--and made $23 billion doing it. Jim Simons is the greatest money maker in modern financial history. No other investor--Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Ray Dalio, Steve Cohen, or George Soros--can touch his record. Since 1988, Renaissance's signature Medallion fu Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Bruce , Stan
Does God care about the details of your life-your flat tire, that argument with your spouse, your finances? Absolutely! And God Is in the Small Stuff proves it. Bruce & Stan's modern classic launched a series of books that sold in excess of one million copies-now, it's part of a four-title paperback classics assortment. In their lighthearted yet thought-provoking style, Bruce & Stan encourage readers never to disregard the minor, seemingly insignificant things of life-because Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Mihir Desai
Based on a popular class taught by a Harvard Business School professor.If you're not a numbers person, then finance can be intimidating and easy to ignore. But if you want to advance in your career, you'll need to make smart financial decisions and develop the confidence to clearly communicate those decisions to others. In How Finance Works, Mihir Desai--a professor at Harvard Business School and author of The Wisdom of Finance--guides you into the complex but endlessly fasc Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Ken Honda
Look around you - what do you see? You may discover to your surprise that the people who are most at peace with money are the ones who walk nimbly between having too little and having too much. They have found a balance between indulgence and austerity; between success and happiness; between motivation and inspiration; and between any number of other poles we tend to think of as either/or choices, but which in reality are simply posts on either side of a doorway through which Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Belinda Luscombe
The fault lines that can fracture a marriage are all contained in these six words: FAMILIARITY, FIGHTING, FAMILY, FINANCES, FOOLING AROUND AND FINDING HELP. It's time to get to know your F words. Using the latest scientific research, personal anecdotes and expert advice, award-winning journalist Belinda Luscombe argues that marriage is good for your health, your finances and your happiness. But it isn't always easy! Focusing on what Belinda describes as her F words, she Maklumat lanjut
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A decade after the financial crisis, there is a growing consensus that economics has failed and needs to go back to the drawing board. David Orrell argues that it has been trying to solve the wrong problem all along. Economics sees itself as the science of scarcity. Instead, it should be the science of money (which plays a surprisingly small role in mainstream theory). And money is a substance that turns out to have a quantum nature of its own. Just as physicists learn ab Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Tiana Laurence
Unravel the mysteries of blockchains Blockchain technologies are disrupting some of the world’s biggest industries. Blockchain For Dummies provides a fast way to catch up with the essentials of this quickly evolving tech. Written by an author involved in founding and analyzing blockchain solutions, this book serves to help those who need to understand what a blockchain can do (and can't do). This revised edition walks you through how a blockchainsecurely records data acr Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Tom Ziglar
The secret to winning at life is one good choice at a time. Are you frustrated with your job, career, or relationships? Are you unsure if what you are doing right now in your life is the right thing? In this revolutionary new book, success and motivation expert Tom Ziglar shares the good news that you can change and that, in fact, you can win at life. Choose to Win shows you how to achieve massive change without massive upset. It all starts with identifying your why, which Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Michele Cagan
Don't break the bank-learn to create and stick to a budget with this comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to saving money sensibly in this edition of the popular 101 series. Sometimes, it can seem like saving money is impossible. With everyday expenses, from groceries and gas, to the electric bill and lunch money, as well as those unexpected expenses, like car repairs and medical bills, getting-and keeping-control of your finances can feel overwhelming. With Budgeting 1 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Faizah Sahbudin
Business Finance is specially written for commerce students of local polytechnic institutions. Spanning twelve chapters, this book closely follows the local Business Finance polytechnic syllabus. The concepts in the book are presented in an easy-to-understand and concise manner, with worked examples to show how they are applied. To further enhance students’ understanding, chapter summaries and examination-based exercises are provided at the end of every chapter. Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Tom Wright
The definitive inside account of the 1MDB scandal, "a true life thriller" (Ben Mezrich) about a "modern Gatsby" who managed to swindle over $5 billion with the aid of Goldman Sachs and others, exposing the secret nexus of elite wealth, banking, Hollywood, and politics--from two award-winning Wall Street Journal reporters. In 2009, with the dust yet to settle on the financial crisis, a baby-faced, seemingly mild-mannered Wharton grad began setting in motion a fraud of unpr Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Nelson , Stephen L.
Take Excel to the next level Excel is the world's leading spreadsheet application. It's a key module in Microsoft Office--the number-one productivity suite--and it is the number-one business intelligence tool. An Excel dashboard report is a visual presentation of critical data and uses gauges, maps, charts, sliders, and other graphical elements to present complex data in an easy-to-understand format. Excel Data Analysis For Dummies explains in depth how to use Excel as a tool Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Joseph C. Healy
China has increased its engagement with the world and is pursuing ambitious economic goals. Much has been written about the economic and social impact of Inbound Foreign Direct Investment (IFDI) on China with the transfer-in of Western resources and expertise. Less has been written, in an accessible way at least, on the unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit and Outbound Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) of China as Chinese firms have gone global.The global expansion of Chin Maklumat lanjut
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新聞、支付、購物、影音、電信、網銀 樣樣都能做 LINE是好友還是敵人? 你每天使用LINE的頻率有多高?是不是除了睡覺,三不五時都在回覆留言、瀏覽內容? LINE在台灣,從個人、職場、企業甚至政府,都被視為重要的即時溝通管道。台灣人超愛用LINE,每月活躍用戶高達1900萬人,堪稱全民都是「LINE好友」。 標榜「創意無設限、服務無邊界,不斷開發新需求 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 石野雄一 , 石野人衣
盈餘不代表賺錢,現金流量才是王道 了解會計(Accounting)和財務(Finance)的不同 掌握祕訣,活用「財務管理」 就不用怕黑字倒閉!   ★日本累積銷售突破16萬本!   ★門外漢也讀得懂的財務管理入門書!   業務員翔太因為業績不振突然被調到財務部,對財務毫無概念的他,又面臨公司現金調度困難、100億圓的公司債即將到期的危機。就在此時 Maklumat lanjut
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A mini abridgement of the #1 Personal Finance book of all time, Wisdom from Rich Dad Poor Dad tells the story of Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads,his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad,and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about investing. You don't need to earn a high income to be rich,find out the difference between working for money and having your money work for you. Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Terence Gomez
This is a study of Malaysia’s new political economy, with a focus on ownership and control of the corporate sector. It offers a pioneering assessment of government-linked investment companies (GLICs), a type of state-owned institution that has long prevailed in the corporate sector but has not been analysed. Malaysia’s history of government-business ties is unique, while the nature of the nexuses between the state and the corporate sector has undergone major transitions. Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Robert T. Kiyosaki
It's Robert Kiyosaki's position that "It is our educational system that causes the gap between the rich and everyone else." He laid the foundation for many of his messages in the international best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad -- the #1 Personal Finance book of all time -- and in Why the Rich Are Getting Richer, he makes his case...In this book, the reader will learn why the gap between the rich and everyone else grows wider. In this book, the reader will get an explanation of w Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Tom Butler-Bowdon
WINNER - SILVER MEDAL, AXIOM BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS 2018'Something of a modern classic in its own right.' E&T magazineEconomics drives the modern world and shapes our lives, but few of us feel we have time to engage with the breadth of ideas in the subject. 50 Economics Classics is the smart person's guide to two centuries of discussion of finance, capitalism and the global economy. From Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations to Thomas Piketty's bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First C Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Stuart Warner , Si Hussain
The Finance Book has been officially shortlisted in the 'Practical Manager' category for the 2018 Management Book of the Year prize which has just been announced by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Library. The Finance Book will help you think and manage like a financial strategist. Written specifically for non-finance professionals, it will give you all you need to know to manage your business more effectively and Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Agatha Christie
Sir Stafford Nye’s journey home from Malaya to London takes an unexpected twist in the passnger loungs at Frankfurt – a young woman confides in him that someone is trying to kill her. Yet their paths are to cross again and again – and each time the mystery woman is introduced as a different person. Equally at home in any guise in any society she draws Sir Stafford into a game of political intrigue more dangerous than he could possibly imagine. In an arena where no-one c Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Robert T. Kiyosaki
April 2017 marks 20 years since Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad first made waves in the Personal Finance arena.It has since become the #1 Personal Finance book of all time... translated into dozens of languages and sold around the world. Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert's story of growing up with two dads -- his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad -- and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. Th Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh DK
Get the answers to hundreds of your financial questions in this user-friendly, visual guide to the world of money. Find out how to invest for your future, the best way to maximise your income, how governments control money, and what financial markets do. Discover essential know-how on everything from debt management to online fraud, and learn to manage your own money from payments to pensions. How Money Works breaks down the financial world - with chap Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 奧利弗‧哈特
2016年諾貝爾經濟學獎得主 奧利弗‧哈特 Oliver Hart 代表作 合約理論、現代廠商理論、公司財務結構的擘畫者 當代公司理論經典論著,不可或缺的商業知識!   諾貝爾委員會:   哈特對不完全合約的研究,揭示企業的所有權和控制權所扮演的角色,並對某些經濟學、政治科學和法律領域產生深遠影響。他的研究為我們提供理論分析工具,用於研究諸如 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Brian Finch
Whether you are starting or selling your own business, business plans are an essential and unavoidable part of the business cycle. How to Write a Business Plan gives you the expert guidance you need to make an impact with your plan, including advice on researching competitors, presenting your management skills and successfully communicating your strategic vision. Whether it is to raise finance, sell a business or develop a specific project, this is your one-stop guide to prod Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Bea Johnson
Zero Waste Home is the ultimate guide to simplified, sustainable living from Bea Johnson, 'the priestess of waste-free living' (The New York Times). Bea Johnson transformed her family's health, finances, and relationships for the better by reducing their waste to an astonishing half litre per year. It's all down to the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (and only in that order!). Zero Waste Home shows how these key principles can be applied to every area of your hou Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh IT Research研究所
1+2=10!! 這本書幫你換上「大數據腦袋」!! 美、法、日、韓…全球55個實戰「圖解案例」,不熟大數據也能快速模仿上手!!   ★從成人網站、賭場、超商到頂尖銀行,最強實戰範例解密曝光   日本著名IT Research研究所,深入淺出說明全球最強55個大數據實戰個案,分析各行各業背後的創意邏輯,並歸納出成功應用大數據的共通點──大膽 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Dr Ahmad Riawan Amin
“Wahai umat manusia, sesungguhnya janji Allah adalah benar, maka janganlah kamu diperdayakan oleh kemewahan hidup di dunia, dan janganlah syaitan yang menjadi sebesar-besar penipu itu berpeluang menyebabkan kamu terperdaya dengan (kemurahan) Allah (lalu kamu lalai dan menderhaka).” (Fathir:5) Kerosakan ini termasuklah dalam hal kewangan yang turut ditelunjuki penipuan dan penyelewengan di seluruh dunia, lalu runtuhlah institusi ekonomi sesebuah negara itu. Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Jeremy Lazarus
Unleash your potential. NLP for Business Success is a straight-talking, highly practical guide to using NLP to significantly improve your results at work. Whether you want to be a better leader, manager, negotiator, salesperson or decision-maker, you can learn proven NLP techniques that will boost your career, as well as the performance of colleagues and the organisation itself. Using real-life examples and easy-to-follow exercises that apply to individuals, teams and o Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 貝蒂.劉
向CEO看齊!找到職場教練,就踏上職場成功捷徑!掌握聰明工作術 X 翻轉職場困境 X 獲取成功心法 追隨20位企業頂尖CEO的熱情及職場「實戰」建言! 在職場上要無往不利,快速掌握工作精要,少踩幾個地雷,多學到「實戰」經驗,肯定可以更「聰明」工作,在專業領域搶得一席之地!◆頂尖CEO如何攀上事業顛峰?一次掌握成功背後的理由!看著高階領導人在企 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh DK
Defines and explains the key concepts behind business, finance and company management.With the right knowledge, business does not have to be difficult. Do you know the difference between profit margin, gross profit and net profit? What is cash flow or a limited company? How Business Works answers hundreds of questions and is an invaluable reference for anyone wanting to learn about business.This unique guide explains complex business concepts us Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 張益子
《管他百歲千歲,能帶好孩子才是萬作者歲》、百萬育兒部落格天后 鈞媽  《育兒謬誤大解構》作者、香港青年協會教育心理學家 楊潔瑜 新竹教育大學諮詢中心諮詢心理師 張靖敏 強力推薦! 「這是一本針對青少年階段而編寫的書,透過輕鬆詼諧的方式,配合年輕人喜歡的漫畫和小故事,為青少年所將面對的問題、想法及行為作出了分析,並提供了正面 Maklumat lanjut
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Do you want to make your money work as hard as you? Are you looking for some straightforward and practical advice that doesn't talk down to you? 52 Ways to Make Money Work for You, cuts straight to the heart of the matter. With the surest shortcuts and insider secrets, John Middleton reveals the simplest truths for your finances and getting “out of the red”. Maklumat lanjut
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Trading psychology is a very important and integral part of what traders practice. Understanding market psychology is another aspect that help s the trader to master this skill. It instills discipline and keep the trader confident even in the face of adversity. It makes it easier to manage finances to stay prudent and defensive about their money. In this book, Conrad breaks down and simplifies a difficult skill to help you easily manage your trading psychology, incorporated Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 道格拉斯·哈伯德
 ★麻省理工學院指定教材,長踞亞馬遜網站商業類暢榜,一生受用的衡量技術!   商業、科學、生活上所有問題的解答   任何需要做分析、決策的人必讀之書   世界上沒有任何事物是不能被衡量的。   所有看似無法量化的難題,   只要能讓你知道得比以前多,就是一項成功的衡量。   本書對於降低決策風險、排除不確定性,大有幫助 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Lawrence A. Cunningham
An updated edition of the bestselling collection of timeless wisdom from the world's greatest investor Readers of Warren Buffett's letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have gained an enormously valuable informal education in the art of investing. Broad in scope and long on wisdom, Buffett's letters explain his principles on sound investing, selecting managers, valuing businesses, using financial information profitably, and other vital topics for investors. This newly up Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Robert G. Hagstrom
Warren Buffett is the most famous investor of all time and one of today s most admired business leaders. He became a billionaire and investment sage by looking at companies as businesses rather than prices on a stock screen. The first two editions of The Warren Buffett Way gave investors their first in-depth look at the innovative investment and business strategies behind Buffett s spectacular success. The new edition updates readers on the latest investments by Buffett. And, Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Josh Kaufman
This revised and expanded edition of the bestselling book, The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman, gives you everything you need to transform your business, your career or your working life forever.An MBA at a top school is an enormous investment in time, effort and cold, hard cash. And if you don't want to work for a consulting firm or an investment bank, the chances are it simply isn't worth it.Josh Kaufman is the rogue professor of modern business educati Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 保羅.盧比洛
作者保羅‧盧比洛(Paul Rubillo) 是義大利移民美國紐約的第二代。他的父親在1966年移居美國,三個月後結婚成家開了自己的理髮鋪,兩年後保羅出生。 從小,盧比洛就有賺錢的渴望,高中畢業後放棄升學,等不及開始賺錢。頭兩份工作是透過父親的人脈得來的,但都很快就「畢業」。之後,他開了自己的熟食鋪子,一週工作七天,但覺得很充實。 有一天 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Dave Kansas
*This book may have some markings; but be rest assured, they are not used books.*The book cover and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding for the same title. Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh 叶凯蓉
“我如何可以赚更多的钱?”这是人们常问我的问题。而我一贯的答案是:“在赚更多的钱或控制你消费的态度之间,哪个比较容易?” 这是你的选择:赚更多的钱或控制你消费的态度。这不是一本教你如何赚取更多金钱的书。在生活里,你可以看到有好多讲座会与工作坊,教导你如何通过投资和生意机会赚取上百万元的收入。 这本书旨意于帮助你了解你消费的 Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Ciaran Walsh
With over 33,000 copies sold, Key Management Ratios is a market "classic". This new edition is re-packaged with a new jacket design to revitalise the Key Management brand and new two-colour internals make it more readable and visually appealing. Key Management Ratiosis an antidote to any fear of finance. Drawing data from 200 companies worldwide, the book brings clarity and simplicity to its explanation of every measure and shows how they all li Maklumat lanjut
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