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Oleh Vanessa Chan
Destined to become a modern-day classic, The Storm We Made is a dazzling saga about the horrors of war and the power of familial love, for fans of Pachinko, All the Light We Cannot See and Wandering Souls. Her decision changed history. Now her family must survive it. Destined to become a modern-day classic, The Storm We Made is a dazzling saga about the power of familial love in the face of the horrors of war, for fans of Pachinko and All the Light We Cannot See. 'I'll neve Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM89.90

SEKARANG: RM 76.50 (-15%)

AHLI: RM 67.50 (-25%)

Oleh 尹汝貞 , 李敏鎬 , 金敏荷
Kim Sun-Ja (Kim Min-Ha) was born and raised in Busan, Korea in the early 20th century, while Korea was under Japanese rule. She falls in love with a man named Koh Han-Su (Lee Min-Ho). She can see that he is a powerful person and from a different social class from her, but she is unaware of his complete background. Meanwhile, a church priest named Baek Isak (Noh Sang-Hyun) comes to stay at the lodge run by Kim Sun-Ja's mother. When he learns of Kim Sun-Ja's situation, he tries Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM29.90

SEKARANG: RM 29.90 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 26.91 (-10%)

Oleh Chesil
Now in translation for the first time, the award-winning debut that broke literary ground in Japan explores diaspora, prejudice, and the complexities of a teen girl's experience growing up as a Zainichi Korean, reminiscent of Min Jin Lee's classic Pachinko and Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street. Seventeen-year-old Ginny Park is about to get expelled from high school--again. Stephanie, the picture book author who took Ginny into her Oregon home after she was kicked o Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM68.90

SEKARANG: RM 68.90 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 62.01 (-10%)

Oleh Phan Qué̂ Mai Nguyẽ̂n
The International Bestseller A New York Times Editors' Choice SelectionA Winner of the 2020 Lannan Literary Awards Fellowship A Best Book of 2020: NPR's Book Concierge * PopMatters * Washington Independent Review of Books * Real Simple * The Buzz Magazine * NB Magazine​ * BookBrowse * Paperback Paris * Writer's Bone * Global Atlanta "[An] absorbing, stirring novel . . . that, in more than one sense, remedies history." --The New York Times Book Review "A triumph, a novelisti Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM57.95

SEKARANG: RM 57.95 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 52.16 (-10%)

Oleh Min Jin Lee
* The million-copy bestseller* * National Book Award finalist * * One of the New York Times's 10 Best Books of 2017 * * Selected for Emma Watson's Our Shared Shelf book club * 'This is a captivating book... Min Jin Lee's novel takes us through four generations and each character's search for identity and success. It's a powerful story about resilience and compassion' BARACK OBAMA. Yeongdo, Korea 1911. In a small fishing village on the banks of the East Sea, a club-fo Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM59.90

SEKARANG: RM 59.90 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 53.91 (-10%)

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