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Amazing Saving

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Oleh Richard Templar
The Rules of Life are the guiding principles that will help you get more out of life, shrug off adversity more easily, and generally be a happier, calmer, more fulfilled person. You'll feel the benefits, and so will everyone around you. The Rules to Break exposes the most common phoney rules, explains what's wrong with them, and then offers a refreshing alternative and new way of thinking. In this new edition of the worldwide bestseller, Richard Templar has added 10 brand new Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Jo Owen
Resilience is your key to surviving and thriving in an ever more challenging world. This highly practical book gives you the tools and techniques to deal with the minor irritations and major events which life throws at us.Based on the latest research and original cases from around the world, Jo Owen reveals the 10 habits of mind which anyone can learn to bounce back and sustain high performance. Especially relevant for the changing world of work, Resilience shows how you ca Maklumat lanjut
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