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Oleh Ryohei Osaki
The Bestest Island town hall building is finally complete! Can Daichi help the new town hall clerk Isabelle to do her job well, or will he make things worse as he usually does despite his best efforts? Come enjoy life on Bestest Island with us now, with more animals, more antics, and more amazing things waiting to be found! Maklumat lanjut
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Oleh Ryohei Osaki
When Daichi gets a chance to hop on a plane to fly to an uninhabited island, he seizes the chance! Through the Deserted Island Getaway Package, he meets a bunch of animal residents who teach him how to make the most of island life! Join Daichi and friends as they transform their island into the bestest one yet! Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM45.30

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